Ægir’s Wife Ch. 07


Bjorn fiddled with the tie, but nothing he did seemed to straighten out the mess that he had made of the knot tightening uncomfortably about his neck. Any more than he could straighten out the mess that had become their lives.

If the week had gotten off to a mixed start with confirmation of Kirsty’s pregnancy to lighten the load of their run-in with Greta and mounting pressures at work, it had not improved. Work was getting worse by the moment: unrealistic deadlines, promises to customers that were impossible to keep, and increasing animosity with his up-line.

Now this. Lunch with his in-laws was the very last way that he wanted to spend his Sunday. Brunch at a posh Chelsea restaurant was not his idea of a Sunday dinner. Tiny little quiches that would not be enough to satisfy even one of his mother’s barn cats, let alone a grown man. A tiny portion of mixed greens and some fruit. For twice what it cost to feed a child for a whole month in one of those charity advertisements?

But that was his mother-in-law’s pretentions. Being seen by the right type of people was important to Nancy Dickens. More important than her only child’s happiness for certain. He shook his head as he yanked the tie off, unlacing it and preparing to start again. He had never truly understood all his wife’s insecurities…until he met that woman.

From the moment, the woman pressed air kisses to both of his wife’s cheeks in greeting until the sideways half-hug that announced the ending of their monthly summons to attend to her royal highness the cold hearted bitch, it was a constant barrage of all Kirsty’s seeming failings. Had she heard about this new diet? Kirsty should really think about taking this night course, it would double her opportunities to advance at work. Had she looked into joining the Junior League yet? It never ended.

After his first meeting with the woman, he truly was amazed at how well his wife had turned out. Of course, maybe part of that was that her mother had had so little to do with her actual raising. Nannies, au pairs and boarding school had done that for her. It had made him even more grateful for the time he had had with his own mother.

He sighed, he wished Kirsty would video conference with his Mom. But since coming back here, she had steadfastly refused to speak to Petrine. She went so far sometimes as to go shopping while he and Monika talked with his mother and uncle most Sundays. He had tried to get her to talk about it, but she would not even do that. Nothing beyond some nonsense about her disappointing and failing another mother, which made no sense to him.

He knew that her refusal to speak to Petrine was hurting his mother just as much as it was Kirsty. Especially when she would not even participate in the teleconference with him and Mikael to announce Kirsty’s pregnancy with their girls. He saw the tightness and forced smile when his mother told him to give their congratulations to Kirsty.

“Damn,” he cursed as he once more got the knot off-center and too tight.

He saw his wife enter the room in the mirror and smiled…until he saw the unshed tears in her eyes, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

She shook her head and brushed the back of her hand across her eyes, “There’s been an accident.”


Kirsty turned away from the woman, who had given birth to her. That was all she was now. A woman, who had chosen not to abort a clump of cells, which had unexpectedly changed her life. She smiled as she leaned down and caressed her daughter’s slightly messy curls with one hand while softly cupping her other little girls with the other.

This was the last time, she had decided that when her mother greeted the news of her pregnancy with a heavy sigh and launched into her current diatribe on how could she be so careless, wasn’t one child enough for her to manage, what about the career that they had spent good money preparing her for.

Monika fidgeted on the chair as her mother’s voice lowered into that deathly silent scream, “You could have at least had the decency to wait until after you were properly married.”

Bjorn’s hand covered hers over their unborn girls, “Your daughter and I are very much married, Missus Dickens.”

Monika began to kick the leg of table, probably sensing the change in her other father’s tone of voice. Kirsty smiled…fathers. Despite everything, especially this incubator’s opinions, that was how she wanted it. One big family.

“Your ridiculous barbarian customs aside, my daughter deserved better. We had always planned a lovely church wedding. Followed by a reception at one of the stately country homes of the gentry. All of her friends and family there,” Nancy Dickens continued as her husband raised his third glass of champagne and drained the whole thing in a single gulp.

“Your friends, mother. The people that you want to impress,” she sighed as Monika kicked the table harder. She wished with everything inside of her that Georgia had not fallen and broken her arm. She had bursa escort tried to get a hold of Roz to see if she could watch Monika, but no such luck. She had even tried to reschedule this week’s brunch, but her mother insisted that they had important things to discuss.

Kirsty had foolishly even looked forward to sharing the news of her pregnancy with her parents since she had not felt comfortable participating in the video call with Bjorn, Mikael and their parents. She swallowed hard and tried her best to fight back tears at the thought she had truly failed her mother-in-law. Petrine’s disappointment and rejection hurt so much worse than this woman’s had in many years.

She raised her glass of juice, ignoring the slight shake in her hands as she took a sip as her mother went on, “You have spoiled everything again, Kirsty.” Her mother gave her that stern look that she knew preceded one of the woman’s lectures.

“There is a managerial position in the OT department open at Children’s Hospital, but of course this pregnancy ruins another career opportunity for you. I suppose you will even want to take the full year’s maternity leave off,” the woman frowned and shook her head.

“Actually, my wife won’t be returning to work at all once our daughters are born,” Bjorn replied in a low tone as he clutched his fork tighter.

“What? What misogynistic malarkey is that? Young man, I know that you are from some backwards God-forsaken place that no one has ever heard of, but let me tell you that is not how it is done in civilized countries. Women…”

“Civilized?” His voice was louder this time, so much so that Monika began to rock back and forth in her chair with her hands covering her ears as she hummed.

“For the record, our culture has always been light years ahead of yours in terms of women’s right. Our women, not only had complete control of their homes, including the wealth, but they fought alongside of us. Something you still deny your female soldiers. So do not lecture me on women’s rights,” he said as he stared directly at her mother.

“As for civilized…I am sure it has been years since your posh ass did, but try taking the Tube one morning during rush hour, then let’s talk about it. Oh, and while we are on the subject, once our little girls are born, I am taking my family back home. Where we all belong,” he finished as Kirsty watched the fork bend in his fingers.

“What? My daughter become just some haus frau and baby factory? We raised her for better than that. We invested too much money in her education. The best schools, private piano lessons, ballet…well she was never any good at that. Too tall and…not the right body shape, of course. But that is beside the point.”

“Oh, no, that is the point, Missus Dickens. You have always seen nothing but the things you think are wrong with your child. You know until we came here, until I met you, I could never understand why a woman as smart, as intelligent, as strong and caring as my wife could have so much trouble accepting our love,” he turned to her and smiled tightly, “I do now.”

“Hand me your phone, please, sweetheart,” he held out his hand.

Kirsty frowned, but it was impossible to disobey him when he used that tone of voice. “Yes, Sir,” she replied as she dropped her eyes automatically and picked it up from the table, passing it to him.

“Sir? Did you actually refer to your husband as Sir, young lady? How barbaric? It is like that horrid book. Charles, do something. Say something to your daughter,” she demanded turning to her husband, who merely continued to sip another glass of champagne with his eyes down.

Bjorn chuckled and shook his head as he handed her phone back to her, “Doctor Dickens, if you wish to speak to your daughter please text me,” he spoke directly to her father. “As for you, Missus Dickens…”

“Doctor Dickens. I am a physician too. Did you conveniently forget? A respected one too. More highly paid or respected than my husband, I’ll have you know,” she replied.

“And I am certain you never let him forget it either.”

Monika kicked the table and began to fight all of Kirsty’s calm reassurances. Her mother’s glass of red wine tipped over and spilled across the table, “For god’s sake, why did you have to bring that urchin, Kirsty? I certainly hope that our genes are dominant enough that those…”

“Those what, mother?” Kirsty wrapped her arm around her daughter and drew her onto her lap. “Burdens? Accidents?”

She felt the hot tears cascading down her cheeks then. She saw the people at the next table looking at them. She knew it was yet another of her failings that this woman would hold against her. But she did not care anymore. “Babies, mother. Children. Blessings. Your granddaughters. And for the record, they are very much planned and wanted. By all…”

She caught herself a moment before saying, ‘all of my husbands.’ She blushed and looked up to see Bjorn malatya escort smiling and doing his best to stifle the laughter. “All of us,” he finished for her.

“So if you will excuse us. The tension here is too much for our daughter. I am taking my girls home now. But as I was saying, Doctor Dickens, I am happy to arrange for you to see your daughter and grandchildren if possible. But until your wife can manage a more ‘civil’ tongue, I will not have her around my family.”

“Well, I never…” her mother harrumphed.

Bjorn did not bother to hold back rich laughter then, “If I had not held your daughter in my arms and heart so often, yeah, I would swear that you never had either. But I am glad you did…at least that once. For that I am truly grateful to you. Excuse us now, please,” he said with much more calm civility than Kirsty would have sworn possible.

This time, her husband reached into his pocket and threw down a wad of bills on the table as he lifted their little girl and pulled out her chair, “I’ll take her, darling. Oh, and don’t bother trying to call or text your daughter, Doctor Nancy Dickens. Your numbers are blocked now.”

Kirsty smiled and felt far more confident and… She searched for the right word. Pleased? Satisfied? Vindicated? Freer? Yes, freer than she ever had in her life. She softly caressed her still only slightly bulging tummy. Well, except for that once. When her little girls were made in love.

Now she just had to figure out what to do with her new found freedom. How to convince Bjorn to take them home now. And the Holding was home. Home and her family was what she wanted now. The family that she had chosen.

She swore she would find some way to rebuild it all. Her relationship with Petrine. Heal the pain that she saw in Mikael’s eyes and heard in his voice every time they video conferenced. Yes, she would even find a way, some way, to make peace with Sven. Even if she could never reach him, never win his love. She would find some compromise, some common ground to build a future for her family upon.

She smiled as she remembered the closing scene of one of her all-time favorite movie, “The Holding, I’ll go home to the Holding. And I’ll think of something. I always do. Because after all tomorrow is another day,” she whispered under her breath with a secret smile.


Bjorn was exhausted three hours later as he carried Monika into their building. The princess had been so agitated that Kirsty felt it was best not to attempt the Tube, even a relatively quiet Sunday one, until she had run off some of the steam.

So he had used the GPS on his phone to find a park near the restaurant. The first one had been nothing more than green space with older people giving them dirty looks for allowing a ‘wild’, ‘ill-mannered’ urchin to run about. It seemed that manners were something these people had no idea about, considering they felt it perfectly acceptable to openly criticize others whom they knew nothing about.

Those few minutes though had been enough to calm Monika so they could catch the bus to Hyde Park. Of course, only a tiny corner of that famous park was truly child-friendly either. But Monika had really fallen in love with the Princess Diana Memorial, the sound of running water seemed to soothe her as nothing else could. Kirsty had even withstood a few more stern glances and allowed her to splash and play, which had actually been the original purpose of the exhibit.

Once she was calmer, they had managed to make their way to another area of the park. The huge wooden pirate ship and castle had weighed on his heart and mind. It was the first time he had seen his niece truly happy since they had come to this purgatory.

The wooden climbing frames reminded him of the play area that the three of them had built for her when Greta was still pregnant…and of course any other children that might come along. Bjorn remembered the way that they had laughed and joked as they worked.

Though the Holding had remained in their family for centuries, it was a constant work in progress. The play area had been merely one of the latest. Perhaps he would ask Mikael about finishing up the house he had begun at the back of the property. It would give them some space away from Sven.

Of course, for Bjorn, it was the castle that had brought back the strongest memories. It was much more ornate and solidly constructed than the fortress that Mikael and Sven had built from him. Still he had not been able to fight back the sadness as he caressed the smooth wood. How had they come to this? Brother against brother? Broken and divided.

He forced himself to smile reassuringly at Kirsty as the elevator doors opened on their floor. He supposed he should be grateful that his wife was not angry about his ‘disagreement’ with her mother. They had spoken as Monika splashed in the fountain. He was relieved to find out that rather than anger Kirsty was actually grateful çanakkale escort for the way that he had taken control when she simply did not know how.

The elevator came to a stop and he smiled as best he could to his wife, “It will be fine, I promise.” Even with his niece’s head laying on his shoulder, he wished that he could believe his own words.

Kirsty only nodded slightly as she took the keys out of her purse and opened the door. She squealed the moment she threw open the door. He turned and was shocked to see Mikael sitting on the couch. Shocked and delighted. As if he had magically conjured him up somehow. Just when they needed him most.

Their wife raced to him and threw herself in his lap, wrapping her arms about his neck and burying her face in his shoulder, “I am so glad to see you.”

This time Bjorn’s smile was genuine. The jealousy that he might have once felt at his wife’s reaction to his brother was gone. He was probably just as happy, perhaps more so than she was to see the man.

Until he saw the dark shadows under his brother’s eyes, the tightness of his mouth and the deeper cresses in his forehead and around his eyes. “What is it, Mikael? What’s wrong?” he asked as he closed the door behind him.


Mikael wrapped his arms tighter about his wife’s waist as she drew back to stare at him. The woman never had been any fucking good at hiding her emotions and what he saw there now only compounded the issue. Concern, worry, fear.

He wanted desperately to calm and reassure her. Tell her that everything was going to be fine. But he could not.

‘Guarded’, whatever the fuck that meant, was the last word that he had received from their mother. He shifted enough to grab his phone and check on the time. He must have fallen asleep on the couch because over two hours had passed since he arrived, only to discover they were not home. He had been grateful that Bjorn had insisted he have his own keys to the flat and had let himself in when no one answered his knocks.

Two days at sea. He and Karl alone this time. There was no fishing, of course, just piloting the boat as fast as safely possible across relatively calm seas. He would have preferred just phoning Bjorn and having the three of them fly back, but his mother had insisted that he needed to go get them, be the one to tell them himself, especially with Kirsty being pregnant. He was not going to argue with his mother just then either.

Honestly, he was almost as worried about her as he was his older brother. She had become increasingly withdrawn since Bjorn had taken Kirsty and Monika back here. Then his brother’s accident and what they learned later was a heart attack. He had not seen her this broken since he was a child…and it bothered him just as much now as it did then…even more.

Right now though, it was their wife and his brother that he needed to soothe. He forced a smile and held out his other arm, “Give her to me, please.”

Bjorn shrugged his shoulders, “She’s asleep now. Normally, we would not let her nap, but something tells me that a bit of quiet adult time might be worth her being up half the night. I’ll just put her in her bed then we can talk.”

Mikael nodded reluctantly. As much as he needed to hold his baby girl, what his little brother said made more sense. He turned his attention back to their wife as Bjorn headed down the hall with his tiny burden.

“What is it, Mikael?” she frowned. “What’s so wrong that you have not messaged me in three days? Why couldn’t you just call us? Why did you have to come all this way? Is something wrong with your father? Did something happen to Petrine? Please just tell me now,” she spoke rapidly.

He shook his head, “My father is fine. And Mom is…” He searched for the right words, “Managing as best she can.”

“Then what? What is wrong?” She frowned even more as her hand rubbed her stomach.

His eyes could not help but follow the movements. His own larger hand covered hers. His eyes widened as he felt the distantly familiar memory of his child moving inside her.

“Oh my sweet Freyja.”

His wife arched on his lap, her crotch rubbing against the front of his jeans as she cried out, “Why the fuck did you do that?” Her eyes rolled back in her head as it tilted back, her long red hair falling almost to her round bottom as the pleasure coursed through her, echoed in low moans and whimpers as the orgasm continued to roll through her.

By the time that she collapsed against his chest, her face a nice pink and her breathing fast and shallow, he was as hard as a rock. Despite everything, his body still craved and needed his wife as he leaned his chin on top of her head, “I have missed you so fucking much, lilla gumman.”

She whimpered and snuggled closer as his little brother came back down the hall. Bjorn stood for a moment watching them. Mikael felt almost like an outsider, like he was the one who was cheating with his brother’s wife, not that either of his had taken Greta up on her offer.

But the feeling was not comfortable anyway, he shifted and went to push Kirsty away, but Bjorn shook his head as he took a seat on the wooden coffee table in front of them, “So if it is not Olaf or Mom, what is it, Mikael? What is so bad that you came all this way instead of just calling?”

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