Fool Me Twice


High summer had rolled in without warning that year, and everything seemed lethargic under the hot noon sun. It was the stretch of year between Memorial and Labor Day, the perfect time for all things outdoors. The lake was filled with boats, which motored along noisily in the distance. Tanners stretched across the beaches, taking in the precious rays that poured down on them thanks to the cloudless sky. Evie and Sire could see it all from the small cliff view site they had come across when they rounded a bend on the trail they were taking. It was odd to see so many people in one place when they had been alone for most of the day. Perhaps it was colder down by the water, because no one seemed brave enough to take a hike in this heat except the two of them.

Where they were at now was an ideal resting place. It was a scenic view, and the park designers had known it. The trail was significantly wider for a few yards here, and the sparse greenery had been cleared to give a better view, though a short brick wall had been erected as a barricade between travelers and the actual cliff, after which there was a several-hundred-foot drop. There were a pair of benches for them to sit at here as well, and once Sire had taken His seat, He patted the wooden slats for her to sit as well.

“Are you tired?” he asked, noticing that there was sweat across her brow now that they were closer together. When they had been walking she had been noticeably a half-step behind Him, and He wasn’t sure if it was out of deference or exhaustion.

“No not at all!” She replied, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. “It is kinda hot though. You, Sire?” She reached for their water bottle, handing it to him before taking a sip for herself.

He took a long drink before answering, “Not yet. If I remember correctly, once we go about another quarter-mile we’ll have some dense tree cover to look forward to. That will cool things off.” Sire had taken this way a couple of times before, but never with someone else in tow.

They stayed for a few more minutes and chatted while they recovered and rested their feet. The sun showed no signs of moving on the horizon, and He wanted to get going. They had to get to the summit and be back to his car before it got dark outside. The park rangers were finicky about people being on the trail past dusk these days. Wolves, they said.

Yeah. Those. He chuckled in his head. They had no idea.

Once they had walked for another ten minutes they came to the beginning of the forest. Light filtered listlessly through the trees as they entered, their leaves barely moving in the faint breeze. The farther they went in the more it dimmed, and soon the old growth was upon them. Roots cut through the trail, which now zig-zagged around the old Methuselahs. Under the cover of the canopy, the temperature dropped instantly several degrees, a welcome change from their earlier journey.

Evie walked slower now, watching every step. Even in the dark she could see well, so she did not watch out of fear of tripping. Instead she kept a lookout for the slugs and bugs that crawled around and made this place their home, carefully avoiding each one. She found the moss and mushrooms equally enthralling. Occasionally she would stop dead in her tracks to observe a particularly fascinating example of flora or fauna, pull the small sketchbook from the back pocket of her jeans, and jot down a quick drawing for identification later.

That was the thing about travelling in the woodlands with someone who loved them: they were constantly stopping and wondering about each little detail. It really slowed down the pace. Her child-like obsession was adorable, but for now they had other things to do.

“Com’on Evie!” He called once she had fallen too far behind for His liking, “We have to keep going.”

“Oh, sorry.” She apologized, shaking her head to free herself from the daze the forest had had her under. Rushing up to his side so they were walking step and step together, she held her head low in repentance, whining. The notebook she had been drawing in dangled sadly from the end of her fingers.

He stroked the top of her head, “Now now, don’t be upset. Aren’t you looking forward to your surprise?”

Her ears perked up, “Yes…” Though the tone of her tone sounded defeated, He could tell by the shift in the air between them that it had cheered her up. When He had mentioned wanting to go on a hike a while ago to one of His favorite spots she had instantly wanted to go along. Spending alone time with her Sire was a precious thing with the rest of their family in such close quarters and on top of that there was the promise of getting to practice her scientific illustrations.

There was one condition though she if she were going to be allowed to go: she had to be on her best behavior for a whole two weeks. If she were very good there might even be a little something extra in it for her too. Needless to say, she had been exemplary, not even bothering to ask what the bonus might be. Evie had learned that pestering meant losing whatever it was she was pestering about. All the better for Him, then.

The route wore on for many miles, each more wild than the last. They passed only one more couple on their two hours of ascent. Being Sunday, most of the people were now heading home to beat the traffic back into the city. Late afternoon would be evening soon, but luckily for them they only had another twenty minutes to go which left them plenty of time stop and enjoy their accomplishment before returning. It had been a wonderful day on the trail, and all the world seemed silent. Only the faint calls of gulls by the far away beach or the drill of an unseen woodpecker had broken the still air.

Of the two Sire was the more experienced hiker. He had been an avid outdoorsmen since childhood, spending weekends camping, fishing and hunting with His father. Though her family had a rustic side as well, she was less inclined to go on large group outings and preferred to spend her time in nature close to home. Despite the fact she had spent less time wandering about the mountains, she showed admirable endurance as they finished their trek, doing a fine job keeping up with her Sire.

They appeared to be at the crest now, as the landscape could be seen in all directions now that the mountainside had become bald once more. The top was nothing but a cluster of massive boulders, where those that had conquered the hill could revel in their hard work, have a snack and take pictures. “Is this it?” Evie asked, motioning to set down her pack on one of the rocks.

“No not quite yet. This way.” He pointed with his eyes, calling for her to follow. Looking a bit startled, a glint of excitement in her eyes, she put the load back on once more and went over to him. On the opposite side of where they had walked from there was a small path meant for game. He approached it, looking around to make sure no one had seen them before going down it. It took only moments – then they were gone from sight.

The game trail was more untamed than even the heart of the forest they had been in before. No human walked here in the shadows, rocks and young roots threatening to trip those without sure footing. “Is this the secret?” Evie asked, stifling a giggle as He led her by the hand.

“Patience.” He warned, “Or would you like to turn back now?” He flashed a look back at her, His irises flashing a tale-tell yellow that betrayed what He really was.

She stood there, mouth agape as she took in the sight. “Wow… this is amazing. How did you find this?”

“Oh, I just wandered through her one day. Before they made this a park a couple years ago, anyone could go through here if they had a little orienteering skill. Used to be a lot of deer that would come here to drink after the spring thaw. During the summer it’s one of the sources for that lake we went by earlier.” He answered, leaning back against an oak tree a few feet away.

What held Evie’s attention was a creek, an ancient one that had been the escape route of rain and winter ice for many centuries. The bottom was sandy, long cleared of large boulders that might inhibit its fast flow, fed by a trickling waterfall that ran off the edges of a smooth marble bluff. Shimmering bedrock peeked at them from below the surface. It was not that deep or wide, perhaps a few feet across and shallow enough so that you could see the bottom. It was no Rio Grande, but that didn’t make less worthy of attention. She wondered how many other realized it was here. It was His private place, and she felt honored to have been brought here with him.

Evie edged closer, dipping her toe into the icy meltwater after removing her boots and socks. It felt blissful after a day of difficult walking. Setting down her bag once more, she pulled out the lunch she had made for the two of them and offered Him a sandwich. They ate, enjoying the reprieve before they had to leave the glen.

Looking over to as they finished their meal, she asked, “Is it safe?”

He nodded. There were few places left where their kind could change in private and without fear. The rangers here had had a few reports of wolves in the past couple of months, but He had carefully selected this site so that the chances of anyone seeing them were slim to none. That had been part one of His surprise for her. She seemed satisfied that this little brook had been her gift, and on that count she had been mistaken.

Her face lit up like a jack-o-lantern, and she eagerly stood to take off her windbreaker, t-shirt and jeans and threw them by the tree. Only her panties and bra remained and she eyed him with a playful grin. She rolled her back, arms extending in a stretch as she half-howled, half-yawned. While her eyes were closed to yawn He got up to put a strong arm on her shoulder as he leaned in to whisper, “Take the rest off too.”

There was something inherently sexual about being amongst nature for their kind. It was an escape from the throng of humanity, the choking fumes of gasoline and smog. To be released from that was a rush. A piece of them was missing whilst they were confined to office chairs, and being here gave that piece back to them. Here they could smell one another, hear the heartbeat of every living thing. To a human brain that didn’t mean much, but to them it was like returning perfect sight or a lost limb. It was a return to the old ways when they were free to do as they pleased. The old ways, it happened, usually entailed a fair share of fighting and fucking.

Unhooking the strap of her bra, He got her underwear off for her before she kicked them over closer to her other clothing. He moved His shirt, pants and boxers, leaving the both of them completely in the nude. She turned around to face him, and he had only a split second to fully register the wily smirk that had taken over her face before she bolted.

“Ooh, that little bitch.” He breathed. Of course, she was playing right into His hand, but that didn’t matter. He knew her too well, and she had wrestled away from His grasp too many times to not be prepared. There was something about being naked that made her go from a loyal little subservient she-wolf to a challenging pup. Giving her a minute’s worth of a head start, He returned to His backpack to grab a few items He had meant for the second part of her surprise.

Racing through the undergrowth, she vaulted over a fallen log, trying to put as much distance between herself and her Sire, never looking back. It would just slow her down. He was faster than she was and she knew that, so her agility was her only advantage. Scenting the air, she could not smell him yet, and she didn’t know if that was a good thing or not. Had he not chased after her?

As she ran, she let more of the change take over her. The rings of her eyes changed from brown to amber, ears migrating northward on her head before turning into their normal wolf shape. Canines and nails became more pointed, vision and nose sharp. The most agonizing part, her spine stretching itself into a tail, limbs breaking themselves into their right shape, required a moment of rest. Once all was said and done, not even a biologist could tell the difference between her form and that of a normal wolf. When she was younger it had taken hours, but after years of discipline it took a sliver of that time, the agony compressing itself down into a few seconds.

She raised her muzzle to the air once more, filtering out the thousands of smells that now flooded her nostrils. Rot, damp leaves… a dead rabbit, several days past gone… nothing of note. No Sire. She knew His heady fragrance better than the smell of her own, and it was totally absent. She whined in confusion, squinting. Nothing. She circled back, wondering if she had angered Him and caused Him to leave. He had never been upset with her like that before, but there was a first time for everything.

Meanwhile he stood up to his dewclaws in the river, his smell hidden by the continuous flow that dragged it away and down to the lake. She wouldn’t go too far from Him and He knew that. The pull of an Alpha’s presence was too strong in wolf form for a member of the pack to stray more than a couple miles. He decided to stay put, His supplies hidden by a small alcove He had selected before getting into the water to alter his form. Now He had to wait for her to get bored and come back this way. It didn’t take long.

The wind working with Him, she was spotted before He was. Like a shot from a pistol, He was off, posture a mix of anger and play as He approached. Half-shocked, half-relieved, she turn and ran the opposite direction back to where she had gone the first time around. Having been here before, He was not slowed down by the obstacles she had purposefully lain in His path.

Evie was glad of course that she hadn’t been left her all alone in the forest, but she felt idiotic for believing that might have ever been the case. Now she tumbled, trying to desperately keep some distance between the two of them now that her advantage had been spoilt.

Deliberately, He herded her back to the spot where her true gift awaited. More than once she threatened to actually break free and get away from Him, but He always caught up. He was more experienced than she was at this, and the distance between them closed. His jaw reached out to snap at her heels, and she lifted her hind leg at just the right moment, pivoting to stand her ground. Whatever the situation might be, she was never the sort to just give in right away. Now they were nearly at the right spot, Sire’s little cache just out of reach where she could not see it.

They danced, His tail held high in dominance as they exchanged blows to attempt to grapple with one another, neither one of them of them gaining meaningful purchase. Slowly, they each returned to their human forms, wrestling on the cold earth. The difference in their abilities were more obvious now as they raked one another with bared teeth and claws. He was on top of her, going to pin down by her shoulder blades as she bit deep into His forearm, hands reaching up to dig red streaks out of His biceps. He growled, taking no care not to bruise her as he slammed her into the earth, adrenaline pumping. The beat of her heart rang in His ears, singing to him. Both of theirs were beating wildly from the heat – both of passion and of the day.

Hissing with as much ire as she could muster, she struggled against his grip, unable to rock him away from her using her hips. Her legs not yet pinned, she yanked up a knee to get him in the solar plexus, using the momentum to topple him over as the breath left his lungs. Now she was on top, sitting squarely on his chest, putting her full weight directly on his diaphragm, holding down his wrists. The moment of dominance didn’t last long, for he easily swung her away from him, reversing the situation.

“Do you know what happens to subordinates that challenge their Alpha and lose, hrm?” He asked, pinning her hands together with one of his, using the free hand to grope around for His supplies. “They get punished.” He finished, fining the length of rope and using it to bind her.

She knew she was bested, showing her stomach and neck in submission, begging for a little mercy as her forelimbs were tied together, licking her Sire’s lips as they passed by. She was helpless with his full weight on her body, and as He finished with the binding He took a nibble of His prize.

A nibble was putting it mildly. He accepted the offer of her neck, taking a deep bite from the side, sucking as she moaned, teeth threatening to break skin even as they fully returned to their pre-lupine state. His arms wrapped around her once more, digging His nails into her back, pressing His chest to hers. He took a deep breath and took in her scent, pheromones mixing with norepinephrine in his brain into an intoxicating combination. This tiny female was His, and she was not exempt from His will.

The need to submit flooded her head like a tidal wave crashing to shore when His scent and body became so close to her own. She had made her Sire, her Alpha, her mate, so mad at her. So mad. She didn’t like it when Sire was mad. It was her job, her only job, to please him and make him happy again. A low whimper seeped from her lips. Sorry sorry sorry it said.

“And you were so good too… such a shame.” He said, watching her wiggling body fall still as she fully accepted the fact that she had been conquered. With not an ounce of delicacy, He continued to bite her, traveling down her neck to her breasts and stomach, sharpened fingernails following, until His claim over her body was once again made clear. She bit down on her lower lip, taking the wounds, accepting her punishment. Like this he could devour her whole, skin her alive, like any other prey that had been caught in his trap. Her back arched he neared her stomach, groaning in pleasure. It was her weak spot. When His teeth left the red blossoms of bruises were already starting to form, lines of red cross-hatching her body. This was so much more than mere pain. Being shown her proper place by a ruthless Alpha aroused her in a wicked way, as the growing dampness between her legs proved.

He got up, crouching beside her as He pulled her up by her hair, “Now you have to make up for that bad behavior.”

She nodded vigorously. Anything.

Once she had gotten herself into a sitting position, he stood up fully in front of her, directly her mouth to his awaiting cock. “Take it, bitch.”

She got work right away, sucking his lip, running her tongue around it like an ice cream cone. She pinned her ears back as she looked up at Him, begging for Him to recognize how sorry she was as she pleasured Him. Gradually she took more of him into her mouth, bobbing Him into and out of her mouth faster and faster. She tongue stroked His underside in a come-hither motion, taking a few moments at the end to really savor his tip.

Evidently this what not what He was after. He put a hand to the back of her hair, forcing her to go down farther. And farther. And farther. Her whole cock shoved as deep inside mouth as she could manage, nearly touching the back of her throat, she sucked desperately, unable to use her hands to help her in any way.

“Mmm, like that. You’re going to learn your lesson now aren’t you?” He growled, a deep and low sound that resonated in his chest. She could feel it as she took him in her mouth, as He pushed her head the last few millimeters until all of His shaft was enveloped. He stayed at the depths of her maw until her gag reflex relaxed, allowing her to come back up for air. Greedily, she gulped in some air, messy face dripping with slaver. The freedom lasted but a moment, and once more she was forced down on Him.

She continued to work Him with her tongue and throat, uvula flirting with the head of His cock as He shoved, a fist knotted in her mane to control her every move. In and out he went, each time staying at her limits just a moment longer, relishing the ease at which He could please Himself using her body. The tempo picked up and Sire began to rumble with satisfaction, burying His nails into her scalp. He was getting closer now, bouncing her along His shift as hard and as fast as He pleased. Every once in a while she would look up to Him, making pleading eye contact with her Sire to register if He had yet been sated. She pursed her lips as she felt the familiar taste of pre-cum in her mouth, expecting to swallow the impending load. Instead at this was allowed to go free, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, frothing. Her work was far from over.

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