Girls like Girls


-Dedicated to Jill-

Note I: All characters in this story are 18 or older.

Note II: The Act titles are lyrics from a song called Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko. Feel free to give it a listen as an accompaniment to this story.

Note III: This tale features a mixture of story and sex, as well as the relationship between a girl and her transgender best friend. If this isn’t for you, you’ve been warned.

Act I: Girls Like Girls Like Boys Do

“Uggggh why is is so hot!” Mikala groaned, cooling herself with a sheet of paper she’d fashioned into a folded fan.

“Could be that it’s Summertime in southern California, ever think about that?” Her best friend Erin asked, chuckling.

Erin and Mikala had been best friends since they’d met as freshman in high school. They were both 25 years old now, and working together in the same bakery just down the block from the apartment they both shared. Erin was one of the only people Mikala had ever come out to; she had been born a boy, but with the help of hormone treatments and therapy had made most of the transition process as early as possible.

From looking at her, it was impossible to tell she still had male genitalia. She had small but perky natural breasts from the hormones, and was fairly short and petite, at only 5’7″. Her skin was fairly pale, as even though she lived in southern California, she had the misfortune to have sensitive skin. Her eyes were a steely shade of ocean blue, and she had long, blonde hair, which was currently styled to perfectly frame her adorable face. She was currently clad in a flowy floral-pattern sundress and a pair of classic white and black Chuck Taylor’s.

Erin was a stark contrast. She had dark, cocoa colored skin, and was exceptionally fit. She stood a few inches higher than Mikala, at 5’10”. She had short, cropped, jet black hair, with it styled to one side so that it partially covered the left side of her face. Her eyes were a deep amber color that was easy to get lost in. She wore a black Invader Zim t-shirt and a pair of skintight jeans, as well as a pair of Chucks, though hers were navy blue and white.

“Kill me noooooow,” Mikala whined, waving the fan frantically, though sweat was still beading on her brow. “When are they gonna fix the AC in here anyway?”

“The boss said they’re supposed to be here tomorrow. Til then though, hello Hell.” Erin replied with a groan of her own, sweating in the sweltering summer heat.

“We should close up early today anyway. This place is a ghost town,” Mikala pondered.

“And what if Mr. Simpson found out? He’d sack us both,” Erin reminded her.

“You’re scared of that little man?” Mikala giggled. “He’s shorter than I am!”

Erin rolled her eyes and laughed. Mikala playfully threw her makeshift fan at her friend and then gave her a hearty hip bump.

“C’mon, we close soon anyway. Let’s blow this popsicle stand. So we can y’know, get actual popsicles!”

“Oh fiiiiine, but if the boss finds out, it’s your fault!” Erin laughed, returning the hip bump.

“My fault? What on Earth do you mean?” Mikala gasped in feigned shock as she grabbed the keys beneath the register and made her way to the door, opening and holding it for Erin. “This was all your idea,” she said, smiling innocently.

“You little ragamuffin!” Erin laughed, rolling her eyes as she walked out the door.

“Who the frell says ragamuffin anymore?” Mikala asked as she exited the building, closing and locking the door behind her. The pair began to make their way down the street towards their apartment.

“Well who the fuck says frell anymore? Farscape hasn’t been on the air in years,” Erin retorted with a snort.

“Pft, that doesn’t make it any less relevant!” Mikala laughed.

“You are such an idiot,” Erin laughed as well, shaking her head.

“And you love me for it,” Mikala winked, delivering another friendly hip bump.

“How about we actually go for ice cream before we head home? I know damn well we could both use it,” Erin suggested, stopping just shy of the steps of their apartment building.

“That sounds like a lovely idea old chap, innit?” Mikala asked with a grin.

“Oh god, don’t start with the fake British accent again.” Erin found herself rolling her eyes yet again and both girls laughed.

They waltzed right past their apartment building and up the block to the nearest ice cream shop.

After waiting in an unsurprisingly long line given the weather, they were finally able to get their frozen treats. Erin had chosen a cone of chocolate-vanilla swirl, and Mikala had settled on mint chocolate chip. They both took a seat at one of the tables in the well air conditioned building and enjoyed their ice creams, idly chatting between licks.

“So I was thinking, wanna watch The Princess Bride tonight?” Mikala asked.

“You will never get tired of that movie, will you?” Erin asked, chomping off a bite of her ice cream.

“How could anyone get tired adana escort of it? It’s the perfect movie. It’s got fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true loves, mira-“

“Okay okay, you don’t have to recite the whole thing, princess,” Erin laughed. “Sure, we can watch it again. I’ll order us some pizza.

“As you wish,” Mikala responded with a grin, which incited another eye roll and laugh from Erin.

“You are such a nerd,” Erin said playfully.

“Yeah but I’m your nerd!” Mikala said, puffing out her chest.

“That you are,” Erin said, shaking her head and smiling ear to ear.

Shortly after their pit stop, the pair finally retired to their apartment and relaxed for a few hours. Erin took a nice long nap while Mikala entertained herself by playing a few strikes in Destiny on their shared PS4. After a few hours had passed though, it was finally time for their movie night, and both convened in the living room.

After the pizza had arrived, the pair settled in side by side on the couch, both clad in their comfortable nightwear. Erin wore a pair of black boyshorts and a matching tank top, while Mikala wore a a pink nightgown with white trim, that extended just beyond her thighs.

The movie was a blast for both of them. Regardless of her prior jokes, Erin enjoyed the movie just as much as Mikala. They laughed in all the right places, quoted lines throughout, and even clapped at the end, as if it were the first time they’d ever seen it. As the final music played and the credits began to roll, Mikala leaned her head back on the sofa and tilted it so that she was gazing at Erin.

“Thanks for watching it with me again,” she said sincerely.

Erin pulled her legs up beneath her and crossed them, shifting on the couch so that she sat facing Mikala.

“It was fun. I was just messin’ with ya. I still like watching it too.”

“So you’re saying…as you wish?” Mikala giggled, repeating the line from the movie.

“As you wish!” Erin laughed, playfully punching Mikala’s shoulder.

Mikala sat up on the couch, crossing her legs just as Erin had and turning to face her best friend. She folded her hands in her lap, absentmindedly picking at the hem of her nightgown.

“I really enjoy our nights like these,” she said in barely more than a whisper.

Erin watched Mikala suspiciously, though her eyes were curiously trailing over the nightgown, even as she replied, “I do too.”

“What’s your favorite part?” Mikala asked, finally raising her gaze to look at Erin.

“Probably the battle of wits with Vizzini,” she responded after a moment’s thought. “How about yours?”

“I really like the ending. You know, where he says…”

She trailed off, scooching closer on the sofa so that their knees were touching.

“Since the invention of the kiss…” She trailed off again, leaning closer to Erin, who was watching her intently. “There have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure…” Again she paused, leaning in even closer to Erin, who was simply watching Mikala now, a sudden fire in her eyes. “This one left them all behind,” Mikala finally finished the quote, leaning ever closer.

They remained mere inches apart, staring into each other’s eyes. Both remained silent in the suddenly tense moment, and even though Mikala had edged within centimeters of Erin’s lips, at the last minute she pulled back and both girls let out a nervous giggle.

“Great line, right?” Mikala asked, trying to disguise the nervousness in her voice, though it was still clearly broadcast.

“I may have to rethink my favorite part,” Erin said, nervousness creeping into her voice as well.

“Well, this was fun, I’m going to bed. Goodnight!” Mikala hopped up from the couch, hesitated for just a moment, then leaned down and delivered a quick peck to Erin’s cheek before retreating to her bedroom and closing the door.

Erin watched as her friend disappeared into her bedroom. Her cheeks felt hot after the intense moment and the kiss, and for a long time she just sat, pondering. She smiled though, quite happily, and finally dragged herself off the couch, heading to her own bedroom to retire for the night.

Act II: Stealing Kisses From Your Missus

The next morning, Erin was the first one to wake up. As she lay in bed, still groggy and bleary-eyed, the first thing that came to mind was the moment with Mikala the previous night. Was Mikala really about to kiss her? Or was it all just a joke? And for that matter, did she want Mikala to kiss her? She found herself wondering, thinking back to the exact moment when their lips were so close.

She felt awkward thinking about it. They’d been best friends for years now, and she hadn’t ever really considered much more than that. Sure, she knew Mikala was hot, and the fact that she was transgender had made Erin insanely curious, but her mind had never wandered eskişehir escort so deeply into the realm of ‘what if’ as it was doing now.

She lifted herself out of bed, trying to shake the thoughts from her mind. Try as she might though, they persisted. Regardless, she headed into the kitchen and filled the kettle with water, placing it on the stove. She then went about preparing two mugs; one with coffee and sugar for herself, and one with chamomile tea and honey for Mikala. Once the kettle began to whistle, she poured hot water into both.

Mikala meanwhile lay awake in her own bed. She had woken up a long while ago, and had trouble sleeping in general that night. The thought of the near-kiss weighed more heavily on her than it had to Erin. She felt stupid for trying it. What was she thinking? As long as they’d known each other, who was she to suddenly throw caution to the wind and put their friendship in jeopardy?

But at the same time she loved Erin. Erin was her best friend, she’d always looked out for her. They’d protected each other, supported each other, always been there with an ear to listen to or a shoulder to cry on when needed. But Mikala began to question to what extent she loved Erin. Was it more than a friend? With what she had wanted to do last night, surely it had to be. But she still had trouble making herself believe it.

Furthermore, she thought, now that she’d even attempted to kiss her, how would Erin feel? Had she already put a strain on their friendship? Would this change the way they acted around each other, or the way Erin felt about her as a whole? She wanted to just curl up and stay in bed all day, pelting away the thoughts that peppered her brain. Upon hearing the kettle whistling from the kitchen though, she knew that wouldn’t be an option.

She pushed herself up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, swinging them absentmindedly for a moment before finally standing and making her way out into the kitchen.

“Morning,” Erin said with a polite smile, offering Mikala her mug.

“Thanks,” Mikala replied quietly, averting her eyes. She took a small sip of her tea and leaned against the kitchen counter, cradling the mug with both hands.

For a long time no one said a word. Both girls stood sipping their drinks, each deep in thought. Erin finally broke the silence.

“We still going to the gym today for our weekly workout?” She asked.

Mikala finally lifted her gaze, seeing Erin looking at her as she would have any other morning. She managed to crack a small smile, thinking that maybe everything was still okay after all.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t we?”

“No idea,” Erin said, her smile turning into a grin as she finished off her coffee. “I’m gonna go get dressed then. Meetcha back here after.”

With that, Erin trotted back into her bedroom to get ready. Mikala lingered for a moment before doing the same.

Forty minutes later, both girls had dressed and headed down the block to their local gym. Once there they’d stripped out of their tops and pants to their workout attire, which consisted of Under Armour workout shorts and sports bras. Before they worked out, they always helped each other stretch. As a result, Mikala lay down on the mat and Erin knelt near her feet, pushing her leg in towards her stomach.

Mikala enjoyed feeling Erin’s hands on the bare skin of her leg as they stretched. Her gaze lingered on her friend’s fingers as they gripped her flesh. She closed her eyes momentarily though, trying to shake the feelings. ‘Forget about last night,’ she thought to herself. ‘Let it go.’

Once Mikala was done stretching it was Erin’s turn, and again Mikala had trouble keeping her thoughts at bay. Seeing her friend’s cocoa skin as she helped her stretch, her fingers lingering just a little too long after each stretch before they moved on. She knew she was being anything but subtle, but try as she might she couldn’t help it.

Once the stretching was done, the girls hit a multitude of workout equipment. After some time on the treadmills, they decided to move on to some muscle training with the dumbbells. Mikala bent over to grab a pair suited to her weight, and when she brought herself back up and turned around, she thought for certain she’d caught Erin sneaking a glance at her. She shied away though, moving aside from the rack so that Erin could grab her own set.

Mikala’s gaze lingered on Erin’s figure as she bent over. Her shorts hugged her shapely bottom perfectly, accentuating the apple-shaped figure. As Erin lifted back up however, Mikala quickly averted her gaze and began to lift the dumbbells. Erin meanwhile had caught the glance, knowing that each of them had apparently had the same idea. She said nothing however.

After a long workout with several sneaky glances from each other, they slid back into their t-shirts and pants and headed back home to shower. Erin went first, while Mikala waited patiently sakarya escort on the couch for her turn, just resting up after the long, hearty workout. Again her mind wandered though.

Maybe Erin did feel the same way. She’d caught her looking, just as she herself had been stealing glances. But was it just her imagination? Maybe it wasn’t sultry looks. Maybe that was just how Erin had always looked at her. It felt different though. She could sense that something had definitely changed from the moment she’d nearly kissed her.

The bathroom door opening pulled her out of her own head. She stood from the couch and watched as Erin emerged, wrapped in nothing but a fluffy white towel wrapped around her body, just barely covering her chest and butt.

“All yours,” she said with a grin as she disappeared into her bedroom.

Mikala sighed and headed into the bathroom, peeling off the sports bra and workout shorts and jumping into the shower. As the cool water washed over her body, she sighed happily. After a hard workout and the short trek home in the boiling hot weather, the cool shower felt like heaven.

Even in the shower though, she wasn’t safe from her own thoughts. Again Erin crept back into her mind, like invasive vines crawling over other plants in their way. She tried to think of something else, anything else, but always Erin came front and center. She ran her fingers through her hair, which stuck to the sides of her face and the back of her neck in the midst of the cooling water. She leaned against the shower wall, considering everything.

She closed her eyes, running her fingers along the edge of her thigh, gently trailing her nails across the damp flesh. For the first time in her life, she began to fantasize about her best friend. She imagined Erin right where she stood now only minutes before, in the shower herself, and immediately felt herself getting hard.

In her mind, she saw Erin taking a similar position, leaning back against the shower wall and spreading her legs, driving two fingers deep inside herself while she rubbed her clit with another, all while the cool water of the shower cascaded down her beautiful, dark body.

“Oh Erin…” Mikala whispered to herself.

Her fingers traced further along her thigh, and finally reached her cock, which had now hardened to it’s full length amidst the lewd thoughts running through her head. She wrapped her fingers around it, pink painted nails drawing a stark contrast to her pale flesh as she began to pump her hand up and down. She moaned softly, trying to remain quiet so that Erin wouldn’t be able to hear her if she were in any proximity to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Erin had shed her towel and lay down on her bed. She found herself with the same problem Mikala faced; she couldn’t stop thinking about her best friend. She’d restrained herself in the shower, but now all she could think of was Mikala in the shower. Though they’d seen each other in nothing but towels or undergarments, Erin had never actually gotten to see Mikala naked. She was insanely curious about it though, even before the current feelings had begun to invade her mind.

Erin closed her eyes and lifted her hands to cover her breasts, groping them and tweaking her nipples. The dark nubs hardened immediately under her soft touch, and a smile crossed her face as she began to picture Mikala in her head. She imagined her best friend in the shower, pretty blonde hair sticking to her face as she let the water cascade over her pale, toned body.

One hand remained on her breast, but the other traced down across her stomach, between her legs to a slit that was already moist from picturing her best friend in the shower. She slowly slid in one finger, and then another, pumping them a few times until they were nice and wet, before withdrawing and placing them over her clit. She began to rub it in smooth circles, while at the same time continuing to squeeze her breast.

A quiet moan escaped her lips as she began rubbing her sensitive clit faster, and she couldn’t help but begin to arch her back as she grew wetter. Before she knew it, she’d let words escape her lips.

“Oh Mikala,” she moaned softly.

Both girls pleasured themselves, unaware that the other was doing the exact same thing. There was so much unspoken, so much that could’ve been said, but neither one had ever decided to cross that line. Mikala’s kiss was the closest either one of them had ever come, and now they were settling for fantasies and self medication.

Mikala moaned as her hand became a blur over her shaft, pumping faster and faster as she drew closer to orgasm. Erin likewise began rubbing her clit faster, holding onto her breast as if for dear life as she felt the sensation approaching. At nearly the same instant, both women came, moaning the other’s name as they experienced intense orgasms.

Afterwards Mikala finally went about the task of cleaning up, and then exited the shower to dry off. Erin on the other hand was still lying on her bed, trying to catch her breath, and feeling slightly guilty about the fantasies she’d just masturbated to. She was quickly drawn from her thoughts however by her cell phone ringing. She quickly licked her fingers clean and then sat up on the edge of the bed, grabbing her cell from the nightstand and answering.

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