The Old and New I Ch. 02: Hope


I’ve been very busy lately. My life has been going to hell lately, and I don’t think I’ve been in a worse spot. I’m beginning to fear for my life because I may not be able to afford more medication for myself. I hope this isn’t my last entry. I doubt it will be, really. Please don’t worry. I’ll live. In fact, it’s you guys who keep me going. Your support kept me going. Also, please leave me comments. Anything I can use to improve my work, especially from fellow writers. Just please don’t be rude, constructive criticism is one thing, senseless bashing is another. Plus: what do you guys think I should I use for tags and categories for this?

I hope you enjoy.


December 6

Last night, I had the most unusual dream. My mind usually sways from such thoughts, but the dream was kind of…

Esther leaned back from her desk to take a moment to recollect the events of the previous night. The event that forced her to take an early shower and change into her recently bought university-themed pajama t-shirt and bottoms. She took her circular-lenses from her eyes, sending the wood of her desk into a brown blur as she pushed her dark locks from her face. She slid her better set of eyes back onto her nose before continuing to write.

…Interesting. I feel like Laurel’s rubbing off on me. In more ways than one…

A sexual innuendo in her own journal. Esther smirked at the words on her page. She turned her head right to see the frizzed blonde hair mushrooming out from under her dark blue sheets. Laurel really was rubbing off on her; she was turning into a pervert of all things. Before she became too embarrassed and eradicated the humorous words from her canvas, she resumed her marking.

…It began as a lucid dream. I was in complete control up until a moment when this girl appeared. She seemed tauntingly familiar, however I can’t describe her. Almost like she was more of an idea than an entity. She just sort of stole all the power I had, but, at the same time, I…well, liked it. It kind of reminded me of Laurel and me and the first time she found out about *it*. She just took control and-

“Morning, Est.” Esther’s attention was pulled to her right by the crackly and drowsy voice. “Did you sleep well?” Laurel’s head poked out from her sheets, white crust trailing from he corner of her mouth to her left ear.

“Umm…” Esther’s thoughts reconstructed the pair of hands milking her to climax from behind. “…yes, you could say that. How about you? How was your night?”

“Mmmmmnn,” Laurel raised her arms to the ceiling and her jaw to the floor as she silently swallowed a full breath of air. “Probably not as good as yours…” Laurel threw a wink to her roommate before rising to her feet and making her way to the bathroom.

Esther’s eye brows slanted at the motion. What was that supposed to mean? Does she know something? She shook the thoughts from her head. Perhaps she was just teasing her.

The bathroom door shut as Esther turned to resume her writing. Before she could lift her pencil, Laurel’s voice called over fauceting water, firing into its porcelain tank in rapid bursts.

“So, Est,” the door cracked to allow a thin, pale, low-cut T-shirt and a pair of panties to flail into the bedroom. Esther’s eyes followed the clothing as it arced from the bathroom door to the floor in front of her. She quickly tore her eyes from the dirty clothing before her mind could drift. “What do want to do today?”

Relive last night, her mind suggested. “Um, I was hoping to just relax here.” Esther shunned her lustful thoughts.

“Aww, com’mon,” Laurel whined and giggled at once. “You gotta wanna do something.”

Being touched wouldn’t hurt, her mind tugged at her groin and chest simultaneously. “N-nope, nothing in particular comes to mind.” Esther swallowed her urges with all her will. You pussy, her mind snarled. “You dick,” Esther mumbled under the muffled jets of water.

“Hmmm.” Laurel voiced her thought xslot from the waves. “How about a walk to the park or somethin’?”

“Sure, I guess that’s okay.” Esther sighed, half-disappointed with her decision to keep her thoughts silenced.

“Maybe we could stop for breakfast. Maybe just coffee.” Laurel said after a moment of extended silence.

“I don’t drink coffee, Laurel. You know that.” Esther puffed as she threw her pencil to the desk top. She’d have to finish her entry later.

“So? Monty’s sells tea and hot chocolate, too.” Laurel droned. “Don’t be such a drag, Est.”

“I’m not.” Esther defended. “I just don’t care for that taste.”

“Whatever, just be ready when I get out.”

The hot cup contrasted deep winter’s throes and gusts. The smell of the fresh cocoa and caramel over the musk of coffee beans warmed her mind as the cup did her hands and its contents her soul. The amber and auburn bathed her throat and tummy in their essence with each sip. Esther became so engorged that she forgot she was sitting in a booth in a cafe across from her roommate. Laurel simply stared at Esther’s shut lids as she waited for her to fall back to reality.

Esther descended from her high to see the pair of blue eyes meeting her brown. “What?” Esther laughed nervously, a blush burning her cheeks.

“You’re enjoying yourself, huh?” Laurel smiled. “Does it taste good?”

“Yes, I am and yes, it is.” Esther sat her cup on the table top and replaced its space in her hand with a cranberry scone. “Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Oh yeah,” Laurel nodded, sipping from her caramel macchiato.

Esther could hardly meet Laurel’s eyes. Ever since their friendship had evolved into “friends-with-benefits”, she’d had trouble speaking face to face with her. It was different when Laurel would handle her. Esther didn’t need to say anything; she only needed to enjoy. Esther’s nylon clad legs shifted beneath the table as she recalled the past moments they shared. She tucked her blushing cheeks into her turtleneck sweater in an attempt to shield her embarrassment.

“Hey, Est,” Laurel leaned in, a smirk creeping onto her face. “Let me taste that.” She pointed to the plated scone through her hoodie’s sleeve.

Esther pulled her face from her sweater. “I told you you should’ve gotten your own if you wanted one.”

Laurel let out a defeated puff. “Fine, then let me taste you hot chocolate.”

Esther reached over to her cup but before she could lift it, she felt a warm pair of lips press against her own. A soft tongue played at her mouth’s gate until breaking in though to wrestle passionately with the pink muscle within. Esther’s eyes fell shut as she allowed Laurel inside her, the taste of coffee and caramel on her tongue making the moment bittersweet. Esther let out a soft moan as her tongue was massaged tenderly by Laurel.

Her roommate suddenly broke the lock and slumped back into her side of the booth, sipping on her coffee with a pink hue glowing on her cheeks. Her eyes darted around the shop as if to check if anybody had been peeping at them as Esther remained in a blank daze. As soon as their kiss came to its abrupt end, her eyes had shot back open and had been staring blankly at nothing. It was her first, and it was one she wouldn’t soon forget.

“It tastes good,” Laurel mumbled, trying to maintain a casual demeanor. “I can see why you you got it.”

Esther was still speechless. Her first kiss. It came without warning, but it felt as she expected it to. Her heart fluttered as she silently wished that their kiss could have lasted a bit longer. As her mind finally began to come down, she could feel her pantyhose constricting her arousal. Her face burned as hot as her cocoa. Esther stuffed her hands into her lap, lifting the checkered tablecloth over her waist to hide her bulge.

Laurel stifled a giggle. “Already? All I did was kiss you!”

Esther’s face glowed brighter. “Laurel,” xslot Giriş she whined.

“It’s not my fault you’re so quick to rise to the occasion.” Laurel couldn’t hold her laughter.

Esther buried her face in her hands, unable to cope with her embarrassment. Laurel chuckled at the poor girl’s reaction. She always thought Esther’s embarrassment was adorable. She wanted to see a little more.

Esther kept her eyes against her palms. “Why do you always have to say stuff like-?” Her voice cut to a squeak as she felt a pleasurable pressure on her bulge.

“Mmmm.” Laurel purred, the ball of her socked foot rubbing against Esther’s shaft under the table. Her toes curled around the constricted head beneath her skirt. “Not too loud now, we ARE in a restaurant.”

Esther clasped her lips shut along with her eyes. Laurel smirked, pleased with the reaction. Her toes followed the curve of Esther’s undershaft, beginning at the base, tracing up to her mushroom cap. Her digits held the tender head between them, dancing in her ridges. Esther could barely muffle a moan in her barred teeth, her pantyhose growing moist with her dew. Laurel brought up her other foot, her toes teasing at her lower lips as she continued to stroke her roommate’s concealed shaft. Her largest digit swirled around Esther’s bud as her smaller digits prodded at her entrance through the fabric. Esther threw her head to the back of the booth.

“L-Laurel…” Esther moaned, feeling her climax nearing.

“Close already, Est?” Laurel’s tone fueled Esther’s pleasure.

Laurel’s sultry smile melted from her face. “Oh shit,” she muttered though she made no effort to cease her teasing. “Be cool.”

Esther cracked her eyes opened only to let her heart stop. Their waitress bounded to their booth on a light wind, her night-shaded hair broken by streaks of red and a crimson frost along the edges of each follicle’s tip bouncing with each step, a name tag reading Ruby over her immature left breast slightly torn from a failure to remove the sticker properly.

“Hey guys,” she slid to a stop in front of the table. “How’s everything?”

“Everything’s bangin’ over here, Ruby.” Laurel took the initiative to speak, her feet picking up their pace beneath the table, hidden only by the tablecloth. She looked over to see Esther was barely keeping her cool. An even naughtier idea crept into her mind. “How about you, Esther? Is everything good for you?”

Esther’s legs quivered as she forced herself to glare at her roommate, who casually brushed her blonde locks from her eyes as she propped her head up with her hands cupping her chin. “Y-yeS, iT’s PeRfeCt…” She fumbled with the letters on her tongue.

Laurel’s lips perked into a smile. “Actually, Ruby, can we get another one’a them scones? They look pretty good.”

Ruby nodded with a broad grin. “Sure, guys.”

Once Ruby made her leave, Esther lost control, her head twitched between Laurel’s feet, constrained by her pantyhose. Her length pulsed its hot fluids to the surface, splitting her cream against the tight fabrics only to bleed through to Laurel’s socks. Esther leaned forward onto the table, clasping her hand over her mouth to hold in a moan.

Laurel pouted at the feeling between her toes. “Est… Ya gotta make a mess all the time?”

Esther released her mouth. “You started it.” She whispered, her face ignited.

Laurel smiled with a similar heat to her cheeks. “Well, I guess I should end it.”

“What are you talking about?” Esther began to come down from her high.

“Meet me in the bathroom after you pay the check.” Laurel stuffed her feet back into her shoes, before leaning into Esther’s ear. “We can’t have you going out in the cold all wet, can we?”

Esther entered the bathroom, silent and nervous. Her hands were clenched over her concealed, sticky secret. Her nerves were spiking as neared drove deeper inside. The door shut behind her with a squeak. A xslot Güncel Giriş pair of hands gripped her bosom from behind, taking up hardy handfuls of her chest. Esther let out a whimper and cringed from the sudden gesture.

“You ready?” Laurel purred behind her.

Esther nodded in silence. “I’m just nervous.”

Laurel loosened her hold, reducing her squeezes to a gentle fondle. “Don’t worry, Est. I won’t go too hard. We’ll take this slow.”

From behind, Laurel led Esther to a stall, plopping her down on the toilet. Laurel met her cocoa-flavored lips again to trace the inside of her cheek. She pecked her way down, trailing down her neck to her chest, all the while massaging the girl’s thighs. It didn’t take much to get a rise out of Esther again. Already, she was back to her throbbing glory.

Laurel fell to her haunches between Esther’s legs. She pulled down her coverings to reveal the sticky appendage to the cold air. She smirked before pressing her lips against the base of her roommate’s shaft. Each kiss brought a swirl of her tongue to swirl about her sensitive skin. Esther’s thighs shifted involuntarily at the hot muscle’s touch. Laurel dragged her tongue up the length to her head. She kissed her tip before parting her lips to swallow her entire shaft. Laurel took Esther’s entirety, bobbing her head up and down a few times, gliding her tongue along her undershaft as she soaked in the familiar taste.

Esther let out a moan over the wet smacks of Laurel’s maneuver. At the sound of her roommate’s pleasure, Laurel pulled off the length with a pop. Esther looked down to her partner, her legs quivering from the sudden end.

Laurel went back to massaging Esther’s thighs. “What’s wrong?” She cooed, teasingly. “I got ya all clean. If there’s something else you want, you’d better tell me.”

Esther blushed, unable to make eye contact again. “Please…Laurel.”

Laurel smirked up at Esther. “At least let me see those pretty eyes.”

Esther brought her eyes down to Laurel with her heart pounding in against her ribs. Her blue eyes seemed welcoming and warm. She couldn’t hold her gaze with her roommate.

Laurel kissed the underside of her twitching tip in response to Esther’s shyness. She slid her tongue along her tender ridges. She could feel her twitches increasing. Laurel’s hand clamped sharply around the base of Esther’s shaft, forcing out a gasp from the girl.

“Not so fast, quickshooter.” Laurel smirked. “Let’s try to make it last a little bit more, okay?”

Esther’s eyes darted nervously. “Okay.” She murmured.

Loosening her grip, Laurel pulled her hand up the veined length only to sharply slap her thighs in a stroke. Pumping her base, she took her head in her mouth, twisting her wet muscle about her tender cap. She suckled on the edge of her tip, slipping down her underside and sliding back up. Esther whimpered as her head released a spurt of dew against Laurel’s cheek.

“Gettin’ close?” Laurel played.

Esther pushed herself against Laurel’s face, her tip still leaking. She could bring herself to respond with anything more than a nod.

Pleased, Laurel placed her swallowed her length completely once more, feeling Esther’s legs bucking at her limit. Laurel ripped off the length at the last moment of Esther’s ascension to grasp her shaft harshly, feeling her pulse vigorously. Her cum pushed up slowly and steadily, prolonging her pleasure as her fluids gradually climbed to the surface, oozing over Laurel’s hands. After a Esther has released most of her milk, Laurel began to wring her tired length out.

“Satisfied?” Laurel looked up to her partner with a broad smile.

Esther pulled up her covers as Laurel rinsed washer her hands in the bathroom sink. She wanted to speak up. To ask her why. Why they did this, why Laurel even helped her the first time. Did this mean something? Or was it just a means to please herself? She wanted to believe it was something more, but she’d never know unless she asked. Just a few words away.

Esther came back to earth as a pair of lips smacked her across the cheek.

“Com’mon,” Laurel took her hand. “We’re still on a date.”

Enough said.

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