Change of Style Ch. 03


I should mention that I am in my 50’s and Debbie was (I estimate) late 20’s to mid 30’s. I really don’t know, but that’s my estimate from memory. She felt really firm and taut and her breasts, partly because of their small size, and partly because of her youth, hardly bounced. I reached under her negligee top and cupped her in the heat of my lust. She was obviously incredibly excited. Her nipples were taut, standing straight out and slightly toward her chin, and as I walked behind her to the corner I stretched them.

She said, “Gentle, sweetie. I am pregnant and they are sensitive as shit.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather. She sure as hell did not look pregnant to the untrained eye.

I said, “What??” and she replied that I was getting lucky as this was the only way that Sean would ever let her be with a white guy, and he was bending his rules only because she was already pregnant. This was after she had told me after that I was the only white guy she had been with as an adult, so I felt a lot of what you might call ‘performance pressure.’

She rightly reminded me to use a condom. In the corner, we kissed as she unzipped me and reached in.

Squeezing me, she said only, “Nice!”

As a concession to the ‘public’ nature of the setting, I pulled my pants and my boxers down just enough to accommodate our activity. As I fished a condom urfa escort from my right pocket, she had already turned, and was bracing herself, palms against the wall, legs spread, facing away from me.

I quickly rolled the condom onto my stiff cock and pulled her frilly panties down, not removing her top, trying I suppose to preserve some sense of modesty. I am 5’10” and she was perhaps 5’7″, so it was easy for me to enter her just by bending my knees a little and pushing upwards. My body tensed with excitement as I spread her ass cheeks with both hand. She lifted on her toes a bit and with her helping hand, I was quickly inside her. Once my head spread her lips, She pushed her rump back against my pelvis hard, locking our bodies together in intimacy.

As those of you who read my earlier posting (The Eye of the Hurricane) may remember, I have only been with one other woman than my wife in 20 years of marriage. This young woman was incredibly (!) wet and willing more so than anyone I have ever been with. Fucking her was so easy, her pussy was surprisingly accommodating for such a young woman; her bun muscles so tight that I came in ten minutes very much against my own will.

I tried like crazy not to cum, but her movements against me felt so wonderful that I was completely out of control of my own will. Each time she pushed balıkesir escort against me, the thrill of feeling both the softness of her ass against my pelvis and the smoothness of her pussy made me moan and clench my jaw. With every push into her, it felt as if my shaft was engulfed in velvet fire. I rocked against her body in wave after wave of pleasure.

When I came, my body was still bucking violently and Debbie, who was massaging her own pussy and clit was breathing hard. I don’t know if she came, but I really do think she enjoyed the experience. I paused in my motions, resting my face against feel of her back and shoulder through the fabric of her negligee top and consumed in the scent of her perfume and the natural perfume of our coupling.

As I softened and slipped (unwillingly) out of her, she pulled her panties up and smiled, saying “Thanks, That was nice. You’re pretty good-for a white guy.”

I raised an eyebrow in a mock leer and both of us laughed. She turned around with both arms around my neck as I pulled my pants up, still wearing the condom.

We went into the bathroom, me to slide off the condom and her to pee. I cleaned my cock off with a wet pad of toilet paper and watched her pee, the lights were stronger there and I looked at her, appreciating her beauty.

I asked, “So, are trabzon escort you ‘re really pregnant?”

She responded, “Yes, due in June.”

I said, “My god, you don’t look it at all.”

She laughed and said, “Come back in a month and see if you can still say that!”

I told her, “I would enjoy that very much, seeing you in a month–or even a week.”

I winked at her. She smiled back, saying that she already had a little boy, now 3, by Sean.

I asked how long they had been married, but she shook her head and sighed, “No, not married. And that’s probably not going to happen.”

At last she said, “Anyway. Next month. It’s a date for sure. Let’s go up and see what my crazy man is up to. He loves white women. It’s a little bit of a ‘thing’ with him.

“He likes to well, to ‘train’ white women, right? He’s really into domination, but trust me, it’s totally just role playing really,” she explained.

Then she offered, “Still, your wife is probably happy; probably being driven crazy. First time with a black guy?”

I said, “Yeah, as far as I know, yes.”

She said that an interracial encounter can be very intense, when a woman first experiences it.

She chuckled and shook her head. “Sure you want to walk in on that?”

My curiosity was getting the better of me, so I just shrugged and nodded. She pulled up her panties and I saw for the first time, or imagined I saw, a little tummy bulge. It was nice I thought; very sweet. In a way, just then, I wished we hadn’t been intimate. It seemed somehow wrong, but obviously, Sean was putting her out there as his ticket to this lifestyle. And just as obviously, she did enjoy what we had done.

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