Black Muslim Lesbian in Love


Look, this isn’t easy for me to say so I’m just going to say it. My name is Tina Jane Connell, T.J. to my friends, and I’m a biracial woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I was born in the City of Calgary, Alberta, to a Jamaican mother and Irish-Canadian father. Expressing myself through writing is one of my hobbies. A lot of things have been happening in my life lately, and I want to clear my head. See where I’ve gone wrong and retrace my steps, you know? I recently moved back to Ottawa, the town where I studied for my B.A. and my MBA. I miss Calgary but I got unfinished business in Ottawa.

Recently I went to visit my alma mater, Carleton University, the place where I earned my MBA. I missed my school, even though it’s been five years since I graduated. I am thirty years old, a time when most women are getting married and having brats. Me? I’m unsure where my path lies. I am attracted to both women and men, and I’ve had disastrous relationships with both. I don’t see myself as some woman’s partner or some man’s wife. I see myself walking a lonely road until the day I die. And that’s just unacceptable.

While walking through the Carleton University library, I ran into my former classmate Khadija Wahid, who was apparently a teacher’s assistant now. Seeing her brought back so many memories. Khadija looked real good in a stylish white blouse and dark gray silk pants, along with a dark gray vest. Standing five-foot-nine, chubby and dark-skinned, with large breasts and a booty that just won’t quit, the woman I once called my Somali Goddess was as lovely as ever. Hello Jen, I said, and gave her a hug. Hello Tina, she said, hesitating a bit. I resisted the urge to give her big, heart-shaped ass a squeeze Kurtköy Escort ( for old time’s sakes ) and complimented her on her figure. You look wonderful, I said, giving her the once-over.

Since Khadija Wahid was heading to lunch, I accompanied her, just so we could catch up. Walking through the school’s vast hallways, through the tunnels leading from the library to the university center and the food court, all the memories from the old days came flooding back. Khadija Wahid and I got some Shawarma from the new restaurant inside the university center, and then sat in the middle of the lunch room…just like old times. I pestered Khadija Wahid with questions as we ate. Was she married? Did she have any brats stashed away somewhere? Khadija sipped on her drink, smiled at me and told me she was single and ready to mingle. I smiled at her. Good answer Miss Somalia, I replied.

I left campus that day feeling elated, to tell you the truth. Khadija and I used to be girlfriends, if you haven’t guessed it already. While undergrads at Carleton ages ago, we met, and got involved. What a pair we made. A biracial Christian woman and a Muslim gal from Somalia…lesbian lovers! Just goes to show you that you just never know who and what you’re dealing with. People can surprise you. I mean, as far as Muslim women go, Khadija Wahid is one of the most conservative you’ll ever meet. She never goes anywhere without her hijab on, and she prays five times a day. Goes to masjid every Friday night. And yet, this pious Somali Muslim gal was something altogether different than she appeared. I mean, Khadija I know ate my pussy so damn well that she should be starring in lesbian porno movies!

Ah, Kurtköy Escort Bayan those halcyon days when Khadija Wahid and I were exploring our sexuality as curious young women at the university. Khadija is one hundred percent lesbian, and has never been with men sexually. Me? I like to go with the flow. If I meet a guy and he looks good to me, then we can gel and see where things take us. I prefer women but a roll in the hay with the fellas once in a while is a lot of fun. When Khadija Wahid and I were doing our thing, I was also seeing this guy named Theodore Morris, a handsome brother originally from the City of Detroit, Michigan.

Theo transferred to Carleton University from Wayne State University, and I made sure the brother got a warm welcome to the province of Ontario after we met. What can I say? I like my black men. I like the way they smell and taste. Oh, I’ve done a few white guys but there’s nothing like a sexy brother with a big dick who knows his way around the female body. Hot damn, I get hot just thinking about it! A lot of sisters I knew at Carleton mainly chased white dudes. Me? I am like the rainbow. I don’t discriminate. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to forsake the men of my race!

Khadija and I began seeing each other again, taking things slow. At least, that’s what we agreed on. On our second ‘date’ since rekindling things at the library, I invited her over to my condo off Elway Ginny Street in downtown Ottawa. I swear I just wanted to have a drink with her and talk…except that we didn’t do much talking once we got to my place. Seriously, we started making out in the elevator. Picture this, if you will. A tall, light-skinned chick in a tank Escort Kadıköy top and short skirt making out with a chubby, dark-skinned sister in a hijab and long skirt. Lesbian, thy name is Muslim!

Yeah, um, somehow I ended up on the living room floor, completely naked, with Khadija squatting all over my face, moaning softly as I licked and fingered her pussy. Hmmm. I missed having her ride my face like that. While she rode my face Khadija squeezed my head and neck real tight with those thick thighs of hers, just the way I like it. What can I say? I like to live dangerously! After she finished riding my face, Khadija and I got busy for real. My sexy Somali gal pal showed me her bossy side by putting me on all fours and spanking my ass before licking my pussy from behind. Hmm. I love it when she gets so aggressive with me.

That’s why I went to fetch my strap-on dildo from the bedroom and fingered myself while watching Khadija put it on. Get ready for me, Khadija said, licking her lips as she made me assume the position. Flat on the carpet with my legs in the air, I offered my pussy to Khadija, who gladly took it. Locking eyes with me, she grabbed my face then kissed me as she began pounding the dildo into my cunt. I cried out in pleasure as Khadija made love to me, roughly and passionately, just the way I liked it. We made love like this for hours, fucking over practically every inch of the place and each of us came who knows how many times. Man, that was frigging great!

When morning came, it found Khadija Wahid and I in each other’s arms. Yeah, we’re still totally into each other, even though we’re both thirty now and no spring chickens. I looked into Khadija’s eyes and kissed her full and deep, morning breath and all. Hello beautiful, she said, grinning. I smiled and watched as she rolled on top of me. I gave her plump ass a firm slap. I’m hungry but not for food, I said. Khadija laughed, and reached for the strap-on. I’ll see what I can do, she laughed. And just like that, we began again.

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