The Meter Man Cometh


I work as a meter reader for one of Britain’s big power supply companies, reading householders’ supply meters. It’s not the most glamorous of jobs I’ll grant you, but it does sometimes have its little perks, and I’ve seen quite a few sights in my years on the job. I recently worked in a reasonably well off area of town, collecting data from electricity meters installed inside the properties. This involves knocking on doors and entering the premises and is usually a two minute job, I say usually because at one house I got quite a surprise. I was nearing my lunch break when I knocked on, what to me at the time, was just another door. That is until the door opened. I’ll admit to being shocked because standing there in the open doorway was a guy wearing absolutely nothing, not even carpet slippers, and I tried my best at being nonchalant as I introduced myself and displayed my credentials. “I’m here to read your meter,” I said as I quickly checked him over. Well, what else could I do? He never moved. “Yeah, no problem. It’s through here,” he replied, finally moving and closing the door behind me. I followed him, and despite considering myself straight, I liked the look of Maltepe Escort his arse. I’d say he was in his thirties and that, while not being a hunk, he had a good body. “I hope you don’t mind my lack of clothing, but I like being naked at home,” he said as we walked through his house. “Errr, no,” I stammered, “It’s your house. Besides, if I looked that good I might well do the same.” WHAT! What the fuck did I just say. I couldn’t believe I’d just said that, but it was true. “Here it is,” the guy said as he opened a door from the hall which turned out to be a small cloakroom with toilet and sink, “and thanks for the compliment.” I didn’t answer, but just knelt down to read the numbers on his meter. As I knelt, he just stood there, and I got a free view of his cock and could have sworn it had grown as we’d walked from his front door. As cocks go, not that I was an expert you understand, it was a decent looking one, cut and shaved at the base, and I was right, growing in size; this guy was turned on, and I must say I was starting to be as well. I entered his meter details into my hand-held computer and was about to stand when he spoke. “Do Maltepe Escort Bayan you like my cock?” He asked. I looked at it and saw a bead of precum oozing from his piss slit and then looked up at him and then back at his cock, which was now rock hard and just inches from my face. Don’t ask why I did what I did, but I did something I never thought I would. I opened my mouth and with the tip of my tongue caught what was now a thin thread of precum and swallowed it, then touched the tip of his cock before taking the head into my mouth. “Oh my,” I heard him moan as, with my heart now pounding, I took another couple of inches of him into my mouth. I liked the taste and smell of him, and as I said, despite considering myself straight, set about sucking him, doing what past girlfriend’s and my ex-wife had done with me. I reached out and placed my hands on his hips, pulling him and pushing him as my head went back and forth along his shaft. Then I felt his hands on my head. “Oh God that feels good,” he panted, as he held my head still and began fucking my mouth. I managed to keep to just the first three inches or so of him as I didn’t want Escort Maltepe him shoving his cock further into me, and he seemed happy with that and I was, strangely, enjoying this new experience. “I didn’t plan to do this you understand,” he said, “I really didn’t. I’m not gay. I have a wife. It must have been the moment.” Moment or not, he was hard, horny and leaking copious amounts of precum into my once virgin mouth, and he wasn’t the only one who was horny. My own cock was growing harder and trying desperately to expand, but given my present position, it had little chance of that. I needed to move. I’d also moved my hands slightly and was now enjoying the feel of his soft arse cheeks and had been squeezing them as I sucked him. But I was becoming uncomfortable and needed to stand. He let out a moan of disappointment as I slid my mouth from his cock and rose from my kneeling position, finally allowing my cock to expand. “Is there something wrong? I’m sorry if I’ve…” he began to say. “Nothing’s wrong. I want to fuck you” “Yes….yes,” he stammered. What the fuck had I just said. I want to fuck him. I could hardly believe it, but I was so turned at that moment and he truthfully looked hot. His cock was still hard and another long thread of precum had formed and hung from it, reaching half way down his thigh. I pulled him towards me and kissed him. At first we were just touching lips but it quickly progressed to touching tongues, then tongues in mouths.

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