Only For The Day


Only For The Day


Rosie stood quite still. She allowed the cooling water to cascade over her from the chrome shower head, the ceiling extract fan whirring softly. The sound jarred, not because of a fault but on account of her distracted thoughts, what she had succumbed to with a vigorous and captivating young man.

Jamie Beckford had turned her head, had succeeded in seducing a raging and tempestuous sexual favour that she had been willing to allow him and confounded the settled life she had with Frank, her husband. They lived a comfortable and enviable life in a favoured part of Windsor, the double fronted Georgian style house, with its porticoed entrance, completely refurbished and the driveway separated from the road and pavement outside by two large electric gates. Extensive gardens didn’t make you feel hemmed in.

Beckford Electrical had been commissioned to update, extend and improve the alarm system, the discreet security lighting that worked on motion sensors and much more. A sound system had the effect of having you believe that the music followed you around the house wherever you went unless your voice told it to close down.

With a strong and muscled physique, swept back hair and lean faced good looks there also came a prodigious technical talent that Jamie had made little of, but his voracious appetite in finally claiming her had defied all reason and had played on her inability to refuse his advances.

She sighed, closed her eyes and let the water soak her tangled blonde hair, the lank strands slicked to her face. She wiped the remains of mascara from her eyes, used a flannel to clean off the smear of lipstick still on her lips. Her body ached but there were no marks upon it; where he had been taken. Jamie had found her with all that he had brought. She had been stretched as never before. Jamie had loved every hollow and dip; had paid homage to her firm yet fleshy body and she knew from the ache in her breasts, and the soreness on her nipples, where he had paid a particular devotion to her.

Her breasts drooped, no longer had the firmness of earlier years. But, her choice of bra had shaped her, had given him a hint of what she would bring. All of that he’d soon seen, along with the soft curve of her belly, fleshy thighs and hips, the skin of her buttocks wrinkled, his fingers parting her pussy’s lips before he’d found his way into her body.

He had seemingly loved everything about her and had taken her with a ravening intensity that she now realised, as the water flushed away all that he had expelled into her, belonged to a one-night stand; the satisfying of a hunger that they had shared, and she struggled to explain.

“How I lived for the moment…with you,” she sighed, her fingers sliding down and pressed, the palm of her hand cupping her mons as Jamie had done. She shivered as her touches increased. “No one will know what happened…only for one time.”


“What’s this all about?” she asked, as Jamie stood disconcertingly close beside her, the stilled look of his eyes taking in how she was dressed; her cowl-necked cotton sweater so stylish and matched with flared navy-blue slacks and low-heeled pumps. He seemed to tower over her, his gaze provocative and unthreatening. She had known of such looks upon her over the days he had been in the house yet nothing being said on what prompted him to do that.

“I just wondered if there was anything else I could do for you…while I’m here?”

She had done that too whenever she had met those glances upon e her. “I just knew that this might be the kind of nonsense that got you off…trying it on with a client.”

“I saw you as a woman…not a client,” he replied, a brush of his fingers to her skin as he pushed away the tumble of her flaxen blonde hair. “I love the colour…the mix of blonde and greys…how you’re dressed as if it’s for me.”

“Oh really!”

“I may be younger, but I sure know the signs….”

“Yeah…I guess you do,” She whispered, under her breath, and shook her head slowly as she started to run her long fingers over his strong arms. Jamie drew her to him. “This is crazy…what we’re doing!”

“Not as crazy as to deny it…” Jamie answered. He leant in and scooped her into his arms, had her know the press of his hard prick as it strained against his work trousers, so rough and lacking in style compared to her fashionable and expensive clothes.

“Jamie! What… where are you taking me? Wait… no… oh God, this is crazy! Oh…hm…put me down…put me down this instant young man!”

“Or…you’ll report me…if I don’t?”

She stopped nodding as his hands slid under her top and caressed her skin. He had begun to carry her up the stairs, his touches arousing shivers of wayward longing. He was strong and carried her effortlessly over Escort Haramidere the sunlit landing, the domed skylight revealing the brilliance of the blue sky beyond.

“We should stop…stop!”

“I’ve seen your look on me sometimes, Rosie…and…and I prefer to act on that…”

“So… so…so we’re… we’re doing this?”

“Yes Rosie. We’re doing this. And we’re doing this now.”

“You’re sure…you’re sure that I won’t report you?” Rosie asked as they stumbled into a bedroom, the monotonous grey dullness of the walls, the white coverlet on the metal framed bed, only livened by colourful drapes. She had insisted on vertical blinds being kept half-closed so that the sunlight didn’t fade Franks’ favoured prints, that hung on every wall of the room.

She took all of his in as Jamie carried her to the bed and she was made to lie down.

“You won’t do that Rosie…it opens the way to questions being asked…” He stood over her and tugged away her flats and saw Rosie unbutton the fastening of her slacks. “We live for the moment…”

Jamie climbed onto the bed beside her and leant in to kiss her, slid his hand over her stomach, under her top and caressed her skin. He would seduce her restraint away slowly but certainly.

Her soft lips yielded to his kisses, clamped on each other’s mouths and tasted each other. Jamie slipped his flickering tongue into her mouth, sucked on hers and gripped it with his lips, then slicked his tongue over Rosie’s teeth.

“Go on…we’re here now” she gasped as his fingers caressed her belly, smoothed the skin of her shaven mons. She squirmed to fully pull open her slacks.

She reached up with her free arm and held him closer. Their bodies moulded together, his chest pressing into hers as they kissed and tongued for a long time, their shared breaths faster, and the blood humming in their veins as it coursed through their bodies.

“Jeez…how I want you…you!” he kissed, awkwardly tugged away his shirt.

“So strong…so young and strong!” she groaned her kisses giving way toa deeper passion. One of her hands groped for him, soon felt the hard bulge of his penis. “Yes…I’m wet!”

His fingers worked her in time with her claims on him.

He didn’t want to rush this, though people would wonder what kept him when he had been sent to finally commission the whole system Beckford’s had been called in to install. Rosie was older, but he ached to know of this beautiful, sexy, vibrant, intelligent woman…rich beyond his dreams of it, but a woman he wanted to fuck. He had not met anyone like her in the three years he’d been working with his father in their expanding business. He had his girlfriends, but none hooked him like this woman that he wanted to see naked, to feel her against him and to pursue a furious and quick fuck, The preliminaries mattered, even to him.

He eased away from her, broke their kisses and caresses. “I want to be with you…this one and only time. You know how it goes…I’m sure of that.”

Rosie nodded, was dismayed by his honesty. “I know…but take me…be quick and do it now!”

She saw his arm muscles flex as he pushed off her and stood at the side of the bed. She rested on her elbows and watched him strip, unashamedly and quickly. Her breasts strained against her cotton top as she arched her back to reclaim his attention upon her and slicked her lips with her tongue, slowly and suggestively.

Jamie heard her gasp as he stood up, his erection trembling after his working trousers and briefs had been pushed away. Rosie shifted on the bed and knelt on the edge as he stood over her and she reached for him.

“So strong…so long…it must be…more than I can take,” she groaned.

He laughed softly, pleased to hear her dismay at what was to be brought to her. “Long enough…eight or so inches…for you.”

“Yes, it’s all for me…” She stroked its length and felt the weight of his sac. She rolled them between her fingers, kneaded the wrinkled skin as she slicked her tongue over his trembling length before she flicked it over the glistening tip.

“Let me see you now!” he groaned, his hands in her hair stilling her claims on him as he pushed his penis deep into her mouth until it brushed the back of her throat. ‘You’re a wild one, no mistake…under those expensive clothes I’ve seen you wear…”

“I’m….I’m glad you like them,” she gasped on pulling free.

“I like and want who’s wearing them…nothing more.” Jamie pulled Rosie’s cotton top over her head, gasped on seeing her breasts tumble free, the whiteness of her skin where a bikini outline was still to be seen, the small creases from their weight and her age. He brushed his fingers over her nipples. They strained against the lacy fabric, her bra shaping Rosie’s breasts perfectly İkitelli escort and inviting his attention to them. “I’d have expected you to sunbathe topless…”

Her heavy breasts were freed of any restraint as he unhooked her bra, his hands sliding over them and squeezing gently, her breaths to be heard hitching in her throat as he pressed his mouth to them, squeezed and kneaded their weight.

“Let me get undressed will you?” she gasped and pulling away, her breasts stretched for an instant before tumbling free. They were for him to claim and to enjoy along with everything else that her body would offer, and she wanted to pursue with him. She lay back, lifted her hips and felt the soft caress of her slacks and knickers as they were eased down over her legs and thrown to the floor.

She met his wondering look upon her as she lay back, naked and only her bracelets and a short necklace adorning her fleshy body. It was for him to enjoy, and she reached out to slick caresses to his penis. It arced from a mat of hair at his groin, the thought of that length finding her arousing a rush of apprehension and expectancy. From its girth and weight she chose to believe that it could get no harder, even if Jamie wished it to be so.

“Bring it to me!”

He had settled between her fleshy thighs, and she caressed his hips as he leant forward, bore his weight on his elbows and met her kisses as she reached for him, tugged on his prick and relented as he took hold of it and tapped her wet pussy lips with its tip, rubbed the dome over wet folds, slicked it with her juices and entered enough just to stretch her wider before withdrawing, the fierce clamp of her hands to his hips not deterring him.

“Take this from me…let me feel you around me,” he breathed on her lips as they looked into each other’s eyes. He pushed in deeper, rocked and bucked his hips to stretch her with his deepening thrusts, moved back and forth until he sank into her. Her fingers dug into his skin and her legs gripped on him as her pussy muscles jerked and eased, met his tempo expertly, her sharp intakes of breath more in pleasure than effort. “Yeah…do that…oh yeah!”

She wanted to work it as much as he wanted her to claim him. They shared in quickening breaths as he tamped his hard, swollen and plumbing prick into her; withdrew until the tip was at her pussy lips before she rammed back in, Rosie’s hips bucking off the bed and she worked him until it felt they were making love and not sharing a tempestuous, one-off fuck. They snatched kisses; Rosie tugged her lips away from his mouth and pulled his head down to her breasts; felt his lips clamp on them as he athletically and ragingly plugged her, his body moving to find her.

“Ahhh… aah Jamie… Jamie….go on….take me there…fuck me to the end!”

She was slicked and open, had his length slide in and out easily, her tiring muscles unable to fully grip and work on him as he plumbed her, each withdrawal and thrust into her met by soft gasps and the fearsome grip of her hands on his body; caressed his sides and then gripped his taut buttocks; scratched the base of his spine.

‘Rosie…Rosie! I’m going to break you!”

“Try…go on, try!” she laughed and arched her back and worked him; lifted her legs high and held them in er hands as he slammed back home, thrust in hard until his hips slammed against her, and she knew he could go no further. She was his now to take.

Faster and faster they fucked. Sharper and quicker were the squeals of pleasure that she breathed out to meet his gasps of effort. She’d waste him as much as he wanted to do that with her, each thrust seeming to push her deep into the bed before she rose to meet his next plunging thrust. He gripped her splayed, jerking breasts with his hands or mouth; squeezed and sucked on them hard in time with his strokes of raging hard flesh.

He felt the boiling of his semen in his sac, the pressure in his penis and held onto what he ached to expel into this woman who held nothing back.

“Oh God…Jamie! Not that too!”

He had reached under her bum and gripped a buttock, hard, before sliding his fingers to her puckered ass and pressed against it. She tore her mouth from his kisses and yelped as he claimed her two openings. They gasped in their shared efforts; shared in frenzied kisses to mouths, faces, breasts and throats. They grunted like animals.

“I’m going to blow!” he panted, pushing on her breasts and burying his face between them, licking her breastbone as she tugged on his hair to keep him from marking her body, but Rosie’s actions kept him fucking her hard and fast. “You can’t stop, can you?”

“No…but…but I will soon!” she yelled as his penis pistoned into her, the tempo set by her responses, her squeals of abject pleasure Çapa escort bayan urging him on.

One hand and its fingers went deeper into her forbidden slippery crack; rubbed at her tight backdoor for a few moments, until she froze. One finger had been slowly pushed inside her ass.

“Oh Jesus! Jamie…you wild man!” she cried out dismayed by her submission to him, the alien charge of excitement his fingering of her now aroused, their sharp intakes of breath and calls to each other filling to room, the bedframe rattling against the wall in a staccato accompaniment to their rutting. “Cum in me, you stud! I’m yours…only for the day!”

Panting in his frenzied efforts, she felt his breaths in her ear. “I didn’t think you’d go for it, Rosie…not all of it! I’m loving fucking with you!”

She heard his only too common voice, but she shuddered, then felt a sublime, slithery, queasy feeling in her body before she was overwhelmed by a rush of indefinable ecstasy laced with raging sensations in her belly as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. She bucked her hips and tugged on his plugging length of flesh as her convulsions of errant pleasure, aroused by another man, raced through her body like an unstoppable tide of climaxes and spending; her body juddering as she shared in his orgasm and felt the tingling burst of his first release then the darting spurts of his cum as Jamie climaxed.

“Like never before and it’s for only one time!” she screamed as her arms and legs tightened around him out of reflex and she threw her head back, oblivious to his kisses and sucks on her breasts, the slide of his mouth over one then the other; how his kisses felt to the skin under them as they were pushed high, and he would taste clammy warmth. He would breathe in te scent she had sprayed lightly to her skin there and she kept him to her. “Don’t mark me…!”

His claims upon then eased and she touched them to relive the ache that she felt from all that his clever hands and mouth had done to let her know of his lust for her. Jamie’s presence in the house, over the past few days, his looks her way, then his touches had wrecked her defences and had brought her to this; to feeling that she would be blown apart by the heat of this strong young man claiming her body and that she would be drawn into the emotional maelstrom that he had aroused in her.

“You wonder…how you’ve spoiled me,” he groaned, his tamping motions finally slowing and as they came down from their highs of wanton pleasure.

She was spent and collapsed underneath him. She soon felt the clammy warmth of his semen slick her thighs and she touched herself again; shuddered as Jamie withdrew and knelt before her, between her aching legs. She lifted her knees and planted her feet on the bed. She met his look down on her; felt the slow caress of avowal for all that had been shared to her belly, to where she had taken him. She looked up at Jamie as her fingers brushed over his skin in acknowledgment of what had been shared.

His words to her sounded harsh. “For a moment we were connected…I felt connected to you.” 


She turned off the shower, waited until the last drop of water had fallen onto her body.

She slicked her hands over her skin and touched herself again. She remembered how Jamie had tapped that glorious length of his penis against her wet folds, her fingers parting them and opening the way to her being taken.

She touched herself slowly, remembered how he had entered and allowed her to get accustomed to a new lover being in her body and how much attention he had paid to her breasts as they fucked. By some miracle, or her demands not to mark her skin, had been listened to.

“Only for one time…for a moment I felt connected to you,” he had said, his admission no more than what she should have expected from a spontaneous submission to their lust for each other.

Jamie had thrust into her; he had hesitated for only a few seconds on wondering about the use of a condom before they got too wrapped up in what they were doing. By then he was pounding into her body, taking her wildly and she had worked him and did not want to wait.

“Jamie!” she remembered screeching when on the point of conceding to a shattering orgasm, to a deep sense of completion, “don’t cum in me…don’t!”

But he had done so, and the sensations belonged with the wildness of what had been discovered with him.

He had been followed to the front door, she wrapped in a short bath robe that had been loosely fastened over her body, her hair a riotous tangle and her mind possessed by all that she had succumbed to and then shared with a young man; a gifted tradesman who had intruded upon what she had believed to be an only too ordered world.

“One last look at the woman who’s wasted me,” he had murmured as her robe was pulled open and he had bent to kiss the tumble of her breasts, she pushing them together on feeling his breaths on her skin for the last time.

Her life with Frank would return to normal. What she was unsure of was when that would be, after moments with Jamie for only one time.

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