Five Guys – the First Time

Big Dicks

I knew I was going to be in town for two days, so I posted an ad on craigslist looking for some company. I got several of the usual lame replies, and a few that seemed promising. I chatted with a few guys for a bit, and finally found one who was willing to meet me at a local cruise park.

I pulled up, wearing my favorite Naughty Kitty t-shirt over a bra and my medium breast forms, a denim mini skirt, 7″ heels, and my blonde wig. A few minutes after I parked, a guy walked up to my window.

“Kayla?” he asked.

“It’s me,” I replied.

We talked for a minute, then he got into my car. With my console we weren’t able to do much, so I suggested we move to his truck.

Once we were in his truck I rubbed on his leg for a few minutes until he unzipped his pants. I began to suck on his penis. It was an average size, but clean and pleasant, so I was enjoying myself, and judging by his moaning and wiggling around, so was he!

After a few minutes he suddenly jumped and shouted! I almost hit my head on the steering wheel, and when I looked up there was a black man standing just outside of the driver’s window, who had apparently been watching us for some time!

My partner quickly lost his erection as he rolled down the window and made a bit of small talk before the other guy moved away. I started to go back down, but he was no longer in the mood so I got out and he left.

I straightened my clothes and walked around the parking area for a few minutes. This park is arranged mostly in a long curve, with a makeshift turn-around at the end, so everyone there can see me as I walk. (That really turns me on, knowing that all of these strange men can see me as I act out my slutty fantasies!) I walked all the way to the farthest end of the park and then turned and walked back. Two cars passed slowly as I walked, but neither stopped, so I kept on walking to my car. I passed close to the other few cars there, but nobody seemed interested in me, so I left the park and drove around for a bit. I passed through two other cruise areas nearby, but both were completely empty, so after about 20 minutes I ended up back at the same park.

By this time I had also received another email from someone who wanted to meet me. I told him where to find me, then drove and parked.

There were a few more vehicles this time around, so I drove the length of the park, making sure that everyone could see into the car. Then I parked and again got out and walked around for a bit.

I walked up to a nice big truck. he put down the driver’s window as I approached, so I stopped. he started talking to me, and began to rub his hand on my bottom and legs. I rested my hand on the door of mardin escort the truck, and he took my hand and placed it on his average-sized cock. After we rubbed each other for a few minutes, he invited me into his truck. I naturally accepted.

I leaned over to accept my second cock of the night, and he wasted no time in putting his hand on my back, then my neck and head, encouraging me to work harder. I was happy to comply! He got really hard a few times, and I thought he was about to come, but he never did, and after almost fifteen minutes (I saw the clock on his dash board), he decided to leave, so I stepped out, hoping to find another customer.

I walked slowly back toward my car, and as I passed the picnic pavilion I saw a cigarette light up. I turned and walked into the darkness and saw two men talking. They both stopped and looked at me, and I recognized one as the voyeur from earlier. He smiled at me, and the other looked a bit uncomfortable and walked away.

Once the voyeur and I were alone, he sat on the picnic table with his back to the road. As I walked closer he unzipped his pants. before I was within arm’s reach I could smell his unwashed crotch! I walked slowly past him, allowing him to slide a quick hand under my skirt, and then moved away. I cannot stand an unwashed man!

As I got back to my car I saw a guy standing behind his truck. I walked toward him slowly, and circled his vehicle. He didn’t move away or react, so I moved closer to him, turning my back and wiggling my skirt. He made a comment about my outfit, so I asked if he’s like to see one of the others. He did, so I walked back to my car, reached into the back seat, and pulled out another outfit.

It was my tiniest black skirt, and a black tank top that just covers my breast forms and makes them look so hot! When I change with my back to someone, I can remove the bra and everything and it looks like they are real. i did that and returned to him. he rubbed on my tummy and told me how sexy I was, then he slid his hand around and cupped my butt cheek, running his finger along my crack.

I let him feel me up for a minute, then he ran his hand up my back, to my shoulder, and gently pushed down. I caught his hint and dropped to my knees in front of him. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and in a few seconds he slid himself into my mouth. I stayed still as he slowly moved in and out, then he began to move quicker as he realized that I enjoyed letting him be in total control.

He hit the back of my throat, then quickly pulled back and stopped moving for a minute. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along his shaft, then took him all van escort the way into my mouth and throat. He seemed to figure out that I enjoyed it deep, and he then resumed pumping himself into my face.

I experimented with giving him a hummer, but it didn’t seem to make a difference for him, so I stopped the noise and knelt there like an obedient little slut. I tried a few times to take his hands and place them on the back of my head, but each time he pulled his hands away from mine. He finally pulled out of my mouth and shot his load onto the pavement before I could stop him, then he said an awkward thanks and drove away.

As nobody else in the park looked interesting, I drove around again for a while, then headed back. My other email person hadn’t shown, or so I thought, so I parked, got out, and began to change once again, this time into my gray sports bra and my CHEER shorts. I walked to the picnic table again and did some cheerleader type stretches, then walked around the walking trail ending up back at my car.

I changed once more, enjoying the feel of the cool air on my naked and shaved body as I removed my shorts and put on a long button-down shirt that was’t quite long enough to cover my white cotton panties. As I looked up I noticed a black man standing there in some sort of fire suit, watching me closely.

He complimented my outfit and my sexy body, and as I sat in the driver’s seat to throw my other clothes into the back seat, he moved closer, unzipped his suit and exposed his penis. he just stood there stroking it for a minute, then asked me if I wanted to touch it. I held my hand out and he placed his penis on it and started moving back and forth. My fingers naturally curled around it and I let him fuck my hand for a little while.

He took a step forward and was now standing between my legs. He moved his penis to my mouth and I took him in. I pleasured him for a short time until a small truck pulled in to the park. My partner quickly hid his penis as the truck drove in and passed right next to us. He waited for a minute until the truck had passed, then pulled his penis back out for me to continue. We played together for a few minutes and then as the truck returned he seemed to get nervous and walked away.

The truck ended up parking only a few feet from my car, and the driver just sat there. I check my email and had no new mails, so I got out and walked around the new truck. As I walked up, the driver rolled his window down and put his arm on the door. I stopped in front of his window, and when I looked down I saw a nice large dick (I’d guess 9 inches long, and having a decent girth). Everyone else ankara escort tonight had been pretty average (in the 5 – 6″ range), so this was looking like it would be a treat!

I rested my hand on the door of the truck, and he asked me “You want this dick?”

I smiled and didn’t say anything, so he took my hand and placed it on his dick. I began rubbing it slowly, and he made a few sounds that let me know that I was doing a good job. He reached out and began rubbing my legs and bottom. At this point I noticed that we were being watched by two guys in another truck not too far away. This made me even hornier, so I pulled my hand out and walked around to his passenger door. He opened it up and i smiled at the watchers, removed my button down shirt (leaving me only in a sports bra and panties) then laid down across his truck seat with my bottom hanging out of the truck and took my new friend into my mouth. I worked on his large penis for several minutes. More than once he told me “Oh, yeah, baby. Deep throat that big black cock,” as I went as far down as I could.

After several more minutes I needed to shift positions, so I took the opportunity to change clothes as well. “I’ll be right back, sweetie,” I told him as I wiggled myself out of the truck.

I stood up , smiled at the two voyeurs, then reached into my car for my schoolgirl outfit. It has a cute little plaid skirt, and a button down blouse I found at a thrift store. i turned my back to my new friend, who was already standing behind me, removed my sports bra, and replaced it with a lacy white bra. Then I slid my skirt up my legs and pulled the blouse on and buttoned it up.

“Oh, a sexy school girl,” he said.

“Do you like to take advantage of your little white school girl?” I asked him.

He smiled and pulled his penis out, so i knelt between my car and his truck and got back to work, doing my best Jenna Haze impression as I sucked and stroked his large tool. After another few minutes he moved over and leaned on the side of his truck.

“Do you fuck?” he asked.

“No, not tonight,” I replied.

“Oh, okay,” he said, then he felt me up one more good time, got in his truck and drove away.

As I was now completely wound up, I walked past the two guys who had been watching, but they didn’t acknowledge me, so after passing the picnic table, I turned around and walked back to my car again.

My first customer of the night had returned during my walk, so I walked back up to his truck. We talked for a minute, and when I offered to get back in his truck, he declined. Shortly after, he drove away. Soon the few remaining vehicles drove off, leaving me by myself, so I headed back to my hotel, where I wandered the halls in a bikini, wig and heels, then crawled into bed for a short nap before work the next morning.

The next morning I received an email from my second craigslist guy, saying how sexy he thought I was as I changed clothes in the park! Was he one of the guys in the other truck?

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