Michelle Plays A Game In The Dark


Several months later I was working in a lab in Munich. One of the engineers assigned to work with me was Michelle. She was short, about five foot six, with a fairly good figure, not real thin, but not too fat either. She had short curly blonde hair, and from what I could tell a nice pair of breasts.

One day I found myself alone in the lab with her. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans that were fitted but not terribly tight, and a white knit sweater. We were having a conversation about the restaurant I’d been to the night before, or some such equally mundane subject, when I suddenly felt very attracted to her. It was very odd because I’d never noticed her sexually before. It was one of those moments when you feel like maybe the girl you are with feels attracted to you in the same way, even though she has given you no real reason to believe it.

I decided to take a chance and see where it would lead. In order to get anywhere with Michelle, I needed to get her alone someplace where we would not be interrupted. The lab was in a building that butted up against a second building separated by about six feet. At the far corner of the lab there was a double door that led out to the space between the two buildings There were no lights in the area between the doors which was about a four by six foot square. It would be a perfect place for the tryst I was planning. The problem was how to get her to enter the doorway with me. That was when I got the brilliant idea to ask her to play a game with me.

“I’m sorry Michelle, but I’ve just got to tell you, you look really good in that sweater”

“Thanks Mike, I’m glad you like it”

“I don’t think you understand. For some reason the combination of your jeans and sweater with you standing so close to me has really got me turned on. I hope you’re not offended”

“Why should I be. I’m flattered that you think of me that way”

Emboldened by this positive response, I proceeded with part two of my plan.

“Would you like to play a little game with me, Michelle?”

“What do you have in mind?”

“There is a little room over behind that door in the corner. Behind it is a small room with no lights. Why don’t we go in there and make out. The game is that we will be in total blackness, and we cannot speak. We must make our wishes known to each other by touch alone.”

“That sounds like it might be intriguing. I’m game” And without another word, Michelle walked kartal escort over to the door I had pointed out and stepped through it.

I stood there briefly, astounded. I had not expected it to be this easy. Then I came to my senses, and followed Michelle into the dark room behind the door. As I opened the door, I could see her for a few seconds in the light that came through the door from the lab. I just had time to make out an expression on her face that could only be described as lustful, before the door closed behind me, and I found myself in total blackness.

Almost immediately, I felt Michelle’s hands on my arms, They slowly moved up my arms and over my shoulder until she found my face. She placed her hands on each of my cheeks and gently pulled down ever so slightly. As I lowered my face as she obviously intended, I felt her soft lips come up and meet mine. We kissed softly like that for a long moment. There was something strangely erotic about kissing a girl I barely knew in total darkness.

After a moment I realized where I was, and moved my hands up to feel her ass. I pulled her gently towards me, and she responded by pressing her breasts against my chest, and offering me her tongue. I responded in kind and we began french kissing. She was really getting into it, probing her tongue in and out of my mouth as deep as it would go, then allowing me the same pleasure.

This continued for several minutes longer. I made no move to escalate our embrace, fearing to go too fast for her, scaring her away. Soon however, she took matters into her own hands. First she took my hands from her ass, and brought them up so that they were resting on her breasts. I needed no further encouragement and spent several happy seconds feeling her up through her sweater.

Soon, I could feel her fingers working on the buttons of my shirt. She let me continue to fondle her breasts through her sweater while she got my shirt off. Then I felt the sweater I was fondling being pulled up over her head. Now I was fondling her breasts around just a bra. I could tell it was one of the minimalist lacy cotton ones that didn’t quite cover her breasts. I was feeling quite a lot of naked breast in my cupped hands.

The next thing I knew, her luscious breasts dropped down, and I bent slightly at the waist so I could keep my hands on them. Then I noticed my belt was being unbuckled, kaynarca escort and my trousers were being pulled down around my ankles. I felt Michelle’s hands lightly fondling my cock and balls through my briefs for a few seconds. Then she pulled my briefs off too.

Almost immediately, I felt her hands groping up by thighs again, and when she found my cock, it was engulfed in her mouth at once. She started by swallowing only the tip of my cock, and used her tongue to massage it while she held it in her mouth. I was very stimulated by this and grew a few more inches almost immediately. She permitted my cock to grow into her mouth, then started to slide my cock in and out of her mouth and across her pursed lips. She began slowly, then started to pick up the pace. Faster and faster, and deeper and deeper my cock went until I

knew I could stand it no longer. I was going to fill her mouth with semen. I thought about warning her, but then remembered the rules of the game. I kept my mouth shut and hoped the taste of my cum would not turn her off too much.

I need not have worried. at the first sign that I was close to ejaculating, she redoubled her efforts to make me fuck her mouth. In no time I was sending my warm seed down her throat.

She waited until I was completely finished, and I thought she must have swallowed every last drop.

She moved her hands slowly up my chest until she found my lips again, and kissed me. I tasted some of my own cum on her lips, and when she opened her lips to french me, she let me have a dollop of come. She was keeping it in her mouth and savoring it. This was the stimulus I needed. My cock sprung to attention once more. I think this must have been just what she was waiting for, because as soon as I felt my cock pushing against her stomach, she disengaged from our kiss and took my hand in hers.

I felt her raise my hand up, then felt her lips on the palm of my hand. She had deposited

some more of my seed in my hand. She must have had her mouth full of the stuff. Next she

pulled my hand back down and pressed it between her legs. I was surprised to see that she was now naked. While I was enjoying my blow job, she must have been busy removing her jeans and panties. Just to be sure I used my other hand to check her breasts. As expected, she was now topless as well.

She pressed my hand against kozyatağı escort her crotch, so I could feel her warm moist pussy. Once she had used my hand to wipe my cum off at the entrance to her vagina, she took two of my fingers and wiped her vagina clean with them. Then to my surprise, she pushed my fingers deep inside her vagina so that my semen was taken inside her as well. I got the message immediately. She was telling me without words that she wanted me to fuck her and to come inside her. I couldn’t wait to oblige her. Before I could act on her implied request, she made it clear that she wanted something else first.

She grabbed my hand again, but this time she pressed her own fingers into her vagina, and pressed my hand over hers. As she began to masturbate, I could feel what she was doing, with my hand over hers. This was very erotic as well. I was in a dark room with a naked women who was brazenly fingering herself to orgasm for my enjoyment. I felt the juices began to pour from her pussy, and decided to make my move. I gently pressed down on her shoulders, and she responded by lying down on the floor, still apparently masturbating for all she was worth.

She pulled me down with her, then rolled me over so I was lying on my back next to her. Then I felt her knees on the floor straddling my hips. I soon felt her hands searching for and finding my rigid cock. She wasted no time. Soon I could feel the unmistakable sensation of my cock thrusting deep into her warm, swollen, and juicy pussy.

She started rocking up and down on her knees so that my cock was entering and exiting her vagina slowly at first, then faster. She continued for a little while, then I felt a sudden tightening of her vagina around my cock, and she started bucking and riding me with real gusto. Faster and faster she went, in and out, in and out, in and out. The sensations rose to an almost unbearable level, and unable to hold my ejaculation any longer, I reached out for her breasts, cupped them in my hands to feel them bouncing on her chest as she bounced up and down on my cock, and allowed my cock to fill her vagina with my semen.

As I released my load inside her, I felt a shudder convulse her body from her knees against my hips to her breast in my hands. It was obvious she’d had an orgasm too.

Still not saying anything, Michelle allowed me to withdraw, bent over to lick my cock clean, then gave me a long french kiss. I heard her fumbling a moment for her clothes, then she put them on, and left. It was several minutes before I could muster the energy to get dressed and follow her. When I came out the door into the lab she was talking to another coworker. She gave me a slight smile as I passed, but did nothing to give away the fact that we had just fucked each other in the dark.

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