The Cabin by the Lake Day 01


It had been a long hike from the car park, up through the woods to the cabin on the lake for Mick, Jake, Emma and Alice. Weary from the hike, Jake and Alice took themselves off to the cabin to rest while Mick and Emma collected two deck chairs and the cooler full of beers and walked down to the lake. As Mick unfolded the chairs, Emma pulled off her shirt and then slid down her shorts and panties. Completely naked, she waded into the lake, gliding her hands back and forth, her fingertips stirring the cool refreshing water.

Inside the cabin, Alice was also peeling off her shorts. Watching from on the bed, Jake was suddenly aroused at the sight of her tight clinging panties and the delicious camel toe the hid. Climbing off the bed, he crossed to her and pinned her against the wall as his hand slipped effortlessly down inside her panties. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him hard as his fingers delved into her sweaty pussy, searching out her already hard clit.

Mick laid back in his chair, staring out at the glistening water and the silhouette of his naked girlfriend waist deep in it. God she was lovely. Those pendulous breasts with their hard nipples and the curve of her back and those lovely hips half submerged. He wanted her and it showed. Inside his board shorts, his cock was hard and curved, straining with desire for her.

Alice came with a muffled moan, her silivri escort whole body shaking on Jake’s fingertips. Desperate for more, she took his hand and dragged him to the bed. Reefing down her panties, she bent over, her legs spread wide for him. Straight away he was behind her, stiff cock in hand, searching for her wet opening. Finding it, he lunged into her, pushing her down on the bed and thrusting hard against her lovely cheeks, They were done in seconds, both of them. He stood there panting, the last drop of cum dripping from his cock as she laid sprawled on the bed, a little white stream leaking from between her pussy lips.

Lost in his revere of his maid in the lake, Mick didn’t even notice Alice coming from the cabin until she was right next to him. Dressed in nothing but Jake’s shirt, she bent over two get two beers from the cooler. As her shirt rode up, he couldn’t help but notice her nice round behind and the lovely pink wet slit nestled beneath. Even though he was taken and they were all old friends who had seen each other naked many times, the sight of that pussy right then looked so good. He couldn’t help but watch that lovely round ass as she walked back to the cabin with the beers in hand.

A movement on the horizon took his attention and he watched as his woman waded from the lake, naked and dripping. merter escort Slowly, she dried herself with a towel, saving between her legs for last, making sure he was watching as she rubbed herself dry. Kneeling down beside his chair, she grasped his swollen cock through his shorts.

“Is that for me or for her?” she asked playfully, slowly stroking him through his shorts.

“Like you need to ask.” he replied, his hips starting to rise in fucking motions against her hand.

She straddled his deck chair, grasping his shorts, he raised himself and she pulled them down. Taking his cock in her hand, she rubbed his swollen head against her pussy and finally pressing it to her wet opening, she sat down hard on him, driving his rigid cock deep inside herself. He was just starting to thrust himself up to fuck her when she stood up slipping him out and leaving his cock jerking and aching to cum. “All mine.” she said with an evil grin, bending and kissing the tip before walking off to the cabin, buck naked and trailing the towel behind her. Although desperate to cum, Mick decided against pulling his cock, instead, he would wait and fill her with so much cum it would be running down her legs before she could reach the toilet, the teasing bitch.

The afternoon over and the sun going down, they had steaks on the BBQ and mecidiyeköy escort the beers were flowing, They were all in high spirits all except for Alice. Having cum earlier but not experiencing the big one, the tummy twitching, insides churning orgasm she craved, she sat there, drunk on beers, her pussy throbbing for release.

“Someone suck me or fuck me.” She slurred, opening her legs and pulling her panties aside, baring her shaved wet pussy.

“No you don’t.” said Emma, her hand pressed against the bulge in Mick’s pants, quelling the thought of himself and his friend tag-teaming the wanton woman with the spread wet cunt. Edging him into the shadows, she pulled out his cock and started rubbing it as they watched Jake squat between Alice’s legs and start to lick at her pussy hungrily. Emma crouched and took Mick into her mouth, sucking him deep down into her throat. His hands were on her head as he thrust his cock into her as he watched his friend lap at Alice’s delicious pussy. Panting, Emma rose up, hungry for cock, turning around and bending over, her legs spread wide. He thrust against her hard, driving his throbbing cock as far inside her as he could. Faster and faster he drove into Emma, watching his friend, watching him insert his cock in Alice’s wet cunt, feeling Emma’s pussy gripping his hard cock tighter and tighter. Incensed and desperate to cum, he grabbed Emma’s hips and drove himself as hard inside her as he could.

Emma came on him, thrusting herself hard backwards onto his cock. He pulled out just in time, just in time to squirt thick strands of warm cum all over her wet pussy.

In the distance, they heard Alice cum, her loud screams telling them she had got the big orgasm she was waiting for.

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