Lover School


You are a student at Wilson High. It has been a long year and you decide to make today fun. Instead of going to your first class you go to the cafeteria and notice a few other people cutting class. One of them is your friend Francess and you decide to say hello.

“Hey, Francess, what’s up? You should be getting to class,” you say sarcastically.

“I would but my dog ate my homework,” she laughs. She is wearing a low cut, red tank top and tight, black jeans that cling to her beautiful ass. She has straight, shoulder-length hair and a dancer’s body.

“Well I’m not going to science class all by myself,” you say. “Guess I’ll just stay here?”

Francess plops herself into the nearest seat and you get a quick glimpse at her cleavage. You’re surprised to see no bra. The two of you sit and talk for a few minutes and you realize that this could be your chance to get with her.

“So who are you taking to prom?” Francess asks.

You’re about to answer when both of you hear Jeremy whistle loudly. This is the signal that your bitch of a vice principal is on her way.

“Crap!” you exclaim. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“I know where to hide,” says Francess as she grabs your hand and pulls you out of the cafeteria and into a door. After she shuts the door you realize that you’re in…

As soon as Francess shuts the door you realize where you are. The darkness, the dry air, the cramped little area… She has shut the two of you in one of the school’s broom closets!

The two of you are quiet, listening to the vice principal shout at the students still lingering in the lunchroom. It is pitch black in the closet, and the only noise in the small area is the breathing coming from the two of you. You quickly become very aware of the fact that Francess’s large breasts are pressing against your chest. The narrow space has you both facing each other, your faces inches apart.

The noise outside finally dies down and the two of you remain silent for several moments until Francess lets out a little giggle.

You suddenly realize what the giggle was for. Being in such close quarters with this hot young girl has caused your cock to stand at full mast and now the bulge in your pants is pressing into her hip.

“I am so embarrassed, Francess,” you whisper apologetically. “This doesn’t usually happen,” you try to joke in a squeaky voice.

“Don’t worry about it, I understand. Sometimes the body just doesn’t listen to the brain.”

You feel Francess’s erect nipples against your chest and wonder if this could be a wonderful opportunity for you. Maybe this is the perfect scenario for you to make your move. But then again, maybe it isn’t. After another few awkward seconds you suggest that the coast might be clear but Francess shushes you irritably.

“She usually waits for a while to make sure no one comes back so don’t give us away. Uh, I guess we’ll just have to wait it out and… talk. “

Talk? Talk! At this point you want nothing more than to reach around and grab that fine ass of hers while you bury your face in those titties. You are just too horny for talk.

“So, Francess,” you start, “who are you going to prom with?” You casually ignore her hard nipples boring into you.

“Well, I was gonna go with Jeff but we broke up last week. I’m not even sure if I wanna go anymore.” Francess seems to have forgotten about your cock pressing against her hip. “You going to prom?” she asks.

“No, but I’d like to go with you, Francess.” What the hell? Did you just say that? Whatever, might as well go with it. “I’ve had the biggest crush on you for years and I think now that you’re single,” you pause, unsure, “we should go out.” Your throbbing boner has receded to its normal size and you feel very naked as you stare into the dark outline that is Francess’s face.

“Wow!” she says softly. “You know, I’ve never thought of you in a sexual way but you are kinda cute. And it would be a nice change to date someone who knows how to treat a girl and isn’t a complete asshole.” Francess is actually considering it. This is great! But then again, she didn’t really give you an answer.

“Well?” you prompt Francess.

“I don’t know,” she replies playfully. “Maybe this will ruin our friendship,” she says as she reaches down with a hand to grip your package through your pants.

This sends shockwaves through your body. Instantly, your rod is painfully hard again inside your pants. Francess starts to lightly stroke it as you stand there in the dark, cramped broom closet, not knowing what to do now.

“What if we break up and never talk to each other again,” Francess continues as she reaches into your pants and grabs your erection tightly. This is just too much for you. You squirm around until you have enough room to undo your pants and pull them down along with your boxers. Her hand still on your cock, she starts to move it up and down while you’re still standing there kind of sideways for room. This is amazing. Francess’s soft hand continues to jerk you off as you reach Ataşehir Escort up and start playing with her big breasts through the tank top.

You cup and squeeze these cotton-coated mounds of joy while she moves her hand up and down on your dick. Ever time her fingers slide over the sensitive, ringed head you experience a stunning explosion of sensation. Francess lets go for only a moment when you remove the cumbersome top but quickly resumes the handjob. Her tits now free, you feel the textured areolas around her rigid nipples and the soft, fleshy globes that have caused you so many hours worth of masturbation in the past.

There in the cramped broom closet Francess continues to jerk you, working every bit of pre-cum into the head where she is concentrating most of her efforts. After a few more minutes of breast groping and penis pumping in the dark you feel your orgasm coming. With a muffled groan to let Francess know you expel your semen onto the wall. After four final pulls to the exhausted nerve endings of your prick, Francess wipes the hole with a fingertip. The dark silhouette of her hand reaches up and is followed by a smacking sound from her lips.

“Mmm, that tastes good. You can let go of my tits now.” You hadn’t realized that you were still kneading her large chest. After one last squeeze you say goodbye to Lefty and Righty.

“Francess, that was great.”

“Maybe we can have some fun at my house later. My parents are going out tonight and I think I’ll need a sitter,” she whispers seductively as she nibbles on your ear. Just then you hear the fire alarm go off. It’s either a drill or a student has pulled it again. Francess hurriedly puts her top on as you pull your pants back up. It’s not easy in the small space but you manage to get dressed and exit the closet unnoticed. This may be because the cafeteria is completely deserted.

Hmm, this could be an opportunity to have some more fun with Francess.

You both step out of the cafeteria and see that the hallway is completely deserted as well.

“Everybody must already be outside already,” You say as you start towards the exit.

“Wait,” Francess said as she grabs your hand. “I have an idea.” Before you can say anything she begins pulling you away from the doors leading outside and deeper into the school.

The two of you quickly make your way into the gymnasium, and Francess leads you to the gym’s storage room.

As you slip inside, she turns on the lights and turns to face you with a wide smile. “I just thought since everybody was gone for the moment, we might continue what we started in the closet.” She grabs your hand again and pulls you towards a pile of mattresses used for wrestling matches. As she walks backwards, your eyes are drawn to her bouncing braless tits. Your cock begins to harden in your pants again.

“We should have enough time for a quickie,” she says as she pushes you onto your back on the pile of mats. As you lay on the mats looking up at her sexy body, Francess grabs the bottom of her tanktop and pulls it over her head, revealing her amazing breasts. They are very large but they have a little sag. She sees your eyes widen and gives her chest a little shake to tease you, making them wobble back and forth.

You reach up and cup both tits in your hands. Your cock is aching to get out. Francess closes her eyes, as your palms graze her stiff nipples. A soft sigh escapes her lips. You urge her body closer, and she straddles you on the mats. You crane your neck up and lick her glorious orb around the areola. It puckers in the slightly cold temperature of the storage room. You suck one nipple into your mouth, and she lets out a low moan. You switch to the other tit, again starting with a teasing lick of the areola, followed by suckling the nipple. She arches her back, pushing the nipple further into your mouth.

“Oh, you know how to get me so hot,” she exclaims, raw lust rising in her voice.

She is now pinching the other nipple in her fingers. She reaches down and unbuckles your pants. You lift your hips a bit, and she slides the jeans down your thighs. Francess then fishes in your boxers and pulls your hardened cock out of the hole.

“Mmmm, that looks yummy,” she says, while licking her lips.

You grab her by the hips and roll with Francess on the wrestling mats. She squeals delightedly. You end up on top of her with your face in her luscious mountains. You suck her nipples back and forth for a bit, and she closes her eyes and moans with pleasure. Then you unsnap her tight black jeans and stick a hand down her silken panties. You are surprised to find her mound clean shaven, and she is very wet from you playing with her heavy tits. You run a finger through her naked slit, and she rolls her hips invitingly.

“This fire drill won’t last forever, lover boy,” she says seductively, running her fingers through your hair.

You take your cue and hook your fingers in the waistbands of her jeans and panties. She lifts her pelvis, and you slip her pants Ataşehir Escort Bayan and underwear off her legs. Her pussy lips glisten with her lusty moisture. You crawl back up her body and kiss her passionately on the lips. While your push your tongue into her willing mouth, you also put your rock-hard penis along her hairless groove. Her fingers rove under your shirt across your back. You rock your hips, sliding your hard length through her lubricated pussy lips. Francess emits a low moan, breaking the kiss.

“Oh, yeah. Give me your cock hard and quick,” she says.

You recapture her lips with your mouth and shove your tongue into her mouth at the same time as you slam your engorged manhood into her slippery tunnel. Her moan is muffled into your mouth, and her hips start bouncing up into you. You start pistoning your hot steel in and out of her cunt hard and fast, your balls bumping off her ass. You kiss her neck, biting it firmly. Now released from your mouth, she starts moaning her pleasure.

“Oh, yes. You feel so good. God, yes, fuck me hard. You’ve got me close already. Ah, ah, aah, aaaaah,” she says.

With your cock thrusting into her hot body, she rakes her fingernails across your back, causing you to arch and groan. Francess hurls her groin into yours even harder, and her words turn to wails of ecstasy, as waves and waves of rapture crash over her. She wraps her legs around your waist while she climaxes, pulling your body tight to hers. The increased pressure on your penis triggers your orgasm, as you feel your spunk blast into her spasming cunt. Her pulsating muscles redouble their efforts to squeeze you, extending her pleasure even longer. Burst after burst of your white-hot jism floods her womb, some escaping to dribble down to her ass and onto the vinyl mat. Your bodies slowly relax as your convulsions subside. You lay on top of her, both of you gasping for air. After basking briefly in afterglow of sex, your sticky member deflates and slips out of her pussy, followed by a stream of your mutual residue. You roll off of her, but she rolls after you and rests her head on your sweaty chest

You hear the bell signaling the end of the fire drill. You and Francess get dressed quickly. She hands you her damp panties, which you put in your pocket. You kiss her deeply before stepping out into the hallway. Nobody is around yet.

“It’s second hour next. I’ve got Theater,” you say.

“I’ve got American History. I’ll see you later,” she replies. She then gives you a quick peck on the cheek and runs down a side hallway.

You see a pile of students up ahead, and rush to join up with them. The teachers never noticed you missing. You find your way to your Theater class and sit down. The bell rings shortly.

Ms. Anderson stands and announces, “Today class, we will be performing the play acts that you’ve been practicing.”

You remember the practice you had with your play partner, Faleri, a pretty redhead who you’d like to get to know better. Your play is The Glass Menagerie, and you’re doing the scene where the gentleman caller comes to visit Laura, a girl who rarely leaves the house. You and Faleri practiced your lines to the scene, and then at the end, you practiced kissing her, as the gentleman caller does at the end of the scene. She barely kissed you at practice, because she was kind of embarassed. It was just a play after all.

The class sits facing the stage and several acts are perform. You are scheduled for the last one of the day. It gets to be your turn, and Faleri and you get up and go backstage. You are pretty nervous, because you aren’t used to performing in front of an audience. The curtain opens and you start your scene.

Everything goes well. You both remember your lines, you aren’t stiff, and she actually seems to be enjoying the flirty interplay between the characters you’re playing. Finally, it gets to the end of the scene with the kiss. You lean over and kiss her on the lips. Then you put your arms around her, and let your tongue dart out quickly to run across her lips. She opens her mouth and you play briefly with her tongue. You break the kiss. You notice that Faleri is a little flushed. She must have liked the kiss!

You finish the last line of the scene, and then the curtain closes to polite applause.

She turns and puts her arms around you again, kissing you hard on the lips. Her tongue presses on your lips, and you let her into your mouth. Your tongues explore each other’s mouths for several seconds. She breaks the lip-lock.

“That was a great kiss you gave me in the scene. You surprised me. Did you mean it, or was that just part of the play?” she asks.

You figure you’ve got nothing to lose at this point, so you say, “I meant it, Faleri. I’ve actually been meaning to ask you out on a date.”

“Well ask, hon.”

“How about if we go to a movie tonight? I could pick you up at six-thirty or so,” you ask.

“Sure, I’ll see you then.”

The bell rings for the end of class, and you pick Escort Ataşehir up your books.

“Bye, I’ll see you tonight,” you call as she leaves.

You head for your next class.

You get to your next class just before the bell rings. You take your seat in the middle of the first row. This is American History with Ms. Bryant, one of your favorite teachers, because she’s a young hottie just a couple years out of college. She’s not here yet.

A minute later, Ms. Bryant enters the classroom in a hurry. She seems rather flushed, her pale skin rather pink. Your eyes peruse up and down her form when she comes in. She’s wearing a white silk blouse that covers her ample breasts and a rather short black skirt that contains her luscious round ass. Her long shapely legs are covered in tan nylons. She is a curvy little vixen. She quickly sits down behind her desk. She takes attendance and begins her lecture about the Revoutionary War, but you are daydreaming about her scrumptious thighs wrapped around your waist, and your cock plunging into her hot pussy. You’ve got quite a hard-on going.

“Show me your cock, please,” you hear Ms. Bryant say.

You look up and the teacher is looking straight at you. You blush deeply.

“Um, could you repeat the question?” you numbly reply.

“Show me the flintlock, please,” she says, pointing to a picture of several rifles on the front board.

“Oh, it’s the one on the bottom, Ms. Bryant,” you say.

“Just making sure you’re paying attention. Thank you,” she says, apparently satisfied. You are just glad she didn’t want you to stand up and point to it.

The rest of class goes uneventfully, though you refrain from daydreaming until the bell…

You put your books in your backpack and head out to your next class, Astronomy, which is split in half by lunch. You look forward to seeing Francess in that class. Maybe she’ll go to lunch with you. You arrive a few minutes early and see Francess standing near her desk. You get a shiver seeing her in her red t-shirt and black skirt, knowing that she has no panties on, since they are sitting in your pocket. The thought of your spunk still inside her pussy stirs your cock. She looks up at you as you walk in, grins at you mischievously, and winks. You walk over to greet her.

“Hello, Francess. How were your classes today?” you ask.

“Just fine. I had a hard time sitting still, though, with you dripping down my legs,” she whispers, smiling seductively. In a louder voice, she asks, “Would you like to go to lunch today at Wendy’s? I drove.”

She must be a mind reader. “Absolutely,” you reply.

Mr. Jepson walks in at the bell, and starts the class. You have a hard time concentrating on the lecture about how the sun generates heat and light through fusion with Francess so near. Your stomach is growling a bit by the time the second lunch bell rings. You gather your books and walk out of class with her.

“I’ve got my car out in the student lot. And I’ve got a surprise for you there, too,” she says enticingly, giggling as she walks quickly toward the parking lot exit.

“I can’t wait,” you say as you speed up to stay even.

You reach the lot, and find her car, a red Celica with spoiler package. Francess’s family is pretty wealthy, and she gets some nice toys. You hop in and she starts the car.

“Open the glove box and grab the Altoids box, please,” she asks.

You comply with her request, wondering what’s up. You open the Altoids box and find four nice fat joints and a lighter. Now you understand. You carefully take one of the joints out, along with the lighter. You hold up the joint, saying “This is a nice surprise.”

You light up the joint, taking a lungful of the sweet smoke, holding it in your lungs. You hand the joint to her, and she sucks down a large amount of pot smoke. The two of you pass the joint back and forth until you get to the Wendy’s drive-thru. You are laughing and joking by then, having a good old stoned time. She orders and picks up the food, and you pay for both combo meals. Man, those fries taste good. And the soda is very refreshing. You’ve never tasted a hamburger that great. You realize that you have the munchies.

Francess drives toward school, but parks the car near a park several blocks away. She puts her food in the backseat and leans over toward you. You quickly finish your bite and wash it down with soda. You place your stuff on the backseat as well. You lean over and kiss her hard on the lips. Her tongue plays with your lips and you open them to allow her in. Her fingers run through your hair. The kiss is very deep, tongue swapping between mouths as they twirl around each other. She puts her hand on your chest, rubbing across your hardening nipple. You grab one of her tits and squeeze it firmly. You move your palm across the nipple, and she moans into your mouth. Her other hand reaches down to unbutton your jeans, unzipping them as well. Your rigid shaft urgently wants to get out. She slips her fingers in to pop out your monster from the slit in your boxers. A drop of pre-cum glistens on the tip. She breaks the deep kiss, dropping her head to your crotch. She engulfs your member in her warm, moist mouth. The sensations are incredible while stoned. You’ve had pot before with your buddies, but never with a horny girl.

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