Airport Hypnosis


To Ruth, my dear friend whom i miss dearly…

I was traveling from Atlanta to Los Angeles for business and my trip did not get off to the best of starts. To begin then handle on my suitcase, the telescopic type, fell apart and I had to carry the suitcase from my car to the ticketing counter. Then to top it off, I happened to stand in line next to this annoying young girl who felt the need to tell me her life story. He introduced himself as Dawn and talked and talked and talked. I immediately noticed that she smelled a little as if she had been wearing the clothes she had on for a while. Eventually, another female got into line on the other side of me and I saw an opportunity to strike up a conversation with her so this girl would leave me alone. However she proved more persistent that I had hoped and somehow managed to join our conversation. I received a reprieve when she got called to the next agent, which actually made me feel relieved. As I was waiting my turn I continued my discussion with Mary, whom I learned was also on her way to Los Angeles to visit family and that we were on the same flight. I also learned that she was married with a little girl who she just gushed over.

In way of descriptions, I am a 26-year-old female, 5’9″ blonde hair blue eyes, with an athletic build. I was dressed in a shirt that ended just above my knee; a blouse and pumps. Mary was 27 and was around 5’6″ with black hair, brown eyes, also very athletic in appearance. She was dressed in denim shorts, a t-shirt, socks and running shoes. Dawn, 18, was around 5’7′, brown hair, brown eyes and was very thin and had a slight acne issue. She was wearing a Goth type get up with black jeans, t-shirt, socks and boots. I am probably not being fair to her, but she bothered me from the first hello.

When I was called up I asked if Mary wanted to go up with me to see if we could get seats next to each other. I was enjoying her company and it actually took my mind of my earlier trials. She readily accepted and we managed to get adjoining seats. As we left the counter, our new friend was waiting for us. She must have overheard our discussion with the attendant, as she was pleased to announce that she was also on her way to Los Angeles. I cringed and had a hard time imagining the 90-minute wait with her constantly talking. The only rest we received was during our time going through security. I secretly hoped they would pull her aside for inspection and I could make my escape. Unfortunately my bad luck held and we made our way to the gate with Dawn in tow.

Once there we (she) continued to talk to us. Once we got comfortable she pulled out a sliver pen and started to spin in over her thumb and caught it. I was momentarily impressed with her ability to do it. I watched her fingers and pen trying to see how it was done. When I looked up at her I noticed that she was actually not talking but was smiling at me. She handed me the pen and asked me to try. I laughed and tried to deflect her attempt to win me over a little. She requested again telling me how easy it was and that she could teach me in a minute of two. Mary encouraged me to try and so I reluctantly did. Much to my disappointment I could not duplicate her seemingly easy success.

I handed back the pen a little frustrated. She told me to watch what she does with her fingers and I will get it. She flipped it around with ease, talking to us about everyday things. I was growing bored and increasingly annoyed when I noticed that Mary was intently watching this so I refocused on the pen. She encouraged us to focus on her fingers and how they moved, then to focus on the pen to see how it spins. After a minute or so of this I think I was drifting off because I thought I heard her say something about submitting, but that made no sense. Suddenly I seemed to refocus on where I was and felt slightly light headed as I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I was hoping that Mary would accompany me, but she was still looking at how Dawn was spinning the pen.

I still felt slightly in a fog as I returned from the ladies room, and immediately noticed Mary seemed to be very focused on the pen. I asked if she had tried yet and she shook her head no. She Kartal Escort did not come across bubbly as she had previously been. As we sat there I interjected comments watching her and her focus on the pen. Inevitably my eyes were drawn to the pen and its constant spinning. I glanced up at Dawn again and she was just smiling at me. She then suggested I continue to watch the pen and my eyes immediately dropped to the pen.

When it was time for boarding Dawn pulled me from my dreamy state by gently shaking me and stating that it was “time to board baby.” Normally being called that by someone, other than a bf, would have upset me but I shook it off and we lined up to board the plane. I was first, with Mary behind me then Dawn. We got our tickets scanned and then had to line up in the line leading to the door to the plane. I could vaguely hear Dawn talking to Mary then felt her lean into me. She quickly backup up and stammered an apology for bumping into me. After a minute I felt her lean in close to me and heard her moan, as I started to turn around to her causing her to quickly perk back up.

Eventually we got to our seats and after placing my bag in the overhead I quickly slid in to my seat. Mary was setting her bag in the overhead when she noticed that Dawn was a couple of rows ahead of us. As she sat down I could see obvious disappointment on her face. For myself I was mildly relieved, but also felt a little disappointed though not sure why. Eventually the individual sitting next to her in the aisle seat showed up and Mary immediately asked if they would be willing to switch with Dawn. The individual agreed, as she seemed pleased to be closer to the exit and a door seat with more leg room.

Dawn came back to our seats like she had no care in the world, which instantly upset me. She stood in the aisle and asked Mary to switch seats with her, which much to my dismay Mary agreed. Dawn sat down and got settled and I noticed she still had his pen in her hand. I as a little taken back by the way she smelled being in such close proximity to her with nowhere to go. She asked if I wanted another turn and I reluctantly agreed. I did better this time, but still a long way off from getting it to work. Frustrated I handed back the pen and went to get my book to read. She put his hand on my arm momentarily stopping me from getting the book and said, “Hey babe, let’s talk.” This time it annoyed me enough that I told her I did not like being called “babe.” She looked at me smiling and just said “ok” then started to spin the pen while asking about me. I again noticed Mary’s fixation on the pen as Dawn asked her benign questions like where do you live, go to school, etc. However, the longer the conversation went the more personal and prodding the questions became.

She asked Mary if she was married. Mary replied that she was and that she had a daughter at home. She asked how they met, first date, first kiss, first time they made love, where was that. I was amazed at her willingness to answer such probing and personal questions. If she said something that interested her, Dawn would probe deeper asking what she was wearing, how she felt. Meanwhile I listened, shocked at times, and watched the pen spin.

Once the attendant’s safety presentation, and our departure Dawn turned her attention back to me, asking me the same types of questions. The benign questions I answered with no reservations. However I struggled, as the questions became increasingly personal. She sensed my unease and assured me it was ok to answer the questions. I started to protest but thought my arguments sounded hollow and insignificant. So I gradually opened up and started to answer some of the more personal questions.

As we reached cruising altitude the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign and announced we could move around. Dawn leaned over and said something to Mary, who then got up and went to the back to the lavatory. Dawn turned and faced me and asked what I thought about answering the questions. I told her I was unsure but did not see any harm in the questions being asked. Dawn smiled and asked me what color panties I was wearing. I think my jaw hit my lap, but she acted like it was Kartal Escort Bayan a question in line with what time is it. She waited patiently for my answer and when it was not forthcoming she assured me it was already to answer the questions. Then she asked again. I told her they were white, though my head was telling me not to answer his question.

She started to play with the pen again and my eyes involuntarily went down to watch it spin. She continued to encourage me to watch, to trust her, to answer her questions. After a little she assured me that is was ok to do as she asks. That it is natural to do so. My mind was screaming that this was not right and wrong, but another part agreed. The longer I watched the pen the less the warnings sounded or seemed significant. She stopped spinning the pen and asked again what color my panties were. I told him they were white. She smiled and placed a hand on my knee. I looked down at the hand, but let it remain there.

After a little Mary returned from the back of the plane and handed Dawn something. She placed it beside her, away from me. She then asked Mary how she felt. She smiled and said that she felt really good and free. I did not understand her reference to free but noticed Dawn’s other hand rest on her knee. After a second or two of rubbing small circles on our knee Dawn looked at me and told me he would like to see my panties. I looked at him puzzled and she just recommended that I go to the lavatory and remove them and bring them to her so he can see. I looked at Mary and she just nodded, I reluctantly got up and headed to the back of the plane.

I struggled with what I was doing as I stood in line and as I entered the lavatory. I contemplated the situation and could not find how I was in this situation and why I was willing to remove my panties and take them back to her. I vaguely remember sliding them down my legs and stepping out of them. I bunched them up in my hand to hide them then left the lavatory to return to my seat.

When I got there I had to slide above them and got a look of Dawn’s hand up Mary’s shorts. She looked flushed and we made eye contact, then she let out a quiet but distinct moan. I stop and watch as Dawn’s fingers move up and down over her intimate area, not sure I am seeing what I am seeing. She was married and here was this geeky girl playing with her only 2 hours after meeting her. I thought of her daughter, the pride she had in her face talking about her now replaced by a flushed face, losing itself in the sensation of Dawn’s fingers. However, I felt strangely turned on by what I was witnessing and was a little disturbed about it.

Dawn looked up at me and told me to sit down. I reluctantly moved over her and sat down. Dawn continued to look at her impact on Mary and she simply held her other hand out to me to retrieve my panties. I placed them into her hand and looked down at the floor ashamed at what I was doing, and more ashamed that she would not even look at me as she took them. I sat there for a while; afraid to look at Mary to see her pleasure or torment as she struggled with the sensation between her legs and the fact she was on an airplane with so many people around.

I did look up when one of the attendants walked past and happened to catch a glance of what was going on next to me. She quickly looked away and hurried forward only to return with a blanket that she handed to Mary with a motherly disappointed look on her face. Dawn thanked her and requested a second blanket. The attendant’s face went from disapproval to shock as she hurried off. She returned moments later not even looking at us as she dropped the blanket in Dawn’s lap and hurried away obviously flustered.

Dawn looked at me and winked and slid her hand up my skirt and touched me for the first time. My heart leaped up into my throat and her fingers started their exploration. I gasped as her fingers grazed my clitoris. Dawn leaned over and reinforced how good it was to listen to her and do, as she wants. She talked to me about how right it was until I breathlessly gasped ‘yes.’

I reached over to touch Dawn only to find Mary’s hand massaging her crotch as I look into Escort Kartal Dawn’s eyes. She is no longer this annoying geeky girl, she is strangely beautiful and in control. I see the blanket around Mary’s crotch moving and then I watched as her hand emerged. Mary emitted a slight whine at the source of her pleasure being removed from her. Dawn looked me in the eyes then moves her hand towards my face telling me to smell Mary and how wonderful she smells. I close my eyes and inhale her scent. I feel her fingers move against my lips as she traces them. Dawn’s fingers press with a little more force against my lips seeking entrance. I slowly part my lips and take them into my mouth, tasting my first female juices. Tongue moving over and in-between the fingers as she encourages me to clean them off. Asking me how I like the taste of a girl, a woman, and a mother. I moan half in lust half in horror.

Dawn reaches back under the blanket and continues to work on Mary, all the while touching me. She looked at me and asked if I wanted more, I slowly nodded as she smiles at me. Dawn withdrew her hand and put her fingers near my mouth. I immediately move forward taking them into my mouth as I look at Mary; she is watching me intently as I lick her juices from Dawn’s fingers. The combination of her fingering me, the look on Mary’s face and the taste of her juices brings me to the brink as I start to feel the beginning of an orgasm. Without warning Dawn just stops and removes her hand. Now I understand Mary’s whine when she removed her hand earlier from her. I wanted Dawn to continue and make me cum. Dawn just kept that smile on her face as she moved closer to me and told me that she will only make me cum when I submit to her. She explained that she had hypnotized Mary and me with the pen and made us open to all her suggestions. Then she added that all we have done we would have done anyway and all she did is help out a little. She went on to explain that she couldn’t make us do things we normally would not do and then asked if I understood.

I told her I think I did, but what I did today is not something I would normally do. Dawn asked me if I was sure. I thought about it and felt that I would not have done anything sexual with Mary. I explained that and she stated that if the situation was slightly different we might have. Mary just looked at me and nodded her head in agreement. I pondered this for a little while watching the flight map on the back of the seat in front of me.

After a while I agreed that maybe it may have happened in some other way, but not this way. Dawn reassured me that she just provided the means, not the intent. We talked a while longer and she asked both of us again if we would submit to her. I told her I was not sure. Mary said yes, she submits. Dawn’s hand slid back under the blanket and she started to play with Mary again. She explained that when in LA Mary must contact her, she moaned ‘yes.’ Dawn looked at me and asked how about it? I was still uncertain though envious of the impact Dawn was having on Mary.

As the pilot announced we were starting our descent into LAX, Dawn turned and asked me again if I was game. I told her I was not ready; she smiled though not with the same level of confidence. She told me I have until the baggage claim to make up my mind. Mary looked panicked that I may not be joining her. I turned and stared out the window as the lights of LA came into view as we descended down for landing. Without a word we gathered our things and started the long trek to the baggage area to retrieve our things.

The whole walk I was fighting an internal battle in my head about what to do. I heard the terms spelled out to Mary and it would be an only in LA thing which would only happen 4 times a year or so.

We eventually reached the baggage claim and Mary looked at me almost pleading, I just looked down racked with confusion. The bags started to show up and people zipped in and picked up their bags and filtered away. It was almost as if the baggage handlers were against me as my resolve started to weaken. Finally, Mary’s suitcase came out followed a minute later by mine. I retrieved it and turned to face them. Mary had a tear streaming down her face as she looked at me. Dawn was nearly expressionless was she stared at me. I looked down, looked at Mary then Dawn, paused then quietly said, “I submit.” Mary screamed and leapt at me and gave me a big hug thanking me over and over. Looking at me over her shoulder was Dawn with her confident smile back.

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