Girlfriend with Testing Device Ch. 15


Warning: This wham-episode chapter includes, but is not limited to, a reality blind protagonist, short skirts, exciting plot twists, boobs, body swaps, strap-ons, clothing swaps, oblivious swap ramifications, tits, parties spun wildly out of control, hair swaps, man boobs, woman boobs, make outs, revenge, friendships falling apart, breasts, dance parties, size swaps, 90-degree plot twists, and a sad ending. But don’t worry. This story is far from over.

Girlfriend with Testing Device

– A Smutty Fanfiction, of Sorts –

= Part 15 — Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow =

By Razmagurk

Sorry, sorry, hold on.

Before we go any further, I have something to say.

I- I’m grateful for the chance to look back at everything. I really am.

But there’s no more skirting the issue. What happened next was… well, out of everything I’ve told you so far it was by far the hardest. The hardest to deal with… the hardest to talk about… the hardest to live through.

I’ve been dancing around it for a while now, implying that something big and terrifying was coming, drawing the story out, trying not to dwell too much on it. Procrastinating. But here we are. There’s no putting it off any longer.

So, um, I’m going to ask that you be patient with me. Going over this again is… well, it’s not exactly easy. If I stutter, if i get choked up, if I break down in tears… just, bear with me okay? At least I have the presence of mind right now to do those things.

Fuck… I just miss him so much, you know?

See? I’m already getting choked up. And we’re not even at that point yet. Its okay though, I can do this. This isn’t the end of the story after all. Hell, this is only the beginning.

Where was I?

Right. I’d fucked up. Bad.

That girl had just grabbed away the device. She fucking tackled me for it, then ran off.

Did she know about it somehow? Had I been that obvious? Did she somehow figure it out after I used it against her in the mall? No, it was impossible, wasn’t it? She must have just figured it did something.

Maybe it was all just a matter of time. If you go around pointing a weird device at people often enough eventually one or two of them are bound to notice. The tendency of those of us who live in polite society to just ignore the weirdos only extends so far, I guess. If you take anything from this story, let that lesson be it: Always swap your subjects from a safe, unseen location.

“Ellen?” I heard Evan shout. “Baby, are you okay?”

I looked up at him and nodded. He was standing over me, holding out one of his dainty, perfectly manicured hand towards me while he fanned his face with the other. He had a coquettish dash to his hips that made my stomach lurch even as it put his stunningly perfect body on full display. After all that, Evan’s body language was still hyper-feminine. No, now it was even worse. Previously it had been, well, not aggressive, but certainly actively seductive. Now it seemed all cutesy and vulnerable. He looked like a delicate, sluttily dressed flower waiting to be plucked or a prize waiting to be claimed. A part of me wondered if now he’d be any different in bed. Fuck, with the way he was looking, if my brain hadn’t been on emergency mode, I’d probably have tested that theory out personally. I took his hand as he struggled to pull me up.

I stared down the hall in disbelief. She had slipped away. I literally had her by the tail and she slipped away. I looked down at the kitty-tail plug still vibrating softly on the ground. I kicked it away in frustration and disgust. It clattered down the stairs as I let out a string of violent profanity.

“Shh, baby,” Evan said, wrapping his warm arms around my chest. “It’s okay. It’ll be okay.” I could feel the warmth of his body as his enormous tits squished into my back.

“She has the device, Evan!” I yelled, gesturing fruitlessly to the stairway.

“I know, baby. I saw. This is bad.” Evan took a long, ragged breath. “But being angry about it isn’t going to solve anything. We need to come up with a plan. Lashing out isn’t going to solve anything. We need to think clearly.”

I turned towards him and returned his hug, melting into him. The anger within me began to thaw. It was still palpable, but it was not nearly so sharp.

After several long deep breaths, I pulled away and began to pace back and forth. I had a lot of nervous energy and my body was screaming out for me to do something.

“Look,” Evan said, hand on his hip, his head swiveling to follow me. “She can’t have gone far. We just need to track her down, right?”

“At a party this size? Evan there’s like a million people here. How are we supposed to find her in that crowd?”

“You don’t think it’ll be easy to follow the trail of the girl who ran down the stairs wearing a strap-on? She’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

“Oh my god your right, all of her clothes must be up here somewhere. She’ll have to come back for them.” I stopped yalova escort and stared at the still open door to the bedroom. The sounds of hot, heavy sex lifted themselves from the din of the background cacophony. “But it’s no good,” I sighed. “what if she uses the device to change outfits?”

Evan laughed. “It’s fine. We won’t even notice. Whatever she changes into, we’ll think it’s what she was wearing when she ran down. There’s actually an advantage to being oblivious for once.”

“Yeah, but maybe she won’t come back for her old clothes if she swaps into new ones.”

“Ah.” Evan pouted. “Right.”

There was a moment of silence as we both tried to think. My brain felt like it had slipped a gear. All I could think about was how I had let this happen. No solutions, no ideas, just blame and regret.

“Still,” Evan offered, “that’s assuming she uses the device. Odds are she has no idea what it is or how it works. I mean, hell, if I hadn’t felt its effects first hand, I wouldn’t even believe that that thing is real. It’s not exactly something people are going to assume or figure out on their own, you know?”

I took another little breath, trying to calm my pounding heart. Evan was good at keeping a level head in a crisis like this. He was right. What was the worse she could do? There was nothing to indicate the girl had any clue what the device was, other than the fact that she had tried to dodge it when I’d fired it at her. She must have known it did something. Or if she didn’t before she probably did when I kept trying. We just had to hope she wasn’t the curious type.

“Oh!” Evan perked up “She probably left her phone and stuff too though. Maybe we can use it to find out more about her or where she lives or something?”

“That’s perfect!” A grin spread across my face. “There’s no way she’s leaving this place without that stuff. We can just wait her out.”

Hesitantly, I poked my head into the room. It was a fairly typical example of a college dwelling – barebones furniture, a handful of vaguely erotic posters and enough random crap littering the ground that you’d question why there were even drawers for them in the first place. I don’t know if it had been trashed before it had apparently been the host to an orgy, or if that had been part of the orgy, but either way I felt bad for the tenant.

One pile of clothes stood out by virtue of being fresh – and feminine. A purse-strap stuck out from under a black leather skirt. Jackpot.

A loud moan brought my attention to the couple still rutting on the bed nearby. They seem to have forgotten about us. In fact, despite the aggressive little interruption earlier, it didn’t seem to have slowed them down in the slightest. The girl’s heavy tits bounced while her hips pounded out a desperate rhythm into the guy beneath her. Fuck, now that I got a closer look at her, she was actually kind of hot. Like, really hot. As if in agreement, the guy let out another loud moaned and a soft stream of gentle encouragement as he writhed under her ministrations.

The way the guy was roiling around in the sheets was instantly familiar to me. That’s how even had been behaving whenever I’d fucked him ever since I got him back from the mall.

I glanced up at Evan, who was also enjoying the show, and then our gazes met and we both blushed. I gestured silently to the pile of clothes. He looked back up at the couple and gave a guilty little pout. Clearly neither of us wanted to interrupt. Thankfully, Evan sighed and stepped up.

He got all of two steps into the room however before the girl’s half-lidded eyes snapped opened. She stared daggers at Evan’s intrusion, but her hips continued unabated. She was determined to keep pace.

“Uh… Hi?” Evan took a step back. “Do you, um…” he gulped. “We need to find that girl who was here earlier, do you, uh… happen to like…”

“Oh, fuck off.” the girl said, “Can’t you see” she paused as she grunted several times. “Can’t you see that we’re busy?”

“No, look.” Evan stomped one of his feet. “Yes, I can see your busy, but this is important. We really need to find her. Is this her stuff here?”

“Fuck off.” the girl repeated. “And close the goddamn door.”

“Hold on… hold on…” the guy moaned, rising to his elbows to get a better look at Evan. Evan’s eyes instinctively fell to his rippling abs. “Unless… unless you want to join in?”

“Oooh” the girl’s eyebrows shot up as a coy smile drew itself across her lips. “Yeah now we’re talking. You two are pretty cute. And with Emma gone we have an opening. Why don’t we make this a foursome?”

“Oh, uh,” Evan turned bright red, his eyes still glued on the guy’s body. He subconsciously adjusted his skirt, which I bet was getting very tight indeed. “No, that’s okay. We’ve got a uh, a thing we need to take care of. Just… maybe when your done we can talk.”

“Suit yourself!” the girl said, amping up her thrusts with newfound vigor. “You don’t know what edirne escort your missing.”

I laughed a little as Evan rushed out the door and closed it behind him, still blushing. It was hardly the time for it, but I couldn’t help myself. Soon Evan was laughing along too.

We sat with our backs against the wall next to the closed door. The sound of slapping flesh echoing through the thin walls even over the din of the party. Evan had his arms wrapped around one of mine and was resting his head on my shoulder. I could feel his warm cleavage pressing into me, and through them I could feel his breathing and his heartbeat.

Evan’s presence was good. Calming. Just then I didn’t quite feel like the world was about to explode.

“Well, we have a name at least.” I sighed. “Emma.”

“We knew that before. She gave you her name and number back in the mall didn’t she?”

“Wait. Crap, you’re right.” I laughed “Oh my god, I’ve been thinking of her as ‘the girl who stole Evan’s body language’ this whole time.”

“We probably could have called her up and arranged a meeting too.” Evan smiled. “Instead of trying to track her down here.”

“Oh, god, can you imagine that conversation?” I rolled my eyes and put on my best phone voice. “Hi, yes, we think there’s been a mix-up with your body language. You walked off with my boyfriend’s radiant smile? Oh, don’t beat yourself up over it, it happens all the time. We can arrange a meet up over coffee and trade everything back.”

“Well,” Evan giggled. “It sure beats ambushing her in the middle of a three-way.”

“They were pretty hot, huh?” I teased.

“Oh my god, did you see his dick?” Evan grinned.

“Uhg.” I sighed. “Tonight’s been the worst.”

“What if we can’t get the device back?” Evan asked quietly.

“Not even an option.” I shuddered. “We’ll figure something out, one way or another.”

“Well she’s got to come back for her stuff eventually, right? So we just need to wait her out. At the very least we can maybe ask these two for more information,” he gestured to the door, “when they’re, uh, done, of course.”

I put my arm around Evans shoulder and pulled him in tight. Despite his outward attempts to seem relaxed and in control of the situation, he was shaking.

Evan was right. What if I never got the device back? That was a very real possibility. What if we were stuck like this forever? I looked down at my body. It was such a weird thing. Intellectually, I had accepted the fact that Evan had swapped me into some bouncer dude’s body. But every time I looked down, I saw the same feminine pecs, the same girlish muscle, and the same bulging dick that I’d had since I stole them all from the bar the other night. My every sense was telling me that I was still 100% a super-hot girl. If we couldn’t change back, it’s not like I’d get dysphoria or have to worry about living in a guy’s body. In so far as my brain was concerned, I was still the same. But was I willing to make that sacrifice at an intellectual level? To always know deep down that something wasn’t right? Never knowing if the things I was, the things I did, if those were my accomplishments and successes, or if they were just part of this body at work.

I looked over at Evan as I gave him a possessive squeeze. There was him to consider as well. If we did get stuck this way, he’d probably never forgive himself for what he’d done to me, even if… well, even if it did let us have some truly amazing sex. I’d forgive him in a heartbeat if it meant more fucking like that.

Fuck, Evan looked so goddamn good, with his curvy little body and his perfectly smooth skin and the monstrous tits that seemed to be ready to spill out of his skin-tight little blouse at a moment’s notice. Goddamnit, now I was starting to get horny again.

He must have noticed my pants tightening because he looked up at me and gave me a coy little eyebrow raise. It was supposed to be sexy, I know, seductive, but all I could feel was an intensely uncanny discomfort. It was an unfamiliar smile. Foreign. Alien. A grim and stark reminder that this wasn’t Evan. Not really. No, I’d taken Evan and I’d used him, twisted him, and fucked him up for my own perversions. That sexy little smile was a scar. A reminder of all the damage I’d done to him. God, I just wanted the old him back. Could we live this way without the device? Probably. But could I live with myself? Never. Every time he smiled, I’d be reminded of what I’d done.

“Baby?” he whispered.

“Huh?” I snapped back to attention.

“You’re squishing me.”

“Oh,” I said, relaxing my grip. “Sorry.”

Evan gave me a little squeeze back.

I tried not to think about it too hard. In a way I envied all those reality blind people we had left in our wake the past few days, unaware of how much more complicated their lives now were. I’d have given anything for that right now, to just be able to forget and enjoy the moment.

We lay there together, erzurum escort hearts beating in time to the music, for what seemed like forever, but I just couldn’t relax. The anxiety building up within me was too much. How long would this take? How much chaos could be going on downstairs right now?

The sounds of fucking in the next room eventually slowed but never seemed to stop. I squirmed uncomfortably as I adjusted my dick. Jesus, how long could these two go?

Finally, despite Evan’s best efforts, I could bear no more.

“Okay, that’s it.” I sighed “I can’t do this any longer.”


“Waiting. I can’t wait any longer. I need to get up and do something. I need to move around. I need to find that girl.”

“But what if she comes back in the meantime? We could miss her.”

He was right, of course.

I sighed. I knew what we had to do. I didn’t like it. It was dangerous. Who knew what kind of trouble it could get me into. But it had to be done.

“You’re right. We need to split up.”

“Split up?” Evan raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that like, the opposite of what your supposed to do? I’ve seen those movies.”

“We don’t have any other choice.” I shrugged. “I can’t sit around here any longer. Besides, maybe if she sees one of us down there, she’ll think her stuff is unguarded and she’ll come up.”

“Baby, I don’t know.”

“Hell, maybe she’s like, right at the bottom of the stairs waiting for us to leave. You wait here, I’ll go down and flush her out, or at the very least I’ll have a look around. If I can’t find her, I’ll come right back, okay? I just… I need to be doing something.”

“Okay.” Evan sighed. “Just… keep me posted okay? I have a bad feeling about this.”

“I’ll be fine. This isn’t, like, a horror movie or anything.” I shot him a little grin. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Baby,” he laughed, “I wish you wouldn’t say things like that.”

I hugged him tight one last time and set off for the stairs. The thumping bass came further into focus with each step I took.

I took a deep breath as I looked down into the party below. You couldn’t actually make much of it out from this angle, but I could feel it nonetheless. It was heat and noise and chaos. I felt like Orpheus upon the precipice of Hades. How the hell was I supposed to find just one person in the middle of all that?

“Well,” I said to myself. “At least I’ll be doing something.”

Steeling up my courage, I set one hesitant foot down the first stair.

In my mind I went over all the things I was going to do with the device when this was all said and done. I was going to lock it up, for starters. I was going to put it somewhere safe and only take it out when I intended to use it on someone present. No, better, someone present who was tied up. I’d deadbolt it to the wall and put all kinds of alarms on it. I’d never let the fucking thing out of my sight ever again.

I thought I had been terrified when Elizabeth had been holding the device… but this? Right now I didn’t even know where the damn thing was, let alone what that girl was doing with it, and not knowing? That was way worse.

Hell, maybe I’d destroy the thing outright. Once I’d fixed everything, of course. Once I’d fixed myself, once I’d fixed Evan. We’d get while the getting was good and retire from the swapping game altogether, then I’d take a hammer and smash the damn thing so that I’d never have to be afraid of anyone else using it ever again. Nothing was worth this kind of worry.

Well, okay, it had brought Evan and I closer together, hadn’t it? Not that we weren’t together before… but I certainly appreciated him a lot more now, after almost losing him. And the sex… well, the sex was amazing. But still, even that was a high price for this madness.

I shook my head. Enough self loathing. That was the old me. Doubt and guilt. As much as the new me had caused a lot of problems, right now I needed her confidence. I needed to accept what had happened, and that I needed to do something about the situation at hand. That’s what was important right now. I needed to find this bitch and I needed to get my device back.

Which was, of course, easier said than done.

A part of me was maybe expecting she’d just be standing down here, or like, that she’d be hiding in the closet nearby or something. But no such luck. There was a whole sea of people dancing and partying, completely oblivious to the kinds of reality blind chaos that could befall them at any moment. Hell, they could already be victims for all I knew. These people could have dog bodies and be dancing around on their hands and I’d find nothing wrong with it.

Actually… maybe that wasn’t such a dead end after all. Maybe she’d made some changes that would stand out under scrutiny. Or maybe she’d changed some people willingly and now they were acting differently. Maybe there was a trail of breadcrumbs I could follow.

Assuming, of course, that she was even using the device to begin with, which is a worst-case scenario. I’d have to be careful looking for false positives.

The foyer was kind of weirdly quiet. It seemed to mostly just be a thoroughfare from the chaos outside into the more subdued house-portion of tonight’s reveries. But the rooms beyond were stuffed full of bodies.

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