Kate’s Night Out


It was a tough day for Kate. At work today she was stuck in a 4 hour meeting with a man she absolutely despised. Lucky for her, her friend Mateo was there to help her endure this ordeal.

She felt absolutely exhausted from the long day when she got home and was grateful to have the house to herself for the weekend since her family went on a short vacation together.

She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Even tired she was pleased with her own beautiful reflection. Her blond hair flowed gentle along her shoulders and framed her pretty hazel eyes perfectly. Her gentle subtle smile at herself was comforting as she began to disrobe and de-stress from her day.

Off came the tan blazer she work displaying a silky black cami and lacy black bra.

Off came the matching skirt exposing the satiny black thong that she wore on days when she wanted to feel pretty.

Removing the rest of her clothes slowly, she swayed her hips, teasing her twin in the full length looking glass and making herself blush from excitement.

She climbed into the shower but left the door open so that she could watch herself bathe.

The water and soap cascaded down her tall, voluptuous frame.

She grabbed the loofah that she uses to cleanse herself and began a slow sexy dance while she scrubbed the grit and grime of tension off her body. She lifted her breasts one by one and washed them, bringing herself to an amused, warm state.

She giggled inside as she washed her own flat tummy and smooth, firm thighs. Her thighs were like Tina Turner’s thighs. No, they were better. As she shaved her pussy her hands trembled slightly from the self-inflicted sex-rush that she was having. She carefully crafted a thin line of pubic hair down the middle of her mound.

It took a lot of strength to avoid touching herself and putting on a show for herself in the mirror.

She was saving herself for…

For what? For whom?

As Kate dressed for the night she chose the silky white Victoria’s Secret thong that she had been dying to wear. She grabbed her favorite, short and sassy black dress and her black 6 inch stiletto heels. She read somewhere that occasionally wearing shoes like that could actually enhance your sex life because they cause you to clench your pubic floor muscles, thus strengthening them. To hell with that, she wore them because they made her look hot.

She made her way to her favorite dance spot, listening to Trey Songz, Last Time, on the radio. She thought about her friend Mateo and wished he was there. He is such a comfort to have around. No pressure, no agenda, just a neat guy to know.

She grabbed a seat at the bar. She had several drinks and danced with a couple of nice guys. Kate was such a vision of beauty that night that she got tons of attention. Her favorite kind of attention: Guys were attracted to her and friendly but they kept a respectable distance. Well, most of them did anyway.

After her third dance partner of the night, she made her way to the bar to have a tall double Captain and Coke.After finishing about half of it a dark shadow was cast over her right shoulder. As she turned to see who or what was causing it, her breath was lost. There stood the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

He stood over 6 feet tall. Kate, tall and imposing to some, felt tiny next to him. It wasn’t so much a matter of him having height but having a presence about him. He had dark brown curly hair that came down just below his ears. He had piercing, dark eyes that seemed Antalya Escort sinister, yet sexy. His broad shoulders were shrouded by a black button up shirt with long sleeves. Although he had it buttoned, you could see the top of his chest. It bulged out enough to show strength but he was clearly not a muscle-head. When he smiled he showed teeth; strong, white and sharp. He seemed so strong and confident that Kate felt herself leaning closer as if drawn by gravity even before he turned to notice her. Their eyes met for a moment, he smiled, said hello and he was gone before she finished her greeting.

His walking away from her like that made her want to get up and follow. She watched in awe of this incredible man as he smoothly walked across the dance floor and took a sit near the back.

He wore brown slacks and shoes and it seemed to go perfectly with the shirt that he was wearing. His shoulders and lower back merged into that manly, sexy V from his shoulders to his waist that most women like to see in a man. His hips and butt hinted that he may be an athlete or some kind. Strong thighs and hamstrings were apparent under the material of his pants.

Kate felt a warm lurch in loins and she became aware that she was getting wet.

She finished her drink and bobbed her head to the music but her mood changed. She refused to dance again when suitors invited her. She noticed no other people at the bar and she was officially in a fog, laced with lust.

As she glanced to where tall dark and handsome was sitting she felt another lurch in her tummy. This one of disappointment as he was no longer there. She paid for her drink and climbed down from her seat. As she started to walk away she dropped her phone. As she stood from picking it up, there he was, this dark sexy figure of a man. He appeared like a unexpected warm summer breeze in April.

He talked in a calm confident manner as he asked her to dance with him one time before she left.

I can’t let you leave without having one dance with me, he said in a voice warm and deep.

Then he grabbed her by the hand as her favorite song started to play, right on cue. He danced the way he walked, sure and confident. He kept the beat and even put a little seductive twist in his hips from time to time, dazzling her with his timing and an occasional brush of his hand on her arm.

Song after song they danced in perfect sync as if they had rehearsed. From afar it appeared a mating dance of a couple who are familiar with one another.

When the slow songs started she waited tentatively to see what he would do. Without hesitation, he took her in his mighty arms and pulled her close. Instinctively she put her arms around his neck and allowed herself to sink into his sturdy frame.

They danced the night away without so much as a word spoken between them. Who is this silent, handsome creature? He had not asked her name even, and did not volunteer his. She felt unnerved and unsure.

When he spoke, it was in a steady, confident pace, articulating like a man sure of what he wanted and used to getting it.

He asked her: will you go for a ride with me, the stars are out, the air is warm, and the night is young.

Refusal was not an option.

He took her by the hand and led her out to the parking lot. Waiting for them there was a limousine, not all stretched out and gaudy looking but sophisticated, clean and dark, like Mr. Stranger. Inside, the lighting was dim, the leather seating comfortable and the music low and romantic. Antalya Escort Bayan There was a privacy tinted privacy window and the car was warm and inviting.

They drove around downtown and made their way to Belle Isle park. From there, the lights from the casinos and skyscrapers in Detroit and Windsor were visible.

They rode in silence, hand in hand and gazed at the city lights, the moonlight of the full moon and the stars in the sky. She felt comfortable even with this mysterious man who seemed perfectly okay to not chat her up.

Eventually they made their way to the Anthenium Hotel where he was staying for the weekend. The hotel was classy and well decorated, bronze statues and cherub water fountains adorned the lobby. Everything seemed so dim and dark, from the marble on the floor to the tapestries on the walls. The scene was dim, yet it felt right somehow, not threatening, but warm.

They rode the elevator quietly to the penthouse suite and he led her into the room by the small of her back, causing butterflies in her inner walls.

Inside the suite there was champagne on ice, candle light and gigantic king sized bed cloaked with black satin sheets and warm looking black comforter. Kate immediately felt at home.

Mr. Stranger grabbed her in his arms and planted hungry kisses on her waiting mouth. He made his way down to her neck and nibbled on her hungrily. He bit her neck and that startled her and exhilarated her at the same time.

He expertly undressed her, taking the time to kiss her neck, chest and tummy. As he undressed himself she found herself awestruck at his beauty. His chest had the slightest amount of hair and his stomach was tight and firm. His legs were pillars of steel just like she had imagined as he walked away from her at the disco. His cock swung freely as he removed his boxers (the boxers were black of course). His dick was thick and long and so…healthy looking.

He quietly escorted her to the waiting jacuzzi and they stepped in. Without speaking, his eyes directed her in what she should do next. She leaned in and kissed his lips several times and then she found herself straddling his hips, sitting on top of his semi-rigid cock. They kissed passionately and she went down to suck his nipples and touch his massive chest muscles.

His heartbeat quickened and she could hear it pounding against the inside of his heaving chest. She looked into his eyes, so dark and mysterious and fiery. His hot eyes gave her more instruction, she took a deep breath and ducked under the water. She took his swelling cock into her mouth and began to bob up and down; a challenge while holding her breath in the hot jacuzzi water. Her golden blond hair floated and tickled his 6 pack abs. Soon his cock was standing straight up, at attention. As it rose, it was so tall that she was no longer under water. She could breath and suck and lick and flick her tongue on this wonderful organ of his.

He began to rub her shoulders and soon grabbed her head to bring her up for a kiss. He kissed her hard and deep. He then took her in his arms and hugged her so hard that it took her breath away. Next he led her out of the tub and toweled her off slowly.

They made their way to the king sized bed with the extra large pillows. He sat on the side of the bed and again with his eyes he commanded her to kneel and take his large cock into her mouth. She obliged him willingly. She grabbed his shaft and licked him slowly from the back of his balls to the tip of its head. She Escort Antalya sucked him in deeply, taking him into her moist hot throat.

She then squeezed him between her warm soft breasts. She held them together and lifted them again and again giving him an incredible visual as she boob fucked him for what seemed like hours.

He watched intently and when their eyes locked on each other, she knew it was her turn. She climbed on the bed and he gently turned her over and began rubbing her back. As if by psychic knowledge, he found that sweet spot on her lower back that gives her so many problems. He kneaded it, he caressed it and he kissed that spot warmly. She purred encouragement and he lingered there and that relaxed her.

In one smooth motion, he again turned her over, pulled back the comforter and revealed dozens of fragrant black rose pedals. Her head spun with excitement as she snuggled into the bed of roses. He burrowed under the covers and he slowly lifted her knees. He planted warm kisses on her neatly trimmed lips. She sighed deeply, surprising herself at how she was able to surrender to this man.

His tongue was long. It was wet. It was hot. It was inside her and her stomach began to flutter delightfully. He masterfully brought her close to an orgasm but seemed to pull back just before the point of no return.

Before she could catch her breath, he brought himself up to her level and entered her forcefully. He gasped and he felt his cock being squeezed by one of the tightest pussies he had ever tangoed with. He started a slow steady grind against her deep core and brought the speed and force up gradually. Soon she found herself throwing her own legs up near her shoulders and abandoning the warmth of the soft sheets and comforter. This move silently said to him: fuck me…so he did.

He started a frantic pounding of her pussy. God, was he trying to puncture her lungs? It took her breath away to get fucked like this but she loved every minute of it. She loved every thick heavy inch of this man inside her.

Again she got closer to coming. He seemed to sense that and he slowed his pace, teasing her, frustrating her but still, it gave her a chance to savor this gorgeous man who was fucking her brains out. Before she could think, Mr. Stranger pull out! She thought she’d faint at the sudden feeling of emptiness.

He backed up, silently rolled her over and pulled her up on all fours by her hips. Fuck Yes! she thought, this is gonna be good. He entered her from behind and proceeded to pump into her, her butt clapping and bouncing as he drove and drove and drove her closer to the edge. Her orgasm started to grow and glow inside her like a lit candle in her core. She got closer and closer as he fucked deeper and deeper.

All of a sudden he placed his thumb on her ass hole applying just the right amount of pressure and that was all she needed. Her insides spasmed and fireworks exploded around her temples. Her pretty hazel eyes slammed shut and her mouth gaped open. She couldn’t breath and her pussy clamped down on his dick so hard that it hurt him. He continued to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her and he thought to himself: this is the best pussy on the planet.

He came into her, splashing his cum into her with jets of warm wetness. What a mess! Their breathing peaked, their hearts pounded and the sweat poured. The black rose pedals dotted her body as she sank down into the bed and immediately feel asleep.

Awakening the next morning in her own bed, she began to panic. Where had she been? Who was that man? Where did he go? Did that really happen? No, it had to be a dream. She made her way to the shower so she could meet Mateo for breakfast. As she glanced into the full length mirror she stopped dead in her tracks when on her neck she noticed a single bite mark…

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