The Postman Cums Twice


Monday morning, Sandra phoned at ten o’clock. It was very fortunate that my wife had just left for physio.We arranged to meet tomorrow afternoon. She’d get the motel room, pay with her credit card and I’d reimburse her in cash.I was in the kitchen making my lunch when I saw the letter carrier walking up the path. I opened the inside door and saw through the glass that his hand was brushing away the mosquitoes. I left the screen door shut and shouted, “I’ll open the garage door, come around.”When we met up in the garage, I told him, “Sorry about that, I don’t want those pesky mosquitoes in the house.”“No problem,” he said.I lowered the garage door.He Yakacık escort bayan must have been a new guy, I had not seen him before. He was about thirty-five or so. Tall and slim and gorgeous as hell. He was clean-shaven, grey hair, wore glasses, and he was wearing shorts. Which I’d have liked to get off!He had a package for me, which I had to sign for. I signed his receipt, and he ripped my copy off his pad. He gave it to me along with the parcel.“Do you ever put on insect repellent so the mosquitoes don’t bother you?”“No. I am allergic to most of them.”“Have you ever tried peppermint or lavender oil?”“No, Escort Atalar I haven’t.”I kept a bottle of water mixed with peppermint oil in the garage and another in the house to deter flies and mosquitoes and other bugs.I reached for the bottle on the shelf and asked him, “Do you want me to spritz some on you?”“Sure, I’ll try it.”“Cover your face with your hands and I’ll spray there first.”He did, and I spritzed his hands and the back and both sides of his head.He shivered, “Brrr, that’s cold!”I chuckled and said, “Yes, it’s cooler than your body temperature.”He sniffed and remarked, “I’m going to go home to the wife Kadıköy escort smelling pretty good. She’ll wonder if I visited a house of ill repute!”“If she does, ask her how she knows what one smells like?”He laughed, “I’ll do that!”“Do you want me to spray it onto your shirt, or, if you lift your shirt, I can spray your skin directly?”He thought awhile, then raised his shirt. I sprayed his front and back and sides. Again he shivered from the cooler liquid. I sprayed his legs next. Now came the tricky part.“Shall I spray your shorts or do you want to lower them first?”“I am not wearing any underwear, you’ll see my wiener,” he protested.“I’ve seen wieners before.”Surprisingly, he undid his fly and zipper, and his shorts fell to his feet. He had a thick patch of pubic hair but I saw that his cock was about four inches long, fairly thick and circumcised. It was nice and smooth and pink! His nut sack was good sized with a couple of tasty testes.

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