Honeymoon Cruise Ch. 02



I woke in my new husband’s arms. My head resting comfortably on his strong chest, with my body molded to his side. This was as close to a utopia as anything I’d ever imagined. He felt and smelled so good, it was intoxicating.

Up until just a few months ago. I had never, ever, even thought of this man in a sexual way. But now I can’t conceive of being without him sexually. He has consumed all my thoughts of passion. I would have never thought of making love to him, or even kissing him with anything more than a peck on the lips. But now, all I want to do is ravish his mouth with mine and submit myself to him completely.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have loved my son with no more or less love than any other mother that exists. Quite recently, a sequence of events began to happen in a way so unexpected that I found myself naked under my naked son, wanting him in a way that I never thought possible.

I had heard of women who seduced their sons. I always thought it was sick and disgusting, until it was me. Now, all I could think is how I wasted a couple years of not making love to him. I want to make him happy.

I never ever thought this way while I was married to my ex-husband Eric. The cheating scumbag. I hope he is happy with that big boobed, whore-secretary.

I started feeling better as I looked at the new wedding ring on my left hand. I had worn one for almost twenty years and only took that one off less than a week ago. But now I had a new one. I loved this one more than the first, even though I know it costed much less. It was just a simple white gold band. I still remember when the captain asked. “Do you have the rings?” I had completely forgotten about the rings. I was about to feel humiliated that I had done such a foolish thing.

But then on a day so full of surprises, Roy did it again and held up two rings. He handed me one and he put the other one on my finger.

The day was filled with joy as my son had presented me with my wedding bouquet, two necklaces. One he lent me, and a new one with a huge Ruby on it. Then he gave me my broach that I had drooled over for over two years, and I began to cry from all the overwhelming joy – to which he had me presented with a hanky to wipe my tears, it was something blue. Then he had a man help me down the aisle.

I wonder why I was so surprised when Roy pulled the ring I am now wearing out of his pocket, and took my left hand to say the words “with this ring I thee wed”. I know I would rather die than take this ring off, ever. I had no idea of how strong my feelings were for Roy, my son. I know he is my future, I see a very bright future too.

It was my turn and the captain asked me if I had a ring. I was just about to tell him that I didn’t, when all of a sudden, my loving wonderful son held up the ring I placed on his finger with the same loving words he said to me. “With this ring I thee wed.”

I knew right then and there that Roy was the perfect man for me. I had never been more in love.

I moaned in my remembrance of the moment with a smile on my face. I then rolled and kissed my son. I was sort of getting hungry. We made love last night until I saw the clock hit 5am. My pussy was not sore at all, but I could feel how satisfied it was. If I was to remember all the perfect moments in my life, I knew that this one would be one of them. I rolled over and kissed my son-husband again.

We had decided last night that we would continue to grow together. Together as man and wife. He was my future and I was his. As I continued to kiss him, he began to kiss me back.

“MMMM.” Roy moaned.

“Anna. If you would have woke me like that when I was in school, I would have never been late.” Roy teased as he continued to kiss me.

“Oh really?” I asked, as I deepened the kiss.

Roy deepened the kiss even further then said, “Yea I would have had to drop out.” He sent shivers throughout my body. “I would never make it out of bed.” he continued as he made his way to my breasts.

I moaned as he took one of my nipples into his mouth sending shock waves of pleasure directly to my pussy. He assaulted them for a good amount of time when he started working his way down my torso. I started to get a bit nervous wondering what he was doing.

Roy continued to kiss me lower and lower. We had made love a number of times last night. I had not cleaned myself properly down there and was getting nervous about where he next planned to kiss me. Roy opened my legs and began to kiss my pubic mound.

“Roy.” I said. “Oh god Roy?” I asked again. “Roy?” he made his way to my pussy. He was lapping at my clitoris. I started to come as he continued to stimulate my pussy. I knew he could taste himself as well as me as he assaulted my sex with his tongue. I came again. This was the first time I had ever had oral sex after vaginal sex without cleaning myself completely.

I hate comparing Roy to his father, but Eric refused to go down on me unless I was very, very clean and just finished mardin escort douching. Yet Roy was eating my pussy and making me come over and over again. I was loving him, my new lover and husband now more than ever before.

After three really satisfying orgasms, Roy began to mount me, taking me missionary style. I loved the fact he didn’t ask; he just mounts and takes me. I like to be taken. He pinned me firmly to the mattress with a man’s strength, then began to enter my pussy roughly, taking me again. I came instantly and harder than I can ever remember coming as he entered my pussy with force. Then he began to fuck me with more force. Taking what was now his, making me his, and making sure I knew it too.

Roy didn’t last as long as I thought he would. He filled me yet again with another huge load of his potent youthful seed. I could feel my pussy spasming around his cock as he laid on me with his cock still inside of me. God did he feel wonderful in me.


“Yes Anna?”

“Roy, you are getting better at taking me.” I complemented him, as he rolled over to cuddle me, bringing my head to his chest.

“You are mine now Anna. All mine, I don’t share, and I will respect you, but I will also take you when I want to. I will never hurt you on purpose, I will never cheat on you. I will always love you. For as long as you will have me Anna. But I will take you in our bed, and I won’t always ask.

I smiled at myself in awe of the man I had raised. I know I’d let him have me every time he wanted me. Hell, I wanted him to.

We made out for quite a while and made love again. Missionary, he took me again, he didn’t ask.

When we finally came out of our room, we noticed that people were returning from their excursions in Mexico. “I guess we missed getting off the ship Roy.”

“I would rather make love to my wife than go shopping in Mexico Anna.” Roy said holding me tightly.

We went to the buffet for lunch as it was way too late for breakfast. We ate together and were making light conversation with each other about nothing important, when one of the women that I had recognized as one of the wedding coordinators came forward and said:

“Mrs. Brown?”

I smiled and said. “Yes?”

“Good afternoon to you.”

She smiled a knowing smile back at me and continued, “we have some paper work that needs addressing as soon as you two can. Just some signatures that need doing.”

“Oh, okay. We can do it now.” I said, as we had already finished our meal.

We followed the lady into a small office. When I looked at the document she needed us to sign, I read the top and it said, “Certificate of Marriage.” Until we signed that document, we weren’t really married.

Roy was bent over the desk with the document before him. He had a pen in his hand, and I could tell he was reading it. I couldn’t see his face, so I couldn’t tell what he was thinking as he stood over our marriage license. My heart started to hurt as it felt like it was falling through the floor of the ship. I knew that Roy would know we were not really married till the document was signed. I didn’t know if he was aware of how much it would hurt me if it remained unsigned.

Roy looked at the lady and I knew this was it. My soulmate my future. The man that stood bending over a desk before me, the man that won my heart and my allegiance my love in a matter of just a few weeks.


I woke with a feeling that someone was touching me, kissing me. I turned over to see my mom doing just that. I liked being woken this way. I kissed her back and took her again. I couldn’t believe how nice it was to hear my mother’s orgasms first thing in the morning, as I fed them to her with my mouth tongue and lips. I knew she was happy, and I took what I wanted.

My mom started to fight a little, but I knew this was some sort of a game for her. So, I quickly but firmly pinned her to the mattress and forced my way into her. She screamed out another orgasm letting me know that I did the right thing. I fucked her roughly feeling her velvety tunnel still so tight around my cock. It didn’t take me too long to come myself as I had been so turned on the way mom woke me this morning.

I hugged my mom again and we talked and laughed a little about nothing much as we got dressed for the day. We made our way to the ship’s buffet very late as we saw that the people where coming back to the ship from Mexico. I assumed we gotten up too late to get off the ship in Cozumel.

We ate a pleasant lunch; it was too late for breakfast. We then started talking about nothing important at all, but it seemed to keep mom happy. A woman came to our table and told us that she

had something important that needed signed. We followed her to her office and she presented us with our marriage license. She showed us how the captain and our witnesses had already signed the document. Yet, there were two important signatures needed before they could van escort file it in the country the ships registry had also been filled in. She told us what country it was, but I can’t remember honestly.

She further explained that this would be an international marriage and we would be receiving the document from our foreign consulate. They would probably send it to us in the mail in just a few weeks.

I stood there bent over looking at the license. I knew that I could stop right now and end the marriage with my mother. Or I could sign it and allow my mother to break my heart if she didn’t sign it.

I stared at the document for far too long playing with the wedding ring that my mother had put on my finger less than twenty-four hours ago. I had to reach deeply, summoning the resolve and courage I needed, finally… I decided that it would be mom that had to end our marriage, not me. I signed the document, stood up and turned to hand my mom the pen with no smile at all.

I hoped mom knew what I was doing right then. I was asking my wife to marry me for the first time. Yet I wasn’t using words. But actions. I wasn’t sure if mom knew for sure, so I dropped to one knee as I held up the pen.

I looked into her eyes and tears started to run down her cheeks, I knew. I knew my mom knew what I was doing. I rose up and whipped her tears from her with my finger and kissed her. Then I went to her ear and whispered into it. “Will you marry me?” Very quietly, as so only her an I could hear in the small quiet office.

My mom wined out an incoherent moan of some sort then gently pushed me aside, addressed the document and signed it where she was told. She then tuned to me and grabbed me holding me tighter than I had ever been held by her. She couldn’t make out words yet, but she didn’t have to. I knew what she was saying.

As we held each other in the woman’s office, the woman finally spoke. “I have never seen anyone as much in love as you two, and I’ve been the cruise director for this ship for almost twenty years. I envy you two.”

I smiled at the woman’s observance and tact. Mom kept holding me like she would never let me go. In reality, I really didn’t want her to either. I thought maybe I could carry her around the ship all day, but then I waited till she finally broke free, never letting me go completely.

We went to the lido deck of the ship and watched the crew cast off from Cozumel, Mexico – and headed off towards Progresso as that was our next stop on the cruise.

We wandered around when the land became monotonous and we wandered into the ship’s store. Mom wandered in one direction and I in another. She found me again and asked what I thought of a shirt she was holding up.

“You can wear it to the dining-room tonight while we eat our lobster.” It was lobster night on the ship, I love lobster and was looking forward to it.

I smiled at the short sleeved, dark grey shirt she was holding up. It looked like it would fit me like a glove. Then I took the hanger that I was holding and held it up to my mother. On it was a silk nighty that wasn’t completely shear. It was soft, light pink with black embroidery around much of it. My mom flushed bright red as I said, “Anna, you can wear this to our bed tonight after we are done eating our lobster.”

Then she started to grin a sinister grin. “Just how long am I going to be wearing that tonight?” she quizzed, trying to get me to blush a little.

“Not very long at all Anna.” I said back, boldly.

We purchased both the shirt and nightgown. The cashier was beside herself with joy as we continued to make it fun for ourselves and others.

As we were about to leave the store, the cashier said. “I am so glad you came in today. I love to see people who are so much in love.”

Mom and I took our packages to our room and then made our way to the lido deck to watch the shores of Mexico for the last time. I held my wife as we watched the scenery pass us by.

We spent the rest of that day and most of the next just enjoying the people on board the ship. Most all of them were entertaining and fun.

It was the next morning we woke in Progresso. Mom and I were going to get off the ship. We got up on time but when I saw all the A.K.47 assault rifles, I got a tad bit nervous and didn’t want my mom to become a widow so quickly. We both agreed that we would pass getting off there.

As it turned out, a slew of people got off the ship and no one was hurt. They all had a great time. However so did mom and I. We went back to our room and made love almost the whole time we were there.

Later that night, after our lobster dinner was over, we went to one of the events that the ship had available for all passengers.

The event was some sort of game show type thing. They selected three couples from the audience. Mom and I were one of the couples selected. They had a count down and found the couple that had been married for the longest, they were ankara escort celebrating their 52nd anniversary. Then they had all the other couples kiss. They selected one of the best kissers in that crowd. They had been married for five years and smiled ear to ear every step of the way to the stage.

They took me away from the stage and left my wife by herself for the fist time since we had been married and already, I felt funny about it.

The organizers of the event told me what to expect, they told me that my wife would be asked several questions and then I would be asked the same questions and would try to answer what I thought my wife would say.

“Sort of like the old newlywed game?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.” The man answered.

When the first question came out it was sort of funny. The question was “you haven’t seen ugly until you’ve seen my wife’s blank…”

I laughed at that and had an answer already to go.

When it came to my turn they asked again. “You aint seen ugly until you’ve seen my wife’s blank.”

“Burlap underwear my mother in law got her…” I answered.

My grandmother bought mom a bra and panties set that was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. They where thick and the color of an old gunny sack. They did nothing to enhance mom’s figure at all. She felt so comfortable in them that she wore them around the house.

The crowd erupted as I tried to explain the situation and what they looked like on her.

Finally, the host told me that “your wife said… you haven’t seen ugly until you saw her nightgown that she threw away yesterday…”

I forgot all about that nightgown. It wasn’t that it was ugly. It was just not sexy at all.

The tempo quickly changed from empathetic back to funny and joyous as the other two couples continued.

Then came the next question “which holiday would compare last night with? Christmas, full of surprises. Halloween, creepy and spooky. Memorial Day, paying tribute for the dead. Or Thanksgiving. Just being thankful?”.

This time I went first and told them “I can’t say what Anna said. But I know It was thanksgiving to me. Because I was so thankful, I married my soulmate.”

The silence was almost defining. The announcer came back with “your wife said… Christmas. She told us that you were full of surprises last night.”

I felt wonderful. I wished I could have said that same thing to her. Only hindsight is twenty-twenty.

The last question they asked us was: “when and where did you both first meet?”

This one was a lot harder. I know when she met me. But I didn’t know her until later, when I’d grown up. Remember I was just a baby. A child. But I decided not to lie.

I told them a tactful answer “I don’t remember when we fist met. I was far too young. But I can say it was September 22nd. Very early in the morning, in Yuma county hospital. Anna was there the day I was born.”

Again, the silence was defining. But then the applauds started and it became more defining. Finally, the announcer held back the applauds and said:

” Your wife said… you won’t remember it but it was the day you were born. She was there and watched you come into the world.”

I was glad mom didn’t lie or try to evade the truth. I was proud of my mom-wife. I was so lucky to be here with her.

They led us out of where they had kept us, right back to the stage. I saw my mom and the look on her face told me to rush to her. I did, and I wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her like a man that had been starving for years. She jumped up on me and encircled her legs around my waist and I held her up and continued to kiss her.

Mom had a short skirt on that stopped just above her knees. She was showing a lot of leg, but I don’t think she cared either way. She smashed her chest into mine and refused to break the kiss or be put down.

The announcer, of course, made it into the scheme of the show and walked around us making comments like, “Would you look at the ships new mascot” and “she has got to come up for air sometime.”

Finally, breaking into our kiss, the announcer proclaimed:

“The bad news is you didn’t win…”, the room erupted in laughter. “The good news is. We have a chiropractor on board the ship.” The announcer wasn’t done yet – “but I don’t think we have a surgeon that is brave enough to separate you two…”

We didn’t win the big prize; another couple got all three of the answers correct. We missed the holiday one and the ugly one too.

“There is a consolation prize for you though.” The announcer said, as he motioned another woman to him carrying a bottle of wine. She presented it to us and two more to the other couples.

Anna and I were both smiling, fully enjoying the wonderful day we were having. That is when one of the other couples presented us their bottle of wine. I looked at them and accepted it.

The announcer was right behind him and asked why he did that. He said “they may not need it more than we do, but they earned it. I have never seen anyone more in love than these two.”

I was dumbfounded for a long time as the other couple followed suit and gave us their bottle of wine too.

The winning couple didn’t give us the grand prize, which was a half price coupon for any cruise that the company offered.

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