Manipulating Jenny Ch. 03


SYNOPSIS: Continuing the erotic adventures of a voluptuous 18 year-old prick teasing office girl whose motto is look but don’t touch. She can’t stand ugly men, fat men, bald men, or old men, so how does a fat, ugly, bald old man get the better of her? Read on.


Latina teenage sexpot Jenny’s second appointment is due today with the fattish and bald 66 year-old physiotherapist in her office building a week after bunging up her knee tripping down the stairwell.

It is not his fault that she is sent there by her boss just on closing time a week ago in the kind of attire that epitomises her taste for teasing men: a mini skirt that barely reaches the tops of her long shapely legs and under it, see-through g-string panties.

Jenny takes after her late mother as a voluptuous office flirt with a stunning film star- like 38-22-34 inch figure who thrives on the exotic. She is the envy of many women, and the curse of her female workmates who intensely dislike her daring dress style that strangely escapes criticism from the boss Raymond, a grey-haired but good looking man in his mid 50s.

Everywhere she goes Jenny attracts attention. She likes that and doesn’t care if she is known as a prick teaser. Her well formed large breasts are firm, and turn up at their points, peaked by wide and thick puffy nipples, She exploits her sexual beauty at any opportunity by wearing sheer skin coloured low cut bras, showing exciting deep cleavage and blouses that don’t hide the fact. She hopes that one day a professional photographer will discover her and put her on he road to fame and fortune.

Because by nature she thrives on teasing men with her natural beauty and provocative dress style, she feels good about being a bit naughty now that her boss is convinced the old physiotherapist she sees tonight about her crook knee is not a dirty old perv after all. Sir, as she calls her boss, insists on an after hours re-enactment assessment after the staff go home as to why the man takes more than an hour to look at her knee after she tripped down the stairwell just a week ago. Jenny thinks it is wonderful her boss cares enough for her welfare to get her to re-enact everything the therapist did for some 90 minutes to make sure he didn’t take unprofessional advantage of her The boss gives the old therapist’s style of treatment his personal approval as being thoroughly within the scope of his calling. That makes Jenny feel more relaxed about going back there this evening.

Anyway, she thinks, I like to be admired for my figure and so what if he sees more than he should. It’s kind of kinky to know he is looking at me and I am controlling his mind to admire me whether he likes it or not. Besides, he can’t do anything because he’s a professional as my boss agrees. So with all these thoughts running through her head Jenny wants to continue her prick teasing ways despite. She loves to use the magnetic power of her youthful beauty and sexiness to dominate and chooses her extra ammunition carefully. That day the boss lets her go home a few hours early and she heads to an adult store where she finds a remarkably cheeky African style loincloth with a skin coloured shoelace thick wait band. It is quite, barely covers her and excites Jenny because it is exotically different to her other sexy undergarments. Trying it on in front of her full-length mirror at home she finds the length of the skimpy garment only just covers her private parts by an inch or so. That’s standing up but lying down could bring it up a few inches. It’s too late anyway.

Jenny clips on her shimmering thin slave chain around her left ankle, dons a matching one for her wrist and selects her favourite neck chain that drops just a few inches down on to a ruby gemstone, all gifts from her loving stepfather who has raised her since eight when she lost her mum in an accident .She likes the way her dad understands her feminine instincts and puts up with her fetish for adventure, always warning her not to go too far.

Even when she’s undressed, she thinks, just these trinkets alone make her feel dressed sort-of, but much more sexy. There is something about a nude gal wearing nothing but a piece of jewellery or trinkets like the ‘slave’ ankle chain. Now the new mini, a hot pink pleated satin one that falls just a few inches lower than the loin cloth she substitutes for her standard g-string panty. Daddy hasn’t seen this one yet to approve but by the time he’s home from work Jenny will be gone and can’t tell her to take it off.

Jenny now paints her Mount Everest puffy nipples with an applicator to make them richer in colour and more alluring. She applies her hot pink lip gloss that makes her full shaped lips moist and comely. She finishes off with a body perfume designed to heighten the senses.

On her way to the appointment she asks herself kağıthane escort why is she going to all this trouble for what is basically a sports type injury check-up to a knee by an old fart close to 50 years older than her? She can hear her daddy shaking his head and saying she’s going too far. But the devil on Jenny’s shoulder easily answers the question that the old therapist treats her like a lady and she loves to be admired for her beauty anyway. Just having her as a patient must make him feel 20 years younger so that’s that. Her boss is convincing that he’s thoroughly professional so let’s go along for the ride, she laughs to herself.

She is running late and the building is in half darkness by the time she trudges past closed office doors to his consulting rooms. The old man is waiting with a bathrobe wrapped around his waist, “Just made it out of the shower in time,” he chirps as he ushers her inside and locks the solid door.

“Tonight Jenny I want to make sure your knee is feeling better but my of my, you look gorgeous tonight, are you off to see your boyfriend?”

“Er, yes, she stutters but not until after he finishes work at 9 o’clock.”

“Well, that gives me the good 90 minutes so let’s start with you taking off your pantyhose, blouse and shoes but leave on that cute little pink skirt eh?” Jenny does as she is told and stands before him like a sex goddess, a very young one at that, in just the mini barely covering her bottom. He is overjoyed to see she is not even wearing a bra this time and for a few moments, seems glued to the spot as his eyes take in her statuesque beauty. Mmmm,” he says, putting one hand under a breast and jiggling it, “you are so lucky to have those fine exhibits my young lady; a lot of women are jealous I’m sure. Anyway, down to work.” She remembers he didn’t touch her breasts before but it was only a light pushing upwards touch under them.

Swiftly, the solid built man scoops her up and plonks her on the massage bench. “We have a couple of more advanced stretches to do tonight to test that knee,” he says as he lays her on her back and brings both legs up to their highest point, pushes them outwards and wide, then brings her feet right back close to her butt and asks Jenny to hold on to her feet and hold them as he brings her knees pointing right back and turned outwards, flat against the massage table. Her knees are now aligned close to her armpits as she clings to her feet, holding them back tightly.

In this explicit position nothing is sacred to her privacy. The tiny loincloth is pulled back, now covering only her navel. Her big firm breasts sit up like monuments. Pulling back her legs flat against the table, she is lifting her buttocks upwards so that her spotlessly clean anus is in full view, her baby smooth hairless vulva with its well rounded wide puffy outer labia lips thrusts upwards, the extreme stretching angle making her outer and inner pussy lips spread outwards.

Jenny lies there motionless, eyes shut most of the time, wondering what he must be thinking He must be reading her mind as he apologises for the uncomfortable and rather awkward stretching exercise. “I’m sorry if it’s a bit uncomfortable but it’s an advanced exercise we could not dare attempt last week; it is all for the good,” he says. After five minutes he lets Jenny rest a minute then repeats the same exercise for another full five minutes, biding his time scanning his experienced eyes over every detail of her nakedness

As she lies there in this stretch position for a total of 10 minutes, most of the time with her eyes shut, the male penis-like glans of her clitoris juts out distinctively from the tip of its foreskin-like sheath. The old man senses Jenny is getting some kind of sexual excitement from exposing herself in such exquisite innocence as he sees her vagina lips becoming moist from the strength of her imagination. In her whole 18 years Jenny has never exposed so much of her private parts as she finds herself doing for this old man.

He rolls Jenny on her side, one side first then right over the opposite way as she lies back in a prone position to do a new set of explicit full length leg movements. He slowly swings her bare arse around on the bench as he turns her outstretched legs slowly around in wide loops. As he tuns her over to repeat the 10-minute set from the other side he accidentally – she thinks – snags the clip holding her loincloth waist band and making the garment come off. He simply puts it with her other clothing. From this moment on Jenny is wearing only her pink micro mini which is pulled right back to her navel, offering no modesty.

He is glued to the teenager’s smooth, pre-pubescent looking pussy from a side position, but ever changing the profile as he swings her torso about in different positions. The upskirt show he is treated is the best in his lifetime because of her young age, natural beauty, incredibly tight body and erotic dress manner. He finishes this set of exercises by spreading her knees out to their widest possible position and bringing her feet together in a holding position for a full six minutes. The fat outer labia lips of her cunt lean outwards away from her clitoris, now very prominent with a gap either side of its hood while the previously crinkled lips of her vagina are now taut, and inviting a wide entrance to her honey pot.

“Your whole body is tense, I can feel it,” he says “We need to massage that tension out of you so that all these exercises will be worth the trouble to make sure your strained knee is okay from now on. Just take off your skirt so it won’t get soiled.” She lies there now like a goddess ready to be taken, completely naked apart from the metal trinkets that adorns her body but cover nothing. The old man thinks the flimsy chains she wears in her now submissive situation adds considerably to her sensuality, bordering on erotic.

After feeling and prodding Jenny’s affected knee, he suddenly drops the towel from around his waist and Jenny sees he has nothing on but is caught breathless by the size of his huge penis. “I have to be naked too because the electricity from my hands is far more effective on your body than if I am wearing clothes,” he murmurs quietly in her ear. Jenny nods, remembering her boss’s confidence in him not taking any unfair advantage of her. She is thinking how big is that thing? It must easily be nine inches or more and thick as a pole.

He puts her face down and does her back, buttocks and long shapely legs first and as the oil dries well into the skin, he uses both hands to squeeze the cheeks of her arse, starting high and moving down between the legs where his expert squeezing in an upwards manner close to her genitals. His smooth technique forces her generous vagina lips to open wide, then close a bit, then open wide again until eventually he notices her arousal by the way her love juices are making her vagina superbly moist. The old man continues this for a further five minutes until her pussy is hopelessly wet. . He turns her over and sits her upright to massage her bulging breasts, covering them in his aphrodisiac penetrating oil that seems to heat up and stimulate her extended puffy nipples. He spends much time feeling all over her breasts and keeps jiggling them, and manipulating the puffies until the nipples expand half an inch out. After massaging her breasts for a good 15 minutes he lies her flat and rubs her whole body in the exotic oil, leaving to last her genitals.

He squeezes her fat outer lips inwards from both sides pushing up the inner labia lips and making her swollen clitoris head stand out. He massages the oil into her outer lips with surprisingly delicate fingers and then runs his fingers up and down between the outer and inner lips, kneading the high mounted clitoris sheath side to side and always giving glancing caresses to the glans head of the clit. His index finger rubs tantalisingly in a circle movement around the inside of her gaping vagina’s entrance before plunging several fingers into her hole to spread the sexually stimulating oil deep into her cauldron.

Jenny is on fire. He watches the glossed lips of her passionate mouth, the way she is sticking her tongue out and rolling it around her lips. At times pushing her tongue right out and leaving it out. This is a hot 18 year-old in the spell of an experienced old man. The oil, imported from South America, is specifically designed to light the fire in any woman and Jenny is consumed as he rubs it into her anus, puffy nipples and around her inner thighs and repeats his intricate probing of the exterior and inside of her pussy,

The fire is raging stronger in Jenny’s loins and she starts masturbating freely in front of him, her arse shifting about and rising up and down on the massage table, her low moans becoming louder and more anxious. He takes her hand away from her clitoris and puts the aphrodisiac oil soaked finger into her mouth, leaning over her, his fully erect penis leaning flat against her soft skin. She sucks greedily on his finger until she drains it dry of the edible oil that now brings on even greater internal sexual intensity. He looks at Jenny’s face. She is miles away somewhere on another planet. She stares upright, her eyes wide open, her mouth in a pouting position as if she’s going to kiss, her tongue keeps coming right out and systematically licking her shiny Latina lips. Her breasts are perspiring, her hips start pulsating up and down in short thrusting movements and her moans grow louder under the man’s complete control.

He takes in the amazing scene that lies before him, as if in a movie snapshot – a beautiful fully naked teenage girl, just 18, writhing seductively on her back totally naked with heaving big firm natural breasts, superbly large upraised puffy nipples, a generous pussy absolutely hairless and so satin smooth he could eat it, and a face good enough to be a classy model. Better still, he thinks, she completely relies on him. The old man moved quickly to seize the moment and pushes his huge schlong up to Jenny’s mouth to see if she rejects him. Jenny, feeling nothing but a rising tide of explosive passion from the way his sexy manipulations conquered her self control, surprisingly takes his cock eagerly around tightly closing lips. The old man gently pushes it further into her mouth and then pulls it back and forth a few times teasingly before allowing Jenny to willing vigorously run her mouth up and down his huge erection. He thinks this young lass must be well trained by someone for the way she is using her tongue and hot lips on the business end of his thick weapon.

The teenager’s right hand goes to her thighs as she fingers herself, the old man watching in unbridled pleasure. He hopes he doesn’t suffer a sudden heart attack from the unprecedented thrill she unintentionally provides. She plunges three fingers in and out of her vagina for a while then rubs the engorged clitoris in a fast circular way with all of her fingers while the vagina lips stay wide open and her whole pussy quivers to the clockwise rubbing movements.

He knows if this keeps up he will explode a full load of cum into her mouth and may miss the greatest prize of all — fucking her while she is lying back begging to be taken. The old man pulls his cock from her mouth and says “Jenny, you don’t just look very beautiful, you are very beautiful in everything you do” These words enrich the multiple sensations she experiences, almost out of control and it’s game on. The teenager watches anxiously as he drags her butt, legs apart, to the edge of the massage table. Her pulse is racing as she glues her eyes on his huge upright rod as he aims the loaded missile on target and plunges his full 10 inches up to his balls in her wet passion pit.

Jenny seems oblivious about what is happening. This man has every major physical attribute she dislikes, yet here he is fucking her and she wants it. She grips her legs around his back and squeezes her thighs hard as she can, locking him into her body, moaning and gasping. Her tongue darts in and out; her feet are swaying high in the air now as she feels the utter fullness of his thickness of his shaft thrashing in and out with increasing intensity. He taunts her by suddenly slowing his thrusts, then stirring his rod around and around before resuming breakneck speed as she shouts, Faster! Faster! Faster! Fuck me harder old man! I am yours! Have me! Do it! Come in my face! Don’t stop!

Jenny is helpless being driven to the brink of sexual ecstasy from the fullness of his rock hard erection deep inside her. The sheer thrill of being taken like this wearing only her trinkets makes her mind flash back to her first experience in a similar manner some five years earlier. The old man on her now is panting loudly and knows he is about to explode. He whips it out and she catches the full stream of sperm across her face and breasts, The Viagra he takes gives him the energy and sperm load of a much younger man and Jenny takes the full force of six separate spasms, some of the first spurts landing directly into her wide open mouth. . He puts his battle weary weapon up to her mouth and she gladly licks it dry. He attempts to wipe the cum off her forehead, nose and cheeks as some drips out of her mouth and runs down her chin. “It’s alright,” she says meekly, “it happened on my very first time. I guess you men just like to get it on a girl’s face.” The old man tells her if she rubs his cum into her face and breasts it is good for her complexion, so she does it, licking some of it from around her lips after gob swallowing one large spurt landing on her tongue. “Jenny you are sensational, the best patient I ever treated, and I really hope the last part of the exercise program got rid of that tension in your legs. I think you needed that, there was a lot of pent up emotion there and it’s good for your health to get rid of it.”

She looked at him in wonderment, still sitting there stark naked as though she is fully dressed. “Can we keep this a secret then, I mean my boss and my stepdaddy isn’t going to approve if they knew what happened.”

He smiles and says back, “Jenny what happened is you came to me to be fixed up and I fixed you up. No one needs to ever know the details.”

At home that night Jenny slept very sounding with a big smile on her face. So did the old man across the other side of town.

To be continued — in Manipulating Jenny — Part 4 Jenny’s boss asks her has she ever made love to a woman, if not, would she. Watch for the ongoing adventure of this hot 18 year-old office junior.

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