Adam Loves Alice Pt. 02


Adam awoke not too long after 12pm, feeling slightly less agitated after his Warzone session the night before. Before he got out of bed though, he had to take care of his morning wood. The images of Alice pleasuring herself in the hot sun were engraved into his memory, and the perfect material to jerk off too. Her pale skin shining brightly from the sunscreen, those perky tits just sitting there, and of course the sight of her rubbing and fingering her perfect pussy. It didn’t take Adam long to cum, a few strokes and a thick load flew out, landing on his stomach. He cleaned himself up and leapt out of bed excited. Today was the day he’d tell Alice how he felt about her!

“Stay calm and in a few hours, you’ll be with the woman of your dreams!” he told himself. It was clear he was both excited and nervous.

“How should I tell her? What if she says no?” Questions swirled around in his mind but Adam snapped himself out of it. A quick shower and it would be time to get the girl.

“Oh Adam, I love you! Take me right here in the shower!” said the Alice that existed in Adam’s head. He couldn’t stop thinking about running his hands over her body, kissing her gently and tasting her pussy. Seeing Alice suck the juices off her fingers yesterday drove Adam insane with jealousy. He wanted to know how she tasted too! The more he thought about yesterday, the more pumped up he was. It was time!

Adam picked up his phone and texted Alice – “Hey, heard you were back home for the summer. Wanna hang today?”

He waited for a reply, checking his phone, hopeful, every 2 minutes. An hour had passed and nothing. Impatient, he decided to call her.

“Straight to voicemail. I should probably go and see if she’s even home.” Adam looked out off his window and checked her backyard but there was no sign of Alice. As he walked out of his front door, he noticed a car parked on the street in front of Alice’s house.

“Maybe her parents have people over?” he wondered to himself. As he got closer to her house, Adam noticed her parent’s car was gone.

“If it’s not her parent’s friends then whose car is it?” A confused Adam knocked on the door but there was no answer. Adam looked through the letterbox but couldn’t see any one either. Now worried, Adam ran back home and grabbed the spare key his parent’s were given by Alice’s. He wanted to be sure no one had broken in.

Slowly opening the door to Alice’s house, Adam crept inside hoping not to alert any potential intruder. He made his way towards the living room, and as he got close, he could hear laughter and the voices of 2 people. One was definitely Alice, but he couldn’t quite make out the other. He peered around the wall being careful not to be seen. Alice was sat on the couch holding one of her Black Sabbath vinyls. She loved the band, and she was telling someone about it. But tekirdağ escort who was it? As soon as the man spoke, Adam recognized him. It was Ruben, their old high school’s basketball captain.

“Why is he here? Alice never hung out with any one of the sports teams in school. She said she never understood the hype.” Adam whispered.

“That’s a nice shirt Alice, shows off your figure. Damn!” Ruben said, looking Alice up and down, his eyes lingering towards her ass.

“Thanks,” Alice giggled, “you’re in great shape yourself”.

Being on the basketball teams in both high school and college, Ruben was in great shape – tall, muscular arms and abs, he had everything going for him, he even had a few tattoos down one arm.

“That ink looks great on you.” Alice complimented.

“So does yours, the colors make those eyes pop. You got any others?” Ruben questioned.

“Just one more, on the left side of my back.”

“Mind if I take a look?”

“Sure.” Alice smiled as she removed her shirt to show off the Chinese dragon she had tattooed on a small part of her back.

“I love the detail on this, the scales, the shading, its all so good.” Ruben commented, using the opportunity to get a better look at Alice’s small but firm butt. He reached towards the tattoo, his large black hands contrasting with her slim, pale body.

“It really is a work of art.” he said.

“Thanks, the guy that did it is a wizard with that gun!” Alice replied, seemingly not bothered that Ruben’s hand was caressing the tattooed area of her back.

“I meant this ass but the tattoos great too!” Ruben said as both laughed.

“You’re so bad, but since you like it, why don’t I give you a better view?” Alice slid her jeans down just below her butt revealing a light green thong that perfectly nestled between her cheeks.

Adam stood there in shock. He had no idea what was going on. Ruben’s hands grasped firmly onto Alice’s tight white ass, playing with it, spreading the cheeks, before he kissed them and spanked her. Alice was enjoying it, evident by the playful giggles and soft moans. She completely removed her jeans, inviting Ruben to go further. He moved her panties to one side and gently penetrated her pussy with his middle finger. While he moved his finger in and out slowly, twisting it as he did so, Adam couldn’t look away. He was watching the woman he wanted getting fingered in front of him. Alice’s soft moans continued as Ruben warmed her up. He took his finger out of her soft, wet pussy and put it in his mouth.

“Your pussy tastes damn fine. Why don’t you come over here?” he said firmly. He was in control and Alice was more than happy to follow.

She knelt down in front of him and removed her bra, her eyes fixed on the bulge in his pants. At first she grabbed at it, feeling how thick trabzon escort it was.

“Oh my god!” she giggled before pulling his pants down to reveal his hard, black 10 inch cock. It sprung out as Alice grasped it and stroked as she commented;

“its so fucking big! You’re going to stretch my pussy!”

“Damn fucking right I am baby” Ruben smugly replied.

“Ever had one this big?” he asked, certain she wouldn’t have.

“Never!” she said excitedly right before licking the head in a circular motion, slowly, as she gazed into the eyes of the first black guy she had ever been with.

“You look so fucking sexy with this black dick in your mouth. Suck it for me.” Ruben moaned.

Adam continued to watch, unsure of what to do. He wanted to leave, to cry, but for some reason, he just couldn’t look away.

Taking the head in her mouth, Alice began working her tongue along the underside of his cock, and rocked her head back and forth, keeping a tight grip around his shaft. Ruben began to thrust easily with Alice, as her saliva now coated the upper third of his cock.

“Try and go a little deeper baby!” Ruben wanted to push her throat to its limit.

Alice, not used to a cock this size struggled but her lust for such a big black cock helped. Ever so slightly, she got deeper, eventually managing to get a full 6 inches down. Her moans as she began throat fucking herself gave Adam an unusual feeling. He felt a sudden tightness in his pants. Was he getting hard seeing his long time crush with another man?

Alice continued as Ruben’s cock was firmly in her throat. She was loving this. Working her tongue back up the shaft, she gave the head another kiss before Ruben threw her on the couch and pulled her panties off. Without hesitation, his tongue dove right in to Alice’s now dripping pussy. As he teased her clit, flicking and sucking it, Alice squirmed and pushed his head down, encouraging him to explore further. Ruben responded by inserting his tongue into Alice. The wiggling and the waves he was making drove her wild. Alice savoured the taste of his member as an unexpected orgasm pulsed through her body. She let out a cry as he came up and kissed her deeply and passionately, sharing the taste of her sweet cunt.

Still standing around the corner, Adam continued to watch, now rubbing his bulge, almost unaware he was doing so – it almost felt right to do.

“Give me that fucking cock!” Alice cried out, desperate to feel it inside of her.

Without missing a beat, Ruben teased Alice, rubbing his cock on her pussy lips. So wet was Alice that her juices had flown down her taint, and onto the couch – she was ready. Slow at first, Ruben guided his length into Alice’s waiting pussy, stretching it out as he got deeper. Alice gasped as the head entered her, she was immediately overcome sivas escort by the sensation.

“Fuuuuuuuck yes!” she groaned as he pushed further into her. Ruben was sure to introduce her pussy to every inch of his cock, watching her stomach rise as he filled her up. Both locked eyes as Ruben began to thrust, gradually speeding up as Alice began to cream.

“I love seeing that black cock disappear into my little white pussy!” she said.

Her breathing got faster and sharper as the pleasure built to the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her pussy clenched tightly onto his cock as she became overwhelmed by the feeling. At no point did Ruben stop, he wanted to make her his slut today. He wrapped her legs around his waist and sat down on the couch

“Ride this fucking cock for me baby!” he demanded as Alice began to grind her hips and shake her ass up and down as she searched for another earth-shattering orgasm.

“OH FUCK!” she screeched, cumming again. Ruben began to spank her, leaving her ass red.

“You like this you little slut?” he asked.

“Yes baby! Fuuuuuuuck!” Alice replied cumming once more.

Ruben pushed Alice off him, and she took his cock in her mouth once more. She was salivating at the opportunity to taste her on cum on his cock.

“Mmmm so fucking good!” her words muffled by his girth.

She slurped on the shaft, now partially covered by her cream.

“I want more!” she barked.

Ruben responded by ordering Alice onto her hands and knees, entering her from behind. Almost immediately, Alice began to convulse. The pleasure was greater than she ever imagined. By now Ruben was pounding his enormous meat into her causing a tidal wave orgasms, and cries of pleasure.

“Who’s pussy is this?!” he shouted aggressively.

“Yours! All yours!!” Alice yelled between breathes, the contrast between his dark cock and her pale pussy driving her to another orgasm. She was loving every second, and every inch.

Almost without warning, Ruben pulled out, his cock soaked by her juices and cum, and let out an almighty roar as he unloaded his cum on her ass. Alice collapsed, briefly unable to move. She was spent.

“That… was so… fucking… good!” was the only sentence she could muster before needing to catch her breath again.

She rolled to one side, looking at the man that had just fucked her, biting her lip. His cock was still hard, but she had no more energy. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something, it was Adam.

“Adam, oh my god! What are you doing here?” she was shocked.

Adam ran as fast as he could. He was humiliated – he’d intended to go and tell Alice how he felt but was instead treated to the sight of her fucking a star athlete from his old school.

He ran home, up to his room, locked the door and just sat on his bed. He stared at the floor trying to come to terms with what he had just seen. He didn’t know what to do. He was heartbroken, but his bulge told another story. Unable to think, Adam laid in bed and closed his eyes to try and fight off the tears.

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