The Weekend Ch. 02


Saturday- Daniel.

I woke up slowly. The sun was hitting me full in the face and it was making it very hard for me to sleep. I tend to wake up as soon as I sense some daylight, it’s like a curse. I closed my eyes in a vain attempt to fall back at sleep. Then I started to realize where I was, and last night’s events started creeping back into my mind slowly.

I could watch it as if it had been a movie. I could see Alex and me struggling in the backyard, our sweaty bodies barely touching each other, as if afraid to cross that small invisible line between us. I could feel the tension again as we played each other in our video game, our shorts on the line. I could see Alex’s dick being exposed right in front of my face just as I savored every detail of his most private parts. I could feel the way he pulsed and came in my own mouth as I saw his body clench over my face.

And now, I could feel him. Sleeping behind me, being the big spoon of my own small spoon. Despite being roughly the same height, I was amazed at how easily his body seemed to curve over mine. The heat that came from him was soothing; as was his slow, rhythmic breathing. Now I was aware of where that private part of his was; it was resting between my butt cheeks, hard and warm as it had been yesterday. Just another normal day, waking up to find your best friend’s morning wood tucked in your butt.

“Were we still best friends? Were we more?” I certainly wanted to. I have wanted it since the day I met Alex, I guess. I could remember it clear as a day. We were 4. There I was sitting alone minding my own business, you see when I was younger I had problems making friends, I was just too shy; that’s where Alex came in, he may have seen my loneliness, maybe he was just bored, whatever the case he came over me and gave me part of his peanut butter sandwich.

And so our lifelong friendship was born. We were inseparable since that day. I overcame my shyness, what I didn’t overcome was my love for peanut butter sandwich and my unwavering attraction for Alex. I didn’t know it at the time, what it was. I just felt drawn to him, amazed by him. He wasn’t very good at sports, he had average grades, he seemed like your old regular Joe; but he was smart and resourceful. I liked that. He had a way with words I couldn’t describe. You see, even as kids, he spoke like an adult, he had a way of talking that made him seem serious and wiser beyond his years.

And that was very good for us. I was the one who came with crazy ideas like getting beer, pulling pranks on our classmates or stuff like that; but Alex was the one to talk us out of trouble. He could talk to an adult and convince him that our crime wasn’t worth the time, he could make them see it wasn’t a big thing, and we always got away easy. Or say, we wanted to get permission from our parents to go camping, Alex could talk them into it. I had the ideas, he had the plans.

“His only weakness? Girls.” His silver tongue seemed to go awry whenever he tried to use that astounding power of his on a girl. He just seemed to get too nervous. And it’s not like he got rejected all the time, he had his fair share of admirers. “And my weakness?” My weakness was him. It costed me a long time to admit it to myself; but I had to be honest, especially after last night, he was my weakness.

My feelings for him had started changing. I liked the seriousness in him, the way he sometimes seemed to brood over small things, as if he possessed a hidden wisdom I was too young to appreciate.

So my curiosity turned into a sexual attraction. Something that terrified me. “Did I want to be with him in a romantic way? Could I see myself taking him to a date, taking him to prom, getting married, having kids, picket fence, soccer dad and all those cliché things?” It was an overwhelming thought for my young mind. The only sane conclusion I could manage was that perhaps, I was more into boys than I was into girls.

That didn’t stop me from experimenting with my fair share of girls. I was popular with girls, I knew it. They were easily drawn to me; Alex usually remarked at how easily I could hook up with any girl I wanted. And I did, I dated my fair ton of girls. Yet none made my thoughts go haywire the way Alex could do with a simple look. And the way he could look was mesmerizing, he could stare into my eyes and I would know what he was saying with those brown, piercing eyes of his. Just one look and he could make my blood pressure rise.

And while I struggled with my feelings, Alex met Amy. And the two rockiest years for our friendship began. Amy was a transfer student; she was chatty, she was friendly, she was plucky, she had the face of angel and the body of a model. She was the dream and desire of every boy in our class (including Alex), but she sure wasn’t mine. I knew I was jealous at the way Alex saw her, she could make him trip and be unsure of himself, she could make him change to try impress her; I didn’t like that, I didn’t like she could change my Alex.

And so they began dating. She must have seen what I already saw in him, because after a few mecidiyeköy escort weeks Alex managed what other boys had found impossible, he started dating Amy Banks. And he was so happy, head over heels, love bug bite and all that crap. And I was insanely jealous. I hid it pretty well, I guess. I hid my awkward feelings all the time, I was good at hiding my feelings. But I just didn’t trust or liked her. I tried to convince myself I was jealous of them, rather than her. I got my own relationship, I was happy, we double dated, we were four happy people. But I wasn’t fully happy, I knew I wanted more.

Fourteen months had slipped by; and the honey moon was over. Amy proved she could manipulate Alex into doing her will, and as Alex realized this, the more her charm faded over him. You see, Alex liked being alone, he liked making his own choices and he hated being manipulated by others. He constantly asked for my opinion as to what he should do.

“If you love her, you can make it work” those were my empty words as I tried to hide my real thoughts “She is hateful, let her go!”

And so they eventually broke up. And Alex’s heart was broken. I could see as much as their relationship had troubled him, it had also made him happy. Amy had been Alex’s first love. I put on my best friend’s hat and I made my best effort to get him out of his funk. He was quite depressed, but that didn’t stop me from trying to make him feel better. He eventually moved on, and the Amy nightmare was averted. Yet my hidden feelings for him kept troubling me.

Fastforward to the present. I receive a text from Alex.

“Hey I’m home alone for the weekend. Bring your stuff so you can stay over” was all it said.

The endless possibilities. A whole weekend with him. What could two eighteen year old do? But I knew I was too chicken to really try something, our friendship was just too important. Yet I could sense something was different that day. He got hard as we wrestled on the grass, actually hard, I had felt it. I could pretend I hadn’t but I knew. I also knew he was checking me out as I laid under the sun. Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was the fact high school was over and we were grown ups. Maybe it was just sheer random luck. But something was different that day.

“Well for starters, how about… the loser…has to get naked…?” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. Here we were discussing about wether to get naked in front of each other. I was drunk, he was drunk. What was going to happen?

And so it began. The chain of events that led us to our getting naked that led us to this beautiful Saturday morning which found us sleeping naked next to each other. What a glorious feeling!

I knew it was only temporary. We had decided to break all rules and boundaries for this weekend. But I still had 48 hours with him and that was all that mattered. On Monday we could go back to our old, normal routine.

And after perusing these old thoughts for over an hour, I had to pee. I slowly pushed the covers off us and forced myself of the bed, trying to keep Alex asleep; not that it was a difficult task, the dude slept and snored liked a bear. I went to the toilet and relieved myself, washed my hands and came out.

I could see a very naked Alex sleeping. “What a sight!” I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw his beautiful body spread on his bed, taking in the morning sun. He had shifted position while I was in the toilet. He was laying on his stomach which stopped the snoring and gave me a nice view of his ass. And what an ass it was. “They could say all they wanted about how Chris Evans had America’s ass on the Avengers movie. But this was really America’s ass.” It was perfectly round as a ball, firm and coated with thick, straight, black hairs. He had a round, bubble butt hairy ass, and it was perfect. I never thought hairy butts could be so attractive, but it was. I loved the way all his little hairs pointed towards his crack, and how they got thicker as they approached it, making his crack a dark, hairy line that ran down towards his thighs.

And he also had the hairiest legs. Thick, curly, black hair sprayed over his white thighs and down his legs. I carefully got next to him to appreciate every single bit of his body. After all those long nights thinking about all the things I could do to him, and now here he was resting peacefully and snoring dangerously. I stared at those smooth factions of his face, I liked his long, black eyelashes; the way they set contrast to his brown eyes when they were open only made his gaze ever more piercing.

“Why do I get the feeling you are staring at me?” he blurted out slowly, eyes still closed.

“Because I’m hungry, I want breakfast, it’s almost noon, you are still sleeping.” I retorted.

“You sound like my mother.” he replied with fake anger in his voice “Why am I naked? Why does my head hurt?”

“Because we got nastily drunk, then we made out and sucked each other.” I replied mischievously.

A cold, awkward silence fell on us. And then… simple, honest laughter erupted. kağıthane escort It was so casual and simple, and it filled me with relief. Our friendship was still intact. We must have laughed for over five straight minutes. “Picture that, two 18 year old dudes, naked as they come, laughing their asses off. And no, we were not high”.

“A whole weekend of crazy shit, uh?” he asked after the laughter had subsided “No boundaries, no judgment, no talking about it every again?”

“That’s what we agreed if I recall correctly?” I grinned at him.

And without further ado he went over my groin and put my whole, soft penis inside his warm, slippery mouth.

“What-” was the only reaction I could muster as he made a sign for me to shut up. His head bobbed up and down, bringing some nice, pleasurable emotions. I gave into the feeling and rested my head, enjoying the feeling of getting serviced. I could feel the way his tongue explored my now hard penis, I loved the way he licked and turned his tongue over my begging head. And so down he went, eventually moving to my balls. He licked and sucked on them sending me to heaven. I opened my legs wider, just I had yesterday, and he licked and sucked more on my balls.

I was gasping for air, covering my face with my hands. If you have ever gotten your balls sucked, you know it’s good. It’s even better when your all time crush is the one doing it. Alex eventually changed his attention back to my dick. He kept sucking me harder and harder. Now I couldn’t prevent him, I just burst, rope after rope of cum raining down his throat. And he took it all inside, not a single drop was wasted.

He let my dick out of his mouth and swiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He grinned at me sheepishly and I returned the smile at him.

“So…”he said as he stood up “Cereal?”

And he got out of his room, still in that glorious nudity, and down he went to get his breakfast. I followed him down, to the kitchen, shorts on. I didn’t want to overstep the nudity rules.

“What is that?” he frowned at my shorts.

“My shorts, of course, are you retarded?”

“Dipshit, you are more retarded than I am.” he smirked “We clearly said this was an all naked weekend, so don’t waste your clothes…and take them off.”

“I don’t really remember we said that”

“That’s because we were too drunk.” he said grinning over the breakfast table “But Danny, listen to me all sober, I want you naked. You said it yourself, no boundaries.”

He smirked at me and turned his back to me to get the cereal from the cupboard, exposing that juicy, hairy ass. He was good at playing whatever this game was, but I was better. I peeled my shorts off and I approached his back. I put my hands on his waist, I pressed my hip to his backside and I started kissing his neck slowly.

Alex dropped the box of cereal over the counter, its contents spilled all over it, long forgotten as his eyes were closed, taking in the work I was giving his neck. He moaned, loader than he had yesterday as my mouth traveled from his neck to his back. I kissed his back slowly, alternating licking and kissing as I explored his backside. I felt his back muscles tense as my mouth explored him.

In this whole mouth exploration we found ourselves facing the table, his arms reaching for it to get some support; it was as if whatever I was doing to him was causing him such pleasure that his whole body was failing to support him. He started bending more towards the table, as if the gravity was pushing him down to it, and as he went I found myself exploring his lower back. And he went further down, his whole body resting now on the table. In this angle, I could see his round ass exposed to me. I felt hornier than I had ever been in my life. I lunged at one of his butt cheeks and I kissed it. Lust was driving me mad at this point, I bit it softly and Alex responded with a low moan, I bit it again and again, alternating with soft kisses. I moved my kisses according to Alex’s motions.

Wether he was doing it on purpose or not, his movements were guiding me closer and closer to his crack. I could feel the dampness of his line closer to my nose, his little hairs tickling me. I was mad now, I wanted him, all of him. I tried licking his crack, I met a salty taste, Alex moaned harder now and spread his legs further apart. This was beyond experimenting, this was wild, red lust. I wanted it, he wanted it, we were doing it.

I licked again, he moaned again. I licked again, deeper this time. I ventured my licks deeper and deeper until my whole mouth was buried in his butt cheeks, my face pressed against him. And within all this furious licking, my tongue eventually found it. The forbidden place. He who must not be named. Alex’s puckering little hole. Did I dare? I dared. I gave it a small lick. His whole body shivered. I gave it another small lick. His body shivered again, harder if its was possible. I went full out licking, causing him to shiver and moan in ways I never thought someone could.

“I don’t know what you are doing to me…” he beşiktaş escort managed to gasped “But, please, don’t dare to stop!”

I granted his wish. I licked him, harder and faster every time. I rounded his hole with my tongue. And then I ventured further. I managed to put my tongue just a tiny bit inside of him. The effect was instantaneous. Alex moaned louder still, his whole body resting on the table, legs spread open to me. I pushed my tongue deeper still, my hands taking his hips for support. And so I pushed and I pushed taking my tongue deeper, making Alex wild. My hand found his throbbing dick. It was harder than yesterday. “Let’s make him see stars” I thought as I began to jack him furiously, my tongue still penetrating his sweet hole.

“Oh god, more…” he gasped, pushing his sweaty, hairy butt into my face “God, Danny, that’s so good…”

I jacked him harder as I ate his sweet essence. He pushed his butt to my face synced with the timing of my strokes. He moaned harder and louder. The whole neighborhood was bound to hear him! His moans became faster and suddenly he remained quiet and still; his dick pulsed and released thick globs of cum. I kept my tongue inside, my nosed pressed to his sweaty behind. Alex tensed up and then became limp. His orgasm too deep and intense to make out words, or noise for that matter.

He turned around, his face red and sweaty. He was breathing heavily, barely able to stand straight.

“That…was…beyond…” he tried to communicate.

“I know.” I smirked at him, as I took some of the cum he had dropped to the floor on my hand, and smeared it all over his face.

“Dude! So uncalled for!” he laughed.

“You owe me, I just gave you the best orgasm of your life!” I said as I avoided his grasp.

I ran and he came after me. He caught me up and we fell to the floor struggling to gain control over the other. And so his mouth found mine and we both locked ourself to a deep, passionate kiss. A kiss that was full of both his butt fluids and the cum I had smeared over his face. It was a dirty, sexy kiss that sent us wild.

“Can we get breakfast now?” I said as we broke the kiss.

“You mean lunch.” he corrected as he stood up “We need to shower.”

“First, we eat, then we shower.” I replied.

And so we did what you would have done at eighteen. We stuffed our mouths with chips, ice cream and all the shit we could find.

“You know you want it.” he stated knowingly.

We both started at each other. No words were mentioned but we knew we had to do it.

“After all this time?” I joked.

“Always…” was his simple reply.

We both laughed. Yes we were both dorks and we watched Harry Potter one too many times.

“Okay, down to business, then. I’ll get the bread.” I said.

And so, you guessed it, we started making ourselves the most delicious peanut butter sandwiches ever. Even after fourteen years later, that sandwich was a symbol of our young friendship.

“How about we make it more interesting?” he suggested.

“I’m all ears.” I replied, knowing full well this was going to have a very creative ending.

Alex got a strawberry jelly jar and some bacon out. We got down to crisping our bacon real nice. And so our final creation was done. A peanut butter-jelly and bacon sandwich.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this somewhere.” I muttered.

“Shut up, we are cool and fat.” he replied taking one sandwich “Eat away.”

“You know we should name this” I said as I munched on the sandwich “How about ‘the monster’?”

“That’s a horrible name.”

“‘The submarine’?”


“‘The octopus’?”

“What is it with sea stuff?”

“‘The racoon’?”

Long silence.

“‘The muncher.'”

And we both knew it. The muncher it was. Our own creation. We had made food. Bad, delicious food. And we named it the muncher. As shallow and simple as it was, sharing this brainchild of ours felt a little bit like sharing a real child. That was a weird thought.

After eating we forced ourselves to clean our mess (cum and cereal included) and then we resumed our video game activities. We really wanted to go back to the pool, but I figured we wouldn’t dare to go out naked and risk getting caught. Getting dressed again wasn’t an option.

My phone rang and I checked it. It was a text from a group of friends reminding us to go to a party tonight. “Would Alex want to go? Should we just stay and bask in our nakedness?”

“Jenna’s party is tonight.” I stated looking at the ominous text “Are we going?”

“I don’t know…” shrugged Alex “I’m pretty tired from all of our activities. But I guess we should go.”

“Yeah, sure.” I said absentmindedly.

“Well…” Alex said as he put the controller down “If we want to be on time we should get ready. Shower time?” he raised his eyebrows invitingly as he headed to the bathroom.

Well, that wasn’t a chance I was going to miss. I followed him straight into the bathroom. He had already started the shower and was working a very agreeable water temperature, I touched it with the tips of my fingers and checked. Alex smiled at me as he plunged himself inside the water. Watching his wavy, black hair dampened under the smooth water was hypnotizing. He smiled at me again, invitingly. I smiled as I joined him, my dick rising to the occasion.

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