The Gimp’s Toy Pt. 06: Final Chapter


Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of violence and non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.

Just want to say thank you for reading! Had a blast writing it! Wasn’t sure what to do with the ending but decided on this. Hope you enjoy!


Atticus sat on the porch of his old farmhouse enjoying a cigarette. The farm was quaint and secluded. A once nicely cared for property overgrown and muddy, a dead sunflower garden near the entrance of the house and a large pond in the center of the property. The farmhouse was a comfortable size, two floors with four bedrooms, two bathrooms a small dining room, decent kitchen and spacious living room. The beauty of the old farmhouse was juxtaposed by the old barn across from it. What was once a place to hold prized thoroughbreds was now used for a breeding of a different kind. The stalls were broken, the roof leaked, and the building could no longer hold protection from the elements. Whatever temperature was outside the old barn seemed to be magnified within its walls. Atticus loved his barn, and the memories it held. It was sadists paradise, secluded, dark with a large forest forming behind.

He drew a deep breath blowing smoke into the air. Beside him sat Loki and Gimp. The two men dressed in their Master’s choice of uniform, one in full latex the other in his familiar pup gear. Both took their seat on either side of Atticus, waiting for a command.

Gimp didn’t know what he was waiting for, but he kept his eyes out for another car. Nervously waiting for pet to be dragged kicking and screaming. His stomach twisted in displeasure. Was Ajax okay? Was he hurt? Did the brute go to hard? The uncertainty of his former Master’s fate made him queasy. Atticus would never harm another top. Would he?

“I think this moment needs a beer. Loki fetch your master a cold drink, after see to it the barn is ready. I want to make sure it’s worthy of a visit from the pet.” Atticus said with a smile.

Atticus leaned back enjoying his cigarette. He watched his pup walk off into the house. He smiled holding the cigarette over Gimp, allowing the man to catch the falling ash.

“Missed having you here. You were always good at conversation.” Atticus laughed. “Sorry bad joke.”

Gimp faked a smile causing Atticus to chuckle.

“Still obedient as hell. How long has it been since you were last here?”

Gimp raised his hand showing four fingers.

“Wow, four years huh? And Ajax gave up four years like that. You must have really fucked up.”

It felt like a dagger went through Gimp’s heart. He felt himself wince. The creek of old wood grew closer and Loki came out with an open cold beer. He handed the beverage to Atticus before returning to the barn with a large briefcase.

“Don’t worry Gimp. With his pet gone he’ll probably take you back. He’ll need something to keep his mind off it. Never met anyone have a fit over a slave like that.” Atticus looked to see Gimp staring blankly forward. He followed the man’s gaze to the trail behind the barn. It led to a dense cluster of trees followed by a collection of raspberry bushes. “You’re worried he’ll get the old yeller treatment.” Atticus laughed as the man swallowed nervously. “Relax, no use in wasting a fine ass like that. Although would be kinda funny to see how Ajax would react. You think he’d cry?”

Gimp’s fist curled up. He withheld the urge to attack Atticus. He simply stared forward onto the barn and the woods. The change in demeanor didn’t go unnoticed.

“You’re still protective over him. Tell me this and answer honestly… well as much as you can. Does this pet feel the same way about Ajax as you? Would it jump to his defense as you do?”

Gimp slowly shook his head. Atticus let out a sigh and ran his hand over Gimp’s head.

“Then it would be a shame to let someone such as Ajax be served by such a selfish slave.”

The conversation was cut by the squeak of tires. An old beat up car rolled up into the gravel parking lot. It’s loud engine announcing it’s arrival. Atticus smiled getting to his feet.

“Our guest has arrived Gimp. Let’s give him a warm welcome.”

Jonah watched as the car door opened. There was nothing to do as they hauled him out. He was tossed onto the earth, his face hitting the ground hard causing him to bite his lip a little. There was a kick to his side and based on the hard boot he knew it was Kratos. He rolled to his side to see a pair of brown leather boots by his head. He looked up. Atticus was staring down at him. Smiling his sick smile, his bright blue eyes sparkling.


Jonah didn’t know if he should scream or not. He looked around desperately trying to figure out where he was. It was hard to see bound and gagged on the ground. Within his line of site, he saw a pond and an old brick house.

“Take the gag out,” Atticus ordered.

Jonah choked in fresh air when the old underwear was removed. The smell of sweat, musk and come slowly diminishing, the taste however would Cebeci Escort take a while to wash out. He stared up at the two men in from of him. His eyes fell on Gimp. Rage filled him. He knew it, he knew Gimp would turn on Ajax and him. He knew the man would want revenge.

Gimp’s guilt increased as Jonah glared at him. The man was neither screaming nor crying, he put up no fight. He wished Jonah would cry, sob like he usually did but nothing. No irritating begging or girlish weeps to fuel Gimp’s anger. Gimp’s eyes then went to the men standing behind Jonah. Kratos had a massive erection pressing against his black pants. The two slaves beside him, Carter and Jaxon, looked up at Atticus waiting further instructions. They both looked a little shaken, surely uncomfortable with stealing from a Master.

“Thanks boys,” Atticus replied, “you two can leave now. Tomorrow Jonah will be joining you. He’s a cute boy, he’ll need a room in a parlor. Take him to Rick’s, they tend to deal with the wealthier clientele.”

“Yes Master,” the two replied quietly before returning to their car.

Jonah heard the old engine start up again and with a screech the car pulled off. Atticus’s cold words rang throughout his ears and with that his sense of freedom eroding. He bit his lip hard, not wanting to cry. Gimp wasn’t looking at him now but glancing to his own feet. Atticus leaned down, his cold blue eyes freezing Jonah.

“Welcome to my farm. I think you’ll have a good time here. I know my pups have been wanting to play with you again.”

Jonah felt his façade start to chip away. His breathing had become ragged and shaky. He couldn’t turn to look away from Atticus. With each word the man spoke he felt his bravery dwindle. He accidently let out a sobbing breath. Tears springing to the surface.

“That’s right. You’ll spend a night with us here then tomorrow you’ll start earning your place.” Jonah was crying softly into the dirt now. “Ajax let you off too easy. Honeymoon is over sweetheart.” Atticus rose to his feet. “Bring him to the barn.”

Kratos hauled Jonah to his feet. Half carrying half dragging the frightened boy to the decrepit barn. Atticus followed behind a smile on his face and two men by his side. The barn door opened with a creak revealing the warped decorations.

Jonah’s blood ran cold when he was forced inside. The barn was hot and humid, a heavy stink of metal and water hung in the air. Jonah’s eyes first fell onto the St. Andrew Cross. Then to a large circular table, it looked more like a wheel than anything. There were large hooks embedded on the side. A hand pushed him, and he stumbled forward. He shuffled his legs as he was forced to walk further into the barn. He watched a pair of chains dangle in front of him. Attached were heavy steel cuffs, the type you’d see in a medieval dungeon. That’s what this was, medieval. Jonah felt like he stepped through a time warp, entering a sadistic time he read about in history books.

“Alright, rack him up.”

Jonah yelled as the duct tape was torn from him, ripping bits of skin and removing the hair it was over. Kratos pushed him forward. Jonah didn’t fight, there was no reason to. With four men surrounding him there wasn’t any escape. He felt his arms being raised and the shackles being locked into place. A pair of hands gripped his shirt.

“Wait!” Atticus called, “I want to do that.”

Jonah’s eyes widened as Atticus stepped forward with a large Bowie knife. Unlike the barn he was in the knife was cared for. The blade glinted, clean and shining, showing the reflection of its next victim. Atticus was now mere inches from him. He waved the knife tauntingly before shredding Jonah’s clothes. He removed the shirt first, then the pants. Atticus licked his lips at the site of the silky red panties. He circled Jonah moaning as he saw the plump backside. Jonah closed his eyes in shame as he felt Atticus stare at his ass. The panties barely covered his rump, the bottom half of his cheeks hanging out. With a small tear the underwear fell free. Revealing Jonah’s bubble butt.

“Now I know what Ajax sees in you.” There was a loud slapping noise as Atticus brought his hand down.

Jonah winced in pain, the hand came down again harder, eliciting a sharp yelp. Jonah’s ass begins to burn red as Atticus spanked him. He could feel the outline of the man’s hand and the welts begin to grow. He winced uncomfortably. Ajax never hit him, never like this. He enjoyed bottoming but never quite leaned in towards impact. Pain was never a motive, nor did it grant him pleasure. He relaxed slightly when the hitting stopped. Atticus moved in front of him.

Jonah watched as the knife danced before him. It was right in front of his face this time. The edge of the blade teasing him. He jumped when it touched his face. Atticus chuckled, dragging the blade down Jonah’s cheek. Jonah gasped as he felt the blade nick him. Atticus pulled the knife away smirking. Jonah watched with Kolej Escort disgust as he brought the knife to his mouth and licked the blade.

“Now before we get anything started, we need to get rid of this.”

Jonah watched as the knife was brought to his neck. He closed his eyes in fear of what Atticus planned to do. There was a cutting sound and he felt a cool breeze on his neck. There was a soft thud as something fell to the ground. Jonah opened his eyes to see his collar torn in two on the floor.

“No!” Jonah shrieked in despair. Pulling against his shackles as his artifact of devotion lay on the dirty ground. He wanted to lean over, to pick it up and clean it. Even if he couldn’t wear it, he could at least hold it… smell it.

Atticus placed his boot on the collar rubbing it into the dirt. The silver detailing now brown, the burgundy leather half buried in the muck. Jonah sobbed harder, yelling at Atticus as he defiled his most sacred possession.

“Slaves are fucking hilarious. You cry at the weirdest thing. Didn’t say much about being pimped out but a collar. No, we just can’t lose that.” Atticus turned his attention to his pups.

“Alright, looks like he’s up and ready. First one to get inside him gets to breed him first. Second… well sloppy seconds.” Atticus looked to Gimp, “should be fun to watch. Get me another beer, and maybe something to eat. I’ve really worked up an appetite.”

Gimp didn’t hesitate. He moved out of the barn before he could watch Atticus’s game unfold. He could hear Jonah’s shrieks behind him. He quickened his pace to the house, trying to get away from those gut-wrenching cries.

The moment he shut the front door behind him he collapsed. Falling to his knees crying in his hands. He quickly removed his mask wiping his eyes.

“Fuck, Fuck!” He could still hear Jonah’s cries from the barn. The hysterical shrieks had morphed into guttural choking sobs. Gimp could pick up on loud yells every few seconds, in rhythm of a brutal fucking. Gimp pushed himself up the wall, forcing himself to stand up. It was then he noticed Atticus’s cellphone lying on the counter next to a bowl of keys. He quickly grabbed the phone turning it on. He rummaged through the contacts, quickly finding Ajax. He began to type.

Master A. It’s Gimp, do not reply to this message. Atticus took Jonah to his farm.

Gimp quickly sent the message before deleting it. He placed the phone back in its earlier position then walked to the kitchen. He settled on making something that would take a bit of time, not wanting to watch the torment Jonah was going through. He opened the fridge pulling out some chicken.

Chains rattled and moaning was echoing through the barn. Jonah moved like a ragdoll as Kratos pummeled into him. Jonah had decided to keep his eyes shut, not wanting to see Loki drool over him or Atticus’s smile. Kratos’ heavy balls slapped against him. The man’ sweat dripped on him. The pain was no longer unbearable, and the fucking even provided some pleasure. He could feel his cock start to harden and Atticus’s laughter.

Kratos took Jonah’s arousal as motivation to fuck harder. He grunted and slammed his hips with such force Jonah was lifted from the ground. He felt himself scream internally. He wanted his erection to subside, he didn’t want to be enjoying this… but he did. Fuck was his body enjoying this.

The severity of the situation was lost among the feeling of a thick cock drilling deep inside him. He could almost think it was Ajax… almost. He bit his lip suppressing a moan as he felt himself shudder. He could hear heavy panting as he felt the massive cock massage him. It pierced deep inside him, causing him to moan with each thrust.

“Come in him pup, fucking breed that bitch.” Atticus grinned at the blood trickling from Jonah’s ass. “She’s in heat too. Perfect time to fill her up.”

Jonah’s body quaked as he felt the cock inside him start to convulse. It felt hot, so hot. Kratos shot load after load inside of Jonah’s tight chute. Jonah instinctively tried to pull away, only to have Kratos follow his movements. The thrusting slowed and Kratos squeezed his balls, milking every last drop of come into the boy’s ass. He gave a grunt and pulled away.

“Good boy,” Atticus complimented, “Now it’s your turn Loki. Stick her.”

Jonah barely had time to catch his breath before he felt Loki on him. The man’s cock began to prod at his hole, using the blood and come as lube. Jonah winced as the warm member slid inside him. It didn’t hurt as much as when Kratos entered but he still struggled to get used to the size. He was relieved that Kratos managed to get inside first, without the stretching he didn’t think he could take Loki. His legs trembled as he felt the mushroom head stroke his prostate.


“You liking it?” Atticus asked teasingly causing Jonah to blush, “that’s alright. A bitch that likes getting bred sells easier. Go for it, make her Yenimahalle Escort come Loki. Humor it.”

No, no no no. Jonah’s eyes rolled in the back of his head. He let out a low moan as the man began to deliver slow, deep thrusts. His hands trembled and he clutched the chains. He was whimpering the way he did with Ajax, he couldn’t believe it. Loki would roll his hips causing his penis to slowly stretch out Jonah, filling him completely. The pup would then give a fast, brutal thrust, impaling himself on the quivering boy. Jonah fought to catch his breath, his toes began to curl as his cock pulsed. With one more thrust he felt himself explode. With a small cry he shot his load. Quickly twisting himself away when a massive spurt landed on his collar.

“There, it can’t be all that bad. You creamed yourself.”

Jonah stared in shock. Atticus’s cold laughter taunting him, the rattling chains only further cementing his shame. He began sobbing again, giving into his demise. No longer fighting his enjoyment of being a bitch. Hell, if he was going to be sold as a breeder might as well enjoy it. He tossed his head back biting his lip. This caused Loki to grab his messy black hair yanking it hard.

The barn door opened, and Gimp came in holding Atticus’s meal. It was a large club sandwich with chips on the side. In his free hand he held a small stool and Atticus’s beer. He set the stool up beside the round table. Placing Atticus’s meal and beverage.

Atticus smiled sitting himself to enjoy his meal. “Maybe I should keep you around just for this.” He took a bite of the sandwich. “After Loki’s done put him on the cross, I’m sure you want to fuck him.”

Gimp didn’t reply. His eyes were on the young man chained in place. Loki was really giving it to him. The chains rattled and the boy cried in rhythm with the thrusts. The pup was panting hard, Gimp could tell he was close to blowing his load. Loki quickly looked over his shoulder meeting Atticus’s gaze.

“Go ahead pup, you can come.”

Relief washed over Jonah as the man filled him up. He could feel the hot liquid swish inside of him. It made him feel nauseous and aroused. When Loki pulled out it left his hole gaping. It felt rather uncomfortable as it spasmed trying to regain its regular form. Jonah grimaced when a large glob of come fell out his hole dripping down his thigh onto the dirt. He hung exhausted, feeling dirtier than ever, wanting nothing more than to close his eyes and be done with the day. The come dripping down his thigh further cementing his shame.

“Alright Gimp, you’re turn. Put him on the cross and fuck him hard. I have a present for him when you’ve finished.”

Not wanting to anger Atticus, Gimp walked to Jonah. The young man began to squirm when Gimp entered his personal space. The young man was crying softly, struggling to keep himself up. He pulled at the chains trying to escape the latex fingers reaching for him. Gimp braced Jonah when he uncuffed him, allowing the young man to collapse into him.

Jonah pushed himself to his feet, not wanting to be supported by such a man. His trembling however made his independence rather difficult. Gimp kept a firm hold and walked him to the cross. Jonah’s legs shook with each step, his body expelling more of the substance deposited inside.

“Aw, looks like a baby deer.” Atticus chuckled.

Gimp looked over Jonah. The young man was now bound to the cross, his back and ass exposed. He eyed the young man’s bubble butt, forcing himself to think of the tight chute and how incredible it felt. It wasn’t long until his cock was hard. He unbuttoned his crotch allowing his thick cock to spring free.

Jonah felt himself jump when the man touched him. Gimp stroked his back softly. Jonah was surprised by the kind touch. The man leaned in and he felt a mouth beside his ear.

“I’ll try not to hurt you. All this will be over soon.”

Jonah could barely hear the words being whispered into his ear. He felt Gimp’s mushroom head poke at his entrance and with a slow smooth thrust he felt the thick member slide inside. Jonah gasped out. Happy to be filled again, thankful for the slow insertion. It gave him time to relax into it and eased his torn entrance. Pretty soon he was hard again. He moaned as his cock began to rub against the cross.

Gimp increased the speed of his thrusts. Once he heard soft whimpers from the boy, he began to work him; knowing a soft fucking wouldn’t impress Atticus. The moment he felt Jonah push back he began to ravish the boy with brute force. Causing the entire cross to shake and Atticus to cheer.

“Fuck her, rip her!”

Jonah was panting hard, the pleasure he was feeling being the only thing holding him awake at this point. He had reached a point of exhaustion he only imagined professional athletes feeling. His muscles burned and body ached. He let out a yell as he received a particularly hard thrust. He felt the cock inside him start to twitch and he knew what was going to happen. He bit his lip bracing for the third load this evening.

Gimp grunted, rotating his hips grinding the ass before him. He couldn’t hold it off any longer. He slammed into Jonah a final time shooting deep inside the boy. He heard a moan escape Jonah’s lips and felt him shake. He knew the young man had just come as well. Better yet Atticus hadn’t noticed.

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