Butterfly Ch. 03


Chapter III: Wild Night Out

It was a quiet Friday afternoon and Sherry was at work updating yet another client database. Data entry was not in her job description, but as she often said, “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.” The letters and numbers began to blur together as she plowed her way through the endless list of contact information. When her phone rang, she jumped as if startled from sleep.

“LifeWorks, Sherry speaking.”

“Hey sexy, whatcha wearing? Is the receptionist busy under your desk again?”

Sherry was suddenly wide awake. She covered the mouthpiece like she was hiding a secret. “Shh, Kyle, you pervert! Anybody could pick up this line!”

“Would you really mind if Trish heard that?” Kyle replied.

Sherry blushed. “Maybe. What’s up?”

“Why don’t you skip out early so we can run away?”

“What are we running from and where are we running to?”

“We’re running from the conventional humdrum of everyday life and we’re running to something exotically different.”

“Hmm, sounds mysteriously intriguing, kinda like a bad commercial. But do we have to leave early?”

“Where we’re going, we need to beat traffic. Is that practical enough for you?”

“Sure is.” Sherry glanced at the clock – 3:45. “But first I’ve got to finish one more thing. Meet you at my place around… oh, 5?”

“That’s not very early.” Kyle complained.

“I know, but these people pay me money, and they’d kinda like it if I did some work.”

“The fiends. Ok, five o’clock it is, my sweet, but not one minute later.”

“Alright, Romeo; I’ve gotta go. Love ya, babe. See you soon.”

“Love you too, snookums. Oh, and Sherry?”


“Don’t forget to find some clothes before you go outside. And say hi to Trish for me!” _click_

“Dork,” said Sherry with a smirk as she hung up the phone. Kyle hadn’t mentioned that dream since Monday when she had first told him about it. Over dinner that evening, he had asked her if she had meant what she said about other women. She was a little embarrassed talking about it once the moment had passed, but she admitted that it had “crossed her mind”. For the last few days, they had both been too busy with their respective jobs to even get in a quickie, much less delve into fantasies.

She wondered about his mysterious phone call. The raunchy jokes were unusual for Kyle. If his intent was to get her thinking about that very erotic dream, he succeeded. She remembered how real the dream was, how she could almost feel the plush upholstery on her bare skin as she sat in her office naked, doing something very naughty and not caring who saw. A slight flush came to her cheeks when she realized she was in the same chair, typing on the same computer, her legs under the same desk as in the dream. She suddenly found it hard to keep running down those long rows of names. When Trish herself walked by Sherry’s open office door in her tight Friday jeans, Sherry lost her concentration entirely.

“Aw, screw it,” she sighed. She shut down her computer, made a lame excuse to her boss (“He owes me plenty anyway”), then smiled and wished Trish a nice weekend on the way out. “If she only knew,” Sherry mused.

Sherry figured that Kyle would be waiting for her, eager to make up for their lack of love making the past few days. She was looking forward to it, and her pulse quickened with anticipation as she waited for the turning light at the entrance of the apartment complex. However, she didn’t see Kyle’s car in front of the building and found a note on the inside welcome mat:

You’re early! Ran to the ATM – be right back.

I picked out some clothes for you.


Sherry headed for the bedroom and found her suggested wardrobe. On the bed, Kyle had laid out a slinky black club dress with thin spaghetti straps and a zipper down the front to the waist. It had almost been too short when she bought it and then shrank in the wash. She hadn’t worn it in months and intended to get rid of it. Kyle knew all of this – he was the one who had missed the ‘dry clean only’ label – but there it was waiting for her on the bed. “Curioser and curioser…” she mumbled. Beside the dress was another note:

C’mon, it’ll be fun. 🙂

XXX Kyle

“I wouldn’t wanna spoil the fun.” Sherry quickly slipped out of her conservative business attire (customer reps don’t get casual Fridays) and into the skimpy outfit, then had a look in the bathroom’s full-length mirror.

“Oh, my…” Sherry mumbled when she saw much more of her skin than she usually showed in public. She had bought the dress because she knew she had shapely shoulders and the thin straps accented them nicely. The built-in bustier also showed off her cleavage to great effect. However, it was shorter than it used to be and her legs seemed awfully bare. Sherry turned around and then noticed with alarm that the bottom of the tight dress barely covered the rise of her ass. Fun or no fun, she had second thoughts about leaving the apartment with her butt almost hanging out. Besides, the first cold front of the fall had blown gaziantep escort into Florida and it would be a bit cool tonight. She was about to look through the closet for something else when she heard a key turn in the front lock.

“Honey, I’m home!” called Kyle down the hall. His smiling face soon appeared in the bedroom door, and his eyes widened when he saw Sherry in the little black dress. “Yazza!” he said, “I’ve gotta sit down!” He plopped on the nearby comfy chair and admired her some more.

Sherry noticed that he was wearing his tight black jeans and a tropical camp shirt over a white tank-type undershirt. He was underdressed compared to her, but she found him almost irresistible in each of those 3 pieces of clothing, more so all at once. She suspected he knew this. She playfully strutted over and sat on his lap.

“So where’s my sexy hunk of a man going to whisk away little ol’ me, sugar?” she cooed coyly, kissing his forehead and running her finger around the smooth tan skin showing above his undershirt. Ever since they had seen _Gone with the Wind_ at a film festival a few weeks before, they often slipped into caricatures of Scarlett and Rhett when playing mischievously naughty.

“Well, Scarlett, I wanted to take you down to the barn and see what’s under your petticoat, but since we don’t have a barn, I decided to take you down to the shore and try it there.”

“Fiddle-ee-dee, Rhett Butler, I’ll have you know I don’t even own a petticoat. But if you help me get my things together, I’ll show you what I do have.” Sherry got up and began throwing stuff in an overnight bag. Kyle grinned and watched until Sherry hit him squarely on the nose with pair of socks, after which he got up and helped out.

Sherry remembered that she was wearing an almost indecent outfit just as locked her front door. She paused, looked over at Kyle sitting in his sporty little car, and finished turning the key. “Aw, it’ll be fun,” she told herself, and hopped in.

A little later, Kyle was driving through traffic on the coastal highway while Sherry listened to the radio and watched the sun set over the water. They wore their matching black leather bomber jackets everyone thought were so cute. Sherry still didn’t know where they were going exactly.

“Can I inquire which beach we’re headed for?” she asked.

“Nope. We’re going to have a nice dinner, then getting us a room,” he smirked. “And I thought we’d stop somewhere along the way.”

“Where?” She was a little hungry and was looking forward to a good meal.

He responded with a secretive smile and raised eyebrows. As she considered all the clues from the phone call to the clothes to the out of the way route, she was glad she trusted Kyle so completely. With someone else, she may have felt anxiety or even fear. Here with Kyle, she felt only growing excitement and anticipation.

She didn’t have to wait long. Kyle soon slowed down as they neared what looked like a big tiki bar on a small strip of sand between the road and the bay. Goosebumps rose on Sherry’s skin when she saw the sign out front: “Beach Bunnies: Florida’s Finest Exotic Dancers”. Kyle pulled into the mostly empty parking lot and stopped.

“Do you want to go in?” he asked seriously. “The crowd won’t get here for a couple hours and I thought it’d be fun…” His expression grew concerned as if he thought he might have made a big mistake.

“It’s not some trashy dump, is it?” she asked nervously.

“No, no; it’s nothing like that. My friends dragged me out here when I turned 18. It’s pretty clean and respectable. Plus, women get in free before seven. But if you don’t want to go in, we could just keep driving; I won’t mind. I just thought…”

“No, it’s alright,” Sherry said, putting her hand on his and seeing his troubled face relax. “There’s hardly anybody here, and if it’s free, it’s for me, right? Let’s go; just don’t tell my mommy, ok?”

Kyle smiled. “Ok, but you can’t tell mine, either. Deal?”


Kyle parked near the entrance and they walked toward the heavily tinted glass door. A gust of wind came off the water and chilled Sherry’s bare legs, making her remember how little she was wearing. “I’m probably overdressed for _thi_s place,” she thought hopefully. Kyle held the door open and Sherry braced herself before going in.

Instead of the expected female flesh, she saw a balding fat guy reading a book on a stool behind a cash register. A floor-length dark blue curtain blocked the way to the left. Muffled dance music came from that direction, making the air throb.

“8 bucks,” said the man nonchalantly, and Kyle gave him the money “Enjoy yourself,” he said as he handed back the change and picked up his paperback. Kyle took Sherry’s hand and led the way through the curtain.

Sherry was aware of a stage and people moving about, but she kept her eyes on Kyle’s back as they headed for a booth against the back wall. They sat and Sherry looked around, her eyes wide open and darting nervously. On a narrow, brightly-lit stage, she konya escort saw her first live nude girl: a blond with smallish breasts and a tuft of dark pubic hair swaying lazily to the music wearing only a garter belt and high heels. A few men sat along the edge of the stage gawking and waving bills. In the darker recesses of the room, other women in various stages of undress milled about a handful of shadowy figures sitting at other tables and booths.

Kyle seemed just as nervous as Sherry, and they both sat in silence until being approached by a petite Asian girl wearing a long white kimono that seemed relatively modest for this environment.

“Would you like something to drink?” she asked.

“Um, I’ll have a beer,” said Kyle.

“Brandy, please,” said Sherry. When the waitress turned to leave, they saw that her kimono had no back at all. The dress ended just below her neck, and nothing blocked their view of her brown skin from her shoulder blades to her feet. Her bare ass swayed seductively as she walked away.

“They must not pay too well,” said Kyle.

“What?” asked Sherry, realizing she had been straining her eyes to follow the waitress in the dimness.

“I said they must not pay well, her not being able to afford complete pieces of clothing.”

“Ha, ha,” said Sherry with a smirk. She knew Kyle was trying to relax her (and himself) with his typically dry humor, and it did make her more at ease. The waitress soon returned with two small glasses. As Kyle paid the ridiculous tab, Sherry tried to peek at the girls’ backside, wishing she could see more. In another second, the waitress turned and slinked her naked ass to another table.

Sherry sipped her drink and felt the warm sensation in her throat. She looked back up to the stage. The blond had wiggled her way over in front of a heavy middle-aged man waving a five dollar bill. The girl let him slip the money into her garter belt, then squatted and gyrated her crotch right in front of his face for a few seconds before smiling and moving on. Sherry felt herself blush and nervously gulped down the rest of her drink. She thought about going up to the dancer with a bill herself, but she didn’t dare with those sleazy-looking men surrounding the stage.

The blond left the stage to scattered applause and a very skinny brunette girl with a black feather boa replaced her. She shook her bare chest for the crowd but there wasn’t much to jiggle.

“Do any of the girls here have more than mosquito bites?” Sherry said out loud, then thought, “The brandy couldn’t be working this fast, could it?” to herself.

Kyle pried his eyes from the blond still lingering by the stage. “What are you talking about?”

“The dancers and the waitress look nice but they have boobs the size of mosquito bites. Are they all like that here?” Sherry realized she’d never shared her personal breast-size vocabulary with anyone. The brandy couldn’t be working _that_ quickly, could it?

Kyle seemed to notice the interesting term and cleared his throat. “I dunno, but there’s another room upstairs we could check out. Wanna go?”


They got up and headed for a staircase against the back wall. Along the way, Sherry noticed that some of the girls were writhing almost naked on top of men in dark booths away from the stage lights. She was astonished at first when she thought they were having sex, but then realized that the men were actually fully clothed. “So that’s a lap dance,” she thought, and wondered what it would feel like to be either participant.

When they emerged from the narrow staircase, they found themselves on a deck area covered by a palm frond roof. Three of the walls were covered in palmetto thatch, and the forth was open screen facing the dark bay. Loud rock n’ roll music blared through large speakers, but the only others sharing the cool night air were a female bartender and two dancers talking on barstools under an electric heater.

“Not much here,” said Kyle as they sat on a padded bench along the wall.

“Let’s stay for a minute,” said Sherry. One of the girls had caught her eye even though her back was turned. She was tall and tan with jet-black hair and was wearing a white fishnet t-shirt, high-cut white bikini bottoms, and white sneakers with short socks. The other girl, a skinny creamy-skinned redhead, was wearing short denim shorts and a very tiny cut-off t-shirt. The redhead noticed Sherry staring and let her friend know about her admirer. The brunette turned to look, then smiled seductively and walked over. Sherry’s heart leapt like a lonely girl at the prom receiving unexpected attention from the star quarterback.

“Hi, there” she said as she approached. “I’m Maria. Wanna dance?”

Sherry found herself tongue-tied, her eyes pulled to Maria’s dark nipples under her barely-there white top. “Umm…”

Kyle jumped in. “Sure, go for it, babe. That’s why we’re here. I’ve got you covered.”

“What do you say, ‘babe’?” Maria asked. “I see you staring. Want some of this?” She zipped her t-shirt over kayseri escort her head, then bent over and put her hand on Sherry’s shoulder so that her beautiful full breasts hung right in Sherry’s face. Her touch was electric. Sherry nodded. “Ok, babe,” said Maria with a wry smirk. “I’ll be gentle.”

Maria sat facing Sherry straddling Sherry’s right leg. She put both her hands on Sherry’s shoulders and began to slide up and down Sherry’s upper thigh. Sherry clenched her thigh muscles to give the dancer something firm to press against and felt Maria’s bikini-covered crotch rub against her own smooth skin.

Sherry’s temperature was rising but she sat nervous and stiff with her hands bracing herself on the bench. Kyle had moved to a chair a few feet away. The pale redhead came over to talk to him, but Sherry couldn’t hear what they were saying over the music. The redhead’s shirt was so short that Sherry saw the rise of her small breasts whenever she moved her arms.

Maria noticed that Sherry was distracted. The dancer leaned forward, laying her breasts on Sherry’s collarbones and her face to Sherry’s ear. “Ever tasted hot pussy?” Maria whispered breathily.


“You should; it’s fucking great.” Maria suddenly lunged her torso back and her waist forward, pushing her knee under the hem of Sherry’s short dress and bumping the front of Sherry’s panties. Sherry gasped, her crotch instantly soaked.

Maria did it again, this time a little harder, and arched her torso farther back, making her breasts stick up and out. Sherry stared longingly at Maria’s sexy curvy body. When the dancer’s knee again pushed forward under her dress, Sherry impulsively reached up and squeezed Maria’s breast. It was warm and soft and luscious. Maria smiled. “Go ahead, babe; feel me up.” Sherry touched Maria’s nipple with her thumb and felt it harden a bit.

“Hold on,” said Maria abruptly and got up. Sherry thought she had crossed the line and the dancer was leaving, but her heart leapt again when she realized Maria was stripping completely. “You ready?” asked Maria as she wrapped her panties around her bicep. Sherry’s eyes flew to the dancer’s completely shaved slit. It was beautiful, and her own pussy cried out for attention.

Glancing behind Maria, Sherry was a bit shocked to see the redhead sitting on Kyle, her back to him as she rubbed her ass against his lap. As she moved, her shirt occasionally rode up far enough that her nipples peeked out. To her mild surprise, she didn’t feel at all jealous but actually became more aroused watching the slender girl writhe against her boyfriend.

Maria turned around to sit on Sherry’s lap facing out. While staring at the dancer’s beautiful round ass, Sherry impulsively pulled her panties down to her knees and yanked up the hem of her dress in one quick motion, letting the dancer’s bare ass come to rest on her upper thigh and trimmed pubic hair. Maria seemed pleasantly surprised. “You’re a real wildcat,” she said with a smile and leaned back against Sherry. She began to hunch her ass against Sherry’s crotch like the redhead was doing with Kyle, except in this case skin was touching skin. Maria grabbed Sherry’s hands to place them on her bare breasts, and Sherry squeezed them tenderly. She felt her panties slipping down to her calves and didn’t care.

Sherry glanced over at Kyle. The redhead had taken off her top. Sherry watched the pale dancer bounce on her boyfriend’s lap, her small freckled breasts jiggling about. The redhead looked over at Maria and, seemingly trying to keep up, got up momentarily to unbutton her shorts and pull them down almost to her knees, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She turned and smiled at Kyle, then sat on his lap and resumed her grinding while Kyle closed his eyes and enjoyed her work.

Sherry felt just a tinge of jealousy but had an idea. She held her knees tightly together so that her panties slid down to her ankles, then slipped them off completely with her feet. She adjusted her sitting angle so that she faced Kyle and let her knees relax and separate, guiding Maria’s knees apart at the same time. She tingled with anticipation, waiting for him to look her way and catch an eyeful of Maria’s open pussy right above her own.

Kyle opened his eyes, then opened them wider when he saw the intended view. He whispered in the redhead’s ear. She smiled and they turned their chair to face Sherry directly. The redhead stopped bouncing and slipped her shorts down to her ankles, then slowly spread her legs wide apart. She covered her cunny coyly for a second, then moved her hand to expose her pink slit surrounded by a thin shock of curly orange hair. The dancer ran a single finger up her flat belly, between her breasts, and to her lip while starting to hump Kyle again, smiling seductively at Sherry the whole time. For a brief instant, Sherry wished that her boyfriend’s cock was sliding in and out that fiery cunt for all to see.

It was all too much. Beads of sweat ran down Sherry’s brow despite the cool night air. Her pulse pounded in her head. “I’m gonna come,” she whispered in Maria’s ear, and Maria responded by grinding her ass even harder against Sherry’s slippery slit. Maria spread her legs farther open, pushing Sherry’s thighs wide open as well, and Sherry felt the touch of another woman on her pussy for the first time as the dancer reached down and briefly brushed her clit.

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