Dublin Stage Night Quickie


We were a group of about ten guys on a stag weekend in Dublin, we had got the early morning ferry from Holyhead, getting on the Guinness as soon as we could. When we got to Dublin we got a taxi to our hotel, dumped our bags, freshened up, then hit the bars of Temple Bar.

We had had a great time, laughing, joking, drinking, joining in with all the songs that were being sung, just enjoying the “Crack” as they say. After something to eat and a bit more drinking we weren’t hammered, just mellow, we hit a nightclub, for a bit of dancing and a cuddle if we could get one. Nobody had any intentions of “pulling” that night, we were too chilled to even bother with the hassle it would bring.

Standing at the bar I happened to look up at the staircase leading down into the club and saw the most perfect pair of legs I have ever seen, I kept looking as the legs came down the stairs and discovered they were attached to a fantastic body. Narrow hips with just a hint of a flair, slender waist and then good sized, but not overly large boobs that were sitting high.

This fabulous body was clothed in a simple black sheath dress cut just above mid-thigh, short enough to be very, very sexy, but not that short to be slutty. This girl knew she had great legs and wanted to show them off to their best, to increase the effect she had bare legs and three inch heeled plain black shoes. A stunning outfit in its simplicity.

The face above the body was pretty more than beautiful and was framed by a mass of raven hair, falling in soft cascades around her shoulders. I was captivated and couldn’t take my eyes off this stunning woman.

She was obviously aware of my intense interest, I think everyone in the club must have been and walked directly over to me.

‘Like what you’re staring at?’

‘Yes. Definitely.’

‘Well take a good look ’cause my husband is meeting me here in an hour.’

I was shattered, then I did notice the wedding ring on her finger. Undeterred I pushed my luck.

‘Just gives gold lies videotape izle us enough time then.’

‘Time for what?’ she replied.

‘Whatever you want, but I know what I want.’

‘What’s that?’

I bent towards her and whispered in her ear.

‘No way, not a chance, I’m married I told you, not interested.’

‘Yes you are, otherwise, you wouldn’t have come directly overcome over here to talk to me, and we still wouldn’t be talking now. Now do you know somewhere quiet or am I going to fuck you in the toilets.’

We were stood close enough so that nobody had really heard that exchange, even my mates who knew something was happening. Her friend looked at her as if to say, “what are you doing?”

‘Follow me,’ she said as she walked away, and led me to a small unused VIP area that had a room just off it, she obviously knew the place well. She didn’t know it but I knew who she was and who her husband was. I’d worked it out as I talked to her.

As we entered the room she closed it behind us and pushed a chair against the lock to give us some semblance of security.

We hit each-other in a flurry of hot passionate kisses, our hands pawing at each-others bodies. I was so hot for this woman I had only just met, my cock was straining to get out of my pants and she could feel it trying to do so.

My hands went to the zip at the back of her dress and pulled it as far down as it would go, just below her hips, I pulled the dress forward so that it was off her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor in one silky movement. No bra, her perfect, perky boobs with their small rosebud nipples were sitting proudly on her chest. I gasped at the sight of them. She quickly slipped off the black lace panties she had on letting me see her shaved pussy. God this woman was so hot.

My mouth latched onto the nipple of her right boob as my hand shot to cup her pussy, one finger sliding inside. Her sex felt like velvet.

Meanwhile grind izle had got my shirt off and opening my pants got hold of my throbbing cock, wanking it hard, she was as ready for this quickie as I was.

‘This is going to be hot and fast and hard,’ I said.

‘Good, now stop wasting time and start doing something.’

Obeying orders I pushed three fingers deep into her and finger fucked her hard for a couple of minutes, all the time constantly kissing and biting her lush boobs, her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

I pushed her to her knees and she didn’t hesitate, just took my dick into her mouth, it was so soft and warm, and seemed just the right place for my dick to be at that moment. She teased me with her tongue running it around my head then taking me fully into her mouth. This continued for a couple of minutes. I would have liked more, but wanted her properly now.

Twisting my fingers in her lustrous hair I pulled her to her feet and kissing her once hard on the lips, sank to my knees, opened her pussy with two fingers and pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could. No teasing from me, I was licking her and tonguing her as hard as I could. I wanted her hot and ready to cum. The taste of her core, slightly mucus in feel, was sweeter than any woman I had tasted, I just wanted more of her.

‘Oh, that’s so good.’ she sighed. ‘I’m cumming.’

Not yet I thought as I stopped my oral stimulation of her, got to my feet and parting her legs slipped my cock easily into her ready sex. She was hot, wet and ready. She hitched up on me, her slim, silky thighs wrapped around my waist as I took all her weight.

I had my hands on her arse holding her up, the position we were in allowed her to control the pace as she moved back and forth on my cock. Her pussy was soft and tight on me, clenching every-time I pulled back.

The intensity of our fucking, because that is what we were doing not making love, increased as her orgasm approached, I slammed harder gunthers millions izle and harder into her as she half screamed, ‘Fuck yes.’ She came covering my cock with her sexual secretions.

I pounded harder into her as she panted into my ear, ‘You… can’t… cum… inside… me… I’m… not… on… the…pill.’ Each word was punctuated by me slamming hard into her.

‘I’m cumming in you somewhere,’ I grunted.

‘Mouth…Use my mouth.’

‘Now,’ I moaned as I pulled out of her and she slid down my body, taking my throbbing cock, deep in her soft mouth again, her timing was perfect as I shot two jets of cum into her eager mouth. After two spurts I pulled out of her mouth and shot the rest over her face and boobs, finally wiping my cock on her hair.

Both sated we looked at each other and grinned, ‘Wow!’ she exclaimed. As I passed her her dress I shocked her by saying, ‘Siobhan, you had more time than an hour.’

She looked at me stunned that I knew her name, ‘I know who you are and who your husband is, and he’s playing in Glasgow today so won’t be back any time soon.’

At just that moment her phone pinged, looking at the text she said ‘You’re wrong, his plane has just landed and he’ll be here in twenty minutes.’

I held onto her dress and said, ‘Just time for another quickie then, bend over that chair if you fancy it doggy.’

She didn’t reply just bent over exposing her arse to me and spread her pussy for me. I pushed into her and the sex was hot, hard and fast, just what both of us seemed to need. Fortunately, she came first but I wasn’t long after, as I pulled out, flipped her around and shot my cum over her belly, but just getting some on the outer of her pussy.

I said, ‘I’m keeping your panties, hope you’re used to going without when you meet hubby.’

She just turned away from me, smiled, and left the room. I waited a couple of minutes before re-joining my mates with a stupid grin plastered over my face.

‘Do you know who you’ve just fucked, do you know who her husband is?’ asked Andy.


‘Twice, what?’

‘I fucked her twice, and yes I do know.’

‘Her husband is a legend around here, a fucking sporting hero, we are all dead if anyone finds out.’

With that, we left the club. A great chance encounter.

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