Betting on Darts


My name is Zack, and this is a true story about how I lost my ex-girlfriend to my ex-best friend. It all started when I got in a bar room conversation with my, at the time best friend, James. James was a tall athletic black guy, I roomed with in college. He’s a big talker about his exploits with women, especially white women. He claimed they were all hot for him and would do whatever he wanted by the time he got done seducing them. Blah, blah, blah, yea I heard it all before. How the Black man’s cock was superior to the white mans.

At the time I had a girlfriend name Lisa. Lisa was a good looking, long haired red-head, tall at 5′ 11″. She had a gorgeous face and a set of lips that just begged to suck cock. Lisa also sported a pair of 38D all-natural knockers that could make a dead mans dick stand at attention.

Lisa also liked sex, and I had to admit, I struggled to keep up with her in bed. Lisa and James didn’t get along, because he usually talked shit to her which rubbed her the wrong way. James boasted in front of her, that he could get any woman he wanted because of his sexual prowess with women.

We ended up at a sports bar one night the three of us and we got drunk. James was hitting on a couple of white girl’s, but they weren’t paying him any mind. Dejected he came back over to our table and sat down, “Struck out huh stud,” I laughed at him.

I got a sneer and a, “fuck you” back from him in return.

“Well buddy you can’t get them all, But I’m sure you tried your best”. I guess looking back, laughing at James at this moment, was the worst thing I could do to a friend, but hey, if we knew what the future held we would all do things differently right?

About that time Lisa got up to go to the bathroom and we got up to play some darts at a board that had just opened. I am a much better dart player than James but on any given day if motivated, and less drunk than me, he might be able to win one time out of ten. As we started playing, James kept up about what a Ladies man he was, and the girls that turned him down didn’t know what they were missing.

As usual we continued to banter back and forth when Lisa came back to join us. She sat in one of the high chairs near the dart pit and watched us play as she sucked on another margarita. James of course, the asshole he can be when even when he isn’t drunk, made a remark about the way Lisa was dressed that night. He told her she needed to dress more like a slut to show off her big tits, Black men like Big White titties like she had. I was proud of Lisa when she told him to fuck off.

James retorted that it would be easy to pick her up, but he would be wasting his time because she was probably a lousy fuck. This pissed me off but before I could give him hell he apologized to her before she could respond. He said he was sorry and I just chalked it up to the alcohol, but I could tell Lisa was really pissed. This was not the first time he had pissed her off by talking shit to her either.

As the game went on I was kicking James’s ass bad, and finally Lisa, to get back at him, told him he sucked at darts. She added insult to injury by saying she thought he was such a good athlete, but he couldn’t even throw a fucking dart. James stopped in mid throw, and turned to me and said, “tell you what buddy boy, if you win the next game we play, I won’t diss her anymore, ever, promise on a bible.”

“You’re on buddy,” I said quickly, not waiting for the other side of his offer.

“But,” he said, “What do I get if I win in return?”

“Shit man I can beat you with my eyes closed,” I said, as Lisa and I both laughed at him.

He just stood there, dart in hand thinking, before he finally spoke. “Tell you what … If I win … I get,” and then he looked over at Lisa, “I get to fuck your girlfriend,” he said with a sneer.

“Fuck you man …Mother fucker.” I replied a fikirtepe escort bit pissed he would even throw it out on the table.

“Ok then I get to diss her whenever I want then man and you can’t say shit about it,” as he turned and threw his dart which just barley even hit the dart board.

I looked over at Lisa and she had an amused look on her face. I motioned to her as if to say, What?

She pushed the issue, “This is your chance to get him to treat me right Zack! Come on where are your balls.”

James turned around and snickered, “Yea man, where are your balls Zack?”

I turned back to Lisa and said, “You can’t be serious?”

But she looked at me and said, “What the fuck are you worried about, you can’t lose, he never beats you, and he’s half drunk, what is there to worry about.”

She cocked her head as if to challenge me which I took as her approval for the bet, so I turned back to James. I had to think for a moment though this was a tough call. James just laughed at me, “no balls Zack … no fucking balls Zack, that’s your new name man.”

He turned to Lisa and said, “Does your boyfriend even have balls Lisa?” The way he said Lisa dripped with sarcasm which made steam come out of her ears.

“I bet he even has a little dick to go with his no Balls, Little White useless dick and no balls, Zack!!”

I was now pissed off, and my girlfriend was pissed off, and it was time to shut him the fuck up!

“Ok you’re on Mother Fucker,” I blurted out of my mouth before I could assess the risk further. James didn’t need any more encouragement, he shot out his hand and we shook on the deal.

The ground rules were quickly agreed to. Same game we always played, baseball, with a bull’s eye mandatory to finish. Piece of cake, James has never hit a bull’s eye to win a game … ever. James would win Lisa starting at 6pm on Friday and ending at 10pm Sunday night. I agreed that he could do what ever he wanted to her. We all knew that would mean fucking her as many times as possible during her … “DATE”.

I was so cock sure he could never win I didn’t even think about the possibility. In return, I negotiated for him to pay me $20 bucks every time he disrespected Lisa up to $100 per day. I was happy with the deal and even Lisa shook his hand on it. As she did I noticed James looked at her big tits as they jiggled in her sweater top.

When we started to play, as usual I quickly jumped out to a commanding lead and James was getting frustrated. He was going down in flames quick. I laughed after I made three successive numbers on three darts and couldn’t help but yank his chain about it.

Before he shot next one, he looked over at a beaming Lisa and studied her for a while, “double or nothing” he said looking at me. $40 and $200 in exchange for a whole week.”

I started to laugh at him, “You out of your fucking mind man, look at the score I’m kicking your ass man!” I laughed at James.

“I know, but I’m feeling lucky tonight,” he replied with a shitty grin, that I knew was all bravado. That is what he always said, before he sauntered off to hit on his next piece of ass.

“Whatever man, it’s your money asshole, sure bets on.”

I looked over at Lisa and she just smiled and said, “Kick his Black ass baby!”

James turned back to the game and promptly threw 3 pieces of shit at the board. Zip, nada, nothing, no points. I looked over at Lisa and gave her a reassuring smirk, “Lucky tonight huh,” Lisa inflamed the situation.

And so, the game continued until finally, I only needed a bull’s eye to finish him off. Then the impossible happened, I opened the door because I could not close the deal. No mater how hard I tried I could not hit the damn thing.

James slowly clawed his way back into the match until finally all he had to do was hit the red dot too. Up until gebze escort this point Lisa had been stoking the fire but now I could see she was getting a bit agitated with me.

James turned to me with a shit eating grin on his face and said, “double or nothing Zack… $400 bet against a month of white pussy?” My confidence was shot, I knew it was now a 50/50 bet. One lucky shot and he could win. 20 minuets ago I would have taken the bet but now I knew I had to turn him down.

I picked up my three darts and with as much concentration as I could muster, and launched them one by one at the board. I thought I hit it on the third throw. Lisa yelled, and jumped off her stool. Both James and I walked to the board, but on closer inspection, the dart was just outside the metal ring. James let out a holler, “Still in the game baby”.

“That White pussy is still up for grabs man!”

Lisa jumped up off her chair and ran up to the board to make sure we were not bulshitting her. I watched as her big tits bounced seductively as she ran. James’s eyes locked on them just like mine did, he couldn’t get enough of them either. She sat back down with a pissed off look on her face as James stepped to the line. The first throw … the first FUCKING throw … He hit the bull’s eye dead FUCKING center!!

Lisa was up off the stool and at the board in a flash to make sure it was in the bull’s eye, but she didn’t have to look closely. It was good. James had won fair and square. I had to hand it to James, he didn’t act like an asshole about it like I thought he would. Lisa was a whole different matter on the other hand, she was fucking mad as hell at me!!

As we left the bar and got in the car, she accused me of throwing the game on purpose. I told her that was the stupidest shit that ever came out of her mouth, which only made the matter worse.

For the rest of the week, she didn’t talk to me at all and of course sex was out of the question. I was made to sleep on the sofa in our apartment as punishment for losing the match.

When I got home from work on Friday, Lisa was in the bedroom with the door locked getting ready to leave for her week with James. The deal was she would be spending the entire week at his place. I was made to answer the door when it rang promptly at 5:45pm. James came in, but without his usual swagger. He looked at me and said he was sorry it had come to this, but a bet was a bet.

I congratulated him on his victory and agreed a bet was a bet. It was the first time I had spoken to him since that night at the bar. We sat there in stony silence for almost 10 minutes. The most agonizing 10 minutes of my life. It was as if I was waiting to be electrocuted.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and out walked my girlfriend Lisa. I know my mouth dropped open because I both heard and felt my chin hit my chest!

Lisa had on a black fishnet halter top that was the skimpiest top I had ever seen. It was low cut and her big White tits were bulging out the top and her nipples were on display.

The hot pink skirt she had on barely came down to the bottom of her ass and when she bent over to pick up the bag in the corner of the living room, I could see she had no panties or bra on, and had shaved her pussy naked. My girlfriend was going to be the property of my Black buddy for a whole week and she was dressed like the slut he had always told her, she always was.

I looked over at James and I could see him smile, that shit eating smile he gets, when he knows he is going to get some pussy. I have seen it a hundred times. Lisa walked over to James and put her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her and gave him a long hot wet kiss. She pressed her big tits into his chest hard, to let me know it was her intent to please him. I knew at that moment, I had fucked up royally. I watched her follow him out the door içerenköy escort toward his black BMW without even looking back at me or saying good bye.

James, however, did turn back and sent a chill down my spine. “I’m going to make Lisa my fucking whore for the whole damn week man! Thanks for taking me up on that stupid bet!”

He put his arm around Lisa and escorted her to his car. As they drove off I wondered if Lisa would be my girlfriend when the week was over. I knew she was pissed at me, and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

The week went by so slow. I did not dare to go by his apartment or to the pubs we frequented together because deep down, I didn’t want to know what they were doing. As if denial would make it all better.

Finally, Sunday arrived, and I was moping at home watching a football game drinking a beer. My cell phone went off with a text message. It read simply, “I have agreed to spend another week with James, Lisa.”

Fuck no it wasn’t alright. I picked up the phone and punched in her number, but I only got her voice mail. I jumped in my car and raced over to his apartment. My banging on the door went unheeded until the guy living next door came out to see what the racket was all about.

My heart sank as he told me James and some sexy big titted white girl, had just left on vacation. I asked him where they were going but all he knew was that James had flashed some airline tickets at him and told him they would be back in a week.

All week I sent text messages and calls to her. They all went to voice mail and I never got any response. By the following Sunday afternoon, I was a complete wreck waiting for her to get home. At 5:50 James called and said that they were at his apartment and I should come over. I drove over much slower than last week, because I dreaded what I would find.

When I rang the bell, James answered the door and let me in. Lisa was not with him in the living room. I was mad as hell and said, “Where the fuck is my girlfriend you son of a bitch?” The question should have been, what the hell did you do to my girlfriend instead.

My answer became clear when the bedroom door opened, and Lisa walked into the room. Lisa was naked, clad only in a pair of 4″ high ruby red fuck me heels and black thigh high fishnet stockings. I looked at her in total disbelief. Lisa’s hair was shaved down to 1″, and bleached shocking white. Gone was her beautiful long reddish-blonde hair.

Her nipples had been pierced and had gold hoops hanging from her big tits. Her vaginal area had small gold rings tracing down each side of her pussy lips and her clit looked enlarged and had what looked like a gold band around it. The final straw though was right above her pussy, she was sporting a new tattoo that simply read, “James’s Pussy!”

I wanted to puke, but I just sank down on the couch and stared at her as she strutted like a whore on a runway over to James and melted in his arms and gave him a kiss. I opened my mouth, but utterly nothing came out. When I had gathered myself, I naively asked if she was coming back home with me?

I knew the answer already, just by looking at the way she was dressed, her tattoo and the way she allowed James to hold her, but I asked anyway, just hoping this was all a bad dream.

James looked at Lisa and asked her if she was going to stay or go home with her boyfriend. Lisa looked at me with a look of pure distain. She answered me by reaching down and slowly unzipping James’s jeans. Then she turned her back to me and squatted down and pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles.

His big black 12″ cock sprang out and Lisa looked over at me, and with a smirk on her face, turned and started to suck his cock in front of me. The reality set in as I watched my girlfriend, on her knees sucking her new, “Black boyfriend’s cock. James looked over at me and said, “Guess she’s staying with me Zack!”

Several days later I came home, and all her stuff was cleaned out and taken over to James’s house. It was official, she was now my Ex-girlfriend, and he was my Ex-best friend. All because of a fucking dart game!!

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