The Teacher’s Classroom


Elizabeth yawned. Biology could not get any more boring. She looked at the screen in front of her and glared at the annoying words. ‘The S phase is the second phase of…’ whatever, it’s not like she’d need any of that in real life.

She squinted her eyes and struggled to see her teacher, Mr. Hemming, he was fifty and obviously so. His hair was gray and slowly becoming scarce. Although, she didn’t mind, he was a kind old man – a mentor perhaps.

The lesson passed very slowly, and by the time she got out, Elizabeth had forgotten everything.

“Lizzy! Wait up,” a familiar voice behind her called out.

She turned around to see her best friend, Sylvia, and she smiled. Sylvia’s blonde hair flew behind herself as she ran and her flip flops clapped against the cement floor.

“Lizzy, you would not believe the day I’ve had. I was just minding my own business, as I always do, and Rowan from second period came up and grabbed my arse!” She squeaked the last few words which made it very hard for Elizabeth to refrain from laughing.

“What did you do?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well, I pushed his hand away and kicked him in the shin. He was gonna yell at me for that so I pushed my palm into his nose, IDK how to say it, but I kinda shoved his nose bone-thing into his brain. It was an accident, and only self defense.” Elizabeth’s eyes had widened so much, she thought they might pop out.

“Well, he sure learned his lesson, then, didn’t he?” Elizabeth said, trying to make a joke, but failing.

Sylvia glared at her. “Whatever, I need to stay after school to deal with the counselor. Will you stay with me?”

“Sure, lead the way.”

“Oh, no. Sorry, but you can’t come. Can you just get us a ride and wait around the school until I’m done?”

“Sure thing. I have to talk to my Algebra teacher anyway.”

The girls hugged and Elizabeth turned away to go to class. Her heart began to beat faster and she could feel it in her chest. She tried to calm down, but failed. This was Mr. Charleston after all, and all the girls, gays, and gosh-I-don’t-even-know’s loved him.

The trip upstairs couldn’t have been more stressful. Her hands shook, and her palms began to sweat. She turned a corner and faced his door. Reaching out a shaky hand, she tapped on the door thrice and held her breath.

The door was quickly opened by a tall, beautiful, brunette man. He smiled down at Elizabeth and she felt her face flush. She tried to smile back, but only got something that desperately needed an apology. He pulled her inside and closed the door behind her. The click made her jump.

“What’s up, Liz?” Mr. Charleston’s deep voice echoed around the room.

“I was just wondering if I could ask for some extra time to study for the quiz. I don’t completely understand the last chapter,” Elizabeth said in a frail voice as she pulled off her backpack and dropped it on some nearby desk.

Mr. Charleston picked up the nearest textbook and flipped a few pages. “Alright, let’s see. Was it chapter seven point three? Ah, yes, here we are.” He held the book with one arm and grabbed a dry erase marker. Looking at the book, he wrote down some equations. “What, specifically, are aksaray escort you confused with? Will you come here?”

Elizabeth gasped and inched closer to him. From this angle she could see every flex of his arm as he wrote and maybe, yep, she could see his abs. God bless see-through dress shirts. His shirt was barely tight, but enough that she could see every muscle perfectly. He wore black pants that were creased in the front and back. Even in these, he had a very nice butt. He was also tall, maybe 6’4 or 6’5. She let her eyes wander over his body, silently objectifying his every feature. A smile stole itself across her face as she looked him up and down. Her eyes wandered up to his chiseled face, and she saw him looking at her with a disapproving expression in his face.

“Ms. Elizabeth Doles, what do you need help with?” His voice was stern and unfriendly, not like before.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered, “I don’t quite understand this.” She blindly pointed at the first equation he wrote down: the Pythagorean Theorem.

His eyes lit up as he put his book down, erased the other equations, and began a long description of everything there was to know whether it be squared or added, glancing back at her several times to make sure she was listening. Elizabeth was happy he let her creepiness slide. As she could tell, he was perfectly fine as long as he was teaching. He told her that sixteen was a perfect square and therefore—

“Uh, Mr. Charleston, I’m actually confused about this part exactly.” She walked up to him and he turned around swiftly, accidentally bumping into her and pushing her to the ground.

But, he was too fast, and he grabbed her wrist and pulled her up. Yet, he was way too fast, and she ended up bumping into him and pushing him against the whiteboard. He grabbed her shoulders and looked down at her with a concerned expression in his face. Elizabeth tried to brace herself against the wall, but ended up pressing her hand against his chest and she quickly recoiled and fell against his chest instead. Then she gave up, and planted both hands against his chest. She cursed at herself. This was not going as planned.

Mr. Charleston merely laughed at the little scene that was unfolding before him. His students were an entertaining bunch of people. Elizabeth scorned herself for being so bold, but his effing, sexy laugh was the last straw; she stood up tall on the tips of her toes and firmly planting her lips against his.

This came as a surprise to Mr. Charleston, yet he should have known one of his students would take him again. Sadly, this had happened at least once every year, each time unfolding differently, but always ending with a “no” and a sorry pat on the back. He let her relish in the moment for a second longer before grabbing her waist and pushing her away.

“Ms. Elizabeth Doles, I hate to discipline you twice in one hour, but this is unacceptable. I’m an educator and you’re merely eighteen. Do you really want me in prison alongside rapists and pedophiles?” He questioned her. This wasn’t the first time he’d given this speech, and it always worked.

“I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. It’s just – well, yeah. I’m sorry.” Elizabeth topkapı escort knew nothing could explain this.

She looked up to him to see his lips pursed and the scariest expression on his face. Was he going to yell at her? She found herself on the verge of tears.

He was frustrated that this had happened. Frustrated with himself for not stopping it sooner, and frustrated with her for making it harder to let her down. Was prison really worth it? It’s not like anyone would find out, though. She was a beautiful young woman, and not even that much younger than himself. But, he couldn’t just force her into a one night stand. Maybe it’d last longer than that.

“Please, I didn’t —” but she couldn’t finish the sentence.

Mr. Charleston squeezed her waist tighter and leaned himself into another, but more passionate, kiss. Elizabeth thought she might get bruises, but she didn’t care. She melted into the kiss and let herself forget what she had come for. Her hands found their way to his biceps and she sighed. They were even better than she’d imagined.

For the second time, Mr. Charleston pushed her away, but not to scold her. He walked to the door in a rage and grumbled all the while as he grabbed the keychain from his back pocket. Finally choosing a key, he locked the door and stormed back to her. She watched him do all this with a quizzical expression.

“How dare you think you get to be the dominant kisser,” he said as he picked her up by the butt and had her straddle his waist.

He carried her, back first, to the other side of the room and she braced herself to hit the wall. Mr. Charleston slowed down, however, and she slightly bumped her back against the wall. He let go with one hand and proceeded to unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper. The bulge in his pants grew through his briefs and he stopped to look at her.

“Liz.” Oh, good he wasn’t angry anymore, “You can tell me to stop anytime.”

She held his cheek in her and and forced his lips to hers as she slid her hands to his hair. He read this as the ok and ripped down his briefs to reveal a luxuriously large dick. He held it in his arms and pushed it past her thighs. He didn’t even care if he ripped her underwear on the way, she’d deserve it. But, to his surprise, he only felt a string move aside. A g-string? He glared at Elizabeth and she smiled into his lips. Kids these days. He was disappointed in this student specifically for wearing such a thing under her skirt. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she accepted it enthusiastically.

Without any other distractions, he thrust his dick into her small pussy. Elizabeth yelped and bit his tongue. He pulled out immediately and broke the kiss.

“Fuck, are you okay?” He asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah, whatever. Come back,” she said, slightly surprised at his out-of-class behavior.

Elizabeth nearly ripped his shirt in her haste to undo all the buttons. Once she finally had, she pressed her chest to his and kissed him. Now she knew what it felt like. He smiled and eased his dick back inside. She moaned and bucked against him. It made him jealous to think of how she was so experienced. He ignored that thought sarıyer escort and slowly increased his pace. This brought forth several more moans and her tongue relaxed in his mouth. He used his arms to help himself thrust harder and deeper into her.

If she wasn’t so tight he might’ve been more able to focus on pleasing her, too. He thrusted into her and broke her walls. She was a virgin. He pitied her, but didn’t stop. He would stop if she began to bleed; however, she was fine for now. His balls tightened, but he waited for her. If he was going to take her virginity then the least he could do was make it easier on her. He didn’t have to wait long, though, and he felt her pussy throb against his dick. He thrusted a bit more and let out his load, cumming far into her.

She moaned and he kissed her harder, so nobody would hear. She finally relaxed and her arms dropped to his hips. He left his dick, so as to not make a mess, or any clue of what happened. He walked to his desk and put his hand on it. Cold. Taking his pants from the floor, he laid them on the desk and set her down. Her pussy still leaked and soaked his pants, that’d take a lot of cologne before he’d be able to leave.

Begging for this moment to last longer, he pushed her onto her back and leaned down. He pressed his tongue against her clit and she squirmed, which only encouraged him. He moved back up to her lips and gave her a peck and moved down. He kissed both breasts on his way, lingering on the left. Guessing they were at least a D. He licked around her belly button and kissed all the way to her clit. He kissed her clit several times, ignoring her shakes and moans. Then he finally licked her pussy and stuck his tongue in. He moved his head and wiggled his tongue. He stood up and stuck two fingers in her pussy and held her breasts with his free hand.

She held his hand and used her other hand to hold the table. However, he gave up with his fingers, and held her waist as he directed his dick to her pussy again. This time he wouldn’t show mercy, and he was no longer a friendly math teacher. He squeezed her waist again and began thrusting hard and fast. She moaned, but he didn’t stop her, the other teachers would be gone by now. He quickly felt his balls tighten, and he let them loose, cumming inside her. But, he didn’t stop for she still hadn’t reached orgasm. He merely increased his pace and she grabbed his arms. Through thrusts he felt her hold get tighter and he knew she was about to climax. He began thrusting her body against his and she finally let out a drowsy moan. He let the second load of cum go off inside her and he sat down, watching it all pour from her pussy, and onto his new favorite pants.

Mr. Charleston suddenly felt terrible, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were a virgin.”

She sat up leaned against his chest, “Worth it.”

He laughed again. “Liz, do you need anything? I know you’re worn out now.”

Elizabeth stood up and waddled to her backpack. She took out her phone and saw several text messages from Sylvia basically saying she was grounded and wouldn’t be able to go home with Elizabeth. She looked at him and smiled. Even without pants, he was still very intimidating.

He walked up to her and caressed her cheek before repeating his question. “Do you need anything?”

She paused to ponder his offer. “Would you drive me home? And, if you don’t mind, we could do that again in the car.”

“Anything for my favorite student.”

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