Caitlyn’s Treatment Ch.14


Making Up and a Lunch Date

Once my hands were freed I realized then that my arms had been killing me, from the position all this time, but that wasn’t why I burst out sobbing again. Really hard again too and I thought Barney would think all I ever did was cry.

Now I’m sitting there with my tits out on display sobbing and trying to massage some blood flow back into my arms and finally the guys jumped in to help. Jack ran to the bathroom to get some tissues and a wet cloth for my face and Barney moved over behind me, turned me and started massaging my upper arms.

And he did it really well too not too hard and not too soft but just right to get my muscles to relax and get the blood flowing and all and he was totally being a gentleman about it too just doing the work for my sake and never sneaking a hand around to my breasts, not even on the sides, or anything like that which a lot of guys would have done in his position. He took the wet cloth from Jack and gently wiped down my face and neck and the cold water on it felt good and Jack gave me the tissues for my eyes so Barney went back to the massage and you know in about 5 minutes I started feeling soooo much better.

Not like it had never happened but like it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and how a girl of 18 can’t be a baby about every little joke played on her. Cause I had to admit that I had played some jokes on people too like when I pinch Cin’s thigh cause I know she’s scared of it and it really gets to her but sometimes I threaten to do it anyway just like to have fun. Which might not be as mean as what they did but was definitely a dirty trick on someone I loved.

And Barney he was like huge as I told you earlier but when I turned around to look again saw how nice his whole face was, not just his eyes, and he had this really sincere and gentle smile or grin on his face and oh-my-God of course I forgave him. And then I became conscious of the fact that though my tits were out I had somehow scooched my bottom under the comforter while they were playing their little trick on me and I thought how that might be a little disrespectful towards Barney especially if he really was my lend cause that sort of made him my master or whatever you want to call it at least temporarily. Of course Jack was there too but he didn’t matter. So I pulled the comforter down so he could see all of me and I felt a lot better, like myself again, for having done it.

Then Jack said “Yeah. I’m sorry too Caitie. We messed up there for sure” which was easy for him to say now that Barney had taken all the blame and I wondered if I would have the guts to tell Beth cause she would definitely have something to say knowing her.

And I thought about how noble and sincere and sorry and gentlemanly Barney had been in comparison. He, Barney that is, went right in the bathroom himself, I mean rather than sending Jack, to get more cold water on the face cloth and came out and washed down my front and back I mean my tits and everything but in a totally non-sexual, very gentle and healing way like my Mom used to do for me when I was a kid and got the flu or something. I could see he was just trying to make me feel better by cleaning away all the little reminders of what I had been through, meaning no disrespect there to Brandon, cause it was his cum. And my heart melted for him cause I could see how bad he felt about the way things had gone.

So I said “Oh, Barney. I do accept…of course I accept your apology” which I do admit was intended in part to get at Jack but I could see he was already distracted looking at some of the nice things Brandon had on his bureau. So he didn’t even care really. But Barney did and sat on the bed beside me and threw that big arm around me and I felt small but really protected then. And you know I said he wasn’t fat really but if he was at all it was this really hard adana escort strong fat, not like flab, like he was heavy but in a totally cool manly way that a lot of girls are attracted to.

He said “I hope I haven’t ruined things for us by getting off to such a bad start. I would never in a million years …”

I had little tears in my eyes then but for him cause my angry scared tears were all gone and with the cold water on me I felt good enough that I just wanted both of us to be nice with each other.

He said “Let me make it up to you with a nice lunch downstairs. Take a long hot shower now and then we can go eat. You’ll feel better then and maybe then we can get to know one another the right way, you know get off to a fresh start.”

I was reminded again of the letter cause Brandon too had said something about getting to know me better. Not to mention reminded that Jevon had advertised me to the BTS brothers as the “freshest pussy they seen since they were 15.” But fresh everything sounded good to me right then.

At first I was like “Yes. I’d love that and I’m st…” I was going to say starving because I hadn’t really had anything to eat since the day before at breakfast but then I didn’t want to say that because men don’t necessarily like it when a girl starts eating like a wild animal or something, it’s so unfeminine, but also cause I realized I really couldn’t go anywhere since I had nothing to wear unless I wanted to do lunch in an elegant restaurant wearing only a rain slicker.

“You’re what?”

“Well I don’t have anything, like nothing, like no clothes to wear” and he and I laughed cause girls always say this but it was never truer than in my case right now. “I mean nothing” knowing that he would understand.

So then Jack pops up. “Problem solved.” He ran around the corner to the door of the suite, the one everyone had been knocking on all day, and came back with some dresses on hangers over one arm and a small suitcase on his other arm and said “Problem solved. Clothes from home.”

“What? How on earth?” Cause I could already see that the dresses were mine

“Well I had like a million errands this morning for the guys like Beth said I would. But 5 errands at the top of the list came from Jevon that I should round up nice clothes for all 5 of the girls. For the dinner tonight. Beth was easy since she and I…well you know…and I know her taste and her man’s tastes too” and that did make him blush so he hurried on to “at least pretty well. And I had the keys to Kayla’s place which covered her and Kristen. So then it was just you and Maureen and she was the hard one and I actually had to end up going to some store Beth knew after Beth called in an order for clothing that would look good on Maureen.”

“But for you Beth said just go to your house, your parents’ house I mean, cause that guy John…” and it grated bad to hear him called “that guy” but “…that guy John somehow told your Mom you needed things and even sent that girl Kim…,” ditto on the “that girl” but “…you know her right?, yeah sent Kim to help your Mom pick things out cause Kim is younger and has even been to auction before. So she would have a better idea of stuff you’d like.”

“So I got there and they had like a dozen outfits and I was like ‘Whoa!’ so in the end they sent just 2 dresses for the dinner and some stuff that goes with them, to give you a choice, and then Kim said why not add in some summer dresses and skirts and sandals that Caitie likes, you know things that aren’t too formal like the dresses for tonight, just in case, and so they did that too. And here it all is.”

To say then that I was astonished would be an understatement of astonishing proportions as is often said. Fractured Fellatrix Felled by Friendly Fire. I loved them all so much then, Mom especially eskişehir escort but of course John for having the idea and even Kim for helping and even Jack, which I did feel bad about being so angry with him before, but only a little bad. They were all so awesome.

And naked as I was I had jumped up long before Jack finished his little speech to grab the dresses, which were just perfect, and lay them on the clean comforter and then I opened the suitcase and I guess it really wasn’t that small cause they had put everything in it and packed so nice and neat. My toiletries, my makeup bag, a little bag with some GT and birth control, 3 summery cotton dresses, 2 skirts with the right blouses, some shorts and tees and 3 pairs of sandals. Even 5 sets of panties and bras though that made me laugh cause around the brothers you never knew whether you could wear them. And I was beaming and cooing cause it was my own stuff and I could wear it out with Barney and had a dress for the night and it was perfect.

And you know it really does teach you a lesson in growing up. Just 24 hours ago I took all of these things for granted cause they were mine and right up in my closet and I could wear them whenever I wanted. And now a day later I swear I almost cried to see those things, some of the little skirts especially, as if they were treasures that I’d lost long ago. Weird.

But like I said it made me think about what it means to really own things and, no disrespect to the brothers or the orphans, what it meant like not to own them or not to be able to get them when you want or actually even, when I thought about it, to be owned yourself so you never had your own things, but always needed someone’s permission like they were doing you a favor. Which in a way was selfish cause I had to think of the orphans too and I bet they didn’t own many nice things.

But Barney just smiled his smile at me which made me smile back and he said “See? You’re all set. Now get your cute white ass into that shower.” Ooh! In a nice way, Oooh!

And I was like a little girl so excited and I actually turned to run into the bathroom to get ready for him but he was quicker and came up behind me and swatted my rear end and even if it stung a little cause he probably doesn’t even know his own strength he did it in such a nice way. So I just yipped a bit and kept running.

Fifteen minutes later, cause Barney had called into the shower that that was all I had, I was out again nice and shiny and hair done and even my face made up and I was standing with a pretty light blue skirt with some green in it and a little white top and I looked at Barney and he nodded and then I held up 2 pair of pretty sandals towards him and he really looked hard instead of being all manly like “guys don’t care” and then nodded towards the Genevieve leathers in my left hand and I took out this panty and bra set, white also but with this faint floral design and so soft and feminine and kind of flattering to my figure, and kind of sheepishly looked again at Barney afraid of what he might say but he was so nice and smiled and nodded again and I was like so happy then.

See? Getting permission wasn’t so bad. At least with the right man it wasn’t.

So my 2 p.m. appointment started at 11:45 a.m. as we rode down the elevator to the lobby.

As we did Jack said “Geez. Can’t join you now.”

Which I admit I got a little snooty inside and said to myself “Don’t remember anyone inviting you either.”

“Way too many errands to finish up. But I can…you know, get back in an hour or so when you’re done with lunch, like if you need any help at all afterwards Barney.”

Barney just said “Think we’ll be all set then Jack.”

“Right. Of course.” He waited about 5 seconds before he said “But maybe pictures? Or even video? Or maybe sakarya escort just tidy up some for Brandon, you know before he gets back, either after or even while you…” and trailed off.

Barney smiled at him. “All set.”

“Right. Just thought I should ask.” And 5 second later “You know I have to be back here by about 3:15 anyway, for the other thing she has.”


So that was that.

So Jack went off and Barney and I went to the terrace of the hotel, of the Ritz freaking hotel for God’s sake!, and got a nice table in the shade away from everyone else. Course we drew some looks on the way in what with him being so huge and so handsome and me being, kind of little and kind of young maybe. But we didn’t care.

I ordered the Caesar’s salad and some fizzy water and Brandon ordered the Cobb salad and a glass of red wine and finally we were alone enough so I could be nosey and ask “What was that all about? With Jack in the elevator?”

He laughed and said “I like a girl who speaks her mind, or at least asks sensible questions.”

“Thank you.” He was so nice! “But what…?”

“He wanted to know if he could watch me fucking you.”

“Oh my God! I thought that might…” but I didn’t want to finish. So I started again “Did you know that he…that he and Beth…” and I felt guilty even as I did it cause it wasn’t really totally my business “…that he and Beth are…”

“Married? Of course. Everyone knows that.”

“Oh” and I felt bad that I thought I was Miss Know It All but only for things which everyone else already knew. And I started thinking about how gorgeous Beth was and how it could be possible that Jack would want anything other than her. Which was weird of him for sure.

He must have read my mind, such as it is. “And Beth? You know her a bit right? From yesterday at least?” And I nodded and he went on “She strike you as the kind of girl who would let her husband watch her with her guy, lessen it was the kind of guy that wanted him there to prove to him that he could fuck her right in front of her husband?”

“Are there really guys that would want that?”

“There are.”

“And guys that like that, I mean to be the husband watching his own wife?”

“There are.” So I had to almost gulp to let that sink in. He went on “Obviously Jack is one of them. He probably got off on that auction last night more than any of the BTS brothers did. You see him at the end of the bidding on Beth? “Which I just kind of shook my head No since Barney might not have figured out that that was the time when I was busy blowing Brandon.

“He was going crazy. I think Jevon was going to speak to him today about it. Some guys they just are like that. Don’t know why but there it is”

The waiter interrupted then to bring our meals over. Barney paused, waited for him to leave and then went on.

“But what about Beth? You think she likes it? Does Beth strike you as someone who would want him there watching?”

“Not really. She seems too nice and too normal.”

But that wasn’t quite right I thought because just to be doing what we were all doing but with a husband right there running errands and doing collections and whatever else like picking up my clothes when he wasn’t playing dirty tricks meant that there was something pretty weird about her too, even if she was perfect in every other way, which I’m pretty sure she was.

But all I said was “I mean she seems so in charge and keeping him on a short leash and such. She’d be afraid he would screw up something she was doing for her guy.”

He beamed at me. “Right. You get it. So he has to look elsewhere, like you and me. Or any of the other girls with their guy, but us now cause he was right here and looking at you in the nude for like 30 minutes there while we…”

I broke in so he didn’t have to finish. “But you said no.” He nodded. “Can I …is it OK if I…ask why?”

He paused. Looked. Leaned over. Kissed my mouth and let it linger. Looked at me again and said “Cause I’m gonna have you all to myself. Even if it’s only a few hours, all to myself.”

He kissed me again and then paid the bill so we could go back to his room.

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