Creaming for Ice Cream


Creaming for Ice Cream – a porno movie

It is hot. Not only is it hot, but proximity to the lake makes it humid as well, sticky and unbearable. The radio that morning has announced that it is eighty-nine degrees and ninety-eight percent humidity. Downtown, the asphalt reflects the heat against the buildings’ walls with the ferocity of a desert sirocco wind.

A converted school bus, painted white pulls up with a large sign, saying “Ice Cream” along the curb. It has clowns, balloons and pictures of ice cream treats painted on its sides. Its loudspeaker is playing a carillon version of “The Entertainer”. It stops, and a flap on the side opens up, revealing the inside of an ice cream truck manned by a young man of twenty-five.

His name is Curtis. He is slim and buff, wearing a denim shirt open almost to the waist, which reveals a youthful chest with a light covering of hair. He has a gold St. Christopher medallion around his neck. His skin is almost milk white, he has straight eyebrows and even white teeth. He is clean shaven. He looks like an extra from Melrose Place.

Paula, Carrie and Miranda emerge from the air-conditioned comfort of a record store into the glare of early afternoon sun.

All three are forty something, but trim and well-maintained. Paula is blonde, dressed in a halter top and cut-offs, wearing sunglasses. Carrie has pale skin, long dark hair, and wears a loose blouse and long Indian cotton skirt. Miranda is a redhead and wears jeans and a silk blouse. Carrie clutches a small plastic back with the logo of the record store.

“Damn it’s hot! I can feel the pavement through my sandals.” says Paula, fanning herself with her hand.

“Yeah”, says Carrie, “Not one minute out of the store and I’m sweating like a pig. I hope this CD is worth it.”

“What is it?” Paula asks.

Carrie opens the bag and produces a CD. We see that its title is “Music to Make Love By” and its cover depicts a sexy blonde in a peignoir leaning over a man who is obviously wearing nothing, although we see only a side shot of him. “Sure hope this works. I haven’t had sex in three months. Ken comes home, eats dinner and falls asleep in front of the football game until about ten. Then he goes to bed. He says he is too tired for sex, but I’m horny. I’m so underscrewed I’m about to fall apart. I’m going to play it tonight and see if I can get him in the mood.”

The other two laugh.

Paula says, “Me too. What is it with husbands? Before we were married, Bob couldn’t get enough. Now he never touches me. It’s almost as if he was balling his secretary. It’s been so long that I’m afraid I have cobwebs mersin escort down there.”

Miranda pipes up. “At least you two are married. Do you know what it’s like for a forty-year old single woman to get laid in this town? All the men are married, impotent, or gay. I’d be lost without my vibrator.”

“Hey,” says Paula, “There’s an ice cream truck. Let’s get something to cool off.”

They stroll over to the bus and see Curtis wiping down the counters behind the open window.

As the women approach, although nothing is said, they obviously notice that Curtis is a very attractive man and they instinctively stroll with slightly exaggerated hip sways, and Carrie tosses her hair.

“Hey there.” says Paula. “What have you got for three very hot ladies?”

“Well ladies,” responds Curtis, “What do you want?”

There is a pause while the three women appraise Curtis appraisingly. They glance at each other.

“That’s a leading question.” smiles Paula, “But what we’ll take is ice cream cones for the moment.”

“Coming right up!” Curtis opens the counter freezer, grabs a cone and asks, “What flavours?”

“Oh, surprise me.” laughs Miranda.

They watch in appreciation as Curtis flips open the freezer and begins to scoop chocolate ice cream into the cone. The are aware that his forearms ripple with muscle as he scoops.

“Mmmmm!” purrs Carrie quietly to the others, “That makes me even sweatier.”

“ShsssH!” chides Miranda, “He’s young enough to be your son!”

“But he’s not my son,” says Carrie, “And he’s gorgeous.”

Curtis hands the chocolate cone to Miranda who mock-curtsies and says, “Thank you kind sir.” She gives him a steady gaze.

“How about you?” Curtis asks Carrie.

“Oh, I’m very fond of vanilla.” says Carrie, looking steadily at him while licking her lips which are very slightly parted.

Again Curtis leans over the freezer and the ladies are treated to a view of his young chest as he scoops more ice cream into a cone. All three lean forward to get a better look.

He hands Carrie her cone. Miranda says, “Pistachio please. I’m very partial to nuts.”

This starts the women into giggles which they attempt to suppress.

They hang around under the awning licking their cones while casting furtive glances towards Curtis.

Finally, Carrie says to Curtis, “On days like this it must be nice to lean over the nice cold freezer and cool off. I wish I could.”

The other two slap at Carrie to make her stop, but she persists. “I mean, it’s so hot out here that my clothes are sticking mersin escort bayan to my body. Would you mind if I came up there and cooled off too?” She picks at her blouse and blows into her breasts.”

“Carrie! Stop it!” scolds Paula, “You’re a slut!”

“No I’m not! I’m hot and drenched with sweat.” To Curtis, “C,mon, please?”

“Well,” says Curtis uneasily, “I guess it’s okay, but you can’t stay long. I’ll let you in the back.

He leaves the window.

Paula and Miranda are scandalized, but titillated as well. Carrie says, “Oh come on, it’ll be fun. And I need to cool off.”

They go around the back of the bus and Curtis opens the door for them. They enter.

Carrie goes immediately to the freezer, opens the door, and dangles her breasts into the opening. “Oh this feels great! My nipples are getting hard from the cold. See?” She turns to Curtis and pulls the material of her cotton blouse over her breasts so that he can see that they are indeed hard. The aureoles are clearly visible through the material.

“You guys try it.” she says to Paula and Miranda.

They do it tentatively, but enjoy the coolness audibly.

Carrie, by this time has other things on her mind. As Curtis watches the other two women, Carrie moves behind him and rubs her breasts into his back. “Feel my nipples?” she asks him, “Feel how hard they are?” As she rubs against his back she reaches around in front off him and gropes his crotch.

“My! You must be getting cool too. See how hard you’re getting.”

“No Ma’am. I’m getting kinda hot!” he responds uneasily.

She licks her cone and then his ear with her cool tongue. Curtis is becoming visibly aroused.

The other two watch this and begin to get aroused when they perceive the obvious bulge in his jeans. Miranda goes over to him, unzips his fly, and pulls out his youthful, hard cock.

“Paula,” says Carrie. Close the window.” and to Curtis, “How do you turn that damned music off!” Curtis reaches over, flips a witch and The Entertainer ceases in mid-rag. Carrie sees a CD boom box on a shelf and opens her new CD. We hear “Music to Make Love By”.

Paula closes the window and now the fun begins.

Miranda loosens Curtis’ belt and pulls his jeans to his knees. He steps out of them. His cock stands out at slightly higher than right angle. Carrie unbuttons the rest of his shirt, and pulls it off. He is now naked.

Paula goes to the freezer and plunges her hand into the ice cream. She moves to Carrie’s side and begins to smear it over his cock. Miranda licks the ice cream escort mersin greedily. Paula undresses quickly and smears more ice cream sensuously over her breasts, stomach, and between her legs into her pussy, moaning slightly. Carrie is till behind Curtis and her hands support his cock as Miranda licks the ice cream.

Curtis sinks to his knees and Miranda and Carrie help him to lie down on his back. Paula, still covered in ice cream stands over his head, facing his feet. She lowers her pussy over his face. “You like ice cream, too, don’t you? Lick it, please!”

Curtis obliges willingly as Miranda and Paula strip. Miranda gets more ice cream and smears his cock and balls liberally. She licks the confection from his balls and cock with long licks of enjoyment.

Paula is rocking back and forth in frenzy on Curtis’ face and Miranda’s mouth is full.

Carrie goes over to Curtis’ head and leans over to Paula. She kisses Paula on the mouth and works her way over the breasts, gently nipping each nipple as she passes. She works her way down to Paula’s pussy and simultaneously licks the clit and kisses Curtis’ cock with lots of tongue. Paula is pushed even further into her passion.

Carrie masturbates herself with her free hand for a while and then goes back to the freezer and finds a Popsicle (product placement? I don’t think so!). Unwrapping it, she moves towards Miranda’s ass which is exposed as she licks Curtis. Gently she strokes it against Miranda’s back and the crack of her ass. Miranda jumps, squeals, and then opens her legs wider to accommodate the ice cold treat. Gently, Carrie slides it into Miranda’s pussy and we hear her moan in delight. Carrie then licks the Popsicle juice from Miranda’s orifices with considerable dexterity and thoroughness. Miranda comes in a shattering orgasm.

As she rolls away, Carrie mounts Curtis’ cock and starts to rock back in long slow movements. Paula leans forward and supports herself on one hand and rubs Curtis’ cock and Carrie’s clit at the same time. They start to buck harder in response to the extra stimulation.

Curtis’ tongue works even harder and after a couple of minutes, they both come simultaneously.

We next see the ladies leave the bus, looking dishevelled but happy. Curtis, pants on, closes the door behind them and opens up the side window.

“Well ladies, cool enough now?”

“You bet!” laughs Miranda, “By the way, is this your regular route? We could be repeat customers. We love your frozen treats? Especially the ones with nuts!”

The other two push her playfully.

They wave goodbye as “The Entertainer” starts up again, exactly where it left off.

Curtis reappears at the window. “Hey ladies! You forgot your CD!”

“Keep it!” shouts Carrie, “It works better with you! “I’ll see you next time!”

“Me too!” yell the other two.

As they walk away, we see the ice cream truck and hear “The Entertainer” as The screen fades to black.

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