Tell Me


I pull the kitchen curtain aside and laugh to myself as I watched Sarah try, and fail, to up-end a bucket of sudsy water onto the top of her Jeep; her hand slipping on the bottom, the slow-motion tumble, the shocked splutter and gasp as the floating sponge, then the cold, soapy wave splooshes down on top of her head, and makes its way down. I don’t think any even reaches the driveway; she managed to get it all on herself. Utterly drenched, she stands for a moment in the classic robot pose; arms straight and away from her body, leaning forward to keep the wet tee-shirt away from her skin, eyes wide, cursing like a sailor. She sees me watching and laughing and shoots me a dirty look, then gives me the finger for good measure before clomping and sloshing her way to the kitchen door.

I pull the door open and she’s standing there glaring, looking like a drowned kitten, and her eyes narrow and I can’t help but laugh again.

“I’m not laughing at you baby, I’m laughing with you.” I say.

“I’m not laughing. Now shut up and get me a towel, I’m freezing.”

I’m still grinning and chuckling as I toss her a towel.

“Yeah, keep it up, funny man.” She says, and tries her glare on me again, but her mouth is quirking up at the corners too. She shucks her wet jeans and tee shirt right there in the kitchen, and toga-wraps the towel around herself. “I’m taking a shower.”

She dodges my kiss with a laugh and I help her on her way with a swat on the ass that makes her skip down the hall.

She comes out barefoot, in a pair of my boxers and a tight, long-sleeved grey ribbed cotton shirt. I can see her belly button, and the taper of her flat belly beneath the bottom of the shirt, and her hips barely hold up my boxers as she pads into the kitchen still toweling her hair. I pull the towel off of her head and she looks more like a wet kitten than ever, and I laugh again, and kiss her, and smell her clean citrusy smell, and taste the skin on her neck a little. She puts her arms around my neck, reaching up, and sags against me a little, and I put my hands under her shirt and she’s warm and smooth and soft. Her cheeks are flushed from the heat, and she tucks her head under my chin and her hair is still wet and dark. She keeps one are around my neck and takes my drink with her free hand, and sips it and makes a face.

“Geesh that’s yucky.”

She hands it back to me. Starts toweling her hair again.

“It’s a Manhattan. It’s a classic.”

“Classic doesn’t mean good.”

“You wouldn’t know a classic if it bit you on the ass.”

“You bite me on the ass, and you’re pretty much a classic.”

She’s laughing and running before she even finishes the sentence, but I catch her around the waist, and swing her off her feet, still laughing. She cracks herself up.

“You’re gonna pay for that baby.”

Sarah twists in my arms puts her arms around my neck again, tight, and jumps up and wraps her legs around my waist and bites my earlobe.

“You promise?”

I carry her into the bedroom, giggling. Her, not me.

Sarah’s feeling feisty, and she won’t let go, her strong, slender thighs around my waist, ankles locked together, and I have to drop down onto the bed with her beneath me. Even then, when I get up on my hands and knees, she stays locked to me, belly pressed to mine, and she’s laughing while I kiss her mouth and throat, and her arms are tight around my neck and she catches my earlobe in her teeth again and won’t let go until her arms get tired, then she lets her shoulders drop to the bed, her legs still around me. She stretches like a cat, head back, arms above her head, and she even purrs a little when I bend my head down and kiss her smooth little belly. She torques her hips around to give me new places to kiss, and runs her fingers into my hair and laughs when I lick her belly button. She still won’t let go, so I drop down onto her with my full weight. She doesn’t mind being “smooshed” a little, her word, and she fits a hand behind my head, and pulls me in, and I spend some time thoroughly kissing her. Kissing Sarah is like drowning in warm honey, and I go down happily. Her lips are soft and warm and like always I want to bruise them and feel them plump and heat, and she licks my bottom lip and sucks it into her mouth and releases it with a little pop, then delicately, deliberately, licks my lip again, and slips her tongue into my mouth, and this is all there is right now, all there is, and I can feel her heart beating and her hands on my face, and her tongue sweetly lashing mine. Leave us alone.

“Okay, get off me.”

I laugh, and roll off. Sarah takes a deep theatrical breath. Smart ass.

I tell her to turn over, and she smiles, and flips over onto her belly, face away from me, and pulls her arms under, elbows in, her little fists tucked up under her chin, and flips her hair up onto the pillow, and settles in. I roll onto my side, facing her, and prop my head up on one hand, and slip my free hand under the bottom hem of her shirt; my palm on her lower anadolu yakası escort back, and run my fingertips up her spine, and over her shoulders under the shirt, and stroke her smooth skin in sweeps and whorls, and Sarah sighs; she’s so tactile, and I use my fingernails a little on her ribs and she squirms and giggles again, and I feel chill bumps on her skin, and I smooth them with my palm. I can lean a little and kiss her neck, and lick the shell of her ear, and when I stop stroking her, she wiggles to make me keep going. I trail my fingers crossways over her back, from side to side, starting at her ribs away from me and pulling in, like painting a fence, all the way up to her shoulders, and all the way back down, and Sarah sighs, and when I reach her (my) boxers, I run my palm under the hem, and stroke the smooth skin there too, and I give a little tug, and Sarah lifts her hips to help me slip them down her legs, over her feet, drop them on the floor. Sarah wiggles again, impatient, and I trail my fingertips over her lower back, swirl, stroke, just lightly, then over the smooth little globes of her ass, then back up, scraping with my fingernails a little, Sarah sighs, then down again; my palm warm on her skin, over her ass again, the backs of her thighs, the backs of her knees, just fingertips, it tickles her a little, her calves, ankles, stroking, smooth, warm, palm, fingertips, up, down, swirl, and Sarah is making a little sound like mmmmm and I do this for a long time.

I get up, and Sarah makes a little complaining sound, but I tell her to stay there, and she’s too hypnotized to move anyway, her fists still under her chin, elbows tucked in, legs and feet together, toes pointed, and I uncork a little bottle of thick oil that smells like mint and pine, and pull my shirt off, strip off my jeans, and pour a little of the oil into my palms to warm it before gripping her ankles in my hands, and running both palms, gripping hard, up over her calves, sliding on the oil, and this time Sarah moans, and I smile, and I do it again, squeezing the muscles in her calves and pushing up over smooth, smooth skin, and over the backs of her knees with my thumbs, and I spread my fingers and grip and knead the backs of her thighs, straddling her legs, kneeling over her, and I work my hands around her thighs to the front and back in an elipse, and my oily hands slip between her legs to stroke the utterly smooth skin on the inside of her thighs, one, then the other, and Sarah moans again a little, and up until now, it’s been one thing, but now it’s becoming another.

I lean forward and kiss her little ass cheeks, and Sarah giggles and presses her face into the pillow like she’s shy, right, and I grin and do it again. I kiss her lower back and the little dimples at the base of her spine, and pour a little more oil into my palms and stroke my hands over her ass, soft first, then gripping hard, and pressing, and stroking around to her hips, lifting a little, and she lifts her ass to me and I knead the muscles hard and then press my palms down, up on straight arms, and push all the way up her back to her shoulders, the heels of my palms on either side of her spine, pressing down hard, and Sarah moans again, a little sound of pleasure, and the motion when I lean forward brings my cock, still in my thin grey boxers, up against her ass. Sarah feels it and presses back a little, and makes a sound. I rub her shoulders hard, rucking her shirt up around her ribs, and pull down, with my fingers spread, over her ribs and grip her waist, and then do it again, and again, big circles from her shoulders to her waist, and my cock strokes lightly up into the furrow of her ass as I lean forward to reach her shoulders, the thin material still between us.

“That feel good baby?”

“Mmmmm, feelsrlgddddn….”

I laugh, and lean forward to lick her ear, and kiss the back of her neck, and give her a little bite, just where her neck meets her shoulder. Sarah giggles again, she’s feeling squirmy, but languorous, and I work my teeth on her neck a little, because I like it when she squirms. I’m still straddling her thighs and I sit back up and slide a little farther down and I reach back with one hand for the oil, and Sarah tightens up her ass. I laugh.

“Jeez kitten, people would think I whip you or something.”

“You do whip me.” She murmurs.

“I do, don’t I.”

“Um hm.”

I run my hands over her ass, smooth with the oil. I can smell the mint and the juniper-pine scent. I fold a pillow in half and reach under Sarah’s belly and raise her up a little so I can slip the pillow beneath her hips, tug it back towards me so the bulk of it is under her hip bones, and her ass is raised up. I lift myself up off of her legs a little and part her thighs just a bit. I stroke her ass. I stroke the inside of her thighs. It’s warm in the room.

“What else do I do to you kitten?”


“Tell me what else I do to you.”

“You do atalar escort lots of stuff to me.”

She’s very quiet. Speaking just above a whisper. She moans with pleasure when I hit a good spot. I have to lean down to hear her words.

“Poor baby. I’m rough with my little kitten sometimes?”

“Um hm.”

“Tell me. Tell me what I do to you baby.”

“Well, sometimes you tie me up.” Very quietly, with a little gasp at the end.


“You tie my hands.”

“Um hm.”

My fingers are moving lightly on her back and ass and inner thighs, and she’s speaking very softly.

“You, oh!”

One fingertip, while I was stroking my hand up her thigh, had just lightly grazed her pussy. Just a little slip.

“Sorry baby. What were you saying? What else do I do to you?”

“You hold me down.”

“Do I?”

“You do.”

“Hmmm. I do sometimes, I admit. But that’s not so bad.


Her hips are moving a little, just rocking slightly.

“You make me do things.”

“I do? What do I make you do baby?”

“You make me suck your cock. You do. You put it in my mouth, and, oh! And you make me suck it, and…and…”

She loses her thread for a moment when I slip the pads of three oily fingers over her pussy. Very light. Delicate. Over and around and up, and then gone again.

“Go on.”

“And sometimes it chokes me a little when you push it in too far, and…”

“Poor kitten.”

I lean forward, and kiss her neck and her ear and her cheek. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open, and when I lean over her I can feel her hips moving under me. I kiss along her jaw line, and her temple and her ear again, and I whisper to her like she likes.

“What else do I do to you kitten?”

“You make me touch myself. You make me come for you.”

“Um hm…”

“You make me put my fingers in my pussy, and my fingers get all wet and slippery, and you watch my face, and, and, you put your fingers in my pussy too so you can feel my fingers and my, oh, my pussy all slippery, and you make me come, you make me come for you. For you to watch.”

“I do do that, don’t I.”

“Um hm. You do, and sometimes…”

“What baby?”

“Sometimes you make me lay on your lap and, oh, and suck your fingers, and you use a crop on me, on my ass, and my thighs, and sometimes, oh, sometimes…”

“Sometimes what, baby?”

“Sometimes on my pussy.”

“I do?”

“Um hm…”

I slide two fingers into her pussy all at once, and Sarah bucks a little, and moves her hips, and makes a sound, and she is drenched and slick and I can feel her pussy clench on my fingers a little.

“You do. You tap on my pussy with the crop, and it makes the leather wet and dark, and it makes me jump and squirm around, but you hold me down, and sometimes then, sometimes then you put it in my mouth, so I taste myself on the leather, and then you whip me with it, and it makes my thighs hot and, and…god…”

“What else baby?”

“You tie my hands up over my head, up high, and it makes me stretch up, up on my toes sometimes, I have to be up on my tiptoes, and it makes my tummy hollow, and it makes my breasts jut out, and you put your hands on me, and you whip me, and you mark me, on my ass and on my thighs, and on my belly, little lines, and you use the crop on my nipples until they’re so hard…so hard and achy, and you press against me, and you like it when I’m naked and you feel the heat on my skin, and sometimes you don’t even take me down, you fuck me there, right there with my hands tied up…”

Sarah’s finding it a little hard to concentrate. I fuck her slowly, gently, with my fingers, slipping them in and out, nudging her clit just a little, pressing down on her lower back with my other hand. Her eyes are pressed closed like she’s concentrating. I lick her neck again, because I like how she tastes.

“Tell me Sarah. What else do I do to you?”

“You, Jim, god, um, you…”

I smile. Her hips are rocking now in a steady rhythm. I keep my fingers sliding. In. Out.


“You put your cock in me. You put your cock in my pussy, and my mouth, and…”

“And what?”

“And in my ass. Sometimes in my ass. You like that.”

“I do.”

“You just get me all wet, and I can’t help it, and you get your cock all wet and sometimes you make me suck it until it’s all hard and wet, and you just put it into me.”

Sarah’s breathing is getting rougher, and her pulse is beating in her temple, and I press harder on her clit with my knuckles as I fuck her with my fingers, and I pull them out sometimes, and roll and press her clit with my fingers and it makes her gasp and jerk her hips a little.

“Tell me Sarah.”

“You make me lie on my side, and pull my knees up, and you put your fingers in me, put your fingers in my pussy, like, like now, like you are now…


“And you get me all wet, and, and slickery, um, slippery, and you pull ataşehir escort out your fingers then, and your fingers are all slippery, and you wipe your fingers over my ass, and you wipe your fingers over your cock, and your cock is leaking too, and, god…”


“And you make your cock all slippery, and you push my knees up more, and you grab my hair, you grab my hair and turn me to look at you, and you like me to look at you, and I feel you pushing against my ass, and it feels so big, it feels too big, and it burns, and then you just, your cock, you, the head of your cock…


I kiss her shoulder, and Sarah takes a deep breath.

“You keep pushing, and your cock opens me up, and I feel you inside of me, I feel your cock all the way inside of me, you just push it in, and you pull my thigh up with your hand, and your cock goes, your cock slips into my ass, and you fuck me, you fuck my ass, you fuck me like that, and you watch my face, and it makes me come, I can’t help it, and you feel me coming too, and you come in my ass…baby…Jim…”

“What else?”

Sarah gives a little cry of protest.

“I can’t baby…just, just let me…”

She’s pressing her ass back hard into my hand, and rolling her hips slowly.

“Tell me baby. Tell me what I do to you.”


“You fuck me. You make me bend over, and sometimes you make me get on my knees, and put my head down, and you fuck me, you put your hand on the back of my neck, or you hold my hips…”


Sarah is unbearably sexy when she’s like this. I want to drink her down. So fucking…I don’t know. Just…man.

“You hold my hips, and you put your cock into me, and you fuck me, and, and, and…

She gets a little stuck as I roll her clit in my fingers again. My cock is hard and aching, and I can feel fluid leaking out of my cock and making my shaft slick and I can feel her leaking too; my hand is drenched and I can hear my fingers moving in her cunt.

“You make me put my hands on the wall, and you kick my feet apart, and you put it in me, and you fuck me while I’m leaning on the wall…”


“You push me onto the bed, on my face, and you push down on my back, and you pull me to you, and you fuck me, and you pull my knee up on to the bed, and I can feel you, your cock going into me, and you put my hand on you, and I feel you with my fingers on your cock, feel you sliding in and out of me, and, and, you, fuck me until I come, and my legs are shaking, and you fuck me so hard sometimes…”

“I do baby?”

“You do!”

“Poor kitten.”

“And you like to hurt me. You like when your cock hurts me. You like to watch my face, and fuck me and hurt me, and you like when I, when I, oh…”

“I do baby, I like it.”

I’m moving my fingers slower, but harder now, pressing her clit, pressing three fingers together into her cunt, I can feel her clenching on my fingers, and I press down, onto her favorite spot, and she jerks and cries out softly, and I stroke her there, pressing, slipping, rolling her clit, and she gathers a pillow in her arms, and pulls it into her, and gets up onto her elbows so she can press her ass back harder into my hand. Her eyes are still squeezed shut, and I can kiss her lower back, and shoulder, and I lick a tiny bead of sweat from her back and taste salt and citrus.

“You make me messy. You lick me. You lick my pussy and make me all wet and, and, you don’t let me come, and you, you, make me go out with no panties on, and I’m all wet and swollen…”

“I do…”

“My pussy feels warm and swollen and you make me put my fingers in my pussy and show you that I’m wet, and you lick my fingers.”

“Mm hm.”

“You fuck me, and you come in me, and you, and you make me put my panties back on and my pussy is wet and I can feel your come in me and leaking out of me and you make me go out that way…”


“God, baby, please.”

“Tell me what else.”

“You, god, you put your cock in my mouth and you come in my mouth. You make me look at you, and move slowly, you like me to feel you coming, you want me to feel your cock pulsing and swelling, and jerking, and shooting in my mouth, and, and sometimes you fuck me until you’re close, and then you put your cock in my mouth, and I can taste my pussy on your cock, and you, and then you come in my mouth and you hold my head, and sometimes you pull my head hard, you hold my hair in your fist, or you put your hand on the back of my head, and push your cock all the way into my throat, and it makes me choke a little, and you come with your cock in my throat and you can feel me trying to swallow and I can feel you coming…”

I feel like I could almost come right now, with just this. I free my cock from the fly in my boxers and I stroke my hand along the shaft lightly, and I’m slick with the fluids leaking from the tip, and when I stroke it a little, I feel a current pass along my spine, and a little gush of clear liquid pumps out and drips onto Sarah’s back.

“And sometimes you tie my hands behind me, and make me kneel in front of you, and put your cock in my mouth, and you hold my face in your hands, and you move my mouth on your cock, and sometimes you go fast, and sometimes you put your hand on my throat so you can feel, can…feel, can feel my throat work when you push it in deep, and you, and…”

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