The Park – Part 2


Carla slipped her phone back into her bra and then moved her attention to the cock on her right-hand side. She could see how its big purplish head was really starting to strain and the veins were clearly bulging along its considerable length. There was a very large droplet of pre-cum which had formed on its tip.She moved her mouth forward and stuck out her tongue, positioning her face as near to the gloryhole opening as she could and then she started licking her way slowly and teasingly along the full length of his shaft. She could feel how much this cock was throbbing as she finally reached the head and then licked off the droplet of pre-cum.Carla opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips fully around its tip, putting its owner out of his misery. She slowly started working her mouth back and forth, deliberately taking this cock deeper into her mouth with each movement of her head until it was almost hitting the back of her throat. She started gasping as she finally pulled back, and she could hear its owner moaning away on the other side of the cubicle wall.She reached across the cubicle with her left hand, wrapping her fingers around the other cock on the other side and began to wank away at it whilst she continued to hungrily suck away at the big cock on her right.She carried on Escort Fikirtepe like this for a couple more minutes before turning the attention of her mouth once again to the cock on her left.As she moved her body over, she licked her lips and pulled that cock’s tight foreskin back, releasing its throbbing head before wrapping her lips around it and slowly taking in as much of its length as she could.Just then her phone buzzed again. She paused her sucking and almost reluctantly let go of both cocks as she reached back into her bra for her phone.It was another message from him. “How far have you got with them? Has that pussy of yours seen any action yet?”She knew exactly what he was wanting her to do as she slipped her phone back into her bra.Carla lifted her skirt up and glanced down at her pussy. She tentatively moved her left hand down between her legs. She couldn’t help but moan softly as her fingers made contact with her clit, and as she ran her fingers through her pussy lips she could feel just how wet she was down there.Her pussy was throbbing away and she couldn’t help but slip her middle finger through her wet folds.She glanced at the cock on her right and noticed that another big droplet of pre-cum had formed on its tip. She couldn’t resist Sancaktepe escort moving her mouth over to it again, licking off the big clear droplet before wrapping her lips around its throbbing head.After sucking away for a few more moments, she pulled back and glanced down at her thong which was still stretched wide between her ankles. She moved her feet together a little and her thong fell to the floor, and carefully she stepped out of her underwear one foot at a time.She slowly stood up off the toilet and began to wriggle her short skirt down over her hips, which also fell to the floor after few seconds. She stepped out of that too before kicking both her skirt and her thong over towards the cubicle door.As Carla had such long legs, combined with the heels on her strappy sandals, her pussy was pretty much level with the height of the gloryholes.She reached into her bra again and pulled out her phone, before turning to face the cock on her right-hand side. She turned and moved her body closer to the wall as she put her camera into video mode again and pressed record.She immediately began filming herself, reaching down with her left hand to hold the cock underneath, moving ever closer to it until its head was pressing up against her clit. üsküdar escort bayan She started rubbing the throbbing and swollen head slowly through her pussy lips, deliberately wanking herself with this stranger’s cock.Carla gasped quietly as she looked down at her phone screen, watching how this cock was now disappearing between her legs.After a few more seconds she stopped recording on her phone, but instead of sending it to him straightaway, she squatted down until this stranger’s cock was level with her face. She could see how its shaft was wet and glistening with her pussy juice and more of his pre-cum. She moaned softly as she moved her head forward, wrapping her mouth around it and tasting her pussy juice.All the time she could hear the owner of the cock moaning with all her attention, and after a few more moments of sucking she stood back up and turned her whole body around to face the left-hand wall.She leant forward and started to wank the cock in the left gloryhole, and as she continued to lean her body over even further, she could now feel the other cock behind her pressing up against her arse as she pretty much sandwiched herself between the cubicle walls.Carla quickly slipped her phone back into her bra, and now with both hands free, she leant forward even further and started to wank and suck the cock in front of her. She spread her legs a little wider apart and she could feel the big head of the other cock pressing right up against her naked arse as she wiggled herself from side to side a little, deliberately teasing this cock as she pushed her arse cheeks back against it.

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