Mr. Big Ch. 09


9. Hello and goodbye

If I’d thought Annika’s house was impressive, the one where Faith and Bryan lived made it look pretty modest. Their place was huge and superbly tasteful, almost a mansion and a shrine to chic. Bryan greeted me at the door with a big grin.

“Hey, Tommy. Great you could make it. Faith’s been so excited all day, knowing that you’d be back for more. We’ve watched the video together several times. I have to say, I found it very arousing.”

“Thanks, Bryan,” I said, setting my bag down in the hall. “You have an amazing place here.”

“Thank you. Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure. What do you have?”

“Almost anything. Faith and I are drinking a nice Napa Champagne. Sparkling wine always gets her in the mood for sex. Not that thinking about you and your amazing cock aren’t enough to get her juices flowing.”

“I’ve never tasted champagne before, so I’d like to try some, please. Where’s Faith?”

With that, I heard the clicking of heels, and Faith appeared from one of the doorways into the huge entrance hall. If ever there was an outfit for a woman to wear if she wanted to have her brains fucked out, Faith was wearing it. Little scraps of lace covered nothing at all. Tiny half-cups holding up her nice titties, suspenders framing her smooth, wet, naked pussy, attached to lace-topped stockings that looked really sexy. On her feet, some very high heels with straps that went way above her ankles. Around her neck, a choker with crystals spelling out the word ‘SLUT’. Big, hooker-style hoop earrings. Lots of makeup, with bright red lipstick. Very different from the soccer-mom look I’d previously associated her with.

“Hello Tommy,” she kinda purred. “My God you’re hot.”

“Isn’t that kinda ‘pot and kettle’? Faith, you’re absolutely smoking! Amazing outfit — on an amazing body.” She did look good, her legs long and shapely, her waist surprisingly narrow, her tits just right on her slender frame. In a nude identity parade of all of the Scottsdale Sluts that I’d seen naked so far — basically Faith, Annika, Janet and Bernice — I would probably have picked out Faith as my ideal MILF.

“You’re both hot,” Bryan added. “Tommy, why don’t you and Faith head through to the bedroom, and then maybe you can show us some of that amazing body of yours. I’ll just get you a glass of champagne.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off Faith. She had a tight, almost skinny ass that I watched all the way to the bedroom. I noticed that she was wearing a ‘jeweled’ plug that glinted as she moved. I assumed she wouldn’t welcome my dick in there, so I guessed she was preparing it for Bryan.

When we arrived in the bedroom, I was kinda blown away. The room was vast, and so was the bed. There were also several couches, apparently arranged for the purpose — maybe so Faith could bend over and be fucked from behind while sucking cock at the same time. This was shaping up to be an interesting evening.

She stopped in front of the bed and just looked at me with this ‘smoldering’ expression. “Get your clothes off, Tommy. I’ve got to see that body again, now.”

I started a slow strip, teasing, in the way that Reuben had showed me, but Faith said “Tommy, I don’t need the tease. Just fucking show me your cock, will you?”

OK, so off came the shirt, down came the jeans and the underwear, and I slipped out of the socks and sneakers. I’d extracted a pack of condoms from my pocket, and just held them in my hand, awaiting further instructions.

The way Faith looked at me, it was as if she wanted to eat me all up. “Oh yes!” she breathed. And then a moment later, she was on her knees, eating me all up. She took a surprisingly-large mouthful of my semi-hard dick and sucked and licked it in a very sexy way that got me hard in no time. She couldn’t take me as deep as Janet had — possibly not even as deep as Annika had — but it felt fucking amazing, especially when looking down at her doing it.

Then Bryan came back into the room. He grinned as he watched his wife trying to swallow a big mouthful of my big cock. Passing me the champagne, he said “That looks so hot. Would you mind if I had a go?”

“Er, kinda, yes — I would mind. Thanks for the champagne, but I’d be grateful if just Faith did things to me — and of course, if I do things to Faith. I’m sorry, but I’m really not into guy-guy stuff.”

“Pity,” he said with a wistful smile. “You know, a guy can give at least as good a blowjob as a woman. You should try it. I think you’d like it.”

“Well, thanks for the suggestion, Bryan, but I’d rather not, all the same. And I think Faith will want exclusive use of my cock tonight.” Shit, if she kept sucking me like that, I felt my cock might not be fit for any use for a while.

“OK. Well let’s see what Faith wants, shall we?”

Faith pulled back and let my cock slide out, a long strand of saliva stretching from her lips to my cock-head. She reached up, took the champagne glass from my hand and took a Çankaya Rus Escort long swig, half-emptying it. When she handed it back to me, there was bright-red lipstick on the rim.

“Well, I don’t think I want to try swallowing any more of that dick, at least not in my mouth. You are huge, Tommy my boy, and it would be a shame to make my mouth tired when there’s another wet hole that needs it a lot more.”

She stood up, kissed me, and then sashayed to the bed. Sitting back, she looked at me, smiled — and spread her legs. I’ve always felt that if a woman looks straight at you, then opens her legs wide and displays a naked, wet pussy, she probably wants to get fucked. Maybe I’m being a little simplistic here — I dunno — but that looked like a pretty-unambiguous invitation to me.

So I headed over to where she was sitting and dropped to my knees between her legs.

“Hey Tommy, I don’t need your tongue. Bryan spent a long time having an intimate conversation with my pussy just before you arrived, so all I need is for you to slide than remarkable cock of yours into me. Bryan has some condoms if you need them, though they may be a little snug.”

“I brought my own,” I said, extracting one from the pack and letting the rest fall on the floor. A few seconds later, suitably jacketed, my dick reacquainted itself with the inside of Faith’s rather snug pussy. It took quite a few small movements to finally fill that tight little hole. When I hit bottom, she threw her head back and moaned loudly. We’d managed The Fill successfully — now we needed to move on toward The Pound — but taking it gradually.

I’d pulled back and slid in a few times, each time hitting the deepest part of her cunt, each time making her moan and cry out. Then suddenly, quite unexpectedly, I felt my asshole being licked. OK, so getting rimmed can be very hot — it certainly was when the Sluts handcuffed and blindfolded me — but knowing that it was a guy doing it had the reverse effect on me.

“Hey, Bryan, could you please stop doing that?” I said over my shoulder.

“You don’t like being rimmed? I love it.”

“I like it when a woman does it for me. With a guy, not so much. Why don’t you come round this side and see to some of Faith’s needs?”

While I’d been fucking his wife, Bryan had undressed. He had a good body; not as muscular as mine, and his cock was only moderately-sized, maybe seven inches or so, but he looked fit and well-toned for a guy in (I guessed) his early forties. I’d started rubbing Faith’s clit with my thumb as she squealed and writhed under me, and I sensed she might be cumming pretty soon. He moved around, squeezed Faith’s tits and tweaked her nipples — and then stuck his cock in her mouth.

So I kept on fucking Faith until she was twitching and moaning through the cock-shaped gag that was in her mouth. Then the pitch of her noises increased, and Bryan started making some noises of his own. A minute later, he pulled out of her mouth and she started to cough and gasp.

“OK Faith. Ready for a break?” I asked.

“NO! Keep fucking me!” she demanded.

Now I don’t know whether it was the rubber or the fact that there was another guy present, but I wasn’t close to coming yet. And, it seemed, Faith wasn’t ready to quit either. So I grabbed her legs and pulled them up and over, pushing her back onto the bed. With her insane, sexy heels up beside her head, I started fucking her like she was no more than a juiced-up tube that needed pounding. She made a lot of incoherent noise that rose and fell in pitch as she hit another wave of orgasm, then subsided, then hit another peak.

And the strange thing was that, although I was fucking a seriously-hot MILF dressed in the sexiest lingerie, and had been for quite some time, I still wasn’t ready to cum. Maybe it was because there was another guy present. Sure, I’d fucked Kristy with her boyfriend Shawn nearby, but as he was busy with Loretta at the time, it wasn’t a distraction for me. With two women — Loretta and Justine, Annika and Janet, and even the Sluts all together — sure, there was an audience, but fucking one woman while another watches, waiting her turn or joining in, is kinda horny.

But there was something about fucking a woman while her husband watched, especially when I knew that the husband was also attracted to me, which was quite distracting. I’m not homophobic — I even made some friends at college who were openly gay — but it’s not something that I ever felt I wanted to be part of. So there was a concern that, at any moment, I might feel Bryan touching me in a way that I wouldn’t enjoy, and it made it hard to focus on giving Faith what she needed, or taking what I needed in return.

But Faith didn’t seem to notice. For several minutes, she’d been thrashing around, impaled on my dick and seemingly loving every minute of it. Then Bryan said “pick her up.” I looked at him in surprise. “Come on, Keçiören Rus Escort you’re a big, strong boy. Lift her up, keep your cock in her and stand there.”

Faith seemed to guess what was going on, because she moved her legs down and wrapped them around my waist. I slid us both to the edge of the bed, bent forward so her arms were around my neck, braced myself, wrapped my arms around her and lifted. She wasn’t as heavy as I’d thought, and it was fairly easy to move into a standing position. With the weight of her body pushing her tight, wet cunt down over my dick, she found herself getting some more pressure on her womb than she’d previously experienced, and she almost screamed with the intensity of the sensation. I turned to look into her face, and her eyes and mouth were both wide open.

And she made some more noises a few moments later as Bryan eased the plug out of her ass and squeezed another object, larger and made of hard male flesh, into the vacated hole. The scream in my ear was almost deafening.

Guys, I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced a double penetration. It looks great in porn videos, but the reality is a little different. Feeling another guy’s cock rubbing up against your own, separated only by a thin piece of woman-flesh, is weird. I’ve never tried a double-vaginal — shit, no woman I’ve even met would have been able to take me and another guy in the same hole — but I guess that would be worse. Apparently, in a DP, both holes get tighter, but given my dimensions and the fact that Faith wasn’t exactly slack, this was hardly an advantage. Also, you have to try to co-ordinate with the guy in her ass, and Bryan didn’t seem to be in any mood to set up a good rhythm with me. He just hammered away, while I tried to lift Faith as far on and off my cock as I could, and thrust as deep as I could each time.

Faith’s head was lolling from side to side, she was shaking and letting out a long sequence of squeals, moans and little screams. Then she started gasping in time with the fucking rhythm I’d established. “No! Please! Stop! Stop!”

I looked at Bryan, who just shook his head. “Keep fucking her!” And just then, I felt his cock starting to throb in Faith’s ass, and he added his own moans to the cacophony.

“No! Please! Please! See — Seattle! Seattle!” Her face was screwed up, and there were dark streaks where her make-up had run.

Bryan had already stopped thrusting — he was balls-deep — and his face had this faraway look, a little like his wife’s. Then he looked at me. “OK, stop now, Tommy. That’s our safe word. I think Faith’s finally had enough.”

Bryan pulled out and I carefully lifted Faith off my dick. Cum was dribbling out of her ass. Between us, Bryan and I laid her down on the bed and then stretched out on either side of her. He stroked her hair while I gently rested my hand on one of her nice tits. She smiled and we kissed. After a few moments, I moved my hand down to her pussy, sliding a finger across her slit and into her wet hole.

Her reaction was unexpected. She suddenly bucked on the bed, grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away, moaning “AH! NO!”

When she’d calmed down, she looked at me with a rather concerned expression. “Sorry, Tommy. When you touched my clit, it set me off again, and your finger inside me, it — it kinda hurt. I think my pussy has been pounded so hard that it’s sore. I — I’m not complaining; it felt great at the time and I kept cumming and cumming. But I don’t think I can do anything else tonight. I’m too sore to fuck, your dick is too big for my ass — and I think that I may be too sore for even Bryan to fuck me again tonight. If you touch me or lick me you’ll make me come again and it’s getting uncomfortable to even do that. Maybe — maybe I could suck your dick?”

My cock had softened a little, so I pulled the condom off and moved around on the bed. I positioned the head of my cock against her lips and she licked and sucked me for a minute or two. Then suddenly, she started bucking again and moaning, eventually falling back onto the bed, breathing heavily. She looked up at me with apologetic eyes.

“I’ve seen her like this once or twice before,” Bryan added. “She’s multi-orgasmic, which is great. But when she’s gotten super-excited and has cum a lot, I find that even when she just tries sucking dick, the hormone levels go up and suddenly she triggers. Sometimes it’s great — she cums again even as I’m pumping jizz into her mouth — but when she gets cummed-out like this, she’s just a bag of super-sensitized nerve-endings. The only way out is for her to get some sleep. I’m really sorry. I know you haven’t come yet. Would you like me to suck you off? I’m very good at it, and I’d enjoy it.”

“Er, thanks for the offer, Bryan, but sorry, no thanks. I think it’s best I just leave and let Faith return to Planet Earth in her own time. I’ve enjoyed it — she’s a very hot lady — so please don’t Etimesgut Rus Escort apologize.”

“OK, Tommy.” He got up and returned with an envelope. “Here’s what we promised you. Can we get together again soon?”

“I — yeah, I’d like that,” I said, though I wasn’t so sure, “but, like, I’m changing jobs and I don’t know what my schedule will be yet. Can I call you or Faith sometime next week when I know?”

“Sure. So you’re leaving the diner? That’s a pity; you’re obviously very popular there. Where are you going?”

“It’s kind of a secret. I’m not telling anyone until I’ve settled in, but I’ll let you know when we meet up again. And thanks for the cash, Bryan. I appreciate it.”


It was around ten thirty when I got back home to Justine’s place. She was sitting, watching some movie. I looked at her; slim — almost skinny, short hair framing her rather serious but still attractive face, jeans tight on her legs, and felt the kind of stirring that had been missing after my encounter with Faith and Bryan.

“Hey. How was your evening?” she asked, looking back at me over her shoulder.

“So-so. How was yours?”

“Quiet. I guess a little lonely.”

“Hmm. If you like, I could liven things up by fucking your brains out.”

A smile lightened up her face. “Well, I guess I’ve had more romantic and subtle invitations, but given how I feel right now, I’ll take it.”

By the time she was moaning “OH FUUUUCK!” and kicking out in all directions for the second time, I was ready to cum. She was face down on the bed, a pillow under her skinny hips, and I was pressing one hand on her back while I pounded her tight little fuck-hole like I wanted to drill into the mattress. There’s something about fucking a tight, silky pussy, flesh to hot, wet flesh, that no amount of beauty or raunchiness can make up for if you’re in rubber. When you can see, hear and actually feel a woman having a powerful orgasm as you bury your cock as deep as it’ll go inside her juicy cunt, feeling that soft, spongy area in her liquid depths kissing your cock-head, it almost doesn’t matter whether she’s beautiful or plain, young or old, skinny or fat.

Justine was — or is — what you’d call ‘handsome’ rather than beautiful. She has a quiet elegance that I find intriguing — a kind of ‘MILF Next Door’ look about her. She’s not as raunchy as Loretta, or as obviously built for sex like Annika. She’s not even a ‘soccer mom by day, DP slut by night’ like Faith, but if you probe beneath the surface — and, believe me, I’ve probed way beneath the surface — she can be as hot as a fucking furnace. (Not that I’ve ever fucked a furnace).

The great joy in fucking Justine is that I’ve never had to work too hard to make her come. I’d just started with her riding my face, which she did like a jockey trying to win the Kentucky Derby. She ground her pussy onto my tongue and almost screamed when I held her hips still and devoured her clit. I teased and then penetrated her asshole with my finger, and that’s when she came for the first time. When she’d stopped shaking, I kinda lifted her up and had her shimmy onto my meat pole, pulling her down as far as she could go, and then a little further. Watching her face as I filled her to her limit was almost enough to make me come straightaway.

But I held on, and just maybe two or three minutes later, I felt her coming on my cock — and saw the ultra-horny expression on her face. I waited until her orgasm had subsided, lifted her off my dick, laid her over a pillow and slammed her mercilessly from behind. She squealed, and moaned, and kept begging “No! No, please stop!” until I felt her coming for the third time. As I pumped her full of my jizz — and, thanks to my unrewarded efforts inside Faith, there was plenty — I almost collapsed on top of her. I managed to pull out and roll over to one side, and then spent the next few minutes alternately kissing and hugging her and trying to mop up the fluids that kept emerging from her. I swear there was more than just one cum’s-worth of jizz there. Her pussy juices must’ve made up at least half of what I mopped up. And the endorphins we were both getting in torrents meant we slept well.

Surprisingly, we were both awake around seven, time enough for us to clean up and eat a hasty breakfast before heading out. Before we left, Justine gave me some advice.

“Last night, I was begging you to stop, and you fucked me again until I came for third time. Frankly, Tommy, that was scary but awesome. If, from time to time, you were a little more romantic and tender, that would be nice. But if I’m in the right mood, like I was last night, you don’t have to ask. You just need to take; it’s OK. I’ll let you know if that’s not what I want. If I say ‘Wisconsin’, you’ll know to stop. Otherwise, do what you want to me. I know I can trust you to make it feel good.”

I kept remembering what Justine had said for most of the day, and it would get me hard, right in the middle of lessons, making concentrating on the subject a little difficult. But then, around lunchtime, I made a call.

“Hi, this is Taylor. Who’s calling?” Her voice sounded a little cautious.

“Hi Taylor, this is Tommy. Remember me, from the diner? You wrote your number on my arm.”

Her voice brightened. “Hey, Tommy, I’m so glad you called. What took you so long?”

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