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I had dozed off after the great fuck I’d given my mother. She’d been dozing when I began breathing deeply. Her eyes opened when she heard me breath deeply.

In retrospect, I wondered later what she’d thought about as we lay there. Where had her son had learned to fuck so good? Why was he so much more attentive than his Father?. She owed someone a big thank you. These were all thoughts she shared with me later.

She was lightly rubbing my chest when she noticed my cock begin to throb. I suppose age and time had caused her to forget how responsive an 18 year old could be. Her left hand glided down my chest and began lightly squeezing and massaging my cock through the shorts which I still had on. In no time, I was murmuring; but more important, my cock was rising.

So many thoughts were running through her mind. Did I realize she’d stayed with Dad only for my sake? Did I realize how often she had been verbally and physically abused? Did I know the real reason my “Father” was so cruel to her? She thought I must know all of that; after all I took abuse as well despite being a model son. And the walls were so thin; I could hear everything that went on down the hall. She shared these thoughts with me in the days to come.

I had it all. Good grades, excellent athlete, college scholarship, and a magnificent 8 inch cock were all in my present and future. She wondered what would she do when I left for college? I learned later she thought she would go crazy if she did not escape.

She began lightly tonguing my left nipple; and I bucked my cock into her hand. She slid her hand into my shorts where it met my rising cock. Her hand traveled lower and began to squeeze my balls. Like my father mardin escort she noticed I had a massive set of low hangers; unlike my father I was shaved.

She later told me she wondered why on earth I had shaved balls and no bush? Other questions to ask and areas to explore came to her mind as we lay there.

She could feel another load of my semen building as I lay in a semi-state of slumber.

She decided the fuck I had given her was deserving a special reward. She lifted her head and began moving lower. My cock popped out of the shorts just as she opened her mouth. Her tongue began running around the head as she gave special attention to the underside. She knew from experience the underside was the most sensitive area on a cock. She began bobbing her head up and down as she swallowed my cock down her throat.

She lifted her mouth from my shaft. She moved lower and began running her tongue from ball base to asshole; and then she began to suck my balls. She realized it was actually much more pleasant to work my balls without hair; there was nothing to catch in her teeth. I was moaning as she took each ball in her mouth and gave it a bath with her mouth cum. She pulled off and went lower and began to tongue my asshole. She knew from experience men liked having their assholes tongued; and I was no exception.

I was coming alert as she felt my hand move down on her head. My hips began a light bucking. As she moved up, and opened her mouth wider to accept my hard cock, she realized my cock’s mushroom head looked so red and round.

She was shocked as I called her by name and told her she gave good head. “That’s it Kitty” I said, “suck van escort on that cock.” She raised herself up and began going down with new enthusiasm. Both hands were on her head as she sucked on my cock shaft.

“That’s enough of that,” I commanded. This was something new for her? Her son was so forceful and commanding; her son was a man after all. I climbed off the bed and let my shorts fall to the floor. I reached to her and flipped her over onto her knees, ass up in the air.

I stepped between her legs and spread her pussy lips which I could see were dripping. Was it from my earlier load, my Dad’s or the excitement of sucking my cock? At the moment, I didn’t care.

I positioned my cock head at the opening to her pussy; and began to slowly insert it. She was wiggling her ass and begging me to ram it in. I obliged. She was sopping wet; and my shaft went all the way in to the hilt. She could easily take more. I’d had other mature pussies; this one was special.

I began humping her pussy and held nothing back. She was well lubed up; so I just began banging the shit out of her. I had a tight hold on both hips; and was thrusting her so hard my balls were slapping her belly.

I remembered a time or 2 when she had teased me by walking through the house in just panties and topless. She had known what she was doing I was certain. I rewarded her efforts with a couple of sharp cracks on the ass. She did not jump; she just worked that ass for more.

I’d already cum once; I knew I could hold out for some time. I remembered fucking Rose, next door. I came quick the first time; but then held off for nearly 90 minutes the second time. Rose was ankara escort good pussy; but then so was Mom. Thoughts began to form in my mind as I pounded her. I wondered if I could fuck them both? Could I get them so aroused they would eat each other’s pussies?

So many opportunities were present; and sadly I had only one cock.

I pulled out of her; grabbed her and turned her over. Then holding her, I placed her pussy over my cock; and slid her onto it. Standing beside the bed, I let her slide up and down. This was even better than jerking off. I was in shape; and I walked around the room with her impaled on my cock.

She was wiggling for all she was worth; and I could feel juices pouring from her pussy and coating my balls. I walked over by the patio door, hoping Rose would be outside. I wanted her to see I was fucking her best friend. She was working in her yard, but not looking over. That would have to change. I’d been fucking Rose for nearly 5 months. That had started shortly after Mr. Bill had passed away.

I could feel the load building up in my balls. “Kitty,” I breathed, “after I cum, climb off; get on your knees; and suck my dick clean.” She nodded her head; she was oblivious to all but my cock.

She knew I was about to cum; I grabbed her hips even tighter and began to thrust harder. “Take it Bitch,” I cried out. “Take my cum.”

She was humping back for all she was worth. My seed was spurting into her grasping pussy: and I was driving in with all of my might.

I finally stirred the cummy mixture with my cock and withdrew. Obediently, she dropped to the floor and her knees; and took my cock into her mouth. She was sucking on it and lapping her tongue to pull all of the cum from it. I was still semi rigid as her tongue began working my balls. “Easy Baby, we have a long night ahead of us.”

She looked up and smiled. “We have a long couple of weeks; your Dad will be gone a month; and by then we will have made some changes. You must save me or I will go crazy.”

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