Mum, This Is Stephen


“Mum, this is Stephen,” said the smiling twenty-year-old Darsheel Irani as he introduced the house guest for the next few days, Stephen Illman, to his mother Deepti.Stephen had already looked on as Darsheel and the beautiful Indian woman in whose house he was going to be staying for a few days, hugged.”Pleased to meet you Mrs Irani; Thank you for letting me stay,” said the incredibly good-looking Stephen, as he took Deepti’s hand in his.”Pleased to meet you too, Stephen; Darsheel has often spoken of you,” replied the truly beautiful Deepti, who was swooning.”All good I hope,” smiled Stephen, looking into Deepti’s brown eyes with his blue/grey eyes, still holding her hand.”That would be telling,” smiled Deepti, releasing her hand from Stephen’s.Darsheel had asked his divorced mother several days earlier if it would be alright if he invited his best friend from university to stay in the spacious Irani house for a few days and Deepti had agreed. At this moment she was thinking that it would either be a very long few days or a very thrilling time.Despite her looks and relative wealth, or maybe because of them, Deepti did not have a man in her life and had not done for some time. Looking at the gorgeous house guest she was going weak at the knees and she felt damp between her legs.There were five bedrooms in the house and Deepti had prepared the one at the far end of the hall for the guest.As Darsheel escorted Stephen to his room for his stay, forty-nine-year-old Deepti pondered the next few days, and nights.After Stephen had gotten settled in, Darsheel suggested that they go out for a pint. “Mum, I am just going to show Stephen around town and then we are going for a pint,” said Darsheel to his mother.”Okay, have fun,” said Deepti.”Why don’t you come too, Mrs Irani?” asked Stephen, knowing that the gorgeous woman fancied him, as many females did.”Um, no thanks; Perhaps another day,” smiled Deepti in response.With the young men gone out, Deepti hurried to her bedroom, removed her jeans and knickers and used her fingers and her vibrator to take herself to a shuddering orgasm. It did not take long, especially as she was also imagining getting fucked by Stephen Illman.Whilst having his walk around town with Darsheel, Stephen wondered how and when he was going to get between Deepti’s legs because he wanted her as much as she appeared to want him.Whilst in the pub, Stephen took the opportunity to get some rubbers which he hoped to be using very soon.Deepti, after she had cleaned her sticky cunt and thighs, wondered if the young man really fancied her or if he was just teasing. If he did fancy her, how the hell could they get together without Darsheel knowing?Deepti was looking forward to the young men coming back from town but she was also concerned about what might happen over the next few days. She knew what she would like to happen but knew Ankara escort that there could be repercussions and consequences if it did.When they got back she greeted them with a smile, a sexy smile that she hoped that her son did not detect. “Hello, did you have a nice time?” beamed Deepti.”Yes thanks, mum,” replied Darsheel.”You should have been with us,” said Stephen, who was standing slightly behind Darsheel so he knew that his friend did not see him lick his lips but he also knew that Deepti did.Darsheel knew that his friend had huge success with the ladies, he got his fair share himself, but it never occurred to him that he might hit on his mother or that his mother might be receptive. For now, Darsheel was not aware of the sexual tension that had already developed to a high level and both his mother and his friend wanted it to stay like that.The three of them chatted for a while with frequent looks and smiles between Stephen and Deepti.”I will go and sort out some dinner,” said Deepti, getting up from her chair and giving Stephen his first look at her big arse in her tight jeans.A bit later, when Darsheel had gone to the bathroom, Stephen went into the kitchen. Deepti was at the sink with her back to him and he moved up behind her and caressed her arse.Deepti gasped. “Oh, mmmm, you mustn’t,” she breathed but did not tell Stephen to stop as he continued to run his hand over her buttocks. He then kissed the back of Deepti’s neck.”You want it, don’t you?” whispered Stephen, who now moved to press his bulging jeans against Deepti’s large backside.”Mmmm, we can’t, we mustn’t…Darsheel will see,” protested Deepti, but she did not protest too much.”But you do want it; You want a fucking,” said Stephen, now hearing Darsheel coming back down the stairs.Deepti gripped the sink but did not reply, as Stephen moved away from her. Darsheel entered the kitchen to see Stephen seated in a chair. Deepti, breathing heavily, was still at the sink with her back to the two young men.”I just came to see if your mother needed anything but she has everything under control,” said Stephen to his friend, innocently.The last thing that Deepti had was things under control because she was close to cumming in her knickers.Deepti thought that she should say something. “Yes, dinner is progressing,” she said, hoping that her voice did not betray her arousal and knowing that Stephen was looking at her arse.”Let’s leave her to it,” said Darsheel and Stephen, followed him out of the kitchen.Deepti turned her head and Stephen was still in the kitchen doorway, looking at her. Stephen blew her a kiss and put his hand to his crotch, Deepti looked away again and gripped the sink hard again. Fuck, she wanted that young man.Darsheel had not told Stephen very much about his mother except that she lived alone having gotten divorced from Ankara escort bayan his father several years before. Having seen her and met her, Stephen was thinking that a woman that looked that hot should be fucked regularly and he was going to do his best to do that over the coming days.The dinner was prepared and the three of them sat down to eat, with two of them wishing that it was slightly more intimate.”This is a lovely meal, Mrs Irani,” said Stephen.”Oh thank you, Stephen, call me Deepti,” replied the hostess, squirming slightly on her chair.”Um, I don’t think that that is appropriate, in front of Darsheel,” replied Stephen.”Call her whatever you want,” laughed Darsheel, detecting an atmosphere but not aware that it was because the other two people were lusting after each other.The meal was finished, with a little bit of chat along the way. “Right, I will go and sort the washing up,” said Deepti.”Can I help you, Mrs Irani?” asked Stephen, enthusiastically.”No thank you, it is just a question of putting things in the dishwasher,” smiled Deepti, although she rather fancied feeling Stephen running his hand over her buttocks again.Deepti went to the kitchen but her son soon followed her. “Is something wrong mum? Don’t you like Stephen being here?” asked a concerned Darsheel.”No darling, nothing is wrong and it is nice that you have your friend here; He is very welcome,” reassured Deepti, and reassure Darsheel it seemed to do because he walked away happier.The three of them sat in the living room chatting and sipping wine through the early evening. Stephen was sitting opposite Deepti across the large room, he had his legs wide open. Deepti, on her armchair, had got her legs up and her arse was pointing towards Stephen with Darsheel at an angle to both of them not aware of the flirting that was going on.The talk got onto university and the subjects that were being studied. “Sometimes I think Stephen is just there to study women,” laughed Darsheel.”Is that right, Stephen?” said Deepti, now more relaxed but still highly aroused.”He sometimes seems to bed a different one every night,” continued Darsheel.”That is not strictly true; Sometimes I bed the same female two, three or four nights in succession,” said Stephen, his eyes on Deepti leaving her in no doubt about his intentions. Deepti’s eyes went to Stephen’s crotch, he certainly seemed to have a sizeable package, as she had felt against her arse.Deepti really wanted it to happen but it would be so difficult with Darsheel in the house. She thought that her son would be horrified at the idea of his mother getting fucked by his best friend.The situation of the rooms upstairs in the large house was that Darsheel’s room was the first one on the landing with a spare bedroom next to his. There was then the bathroom, then Deepti’s en-suite bedroom, Escort Ankara then next another spare room and then the room that Stephen was using so in that respect Darsheel’s room was isolated from Deepti’s and, especially, Stephen’s.The chatting, and unseen flirting, when on a bit longer until Deepti made an announcement. “I am off to bed; I will leave you boys to chat; See you in the morning,” she said, getting up from her chair.”Good night, mum,” said Darsheel.”Good night, Mrs Irani, sleep well,” said Stephen, his eyes on Deepti’s departing backside.”Good night boys,” said Deepti, as she left the room. She climbed the stairs hoping that that would not be the last she saw of Stephen that night.Deepti stripped off and had a shower, caressing her naked body wishing that it was Stephen’s hands running over her. She put on her short nightie that hardly covered her arse or cunt and lay on top of her bed. She was longing to masturbate but was hopeful of having a large penis between her legs during the night.Darsheel and Stephen chatted a bit longer then decided to also go to bed. Darsheel invited Stephen to use the bathroom first and Stephen had a shower and brushed his teeth. His cock was erect with the thought that Deepti Irani was just on the other side of the wall.He left the bathroom naked and called down the landing to Darsheel that the bathroom was free. He went to his room but as soon as he heard Darsheel enter the bathroom and close the door, he came out again, still naked.He went to what he knew was Deepti’s room and went in without knocking. Deepti gasped seeing the naked hunk with a raging hard-on in her room. “We can’t. We mustn’t. Darsheel will not be long in the bathroom,” said Deepti, subconsciously opening her legs invitingly.”Come to my room later; I have got condoms,” said Stephen, his erection standing proud.”I can’t; I shouldn’t,” said Deepti, not very convincingly.”But you will, won’t you?” said Stephen, confidently.”Maybe; Now go before Darsheel comes out of the bathroom,” said a flustered but turned on Deepti.”See you later, Mrs Irani,” said Stephen, smiling and giving his hard penis a stroke. He then left the room, showing Deepti his firm buttocks.Stephen had barely gotten back to his room when Darsheel came out of the bathroom.Stephen lay on his bed, confident that Deepti would be visiting soon. Deepti lay on her bed knowing that she had to go to the young man but needing to wait until Darsheel had settled down and was hopefully asleep.Deepti waited about thirty minutes before quietly opening her door, a glance towards Darsheel’s room indicated that his light was off so hopefully, he was asleep. The light was still on in Stephen’s room as she crept towards it.Deepti hesitated for a moment outside the room before opening the door as noiselessly as she could.As she entered the room and closed the door, Stephen was on his bed, his penis hard but not fully erect. “Hello Mrs Irani,” smiled Stephen, his penis noticeably stiffening.”Hello Stephen,” said Deepti, removing her skimpy nightdress. She glanced at the bedside cabinet to see an already opened packet of condoms, Stephen had not doubted that she would visit.

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