Piss On


One night while my wife and I were having some good sex, our good friend and wife’s boyfriend had just left. She was hotter then a two dollar pistol and was up for just about anything, I or we could think of. I had always wanted to piss on her and have her piss on me, but it wasn’t something I had ever brought up. But tonight, I knew she would be game to anything nasty. I asked her if she was up to some kinky things? She said to me, “What do you have in mind?” “I want to piss on you,” I replied “and want you Escort side to piss on me.” “Sounds nasty,” she said. “But I like it.” She gets up and gets a plastic sheet from the closet, I had no idea we had anything like that, but we did. I wonder why she had bought that, maybe for a moment like now, as she was pretty nasty too, when it came to sex. She spreads it out on the bed and crawls onto it, saying, “Okay big guy, lets see what you got?” I get up on my knees in front of her, manavgat escort as she takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking me. I try to pee, but can’t seem to get it flowing, she removed my cock from her mouth and I start pissing all over her open mouth and face, she shuts her eyes as I piss and piss onto her face and top of her head, in her ears, all over her tits, belly, and cunt. Boy I didn’t realize I had so much piss, but Ken and I had been drinking beer for alanya escort bayan hours while we had been fucking Maggie. When I finished, I lay down on the bed and she got on top of me and started pissing on my face, as I opened my mouth, she filled it with hot, salty, piss, then crawled down and continued pissing on my body and my cock and balls. When she was done, she curled up along side of me and we hugged, as I rolled her over and put my cock back into her cunt and started fucking her. It wasn’t long before she had one of the best climax’s she ever had and I wasn’t long behind her blowing one of my biggest loads of the night. We laid there for several minutes. both of us covered with wet, sticky piss all over both of our bodies, the smell was enough to either turn you on, or turn you off.

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