My Neighbor’s Secret Ch. 02


My last story related the first experience I had with my next-door neighbor, Will. This one fast-forwards a few weeks, to when things got even spicier. And yes, these stories are true.

Before my neighbor Will and I had our first encounter, I had enjoyed a period of intimacy with my best friend in high school. We started out watching porn and stroking off together, which eventually lead to mutual masturbation and oral sex. They were good times, and once we went our separate ways I still fantasized about them, as well as original fantasies when the mood suggested it. I suspected that a unique relationship like that may never happen again, so when Will and I shared a lovely masturbation session one Sunday I figured it would also be a single experience and fond memory. We hung out a few times immediately after that, and we talked openly of our male fantasies and thoughts. I imagined he would be content with that, and carry on with his curious urges in other ways.

Will, as it turned out, had other plans.

About a month after my first sexual encounter with Will, I was home alone and doing little odds and ends around the house. A few nail holes in the walls from the previous owners needed covering, the sink in the basement leaked incessantly, etc. I was wearing a white tank-top tee, and skimpy little gray sweatshorts (I often have a few pairs of skimpy underthings, as they are a sexy little secret I enjoy when alone). With several of my domestic quests finished, I grabbed a beer from the fridge and looked out the kitchen window. I saw Will raking some leaves in his backyard, and after a moment he looked up and spotted me. I waved and smiled, and he did the same in return. He put the rake aside and gestured as if he were lifting something; I tilted my head, arched one eyebrow and then lifted the window. As I did, I put 2+2 together and snickered at myself.

“Hey man, what’s up?” I called.

“Not much, bro. Hey it is COLD out here,” Will laughed. “Amy forgot to buy coffee and I’m just too lazy to go get some. Mind if I stop in for a pot or two?” he replied.

“Sure man, you got it. When?”

“About twenty minutes or so. Is that cool?”

“Absolutely,” I called back. “The door will be unlocked.”

Will gave me a smile and a thumbs up (and I’m still not sure if he winked), and then grabbed the rake again. I shut the window (noting that my pink nipples had stiffened quickly from the draft), chugged my beer, and then went down to knock out the leaking sink. Ten minutes or so later, I was in the kitchen and starting Kolej Escort the coffee. I got lost in my thoughts, realizing that I should change (not that I thought Will would mind my attire, as friendly flirting had slowly worked its way into our conversations), and then the front door opened.

“Hold the cup and give me the pot! I’m fucking freezing!” Will announced. He entered the kitchen, taking off his jacket as he did so. He had on a blue t-shirt and blue sweatpants, and I noted his perky nipples. I handed him a cup of coffee as we laughed at his entrance. He eyed me up and down as he sipped his coffee.

“Well aren’t we easy on the eyes today? Looks like you’re a little cold, too.” He gestured with his head towards my nipples, and I responded with, “Or I could be a little hot…” Cheesy, yes, but it came out before I could think. Will gave me a “Mmmm,” and continued his coffee. Chat about the day’s chores ensued, and we ended up on the sink. “Hey, I know my way around the pipes, let me-what?” I laughed and Will registered the joke, laughing too.

“C’mon, man. This way,” I finally said. We made our way into the basement, and I pointed under the sink.

“I think I got it, but I can’t be sure. Not much of a plumber, unless I’m playing Super Mario Bros.,” I remarked. Will rolled his eyes. “You’re such a nerd.” He slid under the pipe on his back and began examining it. My gaze wandered down to his groin; his sweats conformed to his thick cock, outlining its position on his navel. His balls hung low and full against the fabric. I remembered it nude and stiff, and wanted to see it again right there.

“Enjoying the view?” Will inquired. He was grinning and eyeing the pipe and me now.

“Absolutely,” I smiled back.

“Good,” he smiled back, and I noticed his eyes roaming my groin, where my cock sat slightly erect and poking foward in my shorts.

“Here,” he said. “Take a look. I see the problem, but it looks like you got it.” He slid out, and I got down on my hands and knees to look at the pipe.

“You see that part right there? Small crack in it. If you tightened it…” Will leaned in next to me, his hand resting on the top of my ass as he pointed at the pipe. “…it should hold ok, but after awhile you may need to use a sealant or get a new piece.”

I decided to push my luck. Couldn’t hurt, I thought. I arched my back and ducked my head lower. “Where?” The result pushed my ass up into his hand more, and I felt his palm on my asscheek. Rus Escort “Oh, I see it. Thanks, man.”

I turned my head and looked back at him over my shoulder. Whether it was the look I was trying to give him (eyes innocent with desire as my ass arched upward seductively, in the doggy position)or his hand on my ass, Will bit his lower lip and squeezed my ass. I closed my eyes and moaned, wiggling my ass back and forth ever-so-gently. My cock began to pulse with warmth and stiffen quickly. I reached back and massaged his thigh. Will turned his head to my ass, and then both hands were kneading both cheeks. I spread my legs a little further and groaned with delight. Will’s hand traced a path between my asscheeks to my balls, and rubbed them lightly through my shorts. I found his hardening dick with my hand, and massaged it gently.

“Oh bro, that feels so good,” he whispered.

“Can you take them off?” I breathed/whispered. Will’s hands found the waistband, and he slid them down slowly. When they passed my cock, it popped up like a spring from the fabric and I felt a gush of precum whip upward and stick to my pink cockhead. My pink virgin asshole was naked and exposed as the air slid in and caressed it. I didn’t intend for anything anal to happen (although I am not against it, as it may happen if the mood and person I’m with are right), but it was a rush to feel my ass free and vulnerable to him.

“Mmm, cute ass,” Will said. I wiggled it a little, and he massaged it for a minute. I continued playing with his cock through his sweats, and noted the precum staining them.

“Can I see that hot cock?” Will asked. I turned around, sitting and opening my legs. We were only inches away from each other, and my hands found his waistband. “May I?” I grinned.

“Oh yes, please,” he moaned.

I freed his thick uncut cock from its captor, and slid his sweats off. I moaned and grabbed my swollen cock as my other hand instinctively went to a nipple and tugged it. Will grabbed his own hardness and stroked it thoroughly but slowly. Like the first time we masturbated together, the thought of his beautiful cock filling my mouth raced through my head. I decided that that may be a bit much, but figured I could try something else.

“Can I help you with that, man?” I asked. Will looked at me with open eyes.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind?” he replied.

I grinned and shook my head. “Oh no, not…at…all…” I reached down and ran just my fingertips over his skinned-head, Yenimahalle Escort loving the feel of it. I slowly caressed his shaft, finally gripping it and gently slipping the skin away from his pink cockhead. Will closed his eyes and moaned, letting his head fall back. I stroked him eagerly but with purpose, and after a few minutes, found his balls. They were rigid and tight to his body. I loved the feeling, and caressed and gripped them as best I could. Will’s hips bucked faster and faster, and I could sense his pleasure building quickly. I stroked his cock again, resuming with mine as well. Our cocks were maybe three inches away from each other’s, and I barely resisted the urge to take him in my mouth and swallow every last drop he had to offer. (I happen to LOVE sucking cock!)

My orgasm approached, and I was pretty sure Will’s was too. As I thought that, Will’s hand slid across my inner thigh and grabbed my cock, pumping it furiously. He looked at me long enough to see approval on my face, then looked down at my cock as he jerked it perfectly. My thoughts were then lost in the quivers and shudders of our orgasms. Will’s hot thick cum exploded into my hand, and then several bursts struck my tummy and inner thighs, as well as my cock and balls. I felt my own cum shoot out deliciously, and it struck Will’s cock, tummy, and balls. We moaned quite loudly throughout, and continued to stroke each other even after our cum was spent. I watched his sexy cock glisten in my hand as I slowed my strokes, enjoying its slick, thick texture. His speed slowed as well, and he moaned as my cock softened in his hand. When we were done, we each let out long sighs of pleasure and relief. He looked at me and giggled, and moments later we were both laughing. Finally we helped one another to our feet, and made our way back upstairs. We took turns showering, then resumed our coffee break in the kitchen. We discussed everything about our recent adventure together, and I found myself realizing that neither one of us intended it to be the last time.

Our conversation turned to sex in general, and while Will never gave gory details (which I respected), he talked about the amazing blowjob Amy had given him a few nights earlier. We chatted about blowjobs until Will asked, “Hey, you said you did some stuff with your friend, right? Did you ever, you know…” I could see the nervous, uncertain excitement on Will’s face. It looked like he wanted to know so bad, but was afraid he had went too far. The front door suddenly opened and my housemate Tina came in with some shopping bags.

“Hey clowns, what’s up? Give me a hand or three?” Tina smiled.

I turned to Will, raised my eyebrow, then winked. His eyes went wide and his neck shoved his head forward, as if to say, “No way!” He bit his lower lip and smiled. I licked my lips, then turned to Tina and went over to her, grabbing some bags…

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