My First Time Is With My Teacher! Ch. 02


None of the names are real in this story or the first one or the future ones. Thanks to Angel Love for editing assistance with this story. This story starts the next day in class.

“John do you know the answer?”

“No Mrs. Smith sorry I wasn’t paying attention. What was the question?”

“See me at lunch John.”

The class makes there usual hoots and hollers thinking that I am in trouble but unbeknownst to them I was going to get a little treat.

I walk into her room and she is sitting at her desk. “You wanted to see my Mrs. Smith?”

“Close and lock the door John.”

She gets up and I can she has no bra on. It is nippy in the room and her nips are sticking out like an inch and they immediately make me get a hard on. She walks over and hugs me. I can feel her nips on my chest and she can feel my hard on and gives it a squeeze whispering in my ear, “God I’ve missed this. I’ve been thinking of you all last night and all today. I’ve been horny the entire time too.”

“Why didn’t your husband take care of you?”

She says, “We’ve had sex but he is very small and I can’t even tell if he is in me or not. He doesn’t even try and please me. He just gets himself off!”

I’m surprised since they just got married this year and I heard newlyweds have great sex lives for at least a few years.

She starts unzipping my pants and she can see that I have no underwear. “Well you naughty little boy,” she squeals and spanks me. I’m not wearing any and raises her skirt,” showing her lips all swollen and wet. “I’m a naughty girl” she coos as she bends over and says, “I think I need to be punished.”

I spank her and she moans. I do it a few more times and she is really leaking so I stop because we don’t want her next class to smell it, even though she says it would turn her on.

She turns back around and pulls my cock out. “I’ve really been missing my playmate.”

“Oh baby, I he has missed you.”

She gives me a quickie blow job, which only took her less than a minute since I was so excited from going commando and knowing she did too. She swallows it all saying, “Mmmmm that is so tasty. I really need to get off baby or I don’t think I can get through the rest of the day.”

I have her lie on a desk and take her shirt off. “Ohhh I have really missed these tits.”

She pinched her nipples moaning, “They have missed you too John.”

I French kissed her and kissed down her body to her breasts sucking each nip while squeezing and caressing the other at the same time. She started moaning and I continued down her body with kisses till I get to her belly button tongue fucking it for a little bit. She moaned more loudly now. I continued going down. I got to her pussy and saw that it was completely cevizli escort shaved and she did it because she remembered that I said it really turned me on yesterday.

The last time we were together she told me that she likes it like that but her husband doesn’t so she doesn’t shave it. However, since I like it she doesn’t care what her husband thinks. She just wants to please me.

“It really turns me on seeing it baby and the fact that you go against your husband for me.”

I start licking up and down her lips as she purrs and moans. “You taste so fucking good,” I say as I inhale deeply, “You smell heavenly too.”

She says, “Thank you John.”

She sits up French kissing me and tasting her juices. I push her back down and separate her lips with my fingers. I begin licking her clit I slide a finger in and she orgasms so hard that she gushed a little bit. She tells me not to stop but her phone has been ringing during that and it went to the machine. It said that there was an emergency meeting that she needed to attend. She said forget it and just keep going but I said they would come looking for her if she didn’t go.

“Okay okay but I need to continue this. Come over after school.”

“What about your husband?”

“Don’t worry about him, he doesn’t get home till late and besides I don’t give a fuck if he catches us. Hell it might even turn me on,” she laughed.

“Well ok, I’ll come over, but I sure hope he doesn’t come home. I rather treasure my nuts,” I snicker.

She writes her address and her cell number down and gives them to me. She kisses me and coos, “I’ll see ya later big boy.” We both dress and leave.

It was after my last class that I got a phone call from Mrs. Smith. I got an instant hard on just from knowing that it was her in my ear. She said that she let her class out early and asked if that was naughty. I said it was very naughty and that she is going to get punished later. She purred a little into the phone. She said that she is rubbing her pussy and shoving a big fat vibe in it that she keeps in her purse.

“Did you ask if you could do that to my pussy?” I demand, “You are really in for some discipline later on young lady. I’m on my way to your house right now so stop that and let me take care of you when I get there. “heading to her house and that she should stop because it is my job to pleasure her. She giggled and said okay I will leave now too. See you there my lover.

Waiting for her on the front porch of her house I watch as she pulls up the driveway. She gets out of the car and my eyes bug out. She is wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini. My cock does a little bulging too. She walks over seductively. erenköy escort She pulls me to her and French kisses me.

“Hold on sweetie; aren’t you afraid your neighbors will see us?”

“Nah, they won’t care. We have a neighborhood fuckfest once a year and anything goes. These woman are all cheating on their husbands. They don’t give a fuck, besides when I tell them about you, they will probably want to fuck you too,” she laughs.

“Wow I could really get into that, if of course, they are all as hot as you Mrs. Smith.”

“Yeah, they are all pretty hot baby, only the best for my honey,” she coos.

She leads me into her house and then French kisses me as she rubs my cock through my pants. “Help yourself to any drink in the kitchen and get naked, lover. I have a few things to take care of before you fuck my brains out,” she laughs.

I hurriedly shuck off my clothes but still have my nice hard on. I go to the kitchen and fix me up a Jack and Coke sucking it down quickly. After making another i go to the living room and sit on the sofa, turning on the TV. I grab the remote and start flipping through the channels looking for a porn station. There is a gang bang with 20 well hung guys pounding two Asians. The guys keep saying how tight they are. I start rubbing my cock.

I feel a soft set of hands replace mine and Mrs. Smith is there completely nude except she is wearing some fuck me clear pumps. I grow an inch just seeing them. I thought I might like my heels. “I got them at my bachlorette party but felt slutty when I tried them on, but since I’m your little slut I figured I should wear them for you.”

“Mmmm good thinking,” I say.

“Oh baby you ain’t seen nothing yet. I have a number of slutty surprises for you, but I’ll save them till later.”

“I am looking forward to it,” I chuckle out loud.

She starts sucking my dick and I keep watching the movie. The two Asians are being covered with cum from all the guys surrounding them. “Would you like that to happen to you? I ask.

“It already has John,” she says as she pulls back from the task at hand, smiling up at me coyly, “The whole neighborhood got into the act at last year’s fuckfest. She said that it already did. At last year’s she had all the guys around the neighborhood gang bang her and cover all over with cum.

I got so turned on by this that I started cumming. She aimed my dick at her tits and had me cum all over them. She looked so hot after I did that. “I’m planning on taking you to the big fest next week darling and share the wealth around a bit.”

“God I can’t wait,” I almost shout out.

She starts rubbing my cum all over her tits and I tell her how hot she esenyurt escort looks doing it. I look down and notice the steady ooze of cum dripping out of her pussy. I kneel down and start slurping the juices up while sucking her clit and fingering her pussy.

She starts moaning really loud. I could have sworn that the neighbors could here. She pushes my face towards her cunt to keep me doing what I am doing and with her other hand she pinches her nipples. She finally cums after she pinches her nipples hard. She really thrashes around when she came and she even squirted cum which I sucked up.

“Oh god lover I need your cock in me. Please fuck me nowwwwwww!!!” she begs.

I get up and spread her legs while taking my cock in my hands, aiming it at her pussy and rubbing it up and down between her swollen pussy lips. She starts moaning and saying, “Put that big dick in my pussy and fuck me!!”

I slowly insert my cock into her hungry tight cunt. She starts moaning and purring. I stroke in and out slowly. After a few minute she starts begging, “Please fuck me hard. Please pound my nasty pussy.” I put her legs on my shoulders and really give it to her; pounding her pussy good.

She says encouraging things like: “Faster and harder.” Or, “Mmmmm your dick feels really good in my pussy.”

After another minute she cums and I can feel the warm fluid of hers all around my cock and her pussy suck on my cock. I cum in her pussy after that and she cums again from the feel of it. I dismount and she takes my cock in her mouth and sucks our juices off of it.

“Mmmmmm yes you taste so good lover boy.”

As she sucks off the last remnants of our fuck session, she says, “I think I’ll go take a shower now. If my husband even suspects I have cum in my pussy it will piss him off, and I really don’t feel like the hassle after that performance.”

“Don’t move. Just spread your legs,” I command.

I lower my face between her legs and stick my tongue out at her pussy tasting the mixture of our juices. “Oh baby that feels so good,” she says.

I lick and swallow it all. She purrs, “I’d love to cum again.”

“Sure thing baby,” I say.

When the phone rings we ignore and it goes to the answering machine. We hear her husband’s voice telling her that he will be there n 20 minutes. I say, “I’d better get going now.”

“No please don’t go yet. I need to cum all over that beautiful cock again baby.”

“I don’t want your husband walking in on us and taking a hissy fit. We will soon meet again and there is next week,” I chuckle with a wink. With a little more convincing she agrees and I say, “Thanks for taking my virginity.”

She just smiles and says, “My pleasure John.” “Next time we will try some new stuff.”

I reply, “I can’t wait!”

I get dressed and while leaving I see a neighbor across the street. She is a very cute Asian. She blows a kiss to me as I smile and get in my car and drive home.

More to come in the future. Please comment on this story and the past one. I really appreciate some positive feed back. Thank you for reading.

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