Nectar From Her Flower


The softness of my lips Against my lover’s bare skinWhile I left a trail of a million kissesDown her beautiful washboard stomach Towards my ultimate goalWith her soft silky pantiesElegantly slides down my loversVelvety soft thighs towards her feet.Panties tossed to the sideTowards the shag pile floorBefore my eyes glance up And take in the angelic beauty In her perfectly pure nakedness A sight so beautifully Elvankent Escort divine Of this magnificent goddessNaked on my king size bed.Her legs spread wide as can be The sight of her soft delicate flowerA moment worth its delightWhen my eyes nearly popped out At the sight that was bestowed upon meSomething I couldn’t take for granted When Beşevler Escort I slowly kissed up the insidesOf the soft skin of my lover’s thighs. Before my tongue, flicked through her slitThat sent electrical signals to her brainWhich came out in a soft moans That escaped the softness of her lipsAt the sensations of my tongueThat lapped up her Cebeci Escort sweet nectar From her delicately soft flower Like a hummingbird on the wing.With fingertips poised and readyTo strike like an eagle on a thermal That soared in the sky, way up highWith talons ready for its preyWhen they dig into the fleshOf the back of my neckAnd pulls my eager tongueDeeper into her hot sex.From her pure orgasmic blissThat send ripples of pleasure Throughout my lover’s bodyWith fluids gushed forwardsFloods my mouth with sweet nectarWhich was eagerly lapped upSlowly rode out my lovers highOnce my beautiful lover came downFrom her momentarily euphoric daze.While she tried to catch her breathI caught three words adriftFrom my lover’s sweet lips“Please fuck me”  

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