The Runt of the Litter… Pt. 03


This story originally only dealt with the topics of gay sex and incest, mostly suited for a long jack off story. As the story has taken a twist, while it’s still man on man sex, it also involves cross dressing. So I am entering this in Transsexual and Crossdressers catgory. If these topics offend you, please avoid it. If there is any interest in it, let me know, I would like to do more chapters if there is any support…

As Samantha and Uncle Ronnie began getting dressed, I just sat there on the floor, and it dawned on me that this was the happiest I had ever been in my life. I knew at that moment that I was gay and all I ever wanted to do for the rest of my life was service and worship big hard cocks. The bigger, the better, and I really didn’t mind that I was a little under endowed, I just wanted to please big cocks and make them cum, anyway they wanted. I loved the power my mouth and ass had over a hard cock.

“Samantha, take Nicole to the Pleasure Room and show her around.” Uncle Ronnie said pointing to a closed door in the back of his office. “Explain how everything works and what she will get paid if she wants to work here, and Nicky, I think your dreams about to come true. Hurry up girls, I have work to do and Nicky, it’s almost 6PM now, you need to get your ass home by 7PM. Come on now, move your asses girls.” he said with authority.

Samantha giggled and gave him a mock salute, “Yes sir boss, I will right now. Nicole, get dressed girl, you’re going on a tour.”

While I quickly composed myself, Uncle Ronnie sat back at his desk and got on the phone. As Samantha opened the door that Uncle Ronnie had pointed to, I heard him begin a conversation on the phone with someone about a liquor order or delivery.

Samantha pulled me by the hand dragging me into the room, and flipped on a light switch. A single red bulb barely lit up the room and I strained my eyes to look around.

Instead of a room, it was more like a long walk in closet. Maybe 10 feet long and 6 feet wide. I tried to adjust my eyes to see what I was supposed to be looking at, but couldn’t make out much. She flipped another switch and a bright overhead light came on.

“Nicky, we currently have 3 girls working this room, that’s including me, and it’s just not enough. Hopefully you will be our fourth, and Nicky, they aren’t really girls, they are guys just like you and me that love to suck cock and we make a ton of money doing it. Your uncle does not allow his female strippers in here. He says that they are Prima Donna’s, too fussy and can’t suck cock half as good as we do, they’re just not passionate enough about it. Now pay attention. I’m only gonna explain this once.” Samantha said while I listened closely and took in the strange surroundings.

While she continued talking, I noticed the entire room was painted black. Everything was black. The back wall was blank, absolutely nothing on it, the far side wall was also blank, the other side wall had the door where we had entered.

Now the front wall, well, this was as crazy a set up as you could imagine. Uncle Ronnie was obviously a twisted devious freaky perv to come up with this idea. The front wall was where all the action happened. At the far end of the front wall, it had a closed door that led to another room, the customer’s room. On the other end, by Uncle Ronnie’s office door, was another door that led to a small bathroom with a toilet, sink, small dresser and a tiny closet.

Built into the middle of the wall, there were two separate well constructed metal screens, made with some heavy gauge chicken wire, about 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall. If you stood in front of them, they were about middle stomach level to about 7 foot tall.

Below one of the screens was a perfect round hole in the wall, waist level, approximately 4 inches in diameter. I knew immediately what it was for.

Below the other wire screen, there was a much bigger hole, also round, but maybe 6 to 8 inches in diameter. This was an insane looking set up. Along side that bigger hole, there were smaller holes on each side of it, maybe 4 or 5 inches in diameter, just a few inches above the bigger middle hole. Firmly attached to the wall, butted up right under the larger hole, was what resembled a slim padded workout bench that someone could straddle, lay down and balance their self on.

The bench was about four feet long, pretty skinny, maybe 6 inches wide and had soft leather padding on it. It was attached securely to the wall, maybe 4 inches below the large center hole, and had a circle cut out in the padding close to the wall hole, which I later learned was where you tuck your cock and balls, so the customer doesn’t know you’re not a real girl.

As Samantha entered the bathroom door of the front wall, she continued explaining everything to me while she disrobed and neatly hung up her clothes on hangers in the tiny closet. Now seeing her nude again, Samantha was so fucking pretty, so Betturkey sexy, she was 100% woman to me, that just happened to have a big hard cock.

Sensing I wasn’t paying attention as I gawked at her body. Samantha sweetly but sternly grabbed me by my chin and looked directly into my eyes and instructed me. “Nicky, I’m getting ready to start my shift and I’m gonna let you watch for a bit to see how it works. So please pay attention girl, you need to know all of this.”

Walking the room to the far door, Samantha opened it and pulled me in. As I followed her in she said, “This door leads to the customer’s room. Keep it locked. Never open it, ever. It’s for your own safety, and if Mr. Anderson ever finds out you opened it with a customer in the front room, well, you’re gonna be in big trouble with him. Understand? If you ever get caught seeing, dating or having sex with one of his customers outside of here, or if he even suspects you are, you will be fired and trust me, that has happened more than once.”

Samantha flipped a switch on our side of the door and the customer’s room lit up very dimly with a single long purple florescent tube light, a black light, mounted in the ceiling. It was still so dark in there and I could barely see anything, but one thing I couldn’t miss now, in front of each hole in the wall, there was something written. Illuminated by the black light, on the small hole, right below it, it said, “ORAL” in big neat capital orange stenciled day-glo letters. On the larger hole, it said, “ANAL”, again written in big neat orange stenciled day-glo letters.

“This overhead black light stays on all the time. All the time, always. You see the two bulbs over the customer’s front door, there are also two identical bulbs on the outside of the door that the bar customers can see. One green, one red. Red means closed, green means open, when no lights are on outside the door, it means the Pleasure Room is not open for business at that moment. The customer’s door automatically locks when it’s shut. It remains locked at all times. You can control it’s unlocking, so your happy customer can leave, by pressing this yellow button.”

“Right now, no lights are on outside and there are probably a dozen horny guys, rubbing their stiffies through their jeans, watching the strippers and waiting for that green light to come on so they can come in here and get their cocks serviced. The bartender has a list that the customers get on to control the rotation. Before your uncle came up with the list idea, guys would actually get in arguments and fights to get in the room.” she stated matter of factly.

Samantha took me by the hand and leaving the customer’s room, we went back to our hallway room, where she locked the adjoining door, “When you turn on the green light, you better be ready, because someone will usually open that door almost immediately. Now, after you finish him and he leaves, you can turn off the green and red lights for a few minutes, if you need to pee or freshen up. That door won’t open unless you have the green light on.”

“You control the light switches which are right here on the wall inside your room and by the way, your Uncle Ronnie insists you freshen up some before each new guy, especially if someone just fucked your ass. He always tells us, we are not offering sloppy seconds. Every customer gets the freshest girl possible. You can use the restroom for that when you need to, but be quick about it. Your uncle wants volume, lots of guys coming and going in here, so he can make lots of money.” Samantha giggled.”

“I heard that Samantha.” Uncle Ronnie hollered from the other room. “And yes Nicole, I do want volume, but I know Samantha and the other girls have their favorite customers that they take their time with and that’s okay. Dani, who you will meet later, is a total size queen and if a big dick comes up to the plate, she almost always takes 20 minutes with them. I want you to give them the best blowjob they can get, or the hottest ass to fuck that they can get, so they will tell their friends and come back often. It’s all about word of mouth.” he said snorting loudly at his pun on words. “Word of mouth, get it?”

Samantha just looked at me and rolled her eyes and shook her head at this attempted humor while she looked through the closet and drawers full of lingerie. She finally settled on and put on some lacy purple panties. They really showed off her plump firm ass and flat tummy, when she added the purple matching padded brasserie, she looked so fucking hot. All woman. “Nicky, you get $50 for a blowjob and $100 for a blow job and butt fuck and most important, you get the money before they do anything. No money, no fucky, no sucky, got it, that is the most important rule. So rule number one, you always get the money first.”

“Now some guys will blow their load in just a few minutes, some will take longer, but try to move customers out in 15 minutes or less. The absolute limit is 30 minutes Betturkey Giriş and that’s only if he’s paying the full $100 for both your mouth and ass. Remember, Uncle Ronnie and you both want volume, the more blow jobs and ass you give, the more money you get.” and then she leaned in and whispered, “Nicky, some of these guys have fantastic cocks, we have some regulars that are hung out of this world, so sometimes you will want to take your time, you know what I mean? After all, money isn’t everything.” she giggled as she pinched my arm.

“If you have any kind of problem with a customer, press this big red button and the bouncers will rush over here like Knights in shining armor to your rescue. They will unlock the customer’s door from the outside and take care of your problem. The only problem we have ever had, was a disgruntled customer, that couldn’t get it up, spit through the screen on Toni. I heard the bouncers beat the shit out of him and he is barred from the club. You can speak with the customers through the screen, and they can speak to you, but I suggest keeping the chatter to a minimum.”

“Now Nicky, you won’t be able to recognize them, because we keep the rooms extremely dark, but I assure you, some of our most prominent local politicians, judges, city officials and police officers are customers in this room on a regular basis. There is no danger of getting caught or in any trouble, we are totally safe here. All you will able to see is a dark silhouette and that is all they will be able to see of you. Nobody will be able to recognize you, even if you both pressed your face up to the screen just inches from each other. It’s just too dark sweetie, and trust me, after I doll you up, you can walk down the street right past your own mother and even she wouldn’t recognize you. We will work on your voice and makeup to make sure nobody does.”

“We will also work on your clothes and your hair so you will appear to be the 100% sexy little slut that you really are. We will dress you in some of the hottest lingerie you ever saw. Every single guy that comes in here will absolutely and positively believe you are all woman.”

“You cannot refuse a customer, we don’t allow that, if he wants head, you give it to him and you give it to him good. If he wants your ass, that’s another $50 and you give it to him good, whether you like him or not. Understood?” Samantha said.

I nodded my head yes as I was reeling from taking all this in. This was absolute insanity, but my cock was never harder in my life. I might have looked a little overwhelmed to her when she broke me out of my trance and quizzed me, “And what’s rule number one?”

“Always get the money first.” I answered like the teacher’s pet.

“That’s right Nicole. When I started here last year as Mr. Anderson’s book keeper, I was flat broke, eating Ramen noodles til I was sick of them. I now have over $23,000 in my bank account. I just bought a brand new Audi that I paid cash for. You wouldn’t believe the studio apartment I rent and the furniture I own now. I have purchased a whole closet of new clothes. This is my dream job, I love doing this and am making a boatload of money. Your Uncle isn’t greedy, we split our shift’s money with him right down the middle. You get 50% of every penny you receive. He will advance you on clothes, cosmetics, perfume and lingerie, anything you need.”

“In the next few months, I’m getting ready to have some major SRS surgery. I will have the most awesome titties you have ever seen. Some face and hip botox work, I have a lot planned to fulfill my life dream. Most nights my take home is about to $600 to $800 cash. I have had many nights where I have taken home over $1,000. My best night was over $1,400. This job has changed my life, and it’s gonna change your’s too. You’re gonna love the money and all the hard dicks filling your tummy and ass with cum.” Samantha said.

“If you decide to work here, you can come to my studio apartment. We will go shopping for lingerie, a decent wig, get you a manicure and I will teach you make up. When I’m finished with you, you won’t recognize yourself, and neither will any of your customers.” Samantha added sincerely.

As she finished reapplying her make up and was now dressed in her lingerie, she closed the door to Uncle Ronnie’s office. Samantha turned off the bathroom light and the bright overhead light. It was really dark again with just the one red light bulb in our room and the black light in the customer’s room.

“Nicky, stand in the corner, off to the side and be quiet, don’t move, just watch quietly and learn. Not a peep out of you, okay?” Samantha instructed me.

As I moved back in the shadows, Samantha picked up the wall phone in the bathroom and said to someone, “This is Samantha, I’m on duty now, will you please put my name over the door?”

Less than 2 minutes later, the bathroom phone rang and she told the caller thank you.

“Showtime Nicky” she giggled Betturkey Güncel Giriş and shivered, “I still get chills and goose bumps when I turn on that green light, a good sign I love my job huh? Now be quiet and watch.”

Less than one minute after she turned on the green light, the door opened and from the outside light coming into the dark room, I saw the silhouette of a middle aged man enter. I caught a one second glimpse of his face before the door closed, guessing he was in his mid to late 40’s, still in decent shape for his age, wearing a business suit and looking like a salesman. Probably here to get that blowjob that his wife never gives him, before he goes home from work.

As the door closed, I watched his shadow as he navigated towards the wall with the “ORAL” sign under the hole. As he got up to the metal screen, while I couldn’t see his features clearly, I could tell he was somewhat handsome and I was immediately jealous that it wasn’t me on my knees in front of him.

“Hey stud, I’m so horny, do you have a nice hard cock you want Samantha to service for you today?” Samantha said in a very convincing soft sexy female voice as she stood directly in front of the screen so he could get a little look at her in the dark.

“Yes ma’am.” he politely said as he shoved a crisp $50 bill into the hole while he removed his jacket and hung it on the hook on the wall. Samantha took a small pen light and turned it on for a second aiming it on the bill. Once she confirmed it was real, she placed the $50 in a little metal petty cash box on the floor next to her.

“Take it out sugar, let me work my magic on that sweet cock for you. I’m gonna make you feel so good. Come on Daddy, your little girl is soooo hungry.” Samantha cooed in a teasing sultry voice.

It was obvious this guy had been here before and knew the routine. He undid his belt, unbuttoned his slacks, pulled his zipper down, dropped his pants and underwear down to his knees, then waddled up to the hole. In the dim light, I saw Samantha kneeling on a soft foam padded mat on the floor as a rock hard 5, maybe on his best day, 6 inch cut cock, made it’s way through the hole.

“Ooooh my goodness. You are a big boy aren’t you Daddy.” Samantha moaned, turning her head to face me and rolling her eyes at me almost disappointingly as she was obviously stretching the truth quite a bit to stroke his ego.

“Tell me how you like your big Daddy cock sucked. I want this perfect for you. Teach me how to please you, I’m a good student. Teach me Daddy, I’m gonna suck you so good that I’m gonna steal you from your wife.” Samantha giggled as she stopped talking and enclosed her hot wet mouth over the tip of his cock then ran it straight down the shaft to the root.

“Suck it slow baby girl, tease me a little, get it real wet and suck it really slow. I don’t wanna cum too fast.” he almost pleaded with her.

As he now pressed all of his weight into the hole, forcing as much of his cock into it for her to suck, Samantha quickly deep throated his less than average cock over and over again. While I could see she was passionate about it, it was obvious she was also all business. Samantha slobbered her drool all over it, taking the time to mouth his balls and get them soaking wet. I was so jealous wishing it was me sucking him.

“Please slow down baby girl, not too fast, I want it to last a little.” again he pleaded as she began deep throating him again..

Samantha slowed down some, maybe not as much as he wanted, but she made an effort for it to last for him. She swirled and twisted her lips down the shaft as her drool dripped from his rigid cock. She made loud moaning and smacking noises as she almost feverishly impaled his cock over and over to the root while alternating to sucking on the tip.

He groaned and within less than 3 minutes from the moment he stuck his cock in that hole, he started bucking his hips into the like a madman. Samantha locked onto his shaft, never letting up and he let out a loud moan. I saw Samantha’s throat contract and swallow a few times, then she slowed down and lovingly nursed on it.

“Oooooh Daddy, you came so much, and it tasted so good. I think I’m in love.” she giggled still nursing on his deflating cock.

“God damn girl, you sucked my cock so fucking good. I came so hard.” as she now released his softening cock.

Samantha turned to look at me, wiped her wet chin and just smiled. My cock was so hard and I couldn’t wait to get my turn at this.

As he zipped up and started to exit, “You come back and see me real soon Daddy, you have the most perfect cock and it would be an honor and a privilege to service you whenever you need.” Samantha said convincingly.

“Thank you Samantha.” and with that he left.

As soon as the door closed shut, Samantha quickly turned off both lights, indicating she was temporarily closed.

“And that’s how it goes.” she laughed, “Easy Peasy, I just made $25 girl, in less than 5 minutes and to tell you the truth, I would have done it for free.” I knew exactly what she meant, as I would have done it for free too, the money was just a bonus.

“Nicky, it’s 6PM now, don’t you need to get home?” she asked.

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