The Suggestible Roommate Ch. 02


Matt couldn’t get the night out in the field out of his head. His mind kept wandering back to the feeling of the hand on his cock. When he jerked himself in the shower, he imagined it was that knowing hand. He heard the words in his head.

He was thinking of it when he entered his door room on a Thursday, after philosophy, a day when he got done early, and John had classes later; a day Matt usually had their dorm room to himself. The day Matt typically spent watching porn and jerking his cock in private.

However, when he approached the door, he heard music coming from within. He furrowed his brow as he pushed the door open. John. John was at his desk nodding along to a beat.

“Hey,” Matt called trying to hide his disappointment.

John spun in his chair with a wide smile. “Hey!” He lowered the music.

It was familiar. Where had Matt heard that song before?

Matt tossed his bag of books onto his bed before plopping in his chair. He flipped open his laptop.

“Dr. Whittle canceled class.” John turned the volume up slightly and got out of his chair. “So I am celebrating, having my own personal rave,” John announced as he pressed a bowl to his lips and took a large hit off it. He extended it to Matt.

Matt took it. “Lucky bastard.” Matt figured that he might as well get a little buzz since his afternoon of jerking it was now ruined. The song pulsed around them. It was so familiar.

John turned a bit and moved urging Matt to take more, a deeper hit, a bigger one. He encouraged Matt to hold it. All things Matt had learned from John. John was getting him nice and baked. All the while, the song, it was like an earwig, itching at his brain.

Matt got toasted in no time. He could barely move. He had a goofy grin on his face. The song was on a loop. It was the same song, wasn’t it? All that trance club music sounded the same to Matt.

John continued to dance as he took smaller hits off the bowl. Or was he? Matt felt like the bowl just kept being in his hand. Did John take any? It was like never ending bowl.

Headphones. Large ones. They muffled out the sound of John talking. John was talking. He had a smile on his face. He was nodding. Matt nodded too. That song. It was loud in Matt’s ears. Oh! The headphones! John had put the headphones on Matt so he could hear the song better. This was better.

Was it the pot? Was it the trance-like music? Was it how relaxed the pot made him? Matt wasn’t sure, but he soon felt tired. Maybe tired wasn’t the right word. His eyelids drooped. He couldn’t keep them open.

He fluttered them a bit, John. John was in front of him. He had something. Something was in his hand. Matt blinked. A pill. It was a pill. John wanted Matt to take this pill. Matt opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. The music, it was Matt’s pulse. His eyes closed again.

The music was softer, did John take off the headphones. urfa escort “Matt?”

“Hmm?” It was all Matt could bring himself to say.

“Can you hear me?”

“Hmmm.” Matt nodded.

“Is it working?”

Working? Was what working? What was John talking about? Matt was silent.

“Do you feel warm?”

Warm. Did Matt feel warm? “Hmmm.” Matt nodded.

“Do you feel hot?”

He did. He was practically sweating. Did the temperature go up in the room? “Hmmm.” Matt nodded again. It seemed all he could do.

“You’re sweating. You’re so hot. Those clothes, they are making you hot Matt.” John urged.

Matt nodded and pulled his shirt over his head. It was too hot for that shirt. It was too heavy. Instantly Matt felt cooler. The air on his bare chest was refreshing.

“Good boy.” John praised.


“You like that don’t you Matt?”

Matt was silent. That? What did he mean by that?

“You like when I call you a good boy?” John clarified.

Yes! Oh yes. “Hmmm.” Matt nodded.

“It triggers your submission doesn’t it Matt?” John suggested.

“Hmmm.” Matt nodded again in agreement. Matt had known for a long time preferred to follow the lead of others. When he first started looking at porn, he realized he liked to watch ones where the women were in charge, and men did what they said. Submission? Yes. He learned that word. He was that word. Submissive.

“Good boy.” John praised once more.

Matt’s cock twitched in his pants.

“You’re so hot Matt,” John repeated.

It was like an oven in that room.

“So hot Matt. So hot. Tell me, Matt. Is it hot?”

“Hot,” Matt repeated.

“You’re hot Matt.”

“Hot,” Matt repeated.

“It wouldn’t be so hot if you took off your jeans Matt,” John suggested.

“Hmm.” Matt agreed as he reached down to undo the button of his jeans. He slid down the fly. Lazily, Matt stood up, and his jeans fell. “Cooooool.” Matt’s words slurred as the cool rush of air hit his legs.

“Good boy.” John again praised. Again Matt’s cock twitched. “And your boxers Matt. It’s so hot Matt.”

It didn’t take much. Matt was in a highly suggestible state. The pot. The music. The pill. All of it had been used to get Matt in this state. Matt pulled down his boxers and stepped out of them.

Naked. Matt stood naked before his roommate, arms at his sides, his eyes closed, and his cock chubbed ever so slightly.

“Good boy.” John praised.

Matt’s cock jumped.

“It’s good to be like this isn’t it Matt?” John urged. “It’s good to be naked. It’s good not to have clothes. Being naked is good. It’s good to be naked in this room Matt.” John repeated the sentiment several times.

“Good to be naked.” Eventually, Matt picked up the message and slurred it back.

“Good boy.”

Matt’s cock got harder each balıkesir escort time John praised him.

“Do you like to be naked for men Matt?” John asked.

There was a hand on Matt. It was from behind him. It slid over his hip. It was familiar. The hand, the way it touched him. The man from the field. It dawned on Matt as the hand gripped the root of his growing cock.

“Matt, do you like to be naked for men?” John asked awakening Matt again from his thoughts.

“Noooo.” Matt’s words were not at all convincing.

“Good boy.”

Matt’s cock got harder as John squeezed it and praised him.

“But you’re hard Matt,” John observed.

“Hmmm.” Was all Matt could muster as John stroked him. Matt offered no resistance. The hand went over his chest pulling him back against John. Just like he had in the field. Matt’s mind went back there. The song! It was the same song from that night. Matt’s cock pulsed again in John’s hand.

“You’re hard and naked in front of a man Matt.” John reiterated.

Matt thrust his hips. It felt so fucking good.

“Good boy.”

Matt moaned and continued to fuck John’s hand as it pumped Matt’s cock. Pre-cum was oozing out of his slit, and it helped Matt slide between John’s fingers.

“You’re not gay Matt, but you like this don’t you? You like my hand on your cock Matt. You like me, Matt. Matt, you like when my hand is on your cock.” Again the repetition.

“Yessssss.” Matt groaned it felt so good. The weed. The pill. The hypnotic beat. Matt’s submissive nature. Matt had no defenses against this.

“Good boy, Matt.” John pumped him further.

“Submission, Matt. You’re submissive. You will submit, Matt. Submission. You are submissive. You will submit to John. You will submit to me, Matt. It feels good Matt. So good to submit Matt. So good Matt. So good to submit to John Matt. You’re hot; it gets you hot to submit to John. To be John’s, Matt.” Repetition was important for someone in such a malleable state.

Matt’s cock throbbed. His knees weakened. His balls tightened. “John’s submissive.” Matt was barely able to say through gritted teeth. John’s talented hand had Matt so close.

The hand slowed. The attention to the cock head ceased. John’s hand focused on the shaft, and his breath was hot in Matt’s ear: “Good boy. John’s good boy. Matt is John’s good boy. Matt, you want to be my good boy. You’ll obey John and be a good boy no matter what.”

“Yesss.” Matt bucked his hips into John’s hand desperately. He had not cum in two days because today was a jerk off day. He wanted a nice big load. It always felt better if he waited a few days. Now, oh God, now he was like a dam ready to break. He just needed that final push.

“Good boy.”

Matt shuddered, and John swept his thumb over Matt’s swollen cock head.

“Obey Matt. Matt will trabzon escort obey John. Obey Matt. Matt will obey John.”

John edged Matt while he spoke directly into his ear. Every time Matt’s cock twitched and the tingling started John would back off. Matt moaned and whined each time. However, John would keep repeating words in his ear and Matt would say them back. Eventually, it came down to: “Submit. Obey. Submit Obey. Matt will submit. Matt will obey.”

Matt had no concept time. He had no idea how long he stood there, John at his back, with Matt’s cock in John’s hand. His own arms limp at his sides. His hips thrust desperately into John’s hand while Matt listened to John. He repeated what John told him. Matt was deep in a horny haze of pot and whatever John had given him. And that music. Something about that music was making it so easy. Matt was just so suggestible.

“So horny now Matt. Matt you are so horny. John makes you horny, Matt.” John’s voice in Matt’s ear.

“Yesssss.” Matt moaned as John’s thumb, and forefinger pressed into his cock head. “Horny for John.”

“Good boy, Matt.” John rewarded Matt with a series of strokes with his hand.

Matt was practically a faucet; he was leaking so much pre-cum. His mushroomed head purple. It started to hurt. He needed a release.

“When you’re horny Matt, Matt obey’s John. Matt submits to John when he’s horny.”

“Submit to John when horny.” Matt thrust his hips and John pumped him again.

“Submitting to John makes you horny. Obeying John makes you horny. Matt gets horny around John. Matt wants to please John.”

“Please John,” Matt repeated. His cock head was getting the attention. And Matt almost lost his balance. John held him up.

“As John for what you want.” John’s hand slowed and then stopped his fingers curled around the root of Matt’s cock.

“Please John. Please, John. Don’t stop.” Matt whimpered trying to move his hips but the position of John’s hand, it was futile. His cock strained. The cum was right there. “Please John. Matt obey. Please, John. Matt submit.” Matt begged he couldn’t seem to bring his arms up to finish himself. He needed John to do it.

“Beg me, Matt,” John whispered in Matt’s ear and bit down on the lobe.

Matt shook in John’s grasp and let out another eager whine/moan combination. “Please John. I – please.” Matt couldn’t find the words. He tried. His brain was so foggy. “I submit to you, John. I will obey you, John. Please, John. I will please John.”

The glorious hand stroked him again. The hand bobbed up and down, squeezing corkscrewing. It felt better than any hand job Matt had ever gotten. It was better than any time he used his hand. This time John didn’t stop.

“When you cum Matt, you will be mine, Matt. When you cum, you will always obey and always submit no matter what Matt. When you cum, you will do as I say. Cum Matt. Shoot that load, Matt.”

“UUUggggghhhhhrrrrr.” Matt’s knees buckled, and rope after rope shot forward. John held Matt up and kept pumping. Matt’s cock bounced with each spurt of cum flying from him. It was like fireworks exploding behind his eyes and from his cock. It was the most intense orgasm of Matt’s life.

“Good boy. Sleep.”

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