Black Fantasy Fulfilled Three Times


Black Fantasy fulfilled three times, part one

My husband Tim and I had been married for ten years when we started to find ways to spice things in the bedroom. One night, while reading an article on ways to put the excitement back into sex it talked about sharing fantasies. This is when I shared with him a fantasy I have had since I was sixteen. I told him of my fascination with the size of black cocks and if the things I had heard about size was true. From the time I was eight I had what Tim told me men called a fat pussy and a clit that would swell and protrude like my nipples when excited.

If I wore shorts, pants or my swim suite my pussy would bulge and the seam would ride up into my crack causing my swim suite to bunch up like a wedgie and hang out. Being only five foot two at one hundred ten pounds he always told me that ten of my pounds was pussy. One other thing when I hit puberty I never grew hair on my pussy to this day I am still as bald as the day I was born. He told me that when he was in the military and having had to shower around them that it was true.

This really peaked my interest even more, but having been raised in the south by parents that frowned on interracial marriage and sex I could only fantasize about having sex with a black man. A year or two went by and we had planned a vacation to Florida for two weeks to stay in a friend’s condo, but the day before we were to leave he found out that he had to go on a business trip. He told me to go on and he would join me in a couple of days.

On the second day I was getting into the elevator after having been at the beach and just as the elevator began to close three very muscular black men entered the elevator. I was standing at the back of the car when I noticed they kept glancing at me and smiling. I then noticed they kept looking down at my pussy, this is when I noticed that I was hanging out. I moved my towel to Ataşehir Escort cover myself as the elevator door opened as I left the elevator they followed me and I got to my door they stopped me and apologized for making me uncomfortable. I told them it was fine and went in to the condo.

This had excited me so much I tore off my swim suite and began to play with myself till I climaxed three times. I showered got dressed and went to eat at a restaurant next door to the building where I was staying. When I entered the restaurant there were the there men from the elevator, they invited me to sit with them and buy me dinner for the embarrassment they had caused me. I told them I did not think I should but they insisted and would not take no for an answer.

Black Fantasy fulfilled three times, part two

They were sitting at semicircular booth; they let me slide in till I was sitting in the back. We finished our meal and I told them about how my husband was suppose to join me in a few days and one said he was crazy to let me come by myself, I told them I could handle myself. We all left to head back to condo building when they invited me to go with them to a club I told them I was going to go watch some TV, that was when we got to my door when one asked me if I had ever had a black man. I told him I had not and but always wondered about the size stories.

When I entered the condo they followed me in and asked if I wanted to see for myself. As I stood there before I could answer one stepped closer and put his hand on my dress at my pussy and said admit it you are getting excited I pulled my dress up I had no underwear on I spread my legs so he could feel me, because I was so hot I was already about to cum and when he touched my clit it was over I started to climax, then when he slipped his finger in me I began ejaculating all over his hand and dripping down my legs that went Bostancı Escort weak. He supported me so I would not fall with his hand still between m legs. That’s when the other two helped carry me to the bedroom. Once there they removed my dress and laid me on the bed. When they got their clothes off I was staring at the three most beautiful cocks I had ever seen, they were all about the size of my forearm about a foot long and thick. I thought they will not fit but I was going to do everything I could to fuck these guys. One said they did not have condoms, I told them that’s fine, I preferred bareback.

Black Fantasy fulfilled three times, part three

That’s when one got between my legs he began to press the head of his cock against my pussy I could feel the excitement to begin to build, since I was dripping wet and he lubricated his cock quickly. As he began to push I could feel the pressure and my anticipation of the feeling of his massive cock in my pussy. As he pushed harder my pussy gave way and the head of his cock popped in my pussy and it felt great, he slowly began to slide in and out going deeper each time. I could feel the rim of the head and every vein on his cock. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt. Soon he had all of his in me I could feel his massive balls against my ass and I thought this morning I never would have believed that I would be lying here with a huge black cock in my pussy and feeling like this.

He said it all in and began to pump my pussy it was not long and I was moaning in pleasure begging his to fuck my pussy. It was not long before I exploded with a massive orgasm. I was ejaculating some thing I had never experienced before, he was so big my g spot was stroked with each stroke; I was bucking against his cock wildly. He was moaning and saying he had never had a pussy so hot and wet before. After about twenty minutes of pumping Kadıköy Escort and my having cum four more times I could feel his cock start to swell to cum I wrapped my legs around him and screamed cum in me I want to feel you hot cum in my pussy. He began to quicken his pace and then let out a long moan and I could feel his cock start to pump and then I felt his hot cum exploding and squirting deep inside me.

As he was pulling out I told the other two which ever was ready to put it in as soon as he pulled out as I wanted to keep my high going. As the first one pulled out the next mounted me and since I was loosened up he began to pump wildly and like the first it felt great I was cumming constantly wave after wave after what seemed like for ever he began to pump his cum in my pussy. As he withdrew his cock the third was lying on the bed next to me and I quickly rolled over and began to mount him, he was a little larger and although I was stretched and he was hard as a rock I had trouble getting him in but soon I slide all the way down his cock. Since I was on top he went deeper in me and I climaxed as soon as he hit the end of my pussy. I rode his cock like riding a horse cumming wave after wave.

When we finished we laid her in a hot sweaty heap the sheets were soaked with sweat and cum. Soon I got up and cleaned my self, I stood in front of the mirrored shower doors thinking a black cock was more than I had ever expected, two was great, three was fantastic. As I left the bathroom I notice I had a text message on my phone from my husband that he could not make it till Friday. The first thought I had was I can do this again. I went to the living room and my fist guy was sitting there naked and his black cock limp between his legs. He told me that I had the best pussy he ever had and wished he could do me again. I kneeled between his legs grabbed his cock told him my husband would not be there for five more days and that I wanted him and his friends again, and again and again till Friday. I then began to suck his cock hard.

Since then I have had numerous other black men with and with out my husband present and if you want to hear them let me know with your comments.

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