New year’s Eve in Lochwinnoch


The BMW turned onto the 737 and headed southwest towards the sunset. Aaron turned up the heat in the seats and his passenger burrowed into his shoulder. They were heading to Lochwinnoch to spend New Year’s Eve and day at his cottage just off the golf course.

The cottage had been in the family for over 200 years. When the golf course had been constructed the crofter’s cottage, which overlooked the 15th fairway, had been left in tact. It was part of the agreement between Aaron’s uncle and the developer. When his uncle died, Aaron had inherited the cottage, along with a lifetime membership to the golf club. There were only two problems; the cottage was derelict and Aaron did not play golf. Over the next few years, Aaron had fixed up the cottage. While the golf club would not allow him to install electricity, he had worked out an agreement with Ian Robertson, the head groundskeeper, to connect the cottage to the course water system. In return, Ian’s son was allowed to utilize the green’s privileges of the little-used golf membership.

Aaron loved the cottage. Originally, it had been composed of just two rooms and an attached livestock shed. Aaron had closed in and partitioned the shed. The smaller portion remained as an exterior storage shed, which housed the batteries and generator that provided the electrical power. The larger portion of the shed had been converted into a bathroom. Access was provided through a doorway he had cut through the thick stonewall. Aaron had done most of the work himself. He was proud of his heated, rough-hewn slate floor, claw foot tub, pedestal sink, and his throne; the humus toilet. The two original rooms had been made into a bedroom and a combined living area and kitchen. The old peat stove had been modified. It not only provided a stove top and oven but it now contained a boiler that provided hot water for the bath as well as the hot water heating for all the rooms.

While Aaron was proud of his little cottage and wanted to show it off, Beth on the other hand was cool to the idea of spending New Year’s Eve in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, Aaron convinced her that it would be an adventure and well worth the effort. In spite of the encouragement of her friends, Beth remained apprehensive. She felt a chill, as they set out, and curved her body in against Aaron’s shoulder. Resolved to her fate, Beth watched the cars and the scenery as they flashed past. Her one solace was the heat of the seat. As it radiated through her and she began to think about what might happen that evening. They reached the outskirts of Lochwinnoch just as the sun was setting. The cold increased and Beth began to shiver. She was glad when they stopped for dinner at a pub.

Aaron picked up a pint of ale and a glass of Merlot from the barkeep and shepherded Beth to small booth by the fire. They ordered dinner and ate leisurely, oblivious to the other patrons. All through dessert and coffee, Aaron gently teased the back of her hand with his fingers. Suddenly, his thumb penetrated between her thumb and forefinger and massaged her palm. The new movements sent warm tingles through Beth. Her mind focused on the sensations created by his thumb, as she tried without success, to listen while Aaron described again the cottage and how beautiful it would be to walk the moor after sunrise tomorrow. However, the words just swam about her ears. She looked into his blue eyes and wondered how he had managed to convince her to leave her friends and their parties in Paisley and join him in New Year’s isolation?

She realized that this older Spengali had swept her off her feet. He was ruggedly good looking with short gray hair and a goatee. His 15 stone body was still in good shape, although he had an unusual gait. His knees had been damaged playing rugger. However, he was still fit enough to play in the odd “ole boys game.” Despite the fact, she had sworn that she would never date an older man; she had dated him and liked how he made her feel. Beth looked down at their intertwined hands and closed her eyes enjoying his touch. His thumb pressed against her palm. Then it pushed back towards the heel of her hand. Beth took an involuntary breath, startled by the sensation created by the sudden gentle movement She felt a tingle move down the back of her neck and felt her nipples harden. His touch was magic.

“Beth, are you ready to go?” The words started her out of her sensual trance. She realized that she had not been paying attention and was slightly embarrassed. He had started to rise from the table. “Come on now, its time we were going, I’ve got some big plans for you tonight.”

Aaron placed his hands on Beth’s shoulders and began to usher her out of the pub. He loved how her thick, brunette ponytail wagged back and forth across the shoulders of her leather jacket as she twisted and turned through the now crowded pub. The curves of her hips and the shape of her legs were accentuated by the tight fitting leather pants. He enjoyed the movements kartal escort of her ass as she walked. As they reached to door, he realized that he was not the only one who appreciated this sexy woman. A couple of smiles and a leering “Happy New Year’s mate” had reminded just how lucky he was.

The rain began as they approached the golf club. By the time they reached the access way to the cottage, the rainwater was running in rivulets down the gravel path. The BMW slithered to a stop just inside the gate to the cottage. The old grounds keeper had done what Aaron had asked. The gate was open, the cottage lights were on, and through the sheets of rain, Aaron could see that there were wafts of smoke coming from the chimney. “Ian, I owe you big time,” he said thankfully to himself. Aaron reached out, released the gate from its catch and gunned the BMW. It lurched forward and slithered up the rock-strewn path. He could hear Beth’s fearful screams above the roar of the engine and the noise of the rain. This was not the romantic ride on the motorcycle that he had planned for this evening.

The bike skidded to a stop by the front door. Aaron dismounted and helped Beth off. Her body emitted agitation. He maneuvered her towards the door. He opened it, pushed her in, and closed it immediately. Turning back to the bike to get the luggage, he muttered to himself “…oh shit, I’m buggered now…”

Beth heard the door slam behind her. She shuddered as felt the raindrops from her helmet run down the back of her neck. Beth swore softly to herself as she tore off her gloves and fumbled with the helmet binding as the face shield fogged up. Pulling off the helmet, she saw the room for the first time. It was warm, cozy, and rustically romantic. Shaded wall lamps and the flicker of the fire behind the glass window in the stove door provided soft light. Placing her helmet and gloves on the dining table she moved towards the stove. She unzipped her jacket and holding it open, she soaked in the warmth. “Aaron McGregor, you really owe me now,” she said to herself with a smile.

The door opened and Aaron entered. She did not move. He placed the bags by the chair at the head of the table. Quickly he removed his gloves, helmet, and jacket and stepped towards her. She turned. Her cheeks were flushed and Aaron could clearly see the large wet patch on her sweater. It caused the material to mould to her breasts. The outline of her bra and her nipples were clearly to be seen. “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes my love,” Aaron said as he reached to help her off with her jacket.

“Don’t be getting any fancy ideas, there my man,” she chided as the jacket slipped off. “I need to get warm first.” Beth reached up and patted his cheeks with her hands. “There, see how bloody cold I am. I’m wet and frozen and…”

He cut her off mid sentence. “Brrr, you are right. You’re frozen, let’s get you into a hot bath.” He wrapped his left arm around her shoulders hugging her tightly and led her across the room to the bathroom. “There’re towels on the rack. Robes and slippers are there too. Sorry hun, but there’s no bubble bath.”

“Your star rating is slipping even more. First the bloody rain and cold and now no bubble bath, what next?” However, before he could reply she placed a hand on his lips and gently pushed him back out the door. “Now be off with you and leave a girl to warm up her bath.”

“I’ll be back for your wet clothes in a minute,” she heard him say through the closed door. Beth began to loosen the belt of her leather pants as she approached the bathtub. She started the bath and disrobed. She piled her clothes on the stool by the tub. Standing naked watching the tub fill, she had the sudden urge to pee. The throne in the corner was the obvious answer. The seat was cold and it made her shiver. She chuckled to herself, as she had to read the instructions on the wall before she could get the toilet to flush. “Only you, Aaron, would have a toilet with instructions,” she mumbled as she returned to the half filled tub. She shut off the taps and slipped into the steaming water. It was prickly hot on her feet. Grasping the sides of the tub, she bounced herself up and down in the water until her sensitive parts had become accustomed to the heat. She removed a washcloth from the nearby stand. Dipping it in the water, Beth began to rub it over her legs, shoulders, and neck. The feel of the cloth and the warm water were sensuous.

At the sound of the opening door, Beth immediately dropped the cloth and drew her legs up to her breasts and rested her head on her knees. “Oh we are shy tonight, aren’t we?” Aaron bent down, fetched with one hand the cloth from the bath water and began to rub her back. Beth only smiled and closed her eyes. His other hand began to stroke her thigh and then her breast. His fingers soon found the nipple. It hardened as he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Beth purred. Languidly kaynarca escort she raised her head. Aaron kissed her lips. Their tongues met for an instant, then the kiss was broken. “Better not start now, I’ve got tea brewing and your wet clothes have to be hung up.”

“That’s your choice,” said Beth as she slowly stretched out in the tub totally revealing herself to him. He quickly gathered up her clothes and was gone.

A few minutes later, he returned naked. His anticipation was obvious as he set the tray down by the tub. He entered the bath opposite her and their legs intertwined. The tea was hot and laced with brandy. He fed her pieces of fruitcake and she licked his fingers. Aaron loved the feel of her tongue and the way she sucked and nibbled at his fingertips.

Tea was soon over. Aaron leaned forward and tipped Beth’s chin upward. He planted a deep kiss on her lips. Their tongues intertwined and probed. Beth let out a soft moan as his hands cupped her full breasts. Her nipples again grew hard under his touch. “You’re starting to make up for that hellish ride,” she whispered as she broke the kiss and allowed Aaron to kiss and lick her ear and neck. “That’s it, ohhhh yes, you’re starting to make it right,” she continued as Aaron began to suck and nip at her earlobe. She purred, the water stirred, and he felt a new sensation.

A hand now cupped and cradled his balls and another stroked his cock. He leaned back, but continued to play with her nipples. She smiled as he closed his eyes and breathed “…Mmm… Mmm, Beth you are a delicious tease…Ahahah…” Her hand movements increased. While the fingers of one hand tickled his balls and probed his anus, the other hand rhythmically pulled on his cock and rubbed the tip of his glans. She could feel him begin to tense. He stopped rubbing her nipples and grabbed the edges of the tub. His head tilted back. Beth knew she had Aaron just where she wanted him.

“And this, you ole bugger, is for getting me all wet!” She said with a laugh as she amplified her movements making sure her thumb and forefinger increased their pressure on his cock with each stroke. She continued to rub his anus and push against the muscle. Sensing the right time, she stroked rapidly and violently and pushed hard with her finger.

“Ohhhh!” Aaron exploded. “Oh, Beth, oh, oh,” was all he could say. When Beth withdrew her finger from his ass, he opened his eyes and smiled. “Some punishment,” he sarcastically uttered as he weakly sank lower into the water. She only smiled and continued to stroke his cock. Some of his cum floated in the water and some had landed on her right breast. Beth leaned back in the tub while maintaining her grip on his cock. With her left hand, she cupped some water and rinsed off the gobs of cum. “Come on laddie, it’s time to get dry.” Beth pulled on his cock and started to rise to get out of the tub. Aaron had no choice but to follow.

The act of drying each other was almost as much fun as the tub. They rubbed and teased each other with the terry towels. They took turns massaging one another with rose scented oil. Finally, they helped one another into the terry robes and slipped on the sheepskin slippers that were stored at the base of the rack. “These are a little big,” Beth playfully complained. The Aaron size robe covered her 5 foot 8 inch body like a tent and she had to walk like a Geisha to keep from slipping out of the slippers. Aaron laughed as he led her out of the bathroom. “Wait, the tray. You forgot the tray.”

“No, no missy. That’s pink work for tomorrow.”

“You chauvinistic bas…”

Before she could finish, he placed his fingers to her lips. “Now, now…ouch!” She had bitten the ends of his fingers. “You little wench. I’ll fix you!” he exclaimed as he picked her up and carried her across the living area towards the bedroom. As he reached the door, he stopped, flicked off the lights, turned and pushed open the bedroom door with his back. They entered, but after a few steps, he stopped and let her take in the room.

Beth smiled at what she saw. Along the back wall was a four-poster bed flanked by night tables. At the foot of the bed was a seaman’s locker chest. Beside the door was a large wardrobe. Opposite was a window. The interior shutters were open and folded against the wall. In front of the window was a desk with a leather chair. “And how are these for accommodations, Madame?” he asked.

“Much better than the weather outside. This looks like this could be quite an acceptable bed and breakfast.”

“Aye, the bed is a good one. Its firm but with a little spring to it,” he said as he tossed her into the centre of the down filled comforter. “As for breakfast, I would prefer to start to eating now!” He reached for her robe tie, but was greeted with a pair of flying slippers that bounced off his head and chest.

“You’re very cheeky, sir. Is that any way to treat a lady on New Year’s Eve?” she asked kozyatağı escort with a pouting smile as she sat back on her heels with her arms crossed across her chest.

“As usual, my lady is correct. How impolite of me to forget to offer you a drink.” He pointed to the glasses on the night table filled with a rich amber liquid. “I had my butler prepare them especially for us. I also had him stoke the fire and place your clothes on the drying rack. Is there anything else he should do for you, my lady, before we retire?”

“No, no. Everything seems in order,” she cooed. “He sounds like a most organized and attentive servant.”

“He is that, Beth.”

“And I hope you have given him the rest of the night off”

Aaron turned picked up the two crystal tumblers from the nightstand and as he handed one to her he said. “Oh I’m sure he’ll be off several times before day break.” They both chuckled. The tumblers clinked. “Here’s to Bonnie Prince Charlie, a bright New Year, and you, the love of my life.” Beth eyes dropped. She shyly smiled as she raised the glass to her mouth and swallowed. The warmth of the amber liquid spread first over her tongue, then down her throat to radiate through her chest and tummy and then spread as tingles throughout her entire body. A second sip brought a warm erotic glow.

As they sat on the bed drinking their drams, the conversation flowed but one way. Beth listened and Aaron talked. He talked about the cottage, the moor, and where they would walk tomorrow, if the rain let up. Beth felt that was unlikely, since every now and then the howl of the wind and the sound of the rain as it pelted against the bedroom window, halted his words. Nevertheless, Beth was not really listening either to the storm or to what he was saying; rather she was enjoying the sound of his voice, the buzz from the liqueur, and the feel of his touch as he rubbed her knee and calf through the terry robe. She closed her eyes and savored.

“Here, let me take that. You’re almost asleep.” The touch of his hand against her own as he took the glass brought Beth back to the moment. “Let’s go to bed,” he said as he placed the glasses on the table.

“Not just yet. Turn out the light,” she whispered as she held out her arms toward him. The light switched clicked. Aaron turned and moulded himself into her body. His hands rubbing her back and buttocks while she nuzzled her face against his chest. Her cheek pushed aside the terry robe as her mouth devoured his right nipple. She sucked and nibbled while he continued to massage her ass.

The robes dissolved into a pile on the floor and Aaron pushed Beth down on the bed. As he tenderly kissed her lips, she ran her fingers through his short hair, down his neck, and then tickled his back with her fingertips. At the same time, Aaron began a trail of kisses and finger rubs that moved down her neck and ended with her nipples being sucked, nipped, and squeezed. His hands lightly caressed her navel, teased her pubic hair, and massaged the top of her thighs. Beth moaned. Her thighs yielded to his touch and his fingers found her pussy lips and the moisture inside.

Aaron moved to gain better access. His tongue swirled around her belly button. Beth sighed and arched to meet his probing. Her body was a wave of sensations as Aaron’s hands massaged her thighs and his thumbs teased the hood of her clit. Her excitement rose as his kisses and hot breath flooded her pubic hair. Then his tongue found her clit. Her thighs squeezed tightly against his head. She her pelvis rose to meet his sucking and probing. A shudder filled her body. Beth tensed, arched back, and gasped an earthy, “Ohhhh…Jesus, Aaron, don’t stoooppp…” And he didn’t.

For what seemed an eternity, Beth convulsed in a series of orgasmic waves. Gradually the sensations subsided and she regained control of her breathing. Opening her eyes, she saw the outline of her lover bending over her. She felt his hands on her breasts and then her shoulders. She pulled him to her and kissed him. His beard and cheeks were wet. She kissed and caressed his face enjoying the mingling of their tastes and smells. “Now its my turn, ” she whispered with a husky voice as she pushed him onto his back with his head towards the end of the bed.

Her fingertips toured his body. Gradually she increased the pressure of her touch and focused her attention on his chest and hardening cock. Beth straddled Aaron making sure his hands would be free to rub her back and buttocks. She liked that. She began to stroke his cock again. It wasn’t the biggest cock she had ever known; Aaron did have his shortcomings. However, it was a tasty morsel to suck and its size did offer other hedonistic advantages. She bent forward, her tongue encircling his glans and removing the delicious droplets of precum that had started to collect there. A side-glance caught the outline of a dram glass on the night table. “I wonder,” she thought to herself.

Aaron felt her grip on his member tighten. He felt her body shift position and then Beth’s ass pushed back towards his face. He felt a cool liquid flow over his cock. His tip tingled. Then he felt warm moist air wash over his cock and the pleasing sensation of Beth’s tongue. The warmth of her mouth enveloped him. Aaron sighed and began to rub her butt in time with the bobbing sensations.

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