Behind the Spotlight


After checking to see if anyone was watching us, you and I snuck through the door and up the stairs of the theatre. We were above the stage, looking down at it from the spotlights. You wrapped your arms around me and pulled me close. Your lips were near my ear and your breathing made me shiver in excitement. You kissed and nibbled my ear, kissing down my neck and moving to my lips. Slowly you kissed my lips, gentling parting them with your tongue. We stood there passionately kissing for a minute, and then I slowly moved away from you. You groaned in disappointment as I moved and opened your eyes. There you saw me closely kneel down in front of you and reach for your belt.

I unbuckled your belt and opened your pants, as you moaned in anticipation. I took my time pulling your cock out and by then, it was hard. I leisurely ran my lips over the length of your large penis and my hot breath gave you goose bumps. I looked up to see you watching me as I took the head into my mouth. It was hot and throbbing. I gently sucked on it, savoring the pleasure it brought me. Slowly I ran my tongue all over your cock and then pulled back from it while sucking. I bobbed my head up and down on your cock a few times, but could not take all of it; it was too long. When just the head was in my mouth, I swirled my tongue around and heard you moan. The escort fatih gratification you were feeling coupled with the feel of your penis in my mouth intensified my own arousal. I sucked harder on you and took all of your cock into my mouth that I could, watching your face the whole time. You were looking down at me and watching me please you. Your eyes darted toward the door for a moment and you smiled down at me. For a couple of minutes I stroked up and down your shaft with my mouth, listening to your breathing speed up and you moan louder and louder.

I heard another moan and realized that it could not be from you. Startled, I looked up and you smiled at me and looked to the door. There were two of your close friends, standing near by. Each one had his hand on his dick and was stroking himself while watching me suck your cock. I stood up and they walked over to me. The first one grabbed me and kissed me hungrily. The other started to run his hands over my body and under my clothes. I glanced at you and you smiled and started to stroke your cock.

Together your friends stripped off my clothes and fondled my naked body. Then one pushed me down on my knees. It was obvious he wanted to experience what he had watched me do for you. I leaned forward to take his dick into my mouth. I started by kissing and licking escort istanbul his cock and you moved around to see my face, just as I took it into my mouth. While I was sucking on him, your other friend came up behind me and ran his hands down my back and ass. He reached around and grabbed my breasts. He kneaded them and pinched my nipples. I moaned and the dick in my mouth twitched. He reached down and ran his fingers over my clit and I moaned again. This was too much for your poor friend. He moaned and started to thrust into my mouth quickly. Suddenly he came hard. I continued to suck and swallow until his dick was soft.

Looking up at you, I could see that you enjoyed watching me please your friend and all I wanted was to feel your cock in my mouth again. I moved toward you, but your friend stopped me. He pulled me back to him and turned me around. He took my nipple into his mouth and sucked, while he pinched the other one. I moaned and my head fell back. His touch was exhilarating. He lay down and pulled me on top of him. I slowly lower myself onto his cock, letting it just rest there, nearly inside of me. I pulled off of him and teased him, just letting the head of his penis slip inside and then pulling up off of him. I did this for a minute or two, until he was moaning and thrusting up to me. Then I slowly slid escort bayan taksim all the way down, taking his entire length. I pressed against him for a moment and then rose off of him. I started to tease him again, slowly taking a tiny part of his dick inside of me and then moving up again.

He could not take this for long. He put his hands on my hips and slammed me down onto him. He directed my movement and I was riding him hard and fast. I was moaning loudly. You came up and stood next to me. You were still stroking your long cock and I leaned over to take it in my mouth. I sucked as much as I could into my mouth at the same pace your friend was fucking me. You placed your hand on the back of head and tangle it in my hair. You pushed me down on your cock, forcing me to take more of it than I had before. Both you and your friend slowed down and paced each other fucking me. I could not take it for long started moaning and crying out. You reaching down and pinch my nipple right as I start to cum. It takes all of your friend’s concentration to hold me on his dick as I cum and he cums too. You continued to thrust your cock into my mouth until you start to cum too. You cum in my mouth and then pull my head back and continue to cum on my face and breasts. I swallow your cum and suck your softening cock into my mouth to clean it off.

Your friend gets up and both of the leave. You smile down at me, covered in your cum, with your friend’s cum dripping out of me and slowly start to stroke yourself. I know that light in your eyes. You may have enjoyed that, but you aren’t done with me yet.

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