Jenna – Sweet Size Queen Ch. 06


After Jenna and I had picked up a young black man for sex, we had added a new dimension yet again to our relationship. It was like we were closer than ever. Jenna getting it on with a big black cock would have been a sexy story by itself, but the way we planned and shared made it special to both of us. By now it was more evident that her pussy was made for large thick cocks. My small, slender cock could not bring her to orgasm. However, I was able to bring her to earth shattering orgasms with my tongue. Jenna said that sometimes she felt bad about enjoying big cock. She felt like it would make me insecure. I always assured her that I just loved seeing her satisfied. As long as we enjoyed each other and kept the big cock adventures in perspective, we would be good. She asked if I really wanted to sleep with other women. I told her that I had slept with other women before we were married. It was hard for her to understand that I really got off on seeing her pleasured by big cock.

So, the day after she had taken Gerald into our bed, we drove around Austin for part of the afternoon. I asked Jenna if she wanted to just have dinner and go back to the hotel. She said that we should have dinner casually and then go back to the room and decide. We ate a small dinner at a Mexican restaurant. When we got back, we relaxed and watched TV for a while. Around nine o’clock we decided to get dressed and go out to the club where we had met Gerald.

I drew her a hot bath and again shaved her legs and pussy. She wore a short white skirt with a pink garter belt and pink thigh highs. On top she wore a hot pink satin button up. She wore the “bridal bra” and left buttons undone showing her chest and those spectacular breasts straining to burst the bra straps. When she put on the white “stripper” heels, we were again ready to go.

Around ten o’clock, we walked into the club together. We figured that since Gerald had told us to come hang out there, there was no need for the pick-up game. After we got a table and some drinks, Gerald made his way over. He said that he had seen us come in and was hoping we would make it back that night. We ordered him a drink. He said that more of the guys and girls were with him and that it might be awkward if he left them alone too long. We certainly understood.

Later, he came by and asked Jenna to dance. I watched as they made it to the dance floor. He was so muscular and tall while Jenna was so petite. Well, except for her big round breasts. I looked over at Gerald’s friends and there were more guys than girls. Some of the girls appeared to be with a guy, but it was hard to tell. I think everyone just sort of hung out.

After the ball was rolling, one white guy and two black guys in turn asked Jenna to dance. The white guy was about Gerald’s size. The black guys were larger. One black guy in particular was about 6′-10″ tall. He was very dark black. Almost ebony. The other was about 6″-5″ and a slightly lighter black than the tall one. One of the girls joined Jenna and Joshua while they were dancing. They all danced together, hugged, bumped asses and all the funky dance stuff. One of the girls, Alicia came and got me on the dance floor while the trio was cutting a rug.

She was a very pretty twenty-one year old girl with very sexy eyes and a killer body. Her hair was long and raven black. We danced the fast tune. When a slower song came on, she kept me close and continued to dance with me. It wasn’t too Beylikdüzü escort long before she started asking me questions about mine and Jenna’s relationship.

I was curious where this was leading. When the song ended, she accompanied me back to our table and we ordered drinks. She told me that everyone in their group knew that Gerald had scored with a ten the night before. They all questioned him when Gerald came back to their table after meeting us. She asked if we were indeed a cuckold couple. This was the first time I had ever heard the term. I knew what it meant, but I did not know if I was one. Alicia said that all the guys at the table were trying to get Gerald to introduce them to Jenna. Then she asked,”Are you guys looking to score some more black cock tonight?”

I was somewhat surprised, but indeed knew that if we went back to the same club and Gerald was there, that our secret could be out. She said that she was aware that some couples were “swingers” but she had never met and known any “Cuckold couples.” She said that all the guys wanted to fuck Jenna that night.

Now we had a real dilemma on our hands. I asked Jenna after she took a break from dancing, if the guys were coming on to her. She said, “Yes, of course. Gerald told them that I was the hottest piece of white pussy he had ever had.” I was surprised at how up front everyone was. I asked her if she wanted to just leave. Jenna said that no one was really weird and she knew that guys liked to talk. She wanted to hang out and dance a while and see what came up. She said that Alicia seemed to be intrigued by both of us.

One of the other girls and a guy split off, leaving Alicia, Gerald, Joshua, Kirk, Jenna and me left at the club. Gerald suggested that we go get a bottle and hang out elsewhere. I assumed that elsewhere meant our hotel. I was right. They all wanted to party with us. We were not prepared for this but against our best judgment, we agreed. Alicia and Joshua came with us, while Gerald and Kirk followed in Kirk’s car.

When we got back to the hotel, Jenna excused herself to slip into something more comfortable. Alicia went with her into the bedroom. The guys got some beer while we talked about sports. This was somewhat awkward since they all knew they were going to fuck Jenna. Finally, Gerald said that the guys were all curious about mine and Jenna’s relationship. I told them that we were married and that were currently experimenting with alternate lifestyles. One of the guys mentioned that Alicia said we were a “Cuckold couple”. I explained that a true cuckold does not know he is being cheated on by his spouse. Hence the derivation of the phrase,”wearing the horns.” The idea is that everyone can see but the one wearing the horns.

With that being cleared up, the girls came back into the room. Alicia was in just her panties and bra. Jenna was dressed in all black. Actually the term dressed is a bit of a misnomer. She wore a shiny black thong, open front negligee and black stilettos. Jenna turned to Alicia and said, “I guess the guys didn’t get the memo. Everyone began undressing down to undershorts. The girls got a beer each and then started making the rounds touching cocks through the undies. Alicia then took off her bra and panties. Her breasts, while nowhere near the size of Jenna’s, were a sight to behold in themselves. She was probably a natural D, but she had the most beautiful set of “torpedo” breasts I had ever seen. They stuck Beylikdüzü escort out like, well, torpedoes. Her areolas were very large and wonderfully pink in color. Her nipples were hardened and sticking out like pencil erasers. Big pencil erasers.

The girls abruptly turner and went back to the bedroom where they treated us to a show. Alicia began hugging Jenna and then played with her heavy breasts. She said that Jenna’s breasts were out of this world lovely. She then began sucking Jenna’s nipples. Finally she laid my gorgeous wife on the bed and began eating her pussy. The guys shed their underwear exposing an impressive assortment of huge cocks. In addition to Gerald, Kirk had a cock as long as Gerald, but slightly smaller around. Actually he was just not quite as big around as Gerald. Joshua, the ebony black African basketball player was beyond imagination. His cock was larger around than Gerald’s and also about two inches longer. It was so massive and so black that you could not help but be drawn to it.

Alicia began to rise off of Jenna’s pussy and turned to Kirk, who was big but still not as big as the other guys. She motioned Kirk to Jenna’s pussy. Just for good measure, she deep throated Kirk’s cock and left a sheen of saliva for lubrication. Not that he needed any lubrication. He entered Jenna with one quick thrust. She lost her breath as he plunged his cock into her waiting sex. He did not last long before he began convulsing his hips as he pumped spurt after spurt into my lovely wife’s stretched pussy.

When he pulled out, Alicia looked at me and said, “Let’s get her cleaned up, stud.” To which I responded by kneeling between her legs and lapping the running torrent of cum from her leaking pussy. Alicia pushed me aside and took her turn slurping up the warm cum.

Gerald mounted her next almost by design. It seems they took turns according to cock size. Actually I should have gone first. Gerald lasted considerably longer than Kirk. Jenna started cumming on his thick cock as soon as he completely penetrated her. After bring her to several loud screaming orgasms, he shot his load into her moist pussy. I started work on the creampie and noticed that Kirk was now fucking Alicia doggy style. That was fine with me since by now I had developed quite a taste for thick cum running out of my wife’s beautiful pussy lips. Jenna came again as I sucked her clit like a small cock.

When I got the whole creampie cleaned up, I took Joshua by his black cock and pulled him to the bed. I had touched Jeff’s cock in Mexico and I wanted to wrap my hand around the largest cock I had ever seen. He literally was twice my size. Even more considering the girth. When he stuck the head into Jenna’s waiting pussy, her eyes opened wide. She already felt the additional thickness of Joshua’s black cock. He slowly began pumping his black rod a little deeper with each thrust until he began pushing into her cervix with each thrust.

Jenna was moaning with each thrust and cumming almost continuously. She had a deep gurgle in her throat that sounded almost distressed. As he continued, she bucked and convulsed until she passed out. As she fell lifelessly back onto the mattress, Joshua let go of a deep moan of his own. He jerked with each thrust as he blasted his hot cum directly into Jenna’s womb. Alicia pulled Jenna’s legs over to her side of the king size bed and while Gerald was fucking her from behind, ate the flowing ooze from Jenna’s Escort Beylikdüzü stretched pussy.

She allowed me to help also. I was amazed at how Jenna’s pussy was dilated. There was a massive hole there that would not close back up anytime soon. Cum was still running freely out of the engorged opening. I just knew that her pussy was now ruined. She had been stretched every way possible, both length and girth. I assumed that from now on I would be pumping my cum into a large pool instead of a tight cunt. Alicia was all too happy to take Jenna’s leftovers, as Gerald and Kirk were taking turns fucking her. I watched as she inserted Kirk’s cock into her ass and then laid back. While Kirk pushed forward taking more and more of her rear hole, Gerald got on top and penetrated her pussy.

Now Alicia was moaning and grunting as were the guys as they double fucked her to one orgasm after another. When they both had cum into her orifices, she had me lay down on the bed. She held her cum soaked holes until she squatted on my face releasing both loads of cum into my mouth and on my face. She bucked her hips and rode her clit into my tongue cumming again and again.

The guys rested and drank some beer while the girls rubbed each other with the remnants of all the cum. Alicia was rubbing her pussy and then rubbing the sex juice on Jenna’s breasts. Then she slobber sucked Jenna’s huge nipples. They slowed down and began resting. Everyone was breathing hard. Alicia laid her head on Jenna’s boobs and told her more than once how lovely they were.

As the night began winding down, all the guys fucked Jenna at least one more time. A couple of times the guys shot their loads on her body instead on inside her. I had never been so turned on. Jenna was a mess as was Alicia. When everyone was done fucking, Alicia suggested that they all go home and leave the “Cuckold Couple” alone.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept soundly until ten o’clock. When I finally opened my eyes, I found that my face was tight like it was glued. I went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. When I did, the dried cum started coming back to life. I got a washcloth and washed my face with hot water. My mouth tasted like something had died inside. The sex hangover was very palpable. When I went back to the bed, Jenna was just starting to rouse. The light was streaming through the windows and she was lying in a bed of spent cum. I thought there was none left for the bedding, but I was wrong. It felt like I had swallowed a gallon during the orgy. Jenna had dried cum all over her body.

We showered and checked out of the hotel. I had left a $20 tip in the room just in case one of the maids were to complain about the sheets. We stopped for brunch and began returning to the loving couple we always were. I did not know how this was going to affect our marriage. I knew by now that I would never bring Jenna to orgasm with my slender cock. As we drove back home we talked about this. She was more of the opinion that what we had just experienced was a “fling”. It was by mutual consent. My concerns about her lack of experience sexually had been forever put to bed now. Jenna said that she felt that she had experience a very real sexual high with my consent and participation. We agreed that our true relationship did not start with sex and was not founded on sex alone. She thanked me for taking her to this new high and expressed a desire to get back to normal while reserving some of the “cherry on top” for special occasions.

We both agreed that there was no way she would tell Nancy about our wild weekend even though she had been instrumental in instructing Jenna how to find the biggest cock around.

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