Mature Love Pt. 04


Nick and I are getting along wonderfully. I am spending most nights at his condo but leaving to go home to dress for work. Nick suggested I bring several outfits over. Also, it gave us more time to play our games before I left.

I was hopefully waiting for Nick to ask me to move it. I knew it was way too soon for that, but I can only hope.

Nick wanted me to improve my wardrobe, so I agreed to go shopping on the weekend. We must have spent three hours in the better stores in our city. I would model each dress, blouse, skirt, and pair of shoes for his approval.

I must have picked out a dozen sets of lingerie. Nick wanted each bra to show an abundance of cleavage. Anything with the possibility of allowing nipples to be exposed was perfect.

That evening we went to one of the city’s better hotel’s lounges to see if our purchases stirred the cockles of the businessmen. From previous experiences, I knew that men in the downtown area often stopped to have drinks after work. Some staying over for further meetings the next day would add to the crowd.

Nick was more anxious than I was when we entered. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. His eyes were going over the crowd to see if I had attracted anyone’s eye.

“Honey, relax. I’ve been in a lounge several times to flirt. I’ve already made eye contact with three different men who are very interested. Just pay attention to me. Everything is good.”

I had let Nick chose my dress for the evening. He chooses a light blue sundress, just above the knee but with a slit that came up to mid-thigh. Matching demi-cup bra and panties cut high on my hips. I chose a pair of clear plastic heels to complete my wardrobe. Nothing says a woman is there to get picked up better than clear plastic 4″ strapless heels!

As we sipped our drinks, I occasionally pushed my shoulders together to allow more cleavage to show. I still had enough tan to contrast with my dress. A gold pendant was nesting between my globes.

I told Nick, “I am going to the ladies’ room. Look to see who watches me as I get up, particularly the tall man in the dark blue suit.

As I moved around the bar, I smiled at the gentleman I had pointed out. He returned the gesture. I did my business and checked on my makeup.

I wanted Nick to enjoy my exhibitionism. I adjusted my bra to allow my breasts to lay on the cups. My nipples were visible through the thin material.

As I returned, I saw my target had moved more directly across from my stool. Nick was beaming at my appearance. “Baby, am I showing too much?” I glanced at my admirer. His smile showed his approval.

Nick ordered new drinks. I placed my hand on his thigh and moved it up to his crotch. I squeezed his penis. “I hope you like our play. I bet that guy over there would love to trade places with you. Would you like that?”

Nick’s eyes were difficult to interpret. I could tell he was enjoying my behavior. Going to a new level was conflicting for him. He was at the crossroads of having his lover going further than we had discussed.

I leaned into him and kissed him lightly. “I’m yours, now and always. I will do whatever you want. That man is just a toy. Our relationship is all I want.”

Nick squeezed my thigh and told me, “You have to be the perfect partner in the world. I think we both know I want our sex to be as much as we can be. Seeing you flirt, tease, and who knows, seduce men makes me feel in control. How far would you go is the question.”

“Honey, I’ve had experiences you can’t imagine. I can make love to you and have sex with anyone.”

We finished our drinks and decided to go home for our won fun.

As we walked out, I finger waved my admirer. Thinking, maybe later.

As we drove back to Nick’s condo, we chatted about what had happened.

“Baby, did I embarrass you with my dress and behavior? I felt a little different with it being our first experience.”

Nick told me he was so proud of me. He said seeing his women watched by other men stimulated him.

Once back to the condo, I went upstairs to get more ‘comfortable.

I undressed to just my heels and came down to find Nick in the den. I moved to him and kissed him deeply as I unfastened his belt. He assisted me in helping him undress. As he was removing his clothes, I stood with one hand on my hip and the fingers of the other pulling my nipples.

“Hurry, I’m horny,” I Şişli escort bayan said. “I want to taste that salty cum.”

As he finished, I dropped to my knees and grasped his testicles with my left hand, and guided his semi-erect cock to my lips. Looking into his eyes, I tongued the length of his shaft, finishing with taking his balls, individually, into my mouth.

Nick placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed his penis into my mouth. Using my tongue, I moved the head of his cock to the opening of my throat. I continuously swallowed in an attempt to push it down.

Looking up, I could see Nick’s approval. I wanted him to cum. We could play and have more fun later.

I lightly squeezed his balls, increasing the pressure as I sucked his tool. I could see he couldn’t last long if I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop.

As his cum began to fill my throat, I removed him so that I could catch it all in my mouth. He came more than any time previously. I showed Nick his load in my mouth and made a show of me swallowing.

“You’re quite good at that now. Maybe I should let you get me off first. I could have told you about what that fellow tonight may have experienced. Would you have liked that?”

Nick’s response “oh, hell, yea.”

I stood and moved to the couch. Nick followed me. Sitting down, I laid my leg over one of his.

“So, Honey, should I have walked over to that guy tonight and flirted with him?” I moved Nick’s hand to my pussy. “I bet he would have loved my boobs, don’t you think?”

Nick was manipulating my clit as I continued to talk. “Are you getting as excited as I am, just thinking of the possibilities?” Nick’s was now slipping two fingers in my cunt, attempting to capture my clitoris. Once he did, it seemed he was trying to ‘jerk me off. “Mmm, Baby, I like that. Keep playing with my clit. As hard as you wish.”

He granted my request by squeezing down on my love button. I raised my hands to my breasts and massaged my boobs. Damn, the action was perfect for our conversation.

“Nick, what would you like to see him do with me? Maybe having him stand next to me, raising my dress? Putting his hand on my shaved pussy? Should I act shocked? Or maybe help his fingers find my clit? Should I be that bold?”

Nick was using his hand more firmly on my cunt. “I want you to get him off. Right there at the bar. Take his cock out and jerk him to a climax as I watch.” Wow! That answer put everything in perspective.

“I would do that, just for you. And I would bring some of the juices back to prove I did as you wished.”

“Sue, I want you to be with other men. I want to watch, but if I can’t, I want all the details of what went on. I want to see the results of your sex. In your pussy and panties. Hearing you tell me about all that happens is going to be something we can share. Is that unimaginable?”

Nick was squeezing my clit hard now. Very hard. “Baby, grab my boob with your other hand. Twist it hard.” Nick did I wished. His hand was doing my will. “Harder, damn it. Hurt me!” I screamed. I began to cum. His one hand was pushing so hard on my pussy I thought he was trying to fist me. My breast was aching. “MORE,” I said.

I came immediately. My orgasm was so intense I grew weak as I finished. Nick was learning so well how to please my wicked desire to be used.

I massaged Nick’s testicles and semi-hard cock as we talked further. “Nick, I am enjoying this. We have come a long way in such a short time. Hopefully, we don’t burn out. I love using your cock as my cum dispenser. And it’s so salty each time you come.”

Nick’s smile assured me everything was to his approval. My right breast showed signs of bruising. I raised it to show him. Laughing, I joked, “you must never leave a woman halfway decorated. Promise you will fix my other tit to match.”

Nick laughed at my comment. “Sue, I promise to manipulate both equal from now on.”

We agreed to shower together. I played with Nick’s Weiner as we did. I slipped down and licked his balls as I lightly bit on his cock. As the water became tepid, I tasted his cum for the last time that night.

The next day at work, I was constantly running last night’s event through my mind. In the ladies’ room, I felt my pussy and found it wet. I called Nick and told him of my discovery. “Sue, you are the best I’ve ever met. Let’s go out tonight. I Escort Sultangazi want to see you in action. OK?”

“You got it. I hope you are sure you’re ready. Pick out a bar you think I could let you watch.”

I got home around 5:30 to find Nick nursing a drink. I went to him and kissed him. “Honey, are you ready to see me be nasty? I’m warning you I’m quite good at picking up men. You’ll see.”

I dressed in a short black wrap-around skirt, a white cotton blouse, and again, my clear plastic heels. No underwear. I put on hoop earrings to finished my look. Three open buttons showed my cleavage but not too deeply.

Nick’s smile when I came downstairs was fantastic. I could tell he approved. “Nick, you’re about to see me become a ‘loose woman.’

We both laughed at my remark.

As Nick drove to the club, we talked about limits for the evening. We both agreed I would not leave the lounge with anyone. If I wanted to move to another area, I would signal Nick. by touching my earring. If things went well, I would give a blank business card with my phone number for a later meeting.

I told my lover we could go about my play two different ways. We could go in together, sit at the bar, flirt with a guy, and hope to get him to approach, or I try to approach him. OR, we go in separately, me going first, and sit at the bar. Several minutes later, he could come in and attempt to find a seat at the bar or where he could see me. I told him I thought me going in alone was the best. Nick agreed.

We kissed before I got out of the car. “Be at ease, and let’s see how it works.”

There were several seats at the bar. I chose one that had vacant stools on each side of me.

I ordered wine as I checked out the room. I noticed two men standing at the bar, checking me out. I greeted their looking with a smile. One of them moved over to me and introduced himself. A local man, having a drink with a friend before going home.

“Are you alone?” He asked.

I turned for him to get a better look at my open blouse, saying, “yes, but I want to fix that.” Smiling, I continued, “but maybe you can fix that.”

“Baby, I like your attitude! Can I join you?” He commented.

“Of course, I would be disappointed if you didn’t. The guy took the stool to my left. We exchanged names. “Well. Sue, I don’t see a wedding ring, so are you available?”

“I’m in between right now,” I said.

I caught Nick coming and sitting across from us. Good choice by him. I lifted my wine glass and winked at him.

“Clay, are you looking for a woman? I see the wedding band, but apparently, you are looking for more. I, on the other hand, don’t want anything permanent.”

We were slightly facing each other on the stools. “I like your suit. Nice tailoring.” I reached out and placed my hand on his thigh as I continued to flirt with him.

I uncrossed my legs and opened my skirt to show more. Clay looked down and saw just short of my pubes. “I bet your wife wouldn’t dress like this to go out.”

I moved my hand up his thigh and touched his growing cock. “I think he likes me.” Using my other hand, I opened another button on my blouse. Clay immediately looked to see my breasts. I used the same hand to open my blouse, running my fingers over my right nipple.

Our conversation continued to be sexual. Clay said, as all men do, his wife is bland in bed. More interested in their children’s studies, and her pastime is working out at the gym.

“Maybe she got a guy at the gym who is serving her desires,” I told him. He said that would be highly unlikely. I rubbed the tip of his penis with my fingernail. I spread my legs slightly to allow a better look.

“Clay, take your cock out of your pants. No one can see, and I want to see how beautiful he is.” I removed my hand and attempted to unzip his pants. Finally, Clay got his tool out by unhooking his pants and worming his penis out of his underwear.

As Clay adjusted everything, I looked over to Nick. He understood what was happening. I winked and slightly ran my forefinger over my red lips. I so wished Nick could see more.

Returning to Clay, I grasped his penis initially and then moved my hand down to his testicles. Oh, he liked that! I took his shaft in my hand and began stroking him gently.

Clay was nervous as a nun in a porn theater, but he wasn’t going to ask me to stop. Taksim escort I opened my skirt more so he could see my shaved pubes. “Oh, Honey, I would love for you to use your cock in me. You are making me so wet you could go up to the hilt with one stroke. I began to apply more pressure as I manipulated his rod.

“I’m going to cum” Clay nervously announced. I reached over to the bar’s rail and got a handful of napkins. I handed them to him.

“C’mon, Baby, shoot that load for me. Show me how much you want me.” Clay shot a large load of cum. It completely overflowed the napkin dam he had tried to create.

Glancing over at Nick, I smiled to let him know things were going quite well. He realized I brought my guy off to an orgasm.

It was soaking through the napkins and coating my hand. Clay couldn’t control all of it as quite a bit of the juice spilled onto his pants. That was going to be hard to explain when he got home.

As he began to get more napkins himself, I raised my cum covered fingers and, looking at Nick, began to clean my hand. His look was something I will never forget. HIS woman had just pleasured a man in a bar, with others around, causing him so much pleasure.

I stood and told Clay I would go to the ladies’ room and, while there, I would get some paper towels to help clean his pants. For Nick’s viewing, I ran a cum covered finger between my breasts. A treat for him later.

In the ladies’ room, I called Nick. “Honey, did you like what you saw? The poor guy shot cum all over himself. I left a little for you to see when we get home. Oh, and my pussy is soaked. I guess you will have to clean me up.”

We talked for a few minutes more. Nick announced my ‘friend’ was leaving.

A few minutes later, I joined my lover at the bar. “Sue, you are unbelievable. I thought it impossible to get a man off in a public bar.

Did you drop a card for him to call you later?”

I had failed to do so. I told Nick if we continue the evening, I’d be sure to give one to the next guy.

“Tonight? Are you serious? Another man tonight?” Nick questioned.

I told him I was just teasing. I wanted to get home so he could clean my pussy. “It’s very wet. Just the way you like it. I want you to use me for my pleasure tonight.”

Driving home, I kept the sexual tension at a peak. I told Nick about taking Clay’s cock and stroking him as I opened my blouse. I said Clay came as I played with my nipples. Every comment I made, I could see Nick’s pants growing wet.

In the condo, I dropped my skirt and removed my blouse. Standing in my heels, I told Kick I had been a slut tonight. As I told him how I seduced Clay and how I enjoyed doing it so. I watched as Nick quickly removed his clothes. There was a stream of cum leaking from the tip of his cock.

I grasped his tool and led him to the couch. I sat down, and he followed. I laid my leg over his and showed him the condition Clay had left me in. Using my fingers, I removed juices from my labia lips and raised them to Nick’s lips. He hungrily sucked my fingers.

“Make me cum, Nick. Show me how much you appreciate me being your woman. I am going to be your ‘loose woman’ as you want. But, you have to pleasure me for my reward. I want you to give me my climax.”

I laid my head back on the couch as Nick began to open my thighs and positioned himself to touch his tongue to my clitoris. It was like an electrical shock.

“Talk to me,” Nick said.

I told him what I had done tonight had brought back memories of older times. Revealing I had done things like tonight, but never for anyone’s pleasure by my own. I added seeing him watching me made tonight so much better. “Baby, I want to please you. I promise I will never meet with anyone without your approval. And I will continue to give you a full replay of all my actions.”

Nick’s tongue and hand continued to please me. I didn’t want to break his concentration, and I began to play with my breasts. I began to recall my previous sexual adventures. The many times I had left bars and ended up having sex in the parking lot. Or taking a face load of cum back to my home.

I began to twist my breasts. I love to have them abused. That is something not easy to tell your lover. I hope I can get the thought to Nick eventually.

I was beginning to cum. Nick was inserting four fingers in my cunt. Nick is becoming an excellent user of his hands. GOOD!

I shouted, “Nick, push them in me. All of them. PLEASE push them in!”

I was using my nails on my breasts as I moved to my orgasm.

As I came, Nick raised his mouth to mine. We deeply kissed. I put my hand behind his head so he couldn’t pull away.

Damn, I love this man!

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