When I was almost nineteen years old, one year out of high school, I spent my free time just having fun with friends. I worked a part-time job as I tried to figure out my life. My parents did not have money to send me to college like so many of the rich kids I went to high school with. Weekends were just times to hang with friends.I was as flat-chested as could be back then. I was five feet two inches and barely one hundred pounds. I was a cheerleader in high school. Always the one at the top of the pyramid. I had long brown wavy hair; sort of the style at the time. I had a slim waist and a small firm butt. Since I was so small, I had a hard time finding bras and clothing. I often shopped for them in the Juniors section of stores. I could easily pass for someone younger. I am not complaining, I was cute. I just always felt I had to try harder to attract guys’ interest, however.I tended to dress sexily, mostly in short skirts, or short shorts. My legs, butt, abs, and general fitness were my best attributes. I had many friends and cousins that were younger that looked more developed Ankara escort than me. My girlfriends looked much more mature than I did so they got all the attention from guys. I think guys probably thought I was the younger sister hanging around.One night while out with friends, I met a guy much older than me. I think he was like twenty-eight or so. I was happy to have caught his attention. Most guys did not give me much attention at this stage in my life. This older guy talking to me excited me.  I was excited to have his interest and finally would have something to share with my girlfriends.Older guys being more established and could afford to do more than guys our age. For me, it validated that I was a woman, not a child anymore. He flirted with me and asked if I wanted to go for a drive. He had an expensive two-door sports car. We drove around and went to an A&W restaurant for some food. We had a snack, chatted, and enjoyed each other’s company.Later we went to the local park. We talked for some time. It seemed we got along well. I felt things Ankara escort bayan were going great. He was easy to talk with. He kissed me, causing me to get excited. We started making out. After a few minutes, he thought of a better place to park, more secluded. I was having fun, but I was not on birth control. I was afraid things might go too far.We moved the car to a better area. He got out of the car and had me standing with him. He told me all the things a girl in my state needed and wanted to hear. He asked to see my body and told me to get naked. I did as instructed. I liked the men telling me what to do. It was a warm night and being naked did not bother me. I was happy he asked and that he wanted to see me naked. Soon I was nude hanging on to him, my clothes were in the backseat area of the two-door car. He was still dressed. I was dripping wet from the excitement of being naked with this handsome guy in the parking lot of the city park.We were kissing, and he was feeling me all over. He loved that I completely shaved my vagina. Escort Ankara I was swooning, dizzy from excitement. My knees were weak from the excitement  We were having fun. We climbed back into the car. This time he got on the passenger side and slide the seat completely back and in the full recline position, I got on top of him. He pulled his jeans down and was trying to convince me to have sex with him. I told him I was not on birth control, so I had to refuse. I told him I would gladly blow him because he was very clearly excited. I think he was disappointed but eager for a blowjob.I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of him and started to admire his cock. I was doing everything I knew about giving guys’ head oral sex. He was enjoying it. I licked his balls and made eye contact with his cock in my mouth. I took him as deep as possible into the back of my throat. I was enjoying exciting him. I had him in my mouth when he started to push my head down further on his stuff. He was getting ready to explode. I could tell by his sounds and movements. Just as he started to cum, the inside of the car was flooded with light from both sides. I heard the voice of a police officer telling us not to move. I pulled off his cock. He was still firing lots of cum. I had a couple of pumps in my mouth but he kept pumping cum that fired onto my face, my hair, and on my hand.

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