I arrived at her birthday party fifteen minutes early. It was a week after spring break. I was a senior, she had just begun her freshman year. Natalie was turning eighteen. We had shared a writing class together and had sat across from each other for several weeks before she and I had started hanging out. Our first conversation was about anal sex. “Who isn’t walking around with cum in their ass?” she asked me. Natalie always spoke with a deadpan tone. Her eyeshadow and black hair complemented a gothic personality. She liked getting spanked. She liked being called a whore. Natalie’s eighteenth birthday party was inside her friend’s dorm room. It was Halloween themed, an odd choice for March, and she had ordered everyone to wear a costume. When I arrived, I was the only guest there. Her friend had worn a California surfer getup and was mixing a barrel of beer, liquor, wine, and pineapple juice.“It’s the punishment punch,” she told me. “For when the night get’s real crazy.” Her name was Sarah, or Sam, or Sierra. I can’t remember. She had short brown hair and a curvy figure. We made small talk.“How do you know Natalie?”“Why aren’t you wearing a costume?”“Want some punch?”Other guests arrived by the time I’d downed Anadolu Yakası Escort my third pint of punishment punch. Natalie’s sorority sisters, giggling and sexy, their frat bro boyfriends, muscular and possessive. Faces I had seen in passing, others who I’d never heard of.A tall frat boy and his girlfriend sat next to me on the couch, both of them frisky as hell. She was wearing a skin-tight rainbow lace dress, and no bra, a bright neon thong, and pink heels. When I asked her what she was dressed as she smiled and spewed out, “A pornstar.” She chugged her punch, leaned into her boyfriend, closed her eyes, and forced her tongue down his mouth. He popped me a thumbs up, then grabbed her ass and pulled her on top of him. “I’m gonna fuck you tonight.” She didn’t say a thing, just ground against his shorts while his hand found its way to her pussy, and she moaned. I got up from the couch, as they melted into one another. He fell on his back, and she straddled him, cowgirl. I grinned.“Jason.”I turned to the door.Natalie had arrived. “What do you think?” she asked me.She was wearing a black skin-tight leather unitard and kitten ears over her head. She had drawn whiskers Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan on her cheeks with mascara, and glued fake black nails to her fingertips. My eyes followed the unitard’s zipper. It began at her neck, roped between her breasts, fell down her stomach past her belly button down her crotch.“You like?” she smirked, then twirled around for meThe zipper wrapped underneath her crotch, between her butt cheeks, ending at the small of her back. “I put a lot of effort into it.”I nodded and went in for a hug. “Happy Birthday,” I said.She raised a hand to stop me, “Uh, where’s your costume?”I looked down at my jeans and t-shirt. “Missed the memo, I guess.” I laughed.“Mmmm…. okay.” She kissed me on the cheek and wrapped her arms around my back, “Thanks for coming.” I felt her hands slide down my back until they stopped on my ass and groped me.“Mmmm….” She grinned, sniffed my breath. “Are you already drunk?”“I’m a little buzzed.”“The party just started.”“I got here early.”“Early?”I nodded.She stepped closer to me until her breasts were touching my chest. I could smell her conditioner. Peaches. She placed a hand on my sternum and leaned up to my Escort Anadolu Yakası ear. I felt her breath on my skin. Warm, wet.“Fun fact, I think that’s sexy as hell.”“Yeah?”She bit her lip and nodded. “Wanna know another fun fact?”“Sure.”Her voice dropped to a whisper.“It’s gonna be your cum in my ass tonight.”By then the party had started raging. Music was blaring, bras were unstrapping, hands were flailing. Bodies were sweating. Natalie and I stumbled into the bathroom. Her hands were all over me, grabbing my ass, fondling my crotch, slipping underneath my shirt. I grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall. My lips met her’s and my tongue danced inside her mouth. We breathed into each other’s lungs, soaking up the other’s exhalations and making ourselves light headed. It was euphoric. My skin tingled.She pushed me onto the toilet, unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down with my boxers. She took my cock in her hands and licked the tip.“Something wrong?” I looked down and noticed my dick standing at half-mast.“It’s the booze.”She giggled, her hands stroking my cock lightly.“Don’t take it personally, I really wanna fuck you.”“Okay, just checking.”She unhinged her jaw, whipped back her hair, and fixed her eyes on my crotch, then took my cock’s full length down her throat. I nearly gasped out all my breath – I’d never felt a feeling like that before.I took her hair in my hands and gripped it tight. I forced her lips to the base of my cock and held her head there as I drowned in pleasure. I could hear her gagging, gurgling, gasping. 

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