Fantasies Of You Ch. 01


Chapter One The Oral Road Show

“You know something. I really, really enjoyed that story you called Silk Pajamas. That’s a fantasy we could easily act out sometime, I mean if you wanted to – tonight even.”

I look at you for several seconds before replying, trying to gauge whether you are really serious. My little fantasy tale had described a couple – us, actually – in a bedroom romp that involved oral, vaginal and anal sex. And now, if I am hearing correctly, you are actually suggesting this is something we could do, perhaps tonight. Really! Really?

“Geez, sweetie, I’d LOVE to act it out with you, but are you sure you want to do that. I didn’t write the story with that intention you know.”

“Oh of course you didn’t, you little fibber,” you reply, laughing. “But I don’t mind. I want to know what you’d like to do to me or have me do to you. It’s sort of like a self-fulfilling prophesy. Or maybe like a dare, you suggest it so I have to try it. So, do you have any other fantasies in mind?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. I was thinking about it a few days ago. I’ve written down a Top Ten of sexual fantasies with you, each of which I’ve thought through as a story so often I can see them in my mind like a movie. Nothing over the top or really kinky.”

“Hey, that’s no fun.”

“No, no, I mean no threesomes or watersports or animals or such. These are 10 fantasies we could do and I’d guess are probably willing to. Do you want to hear them?”

“Oh, baby, yes, yes,” you respond. I can’t help but notice your eyes have that sparkle and your cheeks have that slight flush that I’ve come to know is the beginning of arousal. My guess is your pussy is starting to get wet, too.

“Well, my number one fantasy is getting a blow job in the car, in traffic.”

“I can’t believe we haven’t done that already.”

“We have, sort of, but never to completion. In my fantasy we go all the way.”

“Sweetie, that’s not much of a challenge. I love to take you all the way, you know that.”

“Hey, whose fantasies are these. Do you want to hear it or not?”

I see that big, sexy smile again. “Of course, please continue . . . “


When a woman gets into your car after a long and delicious dinner out, reaches under her skirt and pulls off her panties you can pretty much guess something very good is about to happen.

I, though, look at you with surprise as you casually toss your red silk tongs onto the dash of my moon knight izle four-by-four.

“Come on,” you say with mock impatience, “let’s go, let’s go.”

I’m still registering dumb shock. “Let’s, ahhh, go where?” I hear myself asking.

“Home, sweetie, home,” you reply, turning in your seat to face me and lifting your skirt to reveal a gorgeous expanse of kissable white thigh and a flash of light reddish pubic hair. “Let’s go home – but take the back way, okay.”

As I ease the vehicle out of the restaurant parking lot and into traffic you lean towards me and very casually begin caressing my cock through my trousers. It had already begun to stiffen when you pulled your panties off; now it jerks ram-rod straight, bulging my pants awkwardly. I’m squirm in my seat trying to find a more comfortable position.

“Are your pants a little too tight?” you wonder, grinning as you ask. “Why don’t we just loosen them up a bit.”

Despite the fact we’re driving down the main street of the city you are now sprawled across the front bucket seats. I feel you fumbling to unbuckle my belt, undo the button of my trousers, pull down my zipper. Then I feel your hand reach in through the fly of my boxer shorts and encircle my cock. My hard, now very horny cock. Almost as a reflex action I hit the brakes, but fortunately we’ve come to a red light anyway.

You sit up and look around. “Why don’t you pull your pants down,” you suggest, “and then turn right at the next street.”

Somewhere in the back of my brain little alarm bells are sounding as we wait for the light. I ignore them and do as instructed, shoving my pants and boxers down to my knees and pushing the driver’s seat back as far as it will go. When the light turns green and we begin to move again you kneel on the passenger seat with your bum in the air and your head in my lap.

An instant later your warm mouth embraces my cock and I groan audibly as your lips slide down the shaft. The upstroke is even more intense, probably because your hand has followed your lips up the length of my cock, now slick with your saliva.

I shudder and the vehicle slows as I momentarily lose my concentration. I force my attention back to my driving, flick on the signal light and turn right down a less busy side street.

Below the steering wheel I can see your head bobbing up and down over my cock. What I’m feeling, though, is so incredibly wonderful I mrs fletcher izle can hardly describe it. Your tongue wraps around my shaft as you rhythmically take me deep into your throat and your teeth lightly rake it as you pull out again, your hand trailing up and down in unison.

Very quickly I’m on the edge. I’m oblivious now to whatever traffic is on the street. Again the vehicle slows as my focus shifts from following the road to blowing my wad into your sweet mouth. You sense my rapidly growing arousal and back off. The stroking stops, replaced by the swirl of your tongue around the head of my cock. I catch my breath.

“Oh gawd, I was very close baby,” I warn, a redundant statement if there ever was one. Just the same my eyes are on the road again. We pause for a stop sign, then as we move across the intersection I reach over and run my hand along your upraised backside to the hem of your dress and underneath it. My hand grazes a smooth bare thigh, finds the curve of your ass and then fingers the soaking wet crack of your vagina. I hear you groan around a mouthful of hard cock as I push my longest digit inside you.

At the next traffic light another car is waiting in the outside lane to turn right. I pull up beside it and I know the couple inside it can see your bare bottom and probably my hand moving over it. Since they can’t see your head they probably guess where it is. I see them exchange glances and when the driver turns my way for a second look we briefly make eye contact. There’s envy written all over his face.

We turn left when the light changes. Did I signal? No, I don’t think so but fortunately there’s no other traffic. There is, however, renewed pressure down below. Once more your head is bobbing. Once more your hand is rubbing. And once more I feel my balls start to swell and my blood pressure mount.

I grip the steering wheel hard to maintain focus, although at the same time I raise my hips to thrust even more deeply down your throat. I’m losing control. I don’t care. I strain to reach the end. I’m on the brink. Ready, ready . . .

A sudden loud honk of a truck horn momentarily startles me. I swerve back into my lane. A big truck passes going the other way. The driver doesn’t look happy. The honk startles you, too, and once more you ease up my cock. But twice to the edge of orgasm has left my balls near bursting. I push your head down, forcing my cock back into your mouth.

“Oh murder in big horn izle fuck, don’t stop baby, don’t stop. I wanna cum in your mouth.”

You don’t stop, but you do slow down. And after a little bit so do I. I make another right turn and just ahead of me are the flashing red lights of a police car.

“Oh Christ,” I cry out. “The fucking cops.” That gets you off my lap in a hurry but there’s no time to do anything else as we close quickly on the cruiser. By then we can see the officer is totally engaged in dealing with the driver of a vehicle he’s pulled over. He doesn’t even notice you kneeling on the seat as we drive carefully past.

Another right turn takes us onto a deserted residential street. Your street in fact.

“Pull up over there,” you say pointing to a spot along the curb about halfway down the block. When we come to a stop and I shift into park you put your hands on my shoulders and pull me towards you. Your lips find mine and we exchange a deep, wet, fully aroused, tongue-wrapping French kiss. Your hands move to my face as you tell me in a clear, quiet voice:

“You going to cum in mouth now, sweetie, and nothing is going to stop you.”

With that your head is in my lap again and your ass is in the air. My fingers find your pussy as your lips and tongue and hand renew their work on my cock, now a throbbing, pulsing rock-hard stick of dynamite.

In the mirror the reflections of the nearby red lights of the police cruiser flash. I pay them no mind as I thrust upwards to meet the strokes of your mouth and hand on my cock.

I groan. Shudder. Strain. My balls grow. Grow. Grow. My cock pulsates. Harder. Harder. And then, boom. Everything seems to unwind at once. At the base of my shaft there’s a contraction. Another one. And then I’m shooting gobs of sticky, gooey, hot jism into your mouth. Gobs. And gobs. And, ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck, g-o-o-o-o-bs down your throat.

I collapse backwards on my seat twitching and shaking through the final throes of my climax, only vaguely aware that your lips and hand are milking every drop of cum from my cock until, fully spent, it begins to soften.

We rest without speaking for several minutes, your head still in my lap, your tongue softly licking the head of my shrinking member. My finger, though, is still in your pussy. I start working it again. The cop drives past but doesn’t stop and therefore doesn’t notice that you’ve begun thrusting backwards with each new dig of my finger. I push a second finger in deep. That causes you to look up.

“Does your back seat fold down?” you ask.

“Yes, of course. Just takes a second or two.”

“Oh good. Turn around. There’s a school yard just around the corner. Pull in there and park. I need to feel your tongue on my pussy.”

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