Calva Ch. 03


It was very unusual for me to have my smooth head covered but I was being taken to be evaluated by a mysterious woman known as Mrs. Wu. What I was being evaluated for was not entirely clear but I had demonstrated that I was very submissive and that my absence of hair made me attractive to some people.

My owner Celeste had arranged for Mrs. Wu to inspect me and it was she who sat in the back of the limousine with me while we were driven to the large marina at the riverside.

“I’m going to miss you Calva,” she said. “You are very good for business. So many people come to the salon to see the beautiful bald girl and now it looks like you will be leaving me.”

“I would be happy to stay.”

“I know you would. You have brought great pleasure to several of my clients but now you will be sold for a very large sum of money and I will simply have to find a replacement.”

She looked out the window on her side and I realized that the conversation was over.

We exited the limo and walked towards a very large cruiser that was docked there. There were faint sounds of music and laughter from within and we were welcomed aboard by a beautiful woman in a leather corset with her breasts exposed. I noticed that her nipples were as lacquered as red as her lips.

“We have been invited to see Mrs. Wu,” said Celeste. The bare breasted hostess asked a couple of questions and when Celeste gave her that password we were allowed to pass through into a room where several naked and near naked women were serving food and drinks to several other women who seemed to have superior status. I noticed that at least two of them had been to the salon.

Inge Carlson and Mistress Diva were the two whose names I knew as I had been used by both of them as their pleasure slave. I assumed that perhaps they would use me again. Anadolu Yakası Escort I hoped so anyway.

The conversation in the lounge was muted but the women there were obviously enjoying the nude servant girls as they sipped wine and nibbled on canapes. My status was not yet clear other than I was with Celeste and I was still clothed,

Celeste sat down at the table with Inge Carlson and Mistress Diva who greeted her but ignored me, even though both knew me intimately. I stood beside the table and waited.

Celeste was served a drink and she clinked glasses with Inge and Mistress Diva.

I waited and watched what was going on around me.

Most of the activity seemed to be preparation for the arrival of someone who I expected would be the mysterious Mrs. Wu.

It was not long before she arrived and her entrance was accompanied by silence in the large cabin. She looked to be of Chinese extraction but her high cheekbones and arched brows were very exotic to my way of thinking. She nodded at her guests and glided past her nude servants towards me.

“This must be the new slut that Mistress Diva has recommended for me.”

I lowered my eyes to indicate my humility, not yet sure of my fate.

Mistress Diva stood up and approached us. She told Mrs Wu that I was called Calva and was kept hairless at all times. She even described a little bit of my back story and how I had originally been shaved bald to please my girl friend. I was not certain how she knew about this but it seemed she was aware of the secret sisterhood which had taught me the joys of submission.

Mrs Wu circumnavigated me and examined me in detail. Her fingers spread my buttocks and also my smooth labia. Each of my breasts were hefted and their nipples squeezed firmly. Lastly, she stood Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan in front of me and took my head in her hands and looked into my eyes.

“I am told that you are very submissive and an excellent pleasure slave. Is this true?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Respectful as well, I see. Now fall to your knees slut!”

And so I knelt before her. I looked at her crotch and saw what I was half expecting. Mrs Wu was like Mistress Diva beside her. Each looked like a beautiful woman but each had something that no woman had.

Mrs Wu signaled one of her nude servants and her thong was removed, exposing a smooth erect cock that was not as large as Mistress Diva’s but just as smooth.

Mrs Wu pulled me to her and I took her between my lips. She was not forceful. She simply caressed my naked scalp, gently touching with her long nails as she savored my skill as a fellatrix. I prefer beautiful women but this was a beautiful woman with a cock that I could easily deep throat and I wanted so much to please her.

After a few minutes of public submission, I was so aroused that I felt drained when she ceased using me. She smiled down at me and caressed my smooth scalp.

I was so glad that I had been waxed before my audition.

“You are a very competent cock sucker,” she said before heading to the table where Celeste and the others sat.

One of the nude attendants helped me to my feet and led me away while the other women discussed my fate.

There was a cabin fitted out with much black leather including shackles, floggers, swatters and other devices that were designed to restrain and punish. In the center of the room was a special bench which was where I was told to lay flat on my tummy while my breasts were separated by the narrow padded Escort Anadolu Yakası top. My legs were bent at the knee and buckled to the padded leg rests. My head was immobilized by a chin rest and a strap around my neck and my wrists were strapped down on the arm rests.

Being placed in such vulnerable positions in the past, I felt both frightened and a little bit aroused. I could handle some pain but I always hated having my skin marked.

The nude attendant who secured me was called Ava and while she was not supposed to tell me anything, I was able to ask her some questions while I was being restrained. I learned that Mrs Wu was the wife of a Chinese billionaire who allowed her to amuse herself however she wished.

It appeared that she had built a powerful network of wealthy women who enjoyed to services of the beautiful slaves that she owned. Ava was one of them and she told me that she thought Mrs Wu would purchase me and add her to her entourage.

While I waited in the spanking stock Ava caressed my smooth scalp. She told me that she found me very erotic and hoped that Mrs Wu would work out a deal with my owner so that I could become part of her harem. Being bound and helpless it was a rather daunting idea but I also remembered Mrs Wu using me and how excited it had made me.

I do not know how long I waited but finally Mrs Wu entered the cabin and smiled at me.

“Beautiful bald Calva. I have good news for you. You are now officially mine. You were not inexpensive but I worked out an agreeable deal with your former owner and now I will begin your training.”

She moved behind me and began stroking my buttocks and slowly spreading my cheeks. I have been plugged and used in this fashion many times and I am now aroused when I am used this way. First her finger pressed inside of me and began to open me for her and as I became used to my ravishment, I started to move with her. Then her finger was removed and replaced by her lovely smooth cock.

I was helpless to resist as she pressed her breasts against my bare back and fucked me. But of course I was a fully trained, hairless sex slave and I loved my fate.

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