The Place Where Your Heart Is


A year and a half had passed since Gabrielle had last met her friends. Her new life in Scotland was good. She had found the research of her new job very absorbing. She had enjoyed learning the new language and the added bonus of spending everyday with him. She did miss her two best friends, Fabiola and Samanta, though and while she walked along the airplane’s gate holding Francis’s left arm, her thoughts ran back to the time she told them about her departure to live her life with him.

Four hours later, outside Nice airport, Fabiola walked nervously in front of the main entrance, waiting for her friend’s flight and kept looking at her watch, while Samanta read a pocket book she brought to kill the time waiting. Samanta looked at her friend and took a deep breath and closed the book

“Don’t be so impatient, the airplane arrives now and they must collect their bags. Sit down and calm a little”

Fabiola gave her a withering glance then spoke, “How can I not be? She’s like a sister to me and….” she paused then continued, “Isn’t it the same for you?”

“Of course. I wasn’t able to sleep last night, I’m really happy for all three of us to finally be together again”

Fabiola nodded at her words, before she said, “But now she has her life to live, as we have ours! Even though we are far from each other, what we have done together, will always be beautiful memories.”

She sighed and looked to her friend, “To think we always considered you as the wise one of us three, you have grown so much, recently!” Fabiola said, fondling her friend’s head and smiling at her.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, but I’m not the one who is…” Samanta answered.

She wasn’t able to complete her sentence, a familiar voice shouted them. The two girls turned in the direction of the voice and saw Gabrielle running to them waving while, a few steps behind her, Francis carried their baggage, trying to keep his balance.

Fabiola stood up, just in time to catch Gabrielle in her arms. Tears of joy filled the eyes of the three girls while they hugged each other after so long. Now finally together again. The tears were short lived while they hugged and smiled. Their laughter and joy filled the air.

When the girls finally freed themselves from that endless hug, Fabiola and Samanta, stared at their friend. Her tanned body looks a little different from the last time they saw her. She had lost some weight. She looked more attractive and sexier, but more than that. She had changed her look! She had changed the colour of her hair, from blonde to black, with red stripes on the right side of her forehead, marked black eyeliner and dark red lipstick that made her lips look bigger and fuller.

“My Gosh, Gabry, You look gorgeous!” Samanta exclaimed her approval.

“Y-yes, Sammy is right,” Fabiola said, looking at her.

“Awww, girls, you look gorgeous too, trust me, especially you, Sammy.” Gabrielle replied, staring at her, then continued “You hair has grown. It’s so pretty.”

Francis stared at the three girls while they continued to chat and he can’t help but notice the big smile on his girlfriend’s face. Looking at them, he smiled too but the weight of the bags were now starting to be a little too much for him. He didn’t want to but he knew, he would have to interrupt their happy talking.

“Err, sorry girls, but those things are heavy. Can we go to your car now, please?”

All the girls turned to him and Gabrielle took two bags from his hands and kissed him on the cheek.

“Sorry, I completely forgot about you,” she said, with her pretty smile. “Can you forgive me, my love?”

“Of course, I love to see your happy smile.” he replied, kissing her passionately.

Fabiola’s eyes were glued on their kiss. Her heartbeat rose, giving her a strange feeling, a mix of lust and shame for staring at them, maybe not appropriate in front of the airport main entrance. She swallowed nervously. Something deep inside her couldn’t stop her staring at their lips. She felt it, and was a little relieved when their kiss finally ended.

“That was indecent!” she muttered, with her cheeks all red.

“Awww, come one, Fabiola, you always act like an old woman. What’s wrong if I kiss my man?” Gabriella pouted.

“You know what I think of this, don’t you, Gabry?” Fabiola replied, turning away and moved to the parking area.

“Yes, yes, those thing must be in private, blah blah blah…” Gabrielle and Sammy replied as one, then laughed.

“Oh, shut up and let’s go. We waste too much time!” Fabiola admonished.

The two girls smiled at each other, then all three followed Fabiola till they reached the car. Once all the bags were settled inside, they drove to the hotel. The journey was short but nice. Finally together, the three friends had lots to talk about, new work, new experiences and much more! Francis listened to them, sometimes smiling at their jokes but always staring at his love, surprised to discover many new expressions on xslot her face, expressions he had never seen before.

“Here we are, guys!” Fabiola yelled when she finally saw the hotel where they were going to be staying for two weeks.

The hotel was placed on the top of a small hill near the coast and it stood above a large portion of the beach. The fine sand looked almost white and the water was clear and clean. As a consequence, the hotel was very popular between young people and some VIP’s. Of course, this made the place exclusive and the price to rent a room wasn’t the cheapest in the area, but it surely allowed all of them to stay in contact especially with adjoining doors to their rooms. A crowded pool caught their attention. There were people of all ages, but most of them looked young, maybe the same age as them. They were all busy swimming or sunbathing while drinking cocktails.

The receptionist was very friendly with them and when he called one of the employees to lead them to their room, they can’t believe what they saw. A pretty young girl, maybe around 25, was surprisingly dressed as a naughty French maid. Her top was a charcoal grey vest that dipped low at the front clinging to her breasts and showing off her ample cleavage to perfection. The thin shoulder straps and plunging neck line were edged in fine white lace. The pretty lace also ran in centre tramlines from under her breasts to the edge over her flat tummy and then edged out around the waist. The tiny skirt matched and was barely more than a belt. The length of it finished just above her pussy. Her white panties that covered her tender flesh just visible at the hem. The image was quite exquisite especially the crisp white mini apron that hung tantalisingly over her lower tummy area and the oblong shaped hat on her head was attached like a hair clip finished the effect. Francis, stared at the pretty redhead in such a sexy outfit, till Gabrielle hit him with her elbow.

“Did you see something that interests you!?” she said, with a sarcastic tone.

“Absolutely.” he replied, smiling “And I can’t stop thinking, it will suit you very well!”

Gabrielle’s angry expression slowly disappeared at his words and finally, she wasn’t able to hold back a smile any longer.

“Then, why don’t you buy me one to wear at home?” she whispered to him.

“Maybe you can get it for my birthday.” he whispered back, getting close to her face, “It will be nice to be served by you wearing it!”

“Sure thing!” she replied, smiling back at him.

Fabiola, heard their brief exchange, blushed and on the way to their rooms couldn’t stop looking at the maid then at her friend, trying to imagine her dressed in that pretty but revealing outfit. She could imagine her walking on high heels, swinging her round, firm, full buttocks. It was easy to imagine all the men in the hotel staring at that exciting view. A view that was now etched in her mind.

“What on heart am I thinking? She’s my best friend and she is with her man now.” She scolded herself, silently.

Fabiola shook her head, while the maid opened the door of her and Sammy’s room and lead them in.

“Hope you like the room and will enjoy your stay. For any needs you have, just call room service,” the maid told them.

At the door, the maid stopped and turned again to the two girls, “Oh, and that’s the door for the common bathroom. Your friends are on the other side of it! Don’t forget to lock the door to this side”

The maid left the room with a lustful pretty smile on her face.

“Like I want to let them come in while I’m sleeping,” was what ran immediately in Fabiola’s mind, when a knock on the bathroom brought her attention back.

“Can we come in, girls?” Gabrielle’s voice asked from behind the adjoining door.

“Of course” Sammy replied, while opening it with the key.

Gabrielle and Francis entered the room through the shared door. They all sat in the room, Gabrielle and Francis on the side of the bed, close to each other, and Fabiola and Sammy on the two armchairs. They chatted for almost an hour, making plans for the whole two weeks and about future holidays to spend together, maybe with Sammy and Fabiola visiting Scotland. The chat was nice and funny and time flew by, till it was almost time to get ready for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

“Is it ok for you two if we go first for a shower, today?” Gabrielle asked her friends, “We both really need it”

“It’s ok for me, What about you, Sammy?”

The girl nodded at her and told her friends, just to close the door behind them.

The dinner and the evening were pleasant. The food was delicious and they all walked barefoot on the beach. Many others costumers of the hotel were there too milling around the complex, beach and staring at the Mediterranean Sea. All were there to enjoy the weather and their holiday. It was around midnight when Gabrielle fell asleep in her man’s arms. He held her gently close to him, both seated xslot Giriş on the sand, and he started to feel tired too. The group moved back to their rooms for a quiet and restoring sleep.

The sun was shining high in the sky when Gabrielle and Francis went down for breakfast. The delicious smell of croissants and coffee, attracted them to the bar where Sammy and Fabiola were ordering a cappuccino and an espresso.

“Morning girls!”

Hearing their friend’s voice, the two girls turned to her. If at the airport she looked pretty, now she looks very beautiful and attractive in her blue and red bikini that fitted perfectly on her body. All the guys around the bar stared at her, probably daydreaming about being her boyfriend.

“You are outrageous.” Fabiola whispered, looking around, “Everyone is staring at you!”

“Oh, come on, don’t play the old lady. We are here to relax!” Gabrielle retorted

“I know that but you are with your man!” Fabiola was shocked at its skimpiness.

“In fact, I’m wearing his gift,” Gabrielle replied “what’s wrong with it?”

Fabiola look at her friend, then at Francis.

“What’s wrong, you say? You are naked save that bikini and it’s transparent. Its covers nothing!”

Sammy was enjoying watching her friends argue and couldn’t hold back a loud laugh. Everyone turned to her. Fabiola and Gabrielle looked at each other, then they exploded into laughter too.

“Nothing has changed, girls. You two are always on the opposite sides!” Sammy said, “Gabry, did you remember when you caught me kissing that boy in the park?”

“How could I forget?” she replied, trying to stop laughing “Fabiola did not talk to you for the rest of our holiday!”

“Of course I did. After that, all the guys were coming after us!” Fabiola frowned.

“Oh yes, they were and some tried to get laid with me too!” Gabrielle giggled.

“SAY WHAT!? Are you kidding, Gabry?” Samanta exclaimed.

“Of course not! And to tell the truth, one of them was very attractive. Too bad he ran away when he tried to touch under my skirt.” Gabrielle giggled again.

Fabiola, with eyes wide open, stared at her. It took more than a minute for her to reorganize her thoughts and was able to speak again, “You are a lost cause, Gabry. I give up with you!”

“Well, I like guys and I’m a “girl” with a healthy appetite.” Gabrielle laughed.

“You definitely are, my love, but can we cut it now? All the bar is looking at us.” Francis interrupted.

Embarrassed, the three girls looked around. As Francis had said, everyone in the bar, even the bartender, was staring and listening to them. Some of the costumers looked more interested at their curves but most were laughing at their strange scene. They really were the focus of everyone’s attention!

But after that little “event,” it was easy for the girls to make new friends with the guests of the hotel. Some approached them just because they found the bunch funny, others tried their chance with Sammy and Fabiola just to have a “no” from the last one. As Gabrielle and Sammy had expected! This situation made their day full and funny and they joined a group from Torino for dinner and then went on to a nearby discotheque.

They were all funny and friendly, especially one of the guys, who caught the attention of Sammy. They spent a lot of time dancing and talking, till they disappeared for almost an hour or so.

Fabiola, who was usually is the “voice of reason” of the three, looked for her, without success, and when she asked Gabrielle to help her, she replied a little pissed off

“Oooh, come on, she’s not a baby anymore. She knows what she’s doing!”

That answer made her think. Maybe Gabrielle was right, maybe not. They were all grown and changed in some aspect of their lives. Gabrielle was now living with her man in Scotland and Sammy, well, she was now very popular with guys, but she was not the easy type! Apparently, the only one who had never changed was her. Always taking care of her two friends (maybe too much, as they said many times!) and always refusing guys’ attentions. Fabiola couldn’t stop thinking of this all the time they were at the disco and even when they returned to the hotel at 4:00am. Annoyingly, those thoughts stopped her sleeping properly. Trying not to wake Sammy, she stood up and moved to the bathroom where she turned on the lights around the mirror. She looked at her reflection and saw her usual self; the same curly light brown hair and the same face with just a light touch of make-up but no lipstick. Just her dress are different. The white panties and vest that covered her body, couldn’t hide the size of her breasts (a IV E cup), too big to be hidden during summer time, especially from interested guys. She always had a complex about them. She thought they attracted guys who just wanted to get laid and this was the reason why she usually argued with her friends. They never had problems with men and their sexuality. xslot Güncel Giriş They were natural with it. She was self-conscious and felt awkward around guys.

Sighing, “Maybe the truth is I envy them. Gabrielle looks so happy now and Sammy has had lots of boyfriends, but was never fooled by them!”

Fabiola looked again at her reflection. In the past, many times she had tried to imagine herself with a different haircut or make-up but she could never do it! She recognized it. She was the one who never changed, maybe scared by the consequences and probably she would never would.

With these thoughts in mind, Fabiola turned off the light and was ready to go back to her room, when something caught her attention. The sound of Gabrielle’s voice coming from behind the door of the other room. She stepped nearer the door and listened. The sounds were clearer and Fabiola understood it perfectly. Gabrielle was moaning and panting, softly then loudly and as she listened, she heard some masculine moans too. It was clear in her mind what was going on in the other room and in a normal situation, she would turn and leave immediately, but this was not a usual situation. Fabiola was attracted by their voices and even if her reason told her to go away, her legs continued to walk till she reached the door. She was surprised to find it a little open. She was sure it wasn’t when she came to the bathroom before going to sleep, but probably, Gabrielle or Francis went there after her and forgot to lock it. Carefully, she placed her hand on the door and opened it a little more. The room outside was dark, but she could easily recognize her friends silhouettes. She was able to make them out and although she was not able to see clearly what they were doing, she could easily imagine it.

A strange heat grew in her belly, something she had never felt before that moment.

“What’s this?” she thought, while she continued to watch the two shadowy people. It took a few minutes for her eyes to get used to the darkness in the room. The light from outside was slowly filtering through the window and began to illuminate the room, finally revealing the whole scene to her watchful gaze.

Gabrielle was on top of her man, moving her body sinuously over his rod which was embedded in her round and perfectly toned bottom. She moved up and down so Fabiola could see the length of his cock and then watch as it slid back into her friend’s anus. Fabiola was hypnotized by the movement of Gabrielle’s body. She couldn’t take her eyes away. It was the first time she had witnessed such an erotic scene. It began to have an effect on her. The heat she felt was growing stronger! It literally made her whole body burn. Her fingers began to feel strange and frantic. The sensation ran wild in her blood! She was turned on! The temptation to touch herself began to tease. She watched Francis’s hands hold her friend’s bottom cheeks and push her down his rod. Fabiola had to bite her lip to try to resist and control the urge and need of her fingers to touch herself intimately. Gabrielle panted harder, her body petrified on her beloved man’s rod. She was used to it, but the sudden move that Francis made, surprised her and left her breathless. The room was filled by her panting voice and Fabiola could clearly hear it even if she was behind the bathroom’s door. The loud smack surprised both the girls and made Gabrielle scream.

“Who told you to stop, my Pet?” Francis thundered to Gabrielle, while tears appeared in her eyes.

“Aaahh, s-sorry Master.” She replied, babbling, “That was so sudden.”

He smacked her cheek again, once, twice, and every time she moaned, pleased.

“You know what to expect when I’m disappointed,” he said, with a little evil smirk.

“No, not that, Master, please, I beg you!” she pleaded, but to Fabiola’s big surprise, she wasn’t scared, maybe even excited someway!

Then, Fabiola noticed in Francis’ hand was something similar to a small chain.

“What is it?” she asked herself.

Suddenly his hand moved, pulling it. This time, Gabrielle’s moan was louder, wild and Fabiola could see why: a chock chain! A small chock chain was wrapped around Gabrielle’s hard shaft and Francis had pulled it so hard to let her friend feel a sudden pain! A pain she apparently enjoyed! What a vision, for her! Fabiola stepped back, covering her mouth with both hands, trying not to yell. That would be embarrassing if they caught her. Back to her room, Fabiola hid herself under the sheet, trying to get that image out of her head. Every time she closed her eyes, she could hear Gabrielle’s moans and saw that indecent image in her thoughts. Their words… “Master, Pet… What’s the meaning of them?” And “what are her friend and her man doing in the other room now?” And “what’s this strange feeling she can feel growing in her?”

It was a shame, something not in her nature, but it was torturing her mind and body. A traitorous body that was now burning, filled by lust she could barely control and wouldn’t let her sleep for most of the night.

In fact, the next morning, when Sammy returned to their room, Fabiola was still asleep.

“Hey, sleepyhead! It’s almost midday, Isn’t it time to get up?”

But no reply come from under the white sheet.

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