Badger Wants Transsexual


I often ask myself, what is it that draws me to Badger, is it the father image I wonder, or the pure thrill of being fucked by an older man. I remember when I was with Danny who was much younger at 42, how good it was with him and how we seemed to ‘snap it off together’ those sessions were wonderful indeed although I never did get to taste him cuming in my mouth. I was working up to it, I loved the suck and taste of his fine cock nut could never get myself geared up enough to keep it in my busy mouth when he came. Whether that was the reason he finally dumped me I shall never no, as he never did contact me again and try as may, I could never get a response on phoning him.

But anyway, that is of no consequence now, time moves on and I shall enjoy Badger while I can, I mean with him getting older he is bound to lose his libido soon, but as for now, he is just over sixty and still gives me a delightful shag and to suck him is sheer delight, to feel him grow in my mouth is a wonderful turn on – and when he has me stretched over that new ‘fucking bench’ of his it is sheer delight, the way he does it, the spreading of cheeks and the feel of his tongue working me there. He has even got that off to a fine art – I mentioned in my last story how he tied a ribbon around his cock – the idea being for me to get ‘suck cock’ trained, gradually learning how to deep throat him which I finally did and now it is becoming standard sinop escort and also by the way, he shooting his load into my mouth which I have come to enjoy and discover gradually to swallow all, feeling the salty taste of his well given cream slide easily down.

But now he has two strong elastic bands which he places over each bum cheek from the crease between, and then up over my hips which keeps them spread for his perusal and with that he has lately gotten to having me wear a black g-string he loves to suck me through and gradually tease aside with his tongue until he has full access to my very wanting brown orifice just waiting for it, the feel of his mouth tantalising it, the touch of his big hands massaging my cock and balls is absolutely divine and out of this world. I cannot express just how good it feels, his gardener rough hands stroking up the inside of my bare thighs and gradually finding their target.

And now, as you may have seen in my last story, I have now an added thrill with Badger’s mate sharing me, sometimes together and others just the two of us for a good deep dose of deep penetrating fucking that I cann0t get enough of. The experience of having two cocks simultaneously is something which is so absolutely stirring, taking each cock in turn first up ass and then by mouth, and as I taste each cock I imagine that next it will be in my ass and then, the other, having sivas escort just been there and fucked me, the taste of fresh fucked cock pressing the roof of my mouth as I relish the drains of hot cum still sizzling through the p-hole.

Badger is one hell of a guy, he serves me so well and he says I do him, to feel his eight inch cock inside me, moving my whole being from side to side, then pumping it into me, hearing his ripe hanging balls bouncing against my ass cheeks makes it all the most satisfying fuck of all time, each new fuck so fresh and stimulating, then tasting and sniffing each guy, licking the length of their stiff upright ready to fuck or just fucked ripe jerking cock until they yell and tell me they are cuming again, the spurt so divine as Badger aims for my face, me yelling I want that, he smothers me with rich creamed fuck cock and make me cum too, then he takes my cock in his mouth as we change to sixty nine position, he is sucking me as deep as I do him, his open strong and slapping my ass soundly as he sucks me, until I feel the surge of my cream spurt through, and this time he has it all over his face and beard, and makes me lick it off as he continues to spank my ass till it is rosy red, but then as always the wonderful massage with coconut oil, Badgers specially afterwards, soothing my being as he does is so slowly and deeply, occasionally letting his creamed fingers slip tekirdağ escort up my well stretched asshole, I love it.

Today he had me wea5ring a skirt, well I told you he is bisexual and loves the women as well as the guys, well me anyway, he always says my legs ;look as good as a girls, so he brings out of his carrier bag a tight black skirt and panties with stockings and suspenders, the lot and tells me to put them on. I am not transvestite inclined but for Badger, whatever – but to tell you the truth it was rather an exotic experience being dressed up in girls clothes.

I soon discovered his leanings towards girls as he instructed me to stand over him as he kneeled on the floor and sniffed up my skirt. To help give him the atmosphere he has one of those feminine perfume spray which he asked me to spray on my Pussy. Yes he was really into it his imagination running away with him, imagining ass hole was pussy. But I got to know who it was with Badger and a woman, the way he whispered to me, kissed my neck and teased my make believe tits, telling me how divine and girlie I was and then feeling his shot prick delve under my skirt as he stood and started to wedge it between my thighs telling me to open and let me in, that he would make it beautiful for me. And he did, for the next hour I was treated to a wonderful new sensation of imagining I was a girl and how that would feel.

His fuck was beautiful and afterwards he smothered his face with my fresh soiled panties and said he would put then under his pillow that night ‘ for the use of’ (his expression) and it was lovely.

Just another episode of my life and times with Badger and friend.

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