Kismet (Part 3)


I bang my head against the steering wheel, not believing my luck. It really is the perfect storm. Pitch-black night. Pouring rain. Dead car. No cell service. Lost.This sequence of events is just par for the course for me. An unfulfilling career, a string of bad relationships, the latest break-up the worst of them all, and an overwhelming feeling that I don’t belong in this world. I am a romantic at heart, yet I have felt unsatisfied with each attempt at love. There has always been something missing. I feel I have just been moving through time, achieving nothing. Moving forward, yet getting nowhere. So, I got in my car and started driving. No destination in mind, I just picked a path and drove, needing a change of scenery, I guess. And look at what happened!Tears start to flow and I give myself a pep talk. You are fine. Everything will be fine. Just think. Okay. What is the safest thing here? Should I just stay in the car and hope if someone stops, they are not a serial killer? Or should I start walking and hopefully find a house Ankara escort or business with someone inside to help? Both options have risks. I count to ten, taking some deep breaths, trying to listen to my instincts. Then, I open my car door and start walking the dark road, looking for help. I feel a strong push to do this. And my feet pick the direction. It doesn’t take long for the pouring rain to soak my clothes. I wear them like a second skin and there is no possibility of hiding my feminine body from passersby. Much as I try to pull my top away from my breasts, it sticks to me like glue. I may as well be walking naked down the street, with my taut nipples poking at the t-shirt material screaming, “Over here! Look at me!”Just when I think things can’t get any worse, the wind changes direction, so now, the rain continually slaps me in the face. I pick up my pace, feeling an even more urgent need to get somewhere. Anxiety creeps in as I get farther and farther from the car. My head questions Ankara escort bayan my decision to leave its safety, but a stronger force keeps me on my forward path. Occasionally, I see headlights in the darkness, but each time they draw closer, my body jumps behind a tree to hide. My instincts tell me each is not my savior tonight. I just can’t get in the car with a stranger.The chilled raindrops are pounding my body harder now and I am soaked to the bone. Thunder and lightning have joined in, further hampering my forward movement. With each roaring boom, I abruptly stop walking, standing frozen in my spot, as if the lightning can’t find me as long as I am still. All sense of reason has abandoned me. The trees seem to come to life, prickly branches taking swipes at me as I pass. My ears hear a voice in the wind calling my name. All I can do is keep moving. Hoping. Praying.My feet are growing numb now from the cold. I am a petite stature, and although my legs can move quite quickly, I, Escort Ankara unfortunately, don’t cover much ground. Then, I spy it – a large house in the distance. Thank you, God! I will my feet to move even faster, racing towards what my instincts tell me is my salvation from this dreadful night. Upon reaching it,  my hopes dwindle, seeing my path blocked by a large iron gate. I sigh with relief upon finding the gate unlocked and I use all my remaining strength to drag the heavy gate open, hearing it screech as if not opened in a very long time.As the rain slams me harder than ever, I start running again, praying I have finally found a sanctuary from the storm. As I run, I look up, spying a dark, shadowy figure in the dimly lit window. Losing focus on the uneven ground, I trip, landing face-down on the rocky path. Before I can attempt to get up, a man appears out of nowhere, lifting me into his arms. He instantly moves us towards the house in a very quick fashion. I am not as jostled as if he were running. I can’t make out his face except for the bright amber eyes with flecks of fire that look down upon me. I lay my head against his shoulder and see the sky moving all too quickly as he carries me. When I fell, I was still quite a distance from the house, but somehow within mere moments, we are upon the doorstep.

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